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Good Things to Research When You Don't Know What to Research

They don’t exactly teach this stuff in schools. This list is designed for the beginner witch, who keeps hearing the advice “Research!” but wants some better specifics on what exactly that means.

Now, you don’t have to be a complete expert on all of these or even most of these! You don’t even have to incorporate all of them into your practice. They’re just some stuff it’s good to have a basic working knowledge of in the Craft.

🌻Planetary Correspondences- Even if cosmic witchcraft isn’t your thing, a lot (and I mean a LOTTTT) of correspondences in any other category are going to eventually lead back to the planets. Having a basic understanding of what each planet governs is extremely helpful when learning the correspondences of basically anything else.

🌻Herb Correspondences- Herbs and spices are incredibly useful! They’re probably one of the most versatile of the “big categories” since they can be used in herbalism and kitchen witchery, as well as a great add-on to any other variation of witchcraft. It’s good to have a working knowledge of what herbs you can use in a pinch, especially the stuff you already have in your kitchen. When an emergency calls, it’s good to know how that chili powder can help you.

🌻Crystal Correspondences- This is another great add on! Crystals can often be used to enhance and focus the energy of a spell, as well as cleanse any ritual tools you have. Besides, who doesn’t like pretty rocks? Crystals can be particularly great for the witch who has a tactile mind, and likes to have things they can feel and roll around in their hand.

🌻Days of the Week- Knowing the right time to cast a spell can be very important! Casting a love spell on a Friday gives it an added boost, or at the very least creates a path of least resistance. Besides, there’s only seven of them, so it’s easy to learn quickly. You get a lot of bang for your buck!

🌻Phases of the Moon- We have a really big collective crush on the moon, it seems. And for good reason! The moon is a great source of power and mystery even in a completely mundane setting! Understanding the phases of the moon and how it can affect your craft is extremely important. (Hint: you can cast spells even when it isn’t the Full Moon.)

🌻Basic Mythology and Lore- This is an absolute must if you plan on going into any type of spirit work. Even if that isn’t your thing, it’s good to know a little bit. Firstly, because you may draw unwanted attention from spirits, and it’s good to know how to deal with them if it happens. Secondly, because if you draw from a path with any history behind it, it’s good to know how the rules go down on their turf.

🌻Basic Divination- Not everyone has the money or the time to pick up and learn how to read a 78-card Tarot deck, but things like scrying and pendulums are pretty easy to figure out quickly. What’s more, they can be done on little to no budget. Divination’s a useful tool to have on your utility belt, and who wants to pay someone to use a pendulum for them when you can learn it yourself?

🌻Anthropology of different cultures/religions- You don’t have to be a religious witch at all, but witchcraft still has its roots as a religious practice! Lot’s of practices have a cultural context as well, which can be important to know in order to fully understand the action you’re performing. A lot of correspondences, traditions, and rites come from cultural or religious roots. It’s good to know not only what people did, but why they did it! Does X tool have some symbolic meaning or was it just what was available at the time? What was simply a product of the culture around them?

🌻Science- It’s a HUGE category, and I left it that way on purpose. If something interests you, look at the mundane side of it as well! Do you like kitchen witchery? Read up on food chemistry and how different nutrients affect the brain. Into crystals? Learn about how they’re formed! Read about gardening or psychology, anything that can help enhance your path.

Happy researching!

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Kingdom (Remix)
Common Ft. Vince Staples & Jay Electronica
Kingdom (Remix)

jayelectronica’s verse is crazy! peep:
[Verse 3: Jay Electronica]
Nas hit me up on the phone like “Peace, Isa”
You know you need to preach out of pyramids in Giza
Or long condemn Easter
Instep of sniffing lines, popping thongs and he beat the ether
Nigga, are we not thy brother’s keeper?
Allahu Akbar, abrakadabra
We used what we had to stay alive like MacGyver
Started from the bottom, now we really, really here
Started kinda blurry, now we really, really clear
It’s the mad king unforgettable, black king on a pedestal
The way he made words and the edibles was incredible
Herbs and spices, giving life out to the lifeless
Giving Christ out to the Christ-less
My handle with the dices been documented as priceless
I roll 7’s naturally
Devils who used to laugh at me bow to me internationally
Rappers I gave birth to shot at the God, blasphemy
Told these motherfuckers to never Jimmy DeGrassi me
This goes out to those that choose the view
Disrespectful views on the original Jews
The chosen people of God getting slandered and abused
In the streets and the news by the seed of Yakub
The senegals of Satan wanna keep us confused
That’s how we lose, niggas got the ill street blues
From Chiraq to England
Me and Common dropping bombs like the baby planes as we establish the kingdom

but doc holliday in his car. betty, he calls her. he refuses to call her anything but “betty” or “my steed”. he refuses to get in any car he’s not driving and he doesnt drive anything but betty. more than once dolls and nicole and wynonna have been shoved in the back seat together. (waverly always calls shotgun with a huge smile on her face and wynonna complains but never actually tries for the front seat. doc lets waverly chose the radio station and gets incredibly attached to the spice girls and all sorts of 90s pop)

but also: consider how the stone witch got a mary kay pink cadillac? i mean im not saying that the witch supplemented her evil activities with selling beauty products but im not not saying that.

so now doc, who adamantly refuses to be paid for working with the law (”im many thing, wynonna, but a lawman has never, and will never, be one of them”) sells beauty products out of his pink cadillac and honestly? he’s pretty good at it. purgatory is a small town they don’t have a ton of stores. he has a history as a con man and he’s good looking and charming and when he tells people they look beautiful they believe him. he honestly has the most stable job out of literally everyone on the show (but dont tell him that, he’ll have an identity crisis)

Charli XCX and Halsey's "Wannabe" Cover Is Basically Body Glitter in Song Form

What do you get when you mix Charli XCX, Halsey, and Lollapalooza? An incredible cover of Spice Girls’ “Wannabe,” that’s what. The duo took the stage at Chicago’s annual music festival on Sunday, where they surprised fans with a (fire) interpretation of the classic 1996 anthem. We realise Halsey and Charli XCX are both busy with their solo careers, but this song is proof that we need the two of them to form a girl group, ASAP (maybe CupcakKe can be the final member?). Grab some body glitter and the nearest tube of Lip Smackers, and then check out their cover above.

Frat!Luke Part Seven (Smut Imagine)

Hey guys! Today in the second part of #2KFollowersFanFicMarathon I have a little bit of smut for you;) Hope you enjoy it:D
I also finally got to make the cover photo (if you want your selfie in it all you have to do is submit it). 

Here are the previous parts and as always I would very much appreciate your feedback. Love you, xx-Z. 


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what would the karasuno crew, kuroo, bokuto, and akaashi order from starbucks (or alternatively, not order at all?) thanks for your hard work!

[I’m one of those poor souls, literally poor tho, who has never been to Starbucks. Also I’ve never lived anywhere near one so I apologize for wrong terminologies or bad decisions in regards to drinks ( ̄□ ̄;) I got my information from here, here, here, and here.]

Nishinoya: Nishinoya would probably choose the Fizzio Golden Ginger Ale. This drink is described as a refreshing soda and judging from Nishinoya’s food and drink preferences, this would be the perfect beverage for him. Nishinoya would love the gingery taste of it, instantly feeling like he had been rejuvenated, in case he drank it after one of his training sessions.

Akaashi: Would order the Blackberry Mojito. With the flavours being described as “uncharacteristically downplayed”, it would be the perfect beverage for him and he would appreciate the fact that he was actually able to taste the black tea in his drink. Making a nice, yet not too sugary combination with the fruits, this would be one of the few favourites of his, since Akaashi wouldn’t really like drinks that tasted sickly sweet.

Yamaguchi: Yamaguchi would go with the Hazelnut Macchiato. This drink is described as incredibly sweet, with a richness of vanilla and hazelnut flavour. Yamaguchi would love the warm feeling it would leave him with, instantly feeling cozy wherever he was at that time. He would prefer getting it around evening/nighttime, since it would make him slightly sleepy as well.

Sugawara: Sugawara would choose the Teavana Oprah Chai Tea Latte. Considering that all spices, despite their individual obviousness, create some sort of harmony that makes the drink a perfect combination of flavours, it would be something that would make Sugawara feel quite content. With the taste of roiboos lingering on his tongue, he would go about his day, thinking back on the feeling he had while drinking it, whenever some kind of issue occurred.

Hinata: Hinata would definitely go with the Pumpkin Spice Latte. With this drink being described as incredibly sweet, pumpkin pie spices dominating the overall flavour, it would be the perfect, and only, Starbucks beverage he would order. Hinata would like the fact that the taste of espresso would be barely there, since he wasn’t exactly the type to enjoy caffeinated drinks. 

Asahi: Asahi would choose the Java Chip Frappuccino. Described as a delicious mix of chocolate and coffee, this drink would definitely serve Asahi’s needs. He would love the fact that this beverage wouldn’t feel too heavy in his stomach, liking the decent flavour of sweetness hidden in the strong relish of coffee.

Kuroo: Kuroo would order the Cinnamon Dolce Frappuccino. Kuroo would love the taste of strong coffee combined with the slightly spicy cinnamon flavour, which would make him feel like both ingredients were dancing on his tongue. Himself not necessarily being a fan of sweet drinks, he would probably leave out or at least tone done the caramel flavour in it.

Tsukishima: Tsukishima would most likely go with the Strawberry & Crème Frappuccino. Tsukishima appears to be a fan of strawberry flavour, which would lead him to the decision to order this drink. He would actually enjoy the creamy texture combined with the fruity sweetness of it. The drink itself would be nothing over-the-top, but still serving the purpose it was created for.

Tanaka: Tanaka would go for Starbucks Doubleshot Energy + Coffee. Himself not necessarily being a big fan of most beverages Starbucks offers, due to the fact that a lot of them are quite sweet, he would definitely go for something that would wake him up and made him feel energized.

Sawamura: Sawamura would most likely go with normal Coffee. referring it black, with no sugar or milk added, he would go for this, since all the choices of toppings, sizes and other possible ingredients would be too time consuming for him. On top of that he would also not be a fan of sweet beverages, which would be the main reason he would choose this drink.

Kageyama: If Kageyama ever went to a Starbucks he might do the mistake and actually order Milk. Since, next to his juices, it would be one of the drinks he took in on a daily basis, it would be his top choice. If any of the workers asked him if perhaps he wanted to rethink his choice, he would get confused, figuring that, since milk was good for the bones, it should definitely be a beverage that could be ordered by itself. 

Bokuto: Bokuto might go for the Starbucks Refreshers: Raspberry Pomegranate. Not necessarily being the type of person who drank hot beverages on a daily basis, Bokuto would want to get himself a drink that was refreshing and fruity at the same time. With this one being a little less effective than your usual energy drink, it would be the one of the few drinks his teammembers and parents allowed him to drink. 

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"I do everything for you, and you still know nothing about me."

Oliver stopped and stared at Felicity, who sat behind her bank of monitors, eyes on something on the desk, a small smile on her face; her tone had been teasing, but he couldn’t be sure he wasn’t imagining the bitter edge in her voice—couldn’t deny the joke was true. Except… except it wasn’t true—was it? “I know plenty about you.”

She looked up at him, clearly surprised he was actually pursuing this by the lift of her brows. “Oh, really. Wow me with your knowledge of Smoak Trivia, then.”

Oliver stared at her, eyes searching her face, wrestling with a desperate need to prove he knew this woman, that he wasn’t some selfish, unfeeling asshole who demanded everything of her and gave nothing back. As he combed his memories, her amused smile began to slip, and a wall seemed to go up in her eyes, but not before he saw a flash of hurt.

“You’re allergic to peanuts,” he blurted; she blinked. “You think kangaroos are creepy, you hate mysteries, you love bright colors and red wine. You graduated MIT summa cum laude in three and a half years and you were the youngest IT specialist ever recruited by QC. You’re not a natural blonde. You’re Jewish, but you don’t strictly observe.”

Felicity sat back in her chair, posture going straight and rigid, and Oliver could see the distance she was unrolling between them. “It was a joke, Oliver. Because you forgot I don’t eat pickles on my cheeseburger again. It wasn’t an accusation.”

Oliver felt a sudden rise of irritation flush through him; it had felt like an accusation—worse, it felt like it hit its mark. He strode around the desk, turning her chair and bracing himself on both arms, bending so they were eyelevel and inches apart. “Your middle name is Megan. You’re 25 years old, 26 in four months. Your father died of cancer when you were only four, and your mother in a car accident when you were eleven. You have no siblings, and you were raised by your great aunt, who had no children. She died five years ago at age 72. In her sleep. Your mother’s insurance policy and inheritances from your father and great aunt paid off your student loans.”

He watched her eyebrows crash together, flags of color rising high in her cheeks. “Wow, congratulations, you memorized the background check you ran on me, that’s impressive.” She nibbled on the inside of her lip, then glared into his eyes. “I was joking, Oliver. It was a joke. You know why it was a joke? Because it’s true and it’s laughable, and it isn’t going to change. So you can stand here with your factoids and bullet points like they mean a goddamn thing, but they don’t change anything, and I have better things to do.”

She started to stand, ignoring his presence in her space—to stand and force him back with her body, like she’d done once before and walked away from him—but he bared his teeth, smacking his hands down on the chair arms with a bang and leaning forward to crowd her back into her seat. She pressed back against the round ergonomic cushions, eyes wide and mouth a flat, angry line. A flare of regret and shame burned in his chest, but he pushed it aside. This was important; he couldn’t just let it go.

“You prefer skirts and dresses to pants, and you like high heels, but you feel better in flats. You have the widest variety of vivid lipsticks I have ever seen on a single mouth, and you switch every two weeks between a shampoo that smells like mint and another one that smells like oranges and spice. You’re incredibly self confident about your skills, but not about your value to other people. You know you’re pretty, but you think no one notices, or cares. You’re wrong.” He took a deep breath, eyes boring into hers, his face set in dead serious lines. “You love Chinese food and Italian, but you’re not a fan of Vietnamese. You speak French. You’ve been teaching yourself Spanish and Russian for the last six months, and you don’t think anyone’s noticed yet.

"You run almost every day, and you can’t help dancing a little whenever there’s music. You don’t get enough sleep, and you have nightmares.” His voice hushed, eyes dropped. “Nightmares that are my fault.”

He heard her intake of breath, but couldn’t let her comfort him, assuage his guilt; not now. Dragging his eyes back to hers, he begged her silently to understand him. “I know you, Felicity. I rely on you, more than I should, I take you for granted and I’m a far worse friend than you deserve. You are my partner, my friend, and one of the pillars in my life. I know you.”

She swallowed thickly, her expression falling to lines of sadness—and worse, disappointment. Her hand came up, fingers just brushing his cheek before dropping. “You think you do. You’ve memorized facts and preferences, and you’ve observed details, and you think you know me.” She began to rise again, slowly, and this time he let her, only barely stepping back, not quite able to give her the space she asked for. “Oliver, you don’t know me. And until you realize why, you can’t even pretend you want to. So don’t.”

And refusing to take only what he gave her, she slid sideways, her clothes catching against his, her body heat radiating against him—and walked away.

girl meets world was supposed to be this fun little thing I was secretly partly obsessed with, and it’s kinda consumed my life… and maybe other people think that should make me mad or embarrassed but the thing is having something like this to take my mind away is good. like there’s this whole other world online that supports me and agrees with me and laughs with me when the Real World™ is bringing me down. I’m good at a lotta stuff here, and I’ve made incredible friendships. Dream dragons, spice squad, messy motherfuckers. My very own honey. I don’t think this is bad, I think my life is a lot better for becoming obsessed with this dumb show.


Nas hit me up on the phone like, “Peace, Isa
You know you need to preach how the pyramids of Giza
Alone condemn Easter
Instead of sniffing lines, popping thongs in Ibiza, Ether
Nigga, are we not thy brother’s keeper?”
Allahu Akbar, abracadabra
We used what we had to stay alive like MacGyver
Started from the bottom, now we really, really here
Started kinda blurry, now we really, really clear
It’s the Nat King unforgettable, black king on a pedestal
The way he made words into edibles was incredible
Verbs and spices, giving life out to the lifeless
Giving Christ out to the Christ-less
My handle with the dices been documented as priceless
I roll 7’s naturally Devils who used to laugh at me bow to me internationally
Rappers I gave birth to shot at the God, blasphemy
Told these motherfuckers to never Jimmy DeGrassi me
This goes out to those that choose to use
Disrespectful views on original Jews
The chosen people of God getting slandered and abused In the streets and the news by the seed of Yakub
The synagogues of Satan wanna keep us confused
That’s how we lose, niggas got the ill street blues
From Chiraq to England
Me and Common dropping bombs like the baby planes as we establish the kingdom