incredible songwriting

louis is incredibly talented singer and songwriter, he’s successful with his solo project as well, he’s loyal and protective and cares deeply about those that he loves, including the boys, his family and even friends, he’s grateful and incredibly strong and works really fucking hard and has worked really fucking hard for years, and he’s loud even though everyone tried to silence him and i love him and admire him for who he is and he deserves all the respect and love


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Would you mind telling us why you think louis might make the most money on the long run?

First and foremost, he’s got a keen mind for the music industry.  Just listening to him talk about the reasons he chose to work with Steve and do JHO.  He saw something missing and decided to fill that hole.  He understands what sells and most importantly WHY.  He’s also an incredibly prolific songwriter which is where a lot of artists make their money.  He could easily write and sell for other people along with writing for himself to perform.  Then there’s the label aspect.  While triple strings and the girl band may be shady af, I do think it IS something he’s legitimately interested in pursuing.  and since again, he’s got that keen mind for the industry and understands it so well, he’d know how to find and develop acts that would sell really well.  Then of course, while it’s really annoying, he’s still making that money doing all his promo/endorsement deals.  

So many artists are just that- artists.  Then there are so many people in industry just understand the BUSINESS side of things and become famous because they know how to work that even if they aren’t the most talented of the bunch.  Louis happens to be one of the rare few that has both artistic and business sense.  

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(*) so this is a long rants, maybe dont publish it? Up to you, friend. I just need to talk to someone and I always like reading your response to anything so if you wouldn't mind.. I didn't hear the podcast, only from the transcript. And my readings probably not accurate. But, I have kinda similar experience with my job. Where sometime I couldn't help but wonder what the fuck am I doing here?? I get so frustrated, and Im not one to fume inside so I become very vocal with my bosses decision (**)

(**) concerning my job because they didn’t listen/read my report. And I’ll be embarrassed about my outburst but I couldnt stop and it brought me to tears sometime. And my peers cant understand the problem because they didn’t have to compromised professional integrity doing their job, they all have great relationship with our bosses. 1D come from TXF, a reality show in nature, so its gonna be full of fabricated dramatisation. As we know they were encouraged to act as certain character,

(***) although it could be derived from their true personality traits? Idk. Image is everything, even now 6 years later. I think Savan try to share his take on what happened, from a point of view of someone who already form an opinion and deemed they are not credible and consist of some talentless individual. At the end of the day, he come to do his job while the boys pursuing their dream. Louis got the opportunity to be in a vocal band, but got the least singing part. My point is, the boys

(****) My point is, the boys’ experience might be different from each other. They could empathise and I’m sure of it. They showed us they love and support and protect each other. Again, personality play a big roles on how yau handle hurts, disappointment and anger. So while all of the boys experience the exact same situation, it won’t affect them similarly. I feel like louis’s frustration translate into being ‘loud’ or probably argumentative. Savan’s fond memory of working with harry could also

Dear anon,

I might not have gotten last parts of this ask? If you have them, please send them.

First, thank you for understanding the complexity of the Golan/ Kotecha interview, for reading between the lines, and for articulating that in an empathetic way.

Now that we have all had time to digest it, I think it gives a lot of insight into the group dynamic.

Undoubtedly the powers-that-be have always seen One Direction as a manufactured product. Industry has never respected the band because of this background, despite the fact– the FACT not only voiced by fans but now, explicitly, by these two songwriters– that One Direction is not a typical boyband, that the talent is extraordinary, that their ambitions and their ability to learn the music business (from the creative to the business) was outsized.

And if Industry bothered to listen to pop podcasts, it would know that One Direction songs are actually, within the frame of their pop genre, quite good, considered by critics to be surprisingly good for a “manufactured product.”

I think Kotecha expressed his regret that 1. he underestimated them, 2. he let the psychological “mind fuck” –the antagonism he had with Louis– get in the way of helping them develop as artists, 3. he missed out on the biggest portion of their success, 4. he burned some bridges with them.

Kotecha is an incredible songwriter. I’m really glad he found his success with other big-name artists. He wrote my favorite AG song on Dangerous Woman, “Into You.”

The interview also revealed a lot about the band members’ state of mind through the first three albums. Kotecha states that none of the boys liked the music on Up All Night : it’s not music they are proud of, he says. If they disliked UAN, they would have recognized in the making of Take Me Home that Syco expected them to stay in this traditional boyband mode for all five albums– and perhaps they were already sensing the impetus to find a breakout solo act (Harry) so that the band wouldn’t finish their contract. They sensed it because that was the natural boyband trajectory, and had been for the last 30 years.

We talk about The Beatles being the first boyband, but of course, The Beatles were not put together on a reality talent show. No one expected the talent show band to last. No one expected them to have any creative or business talents. No one expected them to form any deep bonds with each other. No one expected them to do anything except bleat out tunes, look pretty, sell merch. No one expected these things because there was just no precedent. And now Kotecha’s interview basically confirmed all of this.

And imagine being in the boys’ shoes. Obviously they were going to sing whatever they were given in UAN: they were unknowns. They relied on industry experience to get to world-wide success. They would do whatever they were asked to do.

It was only after TMH, when their success became ever more apparent, that they had the courage to demand more. Even then, they were risking a lot to raise their voices. They could easily have been shouted down. And you’re right, anon, I think at some point, Kotecha felt like he was being attacked for doing exactly what he was hired to do. He felt an ownership for the creation of the 1D sound, and there was bloody mutiny from the bleating pretty faces– and not even from the talented one, or the singer.

And if Louis hadn’t been in the band, who knows who would have stepped into his place? Louis took a big risk (never play poker with him– his bluffs are deadly)– he could have been the one asked to leave. He was the loudest voice, but Kotecha sort of made it clear that it wasn’t only Louis who felt this way. Louis was simply the one willing to stick his neck out, to take the brunt of bad feelings. He risked his own career to make sure One Direction was in it for the long haul.

I wrote about “Strong” as a romantic song, but it could also be a song about camaraderie. “Waves try to break it”: it’s as poignant as any other reading.

Not only that, but Harry’s refusing to leave the band to be The Breakout Star also strengthened the band’s argument against management. They needed to be a united front, to argue for their creative independence. Perhaps Zayn’s willingness to give up on this united front is why bitter feelings ran so deeply during OTRA promo.

To Kotecha’s point about Harry’s songwriting chops, I think he is sincere. I think the songwriting community in pop music is a small one, and they don’t blow hot air around just for promo– the public doesn’t care if pop stars write their own songs, tbh. Indeed, it’s not the first time, second time, or even the tenth time we’ve heard from other songwriters that Harry is a pretty fucking good songwriter. I also think he and Harry are no longer in contact, at least not in any meaningful way, by the way Kotecha says “Harry probably would” [contact him]– at least, as of February 2016.

It’s weird, for me, to have this detailed, intimate snapshot of the band members circa 2011-2012. It adds to the complexity of the 1D boys as human beings, and I must say I love them more for this, for recognizing their mutual talents, for refusing to be ground down by the inevitable boyband gristmill, for having the vision to see their unknown futures and for wanting to be taken seriously as artists– risking their fame and celebrity in the process. They are a very special band.

story of another us is so beautiful and heartbreaking. you’re depending on this moment w someone, where you think things will finally be different. but what if things don’t change? what if the thing you’re depending on never happens? even though you know you’re not fit for ‘long term plans’ you still put yourself out there. your love for this person gives you hope that maybe this time, things will be different. and even if you know that time will never come, you still hope it’s a possibility.

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I think I should inform you that while I labor on my might-be-secretly-fair-folk laundry files character's bjd, Tim, I've had Wicked Girls, This is My Town and Dear Gina on loop for the past several hours. I also wanted to ask if you had any suggestions, based on that sampling, to add in, but I think that might be asking too much.


You’re going to want Archetype Cafe and Queen of Spindles, both by Talis Kimberley; the title song on the first is incredible, and both are crunchy delicious fairy tail mythology gift baskets of delight.  Given the songs you’re using, I’ll bet you can harvest quite a bit.

You’ll also want Thirteen and We are Who We Are, by Vixy & Tony.  Vixy is my best friend and PA, and is an incredible singer/songwriter whose work is just breathtaking.  Again, the title tracks are going to fit in really well with what you’ve got already.

If you’re not familiar with the work of Dave Carter and Tracy Grammar, check out Drum Hat Buddha and Tanglewood Tree.


Happy 47th birthday to John Frusciante!

John Frusciante was a very, very important person in our life, still he’s. We love him, he’s an unbelievable musician and an incredible guitar player, singer, songwriter. Some of the music that he created with us, some of our best music that we ever made, I’ll be forever indebted to be in a band with someone like him, probably the best rock guitar player alive. He’s incredible and we’re very greteful for having him. It was time for change and he wanted to make change and we, with our blessings, we said “John, go on and do your thing.”  Chad Smith talking about John Frusciante, 2012.

  • Chad Smith and John Frusciante event in November, 2003.

Juan Gabriel, Gay Mexican Icon

(January 7, 1950 – August 28, 2016)

With his glittery capes, slinky dance moves and ultra-romantic lyrics, Mexican superstar Juan Gabriel was an unlikely king in a country known for its machismo. He never spoke about his sexuality, yet was widely assumed to be gay. It’s no surprise that the singer was an icon in Mexico’s gay subculture.

Having sold over 100 million copies worldwide, Gabriel is among Latin America’s best-selling singer-songwriters. His eighteenth studio album, Recuerdos, Vol. II, holds the distinction of being the best-selling album of all-time in Mexico, with over eight million copies sold.

During his career, Gabriel wrote around 1,800 songs. Releasing 35 albums over the course of his 45-year career, he became beloved by multiple generations of fans in Latin America, Spain and the United States. His genres varied widely, from mariachi to salsa to disco.

In 2002, a few years before Mexico City legalized gay marriage, the famously effeminate singer shut down a journalist who asked if he was gay.  “You don’t ask about what can be seen,” he said.

Although Gabriel never publicly claimed the gay community, that community certainly claimed him, with his romantic Spanish-language ballads belted late into the night in drag bars on both sides of the border.

Many have credited Juan Gabriel with opening the door to greater expression of gender and sexuality, even if he never explicitly called for it. Like Prince, or David Bowie, Juan Gabriel was known for his gender-bending clothing and occasional touch of eye makeup.

“I think he made a deep cultural change not by talking about his sexuality but by living it out on stage,” said Alejandro Madrazo, a law professor in Mexico who is an expert on the legal battle for same-sex marriage in the country. “Juan Gabriel taught us how to be feminine.”

Madrazo recalled seeing Juan Gabriel perform before a large crowd at a cockfight, a sport that exemplifies Mexico’s machismo culture.  

“He would dance in a way that was sexy and provocative in front of all these stereotypes of a Mexican man,” Madrazo said. “He would literally shake … in their faces, and they would go crazy.”

In an homage to Juan Gabriel published on the website of Mexico’s Millenio newspaper, journalist Alvaro Cueva recalled friends making fun of Juan Gabriel for his effeminate stage presence. At some schools, his name was used as an anti-gay slur.

Cueva called Juan Gabriel subversive. “You … became an idol in a country of macho men,” he wrote. “You made homophobic people sing and dance.”

Eduardo C. Corral, the gay Chicano poet, shared a story on Twitter about how it was easier for his parents to accept him after he came out to them because of Juan Gabriel. “In high school, I came out first to my mom. She told my dad when he got off work at midnight. She was nervous. Afraid of his reaction. My dad’s response? He said, in Spanish, ‘So what? So is Juan Gabriel,’” Corral wrote.

The poet relayed an experience that was common for LGBT Latinos and their families. “Over the years, Juan Gabriel became part of many Mexican families. Yes, he was mocked. But there he was. In our homes. Familiar & strange. Queerness, then, became a presence in Mexican homes. In my home. This familiarity with queerness helped my father to keep loving his son,” tweeted the poet.

In all his glory, Juan Gabriel was an incredible performer and singer-songwriter, but it is his impact on the LGBT Latino community that must not be erased from the narrative of his legacy.

Hi, Hey There, Hello
The Mowgli's
Hi, Hey There, Hello

The Mowgli’s || Hi, Hey There, Hello

And though there may come a day where my hair it turns grey, but my soul, oh, my soul, will never grow old.


Miley Cyrus is an incredible vocalist and songwriter whose talent is constantly overshadowed by the negative. Her onstage persona is so much different than who she is in real life because she’s a kind-hearted person who cares so much about her friends, family, Smilers and pets.

Think or say whatever you want but you can’t deny her talent as an artist.

The This Is Acting album by Sia is one of the most interesting concepts for an album that I’ve come across in recent times as all these songs were written for other singers, some even being rejected, and it actually boggles my mind that some of them got rejected, particularly this one. Bird Set Free has some awe inspiring lyrics that leave me speechless with one of the most powerful for me being in the chorus with “And I don’t care if I sing off key // I find myself in my melodies // I sing for love, I sing for me // I shout it out like a bird set free.” The reason is that I absolutely adore music but can’t sing to save my life but I will sing out loud constantly because I just lose myself in the music and don’t care what people think about me. Its just so powerful and shows the incredibleness of Sia’s songwriting ability - Jakk


Taylor is such an inspiration to me. (Video taken from YouTube, credit goes to ‘iyaitssuzanne’). #TaylorSwift #tswift #taytay #Swiftie #swifties #swiftietag #swiftiefamily #swiftieforever #singer #songwriter #like #followme #instafollow #blonde #hair #beautiful #idol #rolemodel #inspiration #speech #love #self #1989worldtour #incredible

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My friend Amanda who I worked very closely on this record with, she sent me this song by this amazing songwriter MoZella and said, “I want you to listen to this song; it’s one of her personal songs. I don’t know if I can get it for you, but take a listen.” And the minute I heard this song, it was like when it first hit me when Sia played me Cannonball. Sometimes I don’t have the words to explain how grateful I am to be where I am, or how thankful I am to have gotten through what I went through, and to be okay. But not even okay - to be better, to be happy, to be whole. It’s hard to put that into words sometimes. Even just saying that out loud, I was like, ‘OMG, why am I saying this. I sound ridiculous.’ When you hear a song like this and you just go, “OMG, thank you. I could just sit back and play you this song.” It’s a song of appreciation of being where you are, and thankful to the people - so many of whom are here tonight - who helped me to get to this place right now. […] If you guys don’t know MoZella, she’s an incredible songwriter; she wrote Wrecking Ball. This is a gift beyond, beyond. Like, I cry. Because, you know, when people write these songs, it’s a part of them and then they give it to you, and it’s such a blessing. I’m very grateful to have this song; it means the world to me. It really just is exactly how I feel in my life right now. And if you’re going through anything, hopefully it will help you the way that it helped me. Cannonball helped me then, and this is my song now.

I’m more than glad that I didn’t see The Japanese House in a dream, but I really did catch the incredibly talented singer songwriter and producer Amber Bain at a swiftly sold out Popscene in San Francisco back in December of last year. She was stunning, and I really must make my way out to see the BBC Sound Of nominee once again. In fact, I fully plan on doing so when she returns to San Francisco for Outside Lands Music Festival this August. Amber Bain, who’s currently on a headline European/UK tour, takes us to cloud nine with her new single, Saw You In A Dream, out now via Dirty Hit / Interscope. Saw You In A Dream is more of The Japanese House’s refined and sophisticated pop. It’s a finely layered, sleekly wafting alt/electro puff of soft, woolly cotton, into which we blissfully sink. The single is available from iTunes, here.

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"Taylor Swift only writes songs about love and relationships"


A) NO SHE DOESNT, if y'all actually listened to her music other than her singles (which quite a few of them aren’t about love anyway!) you would find that she has several songs on each album which are about things other than love eg. ‘tied together with a smile’ , ‘change’ , 'a place in this world’ , 'the best day’ , 'never grow up’ , 'eyes open’ , safe & sound’ , 'sweeter than fiction’ , 'mean’ , 'long live’ , '22’ , 'the lucky one’ , 'welcome to new york’ , 'shake it off’ etc etc etc JUST TO NAME A FEW 

B) EVERY OTHER ARTIST IN THE INDUSTRY WRITES ABOUT LOVE AND RELATIONSHIPS TOO, DUMBASS ! I honestly don’t understand how people forget that beyonce, ed sheeran, ariana grande, selena gomez, vance joy etc all write about love and relationships - in a majority of their songs !!! just because Taylor writes really well and vividly and makes her songs lyrically moving and beautiful ( to the point where you’re crying hysterically !! ) shouldn’t make her a target for all this criticism ! it only means that she writes about relationships with DEPTH. and doesn’t water any of the emotions down and when you’re really going through something, those lyrics will save you.

C) WHO FREAKING CARES, AMIRITE?? Taylor is an incredible songwriter and performer and although she could literally write a song about me failing an exam and it would still be the most beautiful piece art ever, she chooses to write about love and relationships and she should be able to write/sing about anything she wants without y'all slamming her, okay ? OKAY.


PIano Rock / Singer Songwriter
Associated With: The Dresden Dolls, Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra
RIYL: Regina Spektor, Tori Amos, Joanna Newsom, PJ Harvey, Fiona Apple

Sometimes I feel like I no longer relate to Amanda Palmer and put her songs behind me and then she throws herself in my face by releasing a song like Machete. I remember what an incredible songwriter she is and why I fell in love with The Dresden Dolls in the first place over 10 years ago. This song was written for her best friend Anthony who passed away from cancer last year. Bring the tissues. I prefer the musician Amanda over the social media queen Amanda or the book writing Amanda (although it was a good book). I just wanna hear more and more songs and see her go out on tour again.

“i have never liked the box of knives
you said was a paradox because you’re kind
but withstood a childhood that robbed you blind
of love that was safe and so you learned to fight
x3 what do i do with this stuff?
it seems like yesterday i called you up
i had a terrible case of the past
i didn’t know how to get it off
i didn’t know how to get it off and you took
your machete
and you sliced through the vines that wrapped around me
and you said
i don’t know what i’m doing
so i’ll just keep on cutting
it’s worth a little blood to get your arms free i have never liked the box of knives
you said was a paradox because you’re kind
but withstood a childhood that robbed you blind
of love that was safe and so you learned to fight
x2 what do i do with this stuff?
it seems like yesterday i was in love
i kept of covering the soft parts up
i didn’t know how to get them off
i didn’t know how to get them off and you took your machete
and you hacked through the woods in the surrounding
and you said
i don’t know where i’m going
i just know that i’m heading from
the dead things piling up behind me and you took
your machete
and you carved out a path to my chest and you said see
there’s nothing not worth keeping
you’ve felt so many beatings
nothing’s going to work if you believe me
nothing’s going to work if you believe me i have never liked the box of knives
you said was a paradox because you’re kind
but withstood a childhood that robbed you blind
of love that was safe and so you learned to fight
x2 i have never liked the box of knives
i took it to the oceanside the day you died
i stood out on the dock
no matter how hard i tried
i couldn’t drop them in
and i collapsed and cried: what do i do with this stuff?
it seems like yesterday you were alive
and it’s as if you never really died
and it’s as if you never really died. and you took
your machete
and you said boo guess who
but seriously, beauty
you said
see ?
you get the drill now don’t you
it’s not a will or won’t
you can’t keep making symbols out of nothing so i took your machete
and i sliced off your head and you laughed
and you said see
it’s just like anti matter
it’s dumbo’s magic feather
you don’t need me here to cut you
you don’t need me here to cut you
you don’t need me here to cut you
you don’t need me here to cut you.”