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banning the star of david pride flag from a march due to your anti-zionist leanings is wrong on so many levels, not to mention the fact that it buys in to the narrative that apartheid israel somehow has the sole claim on jewish identity, which it wants you to think it does.

if somebody wants to wield an israeli flag at an explicitly anti-zionist pride march then yeah, tell them to take a hike, but equating the star of david with the actions of an apartheid state is no better than equating the muslim moon and star with the saudi monarchy. incredibly short-sighted.

“BATMAN IS NEVER JEALOUS” - Bruce Wayne x Reader

#5. “Who the fuck is this guy!? “My brother….” “Sure! Sure he is!”

Here we go for jealous Bruce Wayne, because that’s what this prompt inspired me to write. Boom, hope you’ll like it I’m a bit unsure about this one, feedbacks are welcome : 

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Damian was a bit confused. Usually, on patrol, they would like…do things. Catch criminals. Stop bank robberies. Save widows and orphans.

Yes, Damian was utterly confused as to why tonight, his father and him were following…his mom. Not Talia. You. He never considered Talia his mother, he came to that realization the first time you made him hot cocoa and cookies after he had a rough day, and just…talked to him. Asked him how he was feeling. Just genuinely cared for him, something Talia Al’Ghul never did. 

She was his mother, but you were his mommy. 

And so, tonight, as he was jumping from a building to another, following you through the dark street of Gotham, he wasn’t really sure what was going on. 

Oh my God…Were you a criminal ? Was he going to loose you because his father was going to put you behind bars ? But he loves you ! How could he ? 

If it came to that, Damian decided that he would fight his dad, giving you enough time to escape. Yes. He would save you. There was no way he was letting his mommy go in prison, no matter what she did…

His father was talking to Dick about something happening in North Gotham. He then proceeded to call Tim to ask him to go to the docks join Jason because some big drug deal was going on…And once again, Damian wondered why they were tracking you instead of taking care of the real issues. 

He looked down in the street, you were at a small cafe, ordering a huge cup of coffee, that he knew was probably the blackest beverage ever. You liked it that way. But that’s it. You were getting coffee. Sure it was 10:30 pm but like, you couldn’t always just stay at the Manor right ? You’d be bored ! 

Besides, you were a writer, you often came to get coffee at night with your notebook, you always said it brought you lots of inspiration (he loved your stories, and was your number one beta reader). 

It wasn’t an unusual thing for you to be out, getting coffee (even if Gotham was dangerous at night, you knew how to defend yourself thanks to your Husband’s training, and besides, one of your sons kinda always had an eye on you anyway…just to be sure), so again, why were they here ? Why weren’t they on the docks, with Tim and Jason, to fight some real criminals ? 

Bruce refused to let Damian patrol alone so far, which is why he was with him, but usually, he’d explain what was going on you know ? Not able to contain himself anymore, Damian asked : 

-Father…why are we spying on mom ? 

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Today is the 25th anniversary of the beginning of the standoff at Ruby Ridge.

Randy Weaver, a former US Army combat engineer and factory worker moved his family to northern Idaho in the 1980s. Randy like many of us, wished to take his family off the grid to live a more natural life and to be far, far away from the rest of the country when it would inevitably collapse. They were a deeply religious and tight-knit group and his children remember their time at their mountain cabin as one of the happiest in their lives.

However, he and his wife, Vicki frequently traveled to the local Aryan Nations compound a few miles from their home for socializing and working with various residents there for mutual support and help. He attracted the attention of ATF agents, who figuring he could be a weak link and a possible informant for the government, entrapped him in an illegal arms purchase, asking him several times to sell their undercover agent some sawed-off shotguns. They figured if they could arrest him on this, they could pressure him to spy on his friends and neighbors in exchange for dropping the charges.

However, Randy refused to appear in court for these obvious fraud charges and would not come off his mountain cabin. His home was placed under heavy electronic surveillance, and eventually a team of US Marshals was sent in to arrest him. The team of four was given incredibly loose ‘shoot on sight’ Rules of Engagement that would not be seen till the war on terror post 9/11. The family dog heard/smelt their presence and took off in the woods to find them. Randy, his 14 year old son Samuel and a family friend, Kevin Harris took off after the dog believing it had found a deer.

The dog eventually came too close to the team of agents and they shot it, Samuel, being a boy and the dog one of his few companions, yelled ‘You shot my dog you son of a bitch!’ and fired three shots near the agents before turning to run and retreat. They shot him in the back and killed him. A firefight happened in which one federal marshal was killed by Kevin Harris, who was also wounded. Randy and Kevin fled back to the cabin and later returned to get the body of 14 year old Samuel.

The Siege would last 10 days, the mountain covered with snipers given a free-fire order for any adult seen carrying a weapon. It culminated when Randy and Kevin went to the garage where they had placed the Samuel Weaver to clean his body and prepare it for burial, a sniper opened fire shooting Randy in the arm, and as they fled back to the house, fired a second shoot at Kevin Harris through the front window, shooting his wife Vicki Weaver in the face as she held their 10-month old daughter and killing her.

With his wife and son dead, he and his friend wounded and with children still in the house, Randy surrendered and the siege came to an end. He was brought to trial for the charges against him, and found not guilty on all accounts.

Never forget, never forgive. Pigs deserve everything they get.

A weak afternoon sunlight filtered through the trees, casting erratic rays of half-light over the ground, leaves glided listlessly across the damp grass, pushed and pulled this way and that by the breeze.

The world was a vibrant orange, muted by the occasional speck of green or yellow or brown, glowing in its autumnal effervescence. Birds chirped softly from among the tree branches, and leaves drifted down from the heavens, twisting and tumbling as the wind guided them to their final resting place.

Castiel brought his hand up to catch one such leaf that seemed to float past him on its descent, savouring the waxy and cool feeling against the tips of his fingers before letting it drop out of his grasp.

“It’s beautiful here, isn’t it?” From beside him, Dean spoke softly, sounding totally at bliss. He was almost slumped against the park bench, knitted scarf pulled tightly around his neck, warming his hands around a takeaway coffee cup and tilting his head towards the sky, watching the wispy clouds chase themselves through the air.

“Not as beautiful as you.”

Castiel really meant that - in the hazy brightness, Dean looked as if his skin was made of stars, stitched together, twinkling from afar, his freckles nebulae against his tanned skin, and his shy smile a supernova, bursting with all the joy that emerged on Dean’s face at hearing that sentence come out of Cas’ mouth.

“Sap.” Dean accused him, humour and happiness lacing his voice.

“You made me into a sap, Dean Winchester.”

Dean chuckled, and the two of them drew closer together, hands brushing up against each other as their shoulders bumped gently. Castiel let his head droop sideways, nestling into the warmth of Dean’s body.

“Do you really think that?”

“Think what?” Castiel mumbled against Dean’s shoulder blade.

“That I’m… ya know… beautiful.”

Castiel raised his head. “There is nothing on this Earth more beautiful than you, Dean. I have lived for millennia, and never have I seen such an incredible sight.”

“Wow.” Dean lowered his gaze in an ineffective attempt to hide his growing blush. “You really are a sap.”

Castiel hummed a soft note of agreement, and took Dean’s hand in his, placing a kiss atop their interlocked fingers for good measure.


In Praise of the Old Warbird

Many of my childhood memories include many trips to airshows.  So many fond memories.  Seeing the old T-38s of the Thunderbirds during the in the early 1980s, seeing many aerobatic performers, and the countless military jet demonstrations still are still vivid in my memories.  Often bringing a smile to my face when I think back.  Especially seeing the old, venerable F-4 Phantoms at an airshow in Miami that I can still feel the rumble of those engines in my chest cavity.

I always feel a special place for the old war birds.  Seeing a flight of P-51s purring as they fly by, so graceful and elegant.  As a child, I loved watching the older documentaries about World War II.  G.I. Diary, and the World at War come to mind.  Not too many choices those days, but I would watch, transfixed by the gallantry and bravery.  

Of course, as a child, I did not comprehend the horror of the war.  The grotesque mutilations that were taking place, not clearly visible in these documentaries.  The old grainy, black and white footage never seemed to capture this.  Still, I was fascinated.  The sacrifices of these men made were impressive and awe inspiring. The funny thing, today I feel the same exact way.  I often ask myself whether or not I would be able to have even a fraction of the bravery these young men demonstrated.  

When I watch an old P-40, P-51, the occasional Corsair, or any war bird for that matter, I see more than an airplane in the sky.  These machines are beyond metal framework, powerful engines, or machine guns.  They are instruments of death, designed to deliver bombs that would not discriminate who they would kill or destroy.  But these are more than an old airplane.

They are symbols. More than an airplane zooming in the sky, or resting in a museum.  They are symbols of the bravery of the men who flew and fought.  They are symbols of the dedication of the women who would test and ferry them, and those who worked in the factories to produce these weapons of war.  In spite of the death and destructive capability, I see the enduring sacrifice far too many young men and countless civilians made.  Sometimes I see video or photos of a bomber going down, wondering even after decades later, whether the boys made it out.  Sometimes, the damage was too severe, and all members of the crew were lost.  The sense of loss still makes me reflect on what might have been.  

I love our history, and have a deep appreciation for the men and women in uniform.  I love the military, and am proud of what they work and stand for.  I hate war, and lament the lessons we seem to loose from the wars of our past.  Perhaps one day we can learn to avoid fighting as a first response to conflict.  Perhaps…

I can only smile as I stand, watching an old P-47 Thunderbolt or a B-17 Flying Fortress sputter, and belching smoke as the engine starts shaking the aircraft.  Eventually, the engines smooth out and the sound is seemingly beautiful.  Smooth and graceful, yet full of power.  It is an incredible sight and sound, and always sends shivers throughout my body. I teem with excitement and almost burst with pride.  In my eyes, I see the symbol coming to life.  Much more than just an airplane.  

BTS reaction to finding your toys under the bed

Kim Taehyung

Tae would just look at the foreign object under the bed in curiosity as he’d never seen the decorative box before.

“Jagiya, what is the box for? Is it yours?” He’d ask as he opened the lid.

His eyes would widen at the sight and a darker mindset would consume him.

“Why didn’t you tell me about this stuff? We could’ve had so much more fun.” The young man said as he pulled out pair a of cuffs and your leather paddle.


He’d cut you off by cuffing your hands behind you and placing a firm grip around your throat.

“You’ve been keeping secrets from me, i’m gunna have to punish you for that”

The way he whispered in your ear and bent you over the bed had you completely aroused even before he swung the paddle, slapping your ass making you jump at the impact.

Tae would grab your hair pulling it back as he slipped your panties off, inserting his two digits forcefully into your heat making you moan at his touch.

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General Mello headcanons

- Can speak between six or seven language fluently and will curse your name in every single one if you don’t return your basket/trolley in a supermarket

- Has a misshapen nose and fingers due to breaking them several times. He stopped going to the hospital to fix them as he couldn’t be bothered

- Has scars on his face from where he picked at his chickenpox as a child

- Wears contact lenses most of the time but will wear his glasses if he’s alone or around Matt. He’s incredibly short sighted

- Once won the egg and spoon race at the first Wammys sports day and then immediately launched his (hardboiled) egg at Near’s face. There were no more sports days after that

- Constantly pulls out his eyebrows and eyelashes when stressed

- Had a tongue piercing as a teenager which got horribly infected. He thought it made him look tough

- Would frequently dumpster dive after he left Wammy’s to get food before learning to sweet talk people into buying him drinks and meals

- Used to wear several rings on his finger to hurt people when he punched them

- Pretty good at manipulating his way into big events. Is known for crashing red carpet parties

- Drinks both his tea and coffee black, but iced coffee has to have a metric fuckton of milk and sugar

- Gags at the smell of oranges

- Is fluent in sign language

- Wears his hair in a ponytail or a bun around the house to keep it out of his face

- Put salt on a snail as a child to see what would happen and then cried when he realised he melted the poor thing

- Can say the alphabet backwards with ease

- Would write letters to Matt while he was gone in Klingon because it was easier than making up a code and he knew Matt would understand

Jamaican Memories

In which Harry invites (Y/N) to Jamaica with him

Going to Jamaica with Harry would be your first trip ever; you were surprised when Harry even invited you to this trip. This trip was just going to be an all boys trip with some work involved.

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anonymous asked:

for nick, reminder: it was shown that seishiro taught syaoran the particular kicking so...

Oh, dear and sweet anon! I couldn’t forget that awful fact even if I wanted to (and I do). 

But there were a number of people reminding me about this, so I must have been pretty unclear about this in the moment. Either way, REST ASSURED. It’s not Seishirou that I’m questioning here, but Kamui. 


Mr dick vampire’s statement can be broken down into these steps. 

(1) I saw your kicking style 

(2) I recognized it as Seishirou’s 

and (3) I concluded that he must have taught you it. 

And while he is completely correct on point (3), the fact that he IS correct is COMPLETE chance if that’s the logic he’s going with. 

Because point (1) and (2) hinge almost entirely on this one page. 

In which Syaoran kicks him once. 

Just one time, and it doesn’t even hit.

Not only that, but he kicks him SLOWLY. Because they’re UNDERWATER. 

But this is apparently all he needs to come to the conclusion that Seishirou taught Syaoran how to do it. 

Which implies that either [A] Seishirou ACTUALLY ALSO KICKS REALLY SLOWLY AND IN SLOW MOTION (which would be great, but probably wasn’t what CLAMP was going for), or that [B] perhaps his vampire senses allow him to recognise martial arts so specifically and categorically that any single kick would have been enough for him to recognise any possible move that might have been taught by Seishirou. 

So, on seeing Syaoran flail around under water and kick him really slowly, Kamui had a moment of “Ah, yes. Of course. That’s Kick #116.86 Pt.8F.06.07., Sub Section 87GG802. Naturally. In the entire multiverse, and out of every possible alternate version of every possible character, that PRECISE kick can ONLY EVER be replicated by the One Seishirou I know. Any other explanation is IMPOSSIBLE.”

That’s the ONLY POSSIBLE EXPLANATION for how SYAORAN CAN KICK in this ONE WAY while drowning under water. 



And yet he was right, so here we are.

I got a couple of asks regarding the Ziz Bird as a potential relative of the griffin, so here’s my 2 cents:
(Also please keep in mind that none of the original descriptions actually specify a griffin-like creature; I’m not even sure where that came about)
The Ziz, also known as the roc (and some have argued the Thunderbird, but this is highly debatable) is the largest of all flying dragons, with a wingspan averaging at around 45 feet, but large individuals reaching upwards of 50. Almost nothing was known of their distribution, habits, or reproduction for millennia; for, understandably, this is a creature adapted so completely to life on the wing that it has lost the ability to take off from level ground entirely. Even today they are difficult to find and study, as most of their near-endless flight is spent over open ocean.
They are primarily piscivores, and follow the movements of schooling fish, which they skim from the surface of the water. Interestingly, certain individuals have also been observed to target large bird colonies, where they pick out birds from the massive flocks as if hunting fish. One of the most famous places to observe this incredible sight is in Israel, a massive stopover for migrating birds and a Mecca for birdwatchers and dragonologists alike.
Every summer they converge from all over the world at their breeding ground in the mountains of Northern Pakistan, though other roosting sites (of subspecies) are known at the Faroe Islands and in parts of Canada.
What do these places have in common? Only among the tallest, sheerest cliffs in the world. Only at such steep inclines do these creatures ever roost, hooking onto the rock with strong claws to wait for their mate. Research suggests that they are monogamous; though they only meet once a year, mated pairs find each other with distinctive calls. They may also renew their mating ritual, which consists of a tandem dance of circling and divebombs. The male then clambers over the female as she hangs from the vertical rock face for intercourse.
The mated pair remain at their roost for about a month, wherein they take leave shortly after the female gives birth. Ziz are among the only viviparous dragons, wherein the female carefully deposits her single chick on the back of the male and takes off. It is the male’s duty to carry the chick safely to the sea, so it may set out on its own from a safe altitude and close to food. Chicks will remain at sea until they are grown at 6 years. They can live as long as 50 years.
As with many of earth’s wonders, the Ziz has experienced a steady decline over recent decades due to overfishing and climate change.

Jared Leto Imagine - Honeymoon

This was requested. Inspired by the song Hello by Beyonce.


Your P.O.V.

This day had been the one I had waited for all my life. The day I married my soulmate, my best friend, Jared Leto. The day I became Y/N Leto.

Jared had been so happy today. When I closed my eyes I could see his pretty blue eyes looking into mine as I reached him at the altar. He had cried when he saw me in the wedding dress. We had said our ‘I do’s and then we had the most amazing ceremony with our friends and family. The entire day had been a blast but the best part was coming. Our two-week honeymoon in Italy.

We finally arrived at the fancy hotel together. We were both damn excited to get in our room that was on the highest level of the hotel. It was like a penthouse just for us! Jared held my hand as we walked into the elevator. ‘’I love you so much’’ I whispered happily. We were both still in our nice wedding clothes. After all, we had gotten married in Italy. It was so beautiful here so it was perfect.

Jared looked extremely hot in his suit and tie. His hair was a little messy from dancing but it was still sexy. I was just getting warm in my dress. ‘’I love you too’’ Jared told me sincerely. Those words still made my heart beat. He didn’t need to spoil me with diamonds and gold to make me love him. Jared was such an amazing man and I was lucky to call him my husband. It still felt unreal!

We got out of the elevator and arrived at our room. It was like a palace! Everything was fancy and gorgeous, even the door knobs. We had plenty of time to check out everything. We hurried straight to the bedroom. Although this was a romantic day, he still teased me and I teased him. We found the huge bedroom quickly. There was a king sized bed in the middle of the golden room. The walls were white with golden patterns. Everything looked like it belonged to a king.

I loved this but I would be happy no matter what as long as I had Jared with me. He let go of my hand and he walked over to the stereo. He wanted to put on some romantic music for us. I saw candles all around the room and a lighter on the nightstand. Of course, I lit the candles. Soon everything was perfect.

Jared turned to face me and he reached out his hand for me.I smiled widely and grabbed it. The music and the candles made this super romantic and sweet. ‘’A dance before the main event could be nice’’ He whispered into my ears, making me giggle.’’Good song choice’’ I let him know while wrapping my arm around him. we were really close and he led me. Slow dancing with Jared was something I appreciated a lot. It was just me and him and the moon on the pretty night sky.

‘’Who doesn’t like Beyonce on their wedding night?’’ Jared thought out loud. Then he put his big hand on my lower back to keep me close. The words were perfect. ‘’ ..Don’t fly me away. Don’t need to buy a diamond key to unlock my heart. You shelter my soul. You’re my fire when I’m cold , I want you to know ..’’ I listened to the words with a smile. Then Jared started singing along with his unbelievably beautiful voice.

‘’You had me at hello, hello, hello, you had me at hello..’’ He sang ever so softly. I looked up into his eyes. I could hear that he meant what he sang. I decided to join him. ‘’Cause it was many years ago baby when you stole my cool, ‘cause you had me at hello’

Jared smiled at me. Then he stopped dancing so he could place a kiss on my head. My heart was full of joy and happiness. He walked behind me and started to untie my dress. His hands were working smoothly like it was easy. ‘’You’re so gorgeous Y/N’’ He let me know while undressing me. I felt like blushing. Although we had been together for years, his words still made me feel appreciated and happy.

My dress cascaded down and left me in my white underwear. I stepped out of my dress and turned to Jared who was already shirtless. ‘’Let me help you with that’’ I offered him and I hurried to unbutton his black pants. He kept his eyes on me while kicking off his pants. Now we were both in our underwear. I was still amazed by Jared’s body. His personality was fucking perfect and on top of that, he looked perfect. But if he would ever get into an accident and change on the outside, I’d still love him. No one could replace Jared.

‘’Think fast’’ Jared chuckled and quickly picked me up. I squealed and wrapped my arms around his neck. We got in bed where he put me down so I was leaning against the soft pillows. He crawled on top of me and I wrapped my legs around him. Finally, he leant down and pressed his silky lips against mine. I shut my eyes and tangled my hand in his hair.His lips felt so marvellous. It didn’t take long until our heated kiss turned really deep. Jared nibbled my bottom lip which made me part my lips.

He used that chance to push his tongue in my mouth. I moaned into our kiss and let him explore my mouth. Our tongues brushed against each other. He was almost choking me because of the amazing kiss. I didn’t want to pull back but we had to breathe. Jared pulled his head back and our eyes met again. Both of our lips tinted red and I saw my lipstick on him.

‘’I want you’’ I admitted heatedly. Jared smirked and then took a deep breath. ‘’I’m right here princess. I’m not going anywhere’’ He promised and then rubbed his hands on my thighs. His delicate touch caused a shiver to run down my spine. He moved his fingers towards my hips and kept a strong look directed to me. I arched my back impatiently which made him press me back down against the bed. ‘’Jared’’ I whined with a pout. ‘’Patience kitten, we have all night’’ He reminded me with a voice that got deeper the hornier he got.

Jared reached for my bra and slipped his hands under my back. As simply as that he unclasped them and threw them away. My chest was exposed to him and I could tell that he enjoyed the sight. ‘’So pretty’’ He purred and cupped my boobs. I bit my lips and smiled. Soon Jared started massaging my boobs and I felt goosebumps on my skin. Damn his touch was magical!

‘’Are you horny?’’ He asked me while pinching my nipples. ‘’Yes Jared’’ I moaned a little bit. I noticed that his blue eyes had turned darker. The more he massaged and pinched my boobs, the more sensitive they grew. I got really wet and these undies were awfully in the way. Jared lowered himself so he could press a kiss on my stomach. Then he planted kisses in a both down towards my heat. Meanwhile, his hands were rubbing my thighs to awake all my senses.

Just as I thought he would touch me down there, he froze. He looked up at me with a devilish smile. ‘’Jared pleaaase’’ I scoffed making him laugh. ‘’Okay baby girl, I won’t be a huge tease tonight’’ He was kind to me. Then he bit the fabric of my panties. I watched as he slid them off with his teeth. Damn, he was hot.

He reached the end of my feet and he threw away my panties. I watched as he got up and he removed his last piece of clothing as well, revealing to me his huge cock that looked pretty hard already. Jared got back in bed and crawled slowly towards me. I smiled at him and did a ‘come here’ motion with my finger, luring him to me.  Jared reached me and wrapped his strong arms around my legs.

‘’You’re so wet’’ He stated happily and then faced my wetness. Heck yeah, I was. ‘’Just for you’’ I mewled like a good girl. Jared licked his lips and then lowered himself. I was really impatient and I felt like I would lose my mind soon. Then finally he went down on me. Jared put his mouth on my clit and he licked me so he could get a proper taste of what was his.

I moaned softly because it felt so good already. He gave my clit full attention by licking it and nibbling softly. It didn’t take long until his fingers snaked to me and he pushed two of them inside me. ‘’Fuck’’ I gasped as his long fingers stretched my walls.  I grabbed the sheets and looked down at him while he was working his magic. The sight was incredibly hot. Jared kept eye contact with me which made it even more amazing. He knew exactly how to treat a lady!

He curled his fingers and bit my clit a little harder making me moan loudly. ‘’Fuck yes J’’ I responded to his actions. His long fingers brushed against a very sensitive spot and the sweet pleasure from his mouth made it feel fantastic. I pushed my hips up so I could get closer to him. Suddenly Jared started fingerfucking me harder while licking my most sensitive nub.

I nearly rolled my eyes to the back of my head but I wanted to keep eye contact. I could hear how I wet I was. A knot formed in my stomach and I felt like I’d come undone.Jared added pace and it caused me to cry out in pleasure. A few seconds later my orgasm approached and my walls tightened around his fingers. I wailed out his name as the pleasure took over me. Jared still fingered me but slowly so I could ride down my high. A little later he removed his fingers and crawled up to me.

‘’Wanna have a taste?’’ He purred and showed me his glistening fingers. I nodded and opened my mouth happily. He pushed his fingers in my mouth and I started cleaning up nicely. I knew it was one of his weaknesses. I made sure to circle my tongue around his fingers just like I did to him when I was giving him a blowjob. ‘’Okay I think I’m speaking for both of us now, I can’t wait anymore’’ He growled and pulled out his fingers.

Tonight was super special, not just because it was our wedding night, our honeymoon. We would also do it for the first time without a condom. We wanted to be super close. ‘’Are you ready?’’ Jared asked me while getting in place. He grabbed his member and placed his tip at my wet entrance. ‘’Yes’’ I told him and then held onto the sheets again. Jared pushed himself inside of me slowly and stretched me more. It was so different. It wasn’t just a slimy rubber layer. Now I could feel him, skin to skin.

Once he got a few inches in, he lowered himself closer to me so I could hold onto his shoulders. He was huge and that wasn’t a lie. his size always had me surprised. It’s like I could never get used to it and I loved it. Once he was fully inside, he started thrusting softly. It wasn’t rough at all. Things went slowly because we wanted to feel each other. we weren’t fucking, we were making love.

‘’You feel so good princess’’ Jared grunted with a sexy raspy voice. His cock was throbbing in me. I could really feel everything. I bucked my hips towards him to create a slow and steady rhythm. Jared hid his face in the crook of my neck and he started kissing me. The sensitive pleasure was absolutely overwhelming. I dug my nails into his back and curled my toes.

‘’Jared ah..oh my gosh’’ I whimpered in pure bliss. Although he wasn’t pounding in me, I felt like I was a firework. He easily hit my G-spot and each time I felt a wave of pleasure shooting through my body.After a while, we were looking into each other’s eyes again. Our bodies got covered in a thin layer of sweat as we kept going. This felt so special. This was love, not sex. So it was easier to just love it.

‘’I love you so much baby’’ Jared groaned in satisfaction. ‘’I love you too’’ I tried to tell him as steadily as I could but I was a moaning mess. Suddenly he turned us over so he was on his back and I was on his chest. I smiled and tried to sit on him which made me even more sensitive. My hands were on his chest and he grabbed them with his. Then I started riding him slowly so I was practically rubbing myself onto his cock.

I watched how Jared’s confident face turned to a more vulnerable one as I made him feel good. His plump lips parted and the veins under his eyes got more visible. Then he moaned so sexily that simply that could’ve made me come. I loved making him feel good. So I added a little pace and it made me moan too. He was so deep in me that I nearly reached his balls. I couldn’t get enough of him!

‘’Just like that’’ Jared growled and moved his hands onto my hips so he could keep me in place. Jared started moving my hips in a motion that drove us both crazy. ‘’Oh my gosh J’’ I yelped as he started pounding in and out of me. The pleasure grew so intense that I couldn’t keep myself up anymore. I lied down on his chest so my boobs touched him. Then I squeezed his shoulder tightly as he thrust his cock in me. ‘’You’re so good baby girl’’ Jared purred deeply.

Our eyes met and I got an overwhelming desire to kiss him. So I used my other hand to direct his face closer to me and I pressed our lips together. We were both obviously close to our orgasms so he started adding pace until he was going really hard. I moaned into our sloppy kiss. It felt so good that a tear rolled down my face.

‘’I’m c-close’’ I gasped on top of his lips. Jared nodded and pushed my face closer to his. Just a few seconds later I came the second time tonight. My entire body stiffened for a brief second as my powerful orgasm took over all my senses. I dug my nails into Jared and then I screamed out in satisfaction. All I felt was an amazing bliss of the orgasm and him. Jared had to make me cum before he would.

He still slammed himself into my sensitive wet walls which made my body tremble. His strong arms held me close to him and I knew he wouldn’t let go. Finally, he reached his high as well and an unfamiliar feeling approached. Jared’s cum shot inside me, filling me up. The warm seeds felt strange but I didn’t mind that feeling either. He slowed down until he didn’t move anymore. Yet he stayed inside me.

We were both panting as we came down our highs. I felt like I was in heaven. ‘’Holy shit that was amazing’’ Jared breathed out and ran his hand through my hair. I looked into his eyes and nodded. This got me sleepy but I knew that we were both ready for round two sooner or later.

‘’It sure was but it doesn’t have to stop there’’ I giggled happily. Just then he pulled out and I felt his hot cum squeezing out of me. My eyes shut and I sat up, making his cum run down my leg. Jesus his load was big. ‘’Oh my gosh J’’ I gasped while standing up. My legs were a little shaky which was fine but the cum on my legs felt a little weird. Jared looked at me like he was in a daze or something.

‘’That’s really hot’’ He let me know. ‘’Hot?’’ I smiled. I guess so. ‘’ about we go and check out the bathroom? Maybe we could make this happen again?’’ I suggested flirtily and bit my bottom lip. I didn’t have to tell Jared twice. He got up from the bed and got closer to me. Just as he thought he could pick me up, I stepped back as quickly as I possibly could. ‘’You gotta catch me first’’ I showed him my tongue. Jared gave me a mischievous look. ‘’You’re gonna get it girl’’ He warned me and just like that round two began..

|| train ride encounters ||

[request prompt: Can I request a Peter oneshot where they both take the same train everyday and shes popular so they don’t talk at all but he admires her from afar? And one day it’s so busy that the only seat left is beside Peter?? And he’s trying to think of something to say to her so it won’t be awkward but suddenly she just falls onto his lap asleep cuz she had a tiring day and he’s freaking out???]

dedicated to @dusknightmare

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promise pt. 2

Originally posted by reidmeright

characters: spencer reid x reader, ellie (daughter!oc), bau team

summary: the team finds out that a serial killer has come for you, spencer’s wife, and they rush to his side. meanwhile, your torture begins.

words: 1337

warnings: injury to the reader, talk of the death, worry over the life of a child, torture, general fuckin angst y'all 


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