incredible shrinking woman

Behavior Pattern:  A reliable sample of traits, acts, tendencies, or other observable characteristics of a person, group, or institution.

  There is a pattern recognition process of development to influencing a fascination towards size distortion. Despite not defining an origin, it is clear that select events can stimulate an unconscious emotional reaction and attractions. Events like seeing attack of the 50 foot woman to the incredible shrinking woman. Before realizing it, an attraction might already exist within us. The issue prior to trying to understand the phenomenon is that however it occurs is beyond our level of conscious comprehension. It’s not a decision we make, it just happens like a sexual preference. Similar to “Being gay is not a choice.” These events trigger psychological cues to our unconscious psyche creating a conscious reactions of attraction to fruition. This is an idea based on reaction to stimulation to size related occurrences. It’s not a why or what, it just is. If I have a fascination towards giant woman I will have a more elevated sense of attraction & arousal towards that idea.

Do we want to believe that this idea was incepted into our head without our knowing?
What makes us come to terms & accept this?

When does it become ours or just some abnormal behavior?

There is a level of acceptance. Shortly after defining it, it becomes a part of us & our lifestyle. My concern is, creating a self-defense mechanism in response of not being socially acceptable because of have a size fetish. Being afraid may cause denial or repression. Sometimes we feel the need to repress ourselves to be acceptable in the eyes of others. Too much repression might have negative implications to behavior like pent of rage or anxiety. We need to open up, hopefully creating a presentable identity without the need of adjusting to social needs simply because of obscure habits.

I accept myself for who I am, fantasy or not. It doesn’t define me but it definitely creates a colorful attribute to my personality.

Simply because I have this fantasy, doesn’t mean that my girlfriend is going to be 6'3". Do they have to be involved? That’s totally up to them. But I’m most certain to say to her, “I wouldn’t mind climbing you like a mountain right now.”

By Joel Bernabel