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봄날 / spring day - bts (lyrics)

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what is your opinion of how the fandom dislikes mon-el's and kara's relationship. do you ship lena and kara? because i ship both and i can see why the fandom hates mon-el and how the writers have made kara dependent on love when she should focus on herself. i know that's what Melissa wanted for season 2 and i feel so bad for her because the writers basically said: lo l n o p e

1. I appreciate your message but I think you contradicted yourself a little. You say you ship Lena and Kara but want Kara to be alone at the same time??? That’s a little paradoxical. I like Kara and Lena’s relationship, actually I love it but not as a romantic pairing. 

2. I don’t think the fandom hates Mon-El. I think a part of the fandom who is incredibly vocal and annoying hates Mon-El. Unfortunately negative people have a tendency to be more vocal about things they hate rather than the ones they love. That’s why haters always seem to have more of a voice than those who actually ship it. Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and all other social media websites are filled with Mon-El/Karamel love. For instance, Karamel scenes on Youtube are the most watched of all Supergirl scenes and have thousands of likes and comments. That doesn’t seem like a ship people hate.

3. I’m sick of the whole “Kara should be independent!!!1!!” argument. I know this is a wild concept for some of you but Kara can be independent AND in a relationship because one doesn’t invalidate the other. We should promote the idea that women can be strong and tough regardless of the path they choose in their love lives. So stop trying to reinforce the idea that women who love romance and are in love are somehow weaker or milder as if they are obligated to be alone in order to be perceived as “strong” and “independent”. Kara is extremely sensitive and a soft little bean who can be in love while simultaneously being a badass.   

4. Mon-El and Kara’s relationship didn’t make Kara’s character development regress. On the contrary, she has evolved since she met him. Firstly, dealing with Mon-El really challenged her perspective about the aliens’ presence on Earth and led her to examine the way she really felt about that issue. She has always been such a strong advocate for alien amnesty but she realized that she too had some preconceived ideas and prejudices that she needed to work on. She was able to acknowledge and overcome that becoming more tolerant in the process and cementing her own views. It also allowed her to explore her frustration for not having been able to help her cousin like she was supposed to and come to terms with that. Moreover, she is now able to follow someone who’s going through the same struggles that she was faced with when she first arrived on Earth and it makes her feel less alone and like someone understands her. And finally, her arc this season has been about her learning to stand her ground as Kara Danvers and not just as Supergirl. Confessing her feelings for Mon-El and allowing herself to be vulnerable helped her do that. So yeah, I’m pretty sure she has grown thanks to her relationship with Mon-El.

5. Don’t feel bad for Melissa because she looks like an excited puppy every time someone asks her about Karamel. Trust me. She ships it. 



#happy_dk_vernon_day to the dk side of the equation!  thank you for being a bright ray of happiness!  here’s to more beautiful smiles and incredible vocals! happy birthday, sunshine! ♥

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Best performer ever? Wtf ever heard of Queen? Michael Jackson? Aretha Franklin? Hell, even Brittany spears probably tops her

and in case you need a reminder…

This performance was unanimously chosen as the best Queen’s performance but it was arguably more for vocals. Freddie has incredible vocals, but this was about performances.

Legend herself, Aretha Franklin, complimented Beyoncé and even said that they have a MUTUAL ADMIRATION FOR EACH OTHER. And here’s some of her best vocal performances throughout the years. Hell, even look at the Kennedy Center Honors performance. I think you’re mixing up VOCALS with PERFORMER.

I literally shouldn’t even have to address “Brittany Spears” because your dumb ass can’t even spell her name right, but I will. Bey’s worst performance of the decade, which is probably Drunk In Love at the Grammys 2015 is still SIGNIFICANTLY BETTER than EVERY SINGLE PERFORMANCE BRITNEY SPEARS HAD THIS DECADE.

Michael Jackson is genuinely the only person on this list who can rival Beyoncé; however, Michael Jackson CONSTANTLY spoke well about Beyoncé and her work ethic, her performance skills, said she made him nervous while she presented him with an award at World Music Awards, and Michael even gushed about him having a MAJOR crush on her. 

Beyoncé even spoke well about Michael Jackson, again on the Tyra Banks talking about him having a tremendous impact on her, dedicated an entire performance to Michael + breaking down because she loved him. At this point in her career, she’s still able to make the audience grow by over 12 million, pulling a total of 26.05 millions… which outpeaked the last two Grammy awards show in the past years for ONE. PERFORMANCE.

Performance wise, vocal wise, dancing wise –> Beyoncé BODIES all these artists nowadays. The funniest thing is… you had to reach for legends, with the exception of “Brittany Spears”, to try and compare them to Beyoncé.

Do you think Rusty saw our support for Steve Aoki and was like holy shit…yeah I want them to do that for my other client??? And just thought it would be easy to achieve, through simple association? Unfortunately, the part he didn’t understand was that initially everything we did was for Louis. We wanted his song to be a success and to do something to make him smile during a really sad time.

From the get go it was Steve who proved himself to be different to all the hangers on and bottom feeders who have been inflicted on the fandom over the years. He actually showed Louis and the fandom respect and it was obvious they had fun together (even during promo outings). He’s been incredibly vocal in his appreciation and has repeatedly commended us for our efforts; recognising the true phenomena that we are (especially our ability to organise and execute a successful guerrilla marketing campaign).

Having watched Steve’s documentary, he seems like a decent guy and nothing he has done so far has made me worry about him fucking over Louis or us. So note to Rusty and anyone else, association alone isn’t reason enough for us to go to bat for someone; stop trying to push your acts on us.

tag prompt fic: ginny and mike’s chest

Blame for this goes to Kaylin ( @texasbama ) and her tags and also Mike Lawson’s chest, because, duh:

Ginny loves his chest.

He realized her fixation not too long ago. In the fervour of them finally getting together, it seemed like they were obsessed with every part of each other. They could barely keep their hands to themselves when they were alone and spent hours caressing and learning each other. Mike was so focused on his own appreciation of her body that he didn’t really clock her appreciation of his.

The first time he notices, he’s about to get dressed to go downstairs and start breakfast for her. Mike had quickly discovered how much he adored cooking for his rookie, she’s incredibly vocal about how much she enjoys the food he cooks and there is something intimate about watching the person you love eat food you’ve prepared for them. It makes him feel satisfied and contented that he can take care of her in all the different ways she needs. It’s an intoxicating feeling.

Ginny had been dozing when he kissed her lightly and asked if she had any requests for breakfast. She’d mumbled something about pancakes before burrowing back into her pillow. 

Mike usually goes shirtless in the morning. The season had ended and they were well into November, the weather had cooled down, the sky staying grey more often than not. He puts on a soft henley and some sweats and trots downstairs to get the pancakes started. He knows he has some blueberries left in the fridge he thinks he’ll add to the batter.

He’s about to call for Ginny when she comes down the stairs, hair wild and rubbing at her eyes. She’s wearing one of his plaid shirts and it makes his body clench. Such a wonderful sight.

She levels him with a confused, if not slightly annoyed, expression as she walks over to him. He’s a second away from asking her what’s wrong when her sleep warm body leans against his own, her hands slipping under the fabric of his shirt and caressing his sides and chest. He hugs her back, breathing her in and enjoying the moment.

Ginny leans back and pinches at his shirt.

“Since do you where a shirt in the morning, old man?“ 

"So, you can wear my shirts but I can’t?” He chuckles at her, not totally understanding her question. It’s not like they are naked around each other all the time. Just most of the time.

She lifts his shirt, discards it carelessly and cuddles back into him. He won’t lie and say he doesn’t prefer it this way, he can feel her much better like this and he’s not worried about being cold anymore. She nuzzles her face into his chest and her hands rub up and down his arm before squeezing his shoulders and finally settling on his abdominal muscles..

“No more shirts in the morning, it’s a rule,” she plants kisses on his chest as she speaks, making him quickly forget about the stack of blueberry pancakes and fresh fruit he’d prepared.

“Does that go for both of us or just me, Baker?” His hands run up and down her back comfortingly and he smirks when she steps away and unbuttons her (his) shirt quickly, leaving it on the floor beside his own forgotten henley. His hands are already itching to get back on her skin.

They end up eating cold pancakes, but they taste just fine in Mike’s opinion.

That was his first clue.

Then it starts to becomes more and more obvious.

When they cuddle, her hands constantly caress his chest, digging her fingers into his skin. It makes him want to do something ridiculous like purr, or burrow himself inside her and never leave.

When they have sex and she’s on top, her hands always plant themselves on his pecs or his abs. Ginny loves running her nails over him, leaving shallow marks and kissing them later on. He loves it just as much, makes him feel possessed and possessive; its such a heady sensation that he can barely get enough.

She loves, loves, loves sucking marks into his chest. In the few months since they got together Mike has had hickeys in various states and colour patterns all over his torso. She is particularly fond of the piece of skin below his belly button and the area between his neck and left shoulder. There have been marks there, consistently, since the first time Ginny got her mouth on him.

Mike finally decides to mention her fixation one morning while she’s watching him get ready. He has an interview with a network for a part time commentator gig and he’s trying to decided what shirt to pair with his suit. Ginny is sitting on the bed, legs crossed, gazing at him openly and appreciatively. He’s asked her for her opinion and after her fourth veto, her smile growing just a little every time he strips his shirt off, he cracks.

“Take a picture, Baker, it’ll last longer,” he walks over to her slowly, pants unbuttoned and shirtless. He watches as her eyes go a dark, running up and down his chest before setting on his face and smiling innocently up at him. 

“Hmm?” She bites her lip, her dimples winking at him.

He gestures to himself and grins.

“It’s clear you have a thing for my chest, I’m just saying: if you took a picture, I might be able to finally decide on what shirt to wear,” he stops in front of her, her face goes a little red as he speaks but she doesn’t deny it and it makes him smirk.

Her bottom lip is freed from between her teeth and she grins at him, wide and unashamed. Ginny crawls to grab her cell from the bedside table; he takes an appreciative glance of his own. She turns back, still smiling, and opens the camera. She lifts her phone, and smirks back at him.

“Show me what ya got, Lawson.”


don’t talk to me if you can’t appreciate davey havok’s incredible vocal range.

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NCT dream are a bunch of lil cuties congrats to them on their 1st win(⌒▽⌒) I wasn't so hot about NCT 127 but limitless was toooooo good, I love them all now but especially taeil,,, he got a hold of my heart w his cute face and incredible vocals (´༎ຶོρ༎ຶོ`)

mark lee is really precious to me - he made me get into dream and then jisung and chenle are so adorable i ended up wanting to adopt them as well ;;;; taeil is such a honey bun!!!!


Lead singer of the rock band Queen, responsible for writing “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “Somebody to Love,” “We Are the Champions,” “Crazy Little Thing Called Love,” etc. Born in modern-day Tanzania to a Parsi family, he spent most of his childhood and school years in India, learning the piano at a young age. His family fled to England during the Zanzibar Revolution, and there Mercury enrolled in art school and began performing with a string of bands. At 23, he gave his new group the provocative name Queen. Within a few years they had a string of hits, boosted by Mercury’s incredible vocal range and talents, that launched them to international success. From the start, Mercury’s quiet, reserved personality was at odds with his flamboyant and exuberant stage persona. And although there was always a campy subtext to his style, whether his long-haired sparkling glam of the 70s or his mustached macho man look of the 80s, he kept his sexuality largely hidden from the public. After trying a romantic relationship with lifelong friend Mary Austin, he eventually settled down with his “gardener” Jim Hutton. Hutton was by his bedside when Mercury died of AIDS at 45.

Lower Than Atlantis - Safe in Sound (Review by Joe Gilbertson)

     In an era where British alternative rock albums seem to aspire solely to be as catchy and well-produced as possible, Lower Than Atlantis seem dead on course for arena success.

     There’s no denying that their fifth LP Safe in Sound achieves everything it was probably intended to with flying colours. It is incredibly catchy - the vocal hooks are relentless, with beats and guitar parts arranged around them perfectly. The attention to detail in the songwriting and production is incredible. But for all its thickly layered guitars and electronics, flashy drum fills and endless half-time choruses, there’s no escaping that Lower Than Atlantis are only really polishing pop rock cliches to an instinctive smudge.

     Mike Duce’s vocals and melodies are delivered with the precision of a craftsman, but all sound familiar - at times they recall the eras of bands like Feeder (Comfort in Sound, anyone?) and Kaiser Chiefs, a lot of the time they sound very much like the current Kerrang!-approved bubble. Across the stretch of the LP, his lack of distinct character is gratingly unsatisfying. When they throw in a big meaty riff on a track like ‘Work For It’, it sounds as every bit as huge and arena-filling as it needs to, but feels about as processed as chicken roll and as artistically compelling as Damien Hirst selling slices of his pickled shark.

     ‘Could Be Worse’ has a lovely twinkly riff straight from the emo/math-rock playbook. But the album’s sixth soaring chorus in as many songs is bland to the point of insipidness (“when nothing’s going your way / just remember these words / yeah it could be way worse”). From there, there are more synths, more hooks, and some truly sickeningly sweet strings. Calling this album a failure would be to ignore its obvious intended purpose. Calling it a success would ignore how little it offers beyond that.


Originally written for Audio Addict.

Over the years Disney has produced many music stars like Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Nick Jonas and many more on of that but their latest musical star is none other than Sabrina Carpenter who recently dropped a brand new track called Smoke And Fire. Last year she released her debut album Eyes Wide Open that showed she was a young artist who had some incredible vocals and song writing abilities and her latest track is showing her building upon that with, what I think is, her best track yet. The track impacts you as soon as it starts with that flickering flame and then BOOM you’ve got that explosion of vocals that come in and enthral you and makes you want to hear what else is to come. The track has one heck of an addictive chorus mixed with some infectious beats and a pretty amazing production, but I expected that, and all I can say is that Sabrina is really showing us what she’s made of, I can easily see her becoming an international music star of the future - Jakk

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