incredible wig


Here is some more pics - I do really like the wig and eyes she came in although I’ve changed them. (That wig is incredibly adorable on Rin though)
She can use Len’s default eyes until I get some in a style that suits her better, and she can borrow Rin’s wig and be short-haired Bri until I can get a long blond one.
@carolinginholly you can see her skintone in comparison to Miku (Semiwhite) and Rin (Normal). I think it’s noticeably different, although lighter than smartdoll ‘Tea’ skin.

It was very odd but the discovery that he was now imprisoned in Eternal Darkness with Strange seemed to have raised Mr Norrell’s spirits rather than otherwise.
—  No line encapsulates better how gay this whole chapter is. Oh wait -
“There was a sound from within the library and he gave a start of terror. He waited, but no one appeared. After a moment he realized that he knew what the sound was. He had heard it a thousand times before - it was the sound of Strange exclaiming in exasperation over some passage in a book. It was such a familiar sound - and so closely connected in Mr Norrell’s mind with the happiest period of his existence - that it gave him the courage to open the door and go inside.”