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TWRP signed my prints! I’m still so jazzed about it. Copy 2/3 has all of the band members autographs. Copy 3/3 has just Havve Hogan’s (my favorite robo drummer).

Also, shout out to my main man Justin for bringing my prints to the band to be signed and for hanging on to copy 1/3, which I wanted the band to keep. Thank you so much Justin! <3

Also also, Havve’s signature is adorable.


There are no words for this

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HOW YOU MEET: Ian Carter Imagine

this is my second how you meet, and my first Idubbbz imagine! Hope ya’ll enjoy! also, the overwhelming amount of support I get on this blog makes me so happy!! I love you all!~

- Lans


        You had never, in your life, your ‘miserable existence’ as you labeled it yourself, expected to be be at the edge of 80,000 subs. In all honesty, you had never expected to make a career out of youtube at all. You had come such a long way from 5 years prior, where the quality of your content was 480p, to 1080 HD. When the basis of your content was shitty makeup tutorials and reactions to outdated memes. 

        You remembered the day you first posted your video about being self aware of shitty content creation, calling out yourself and a few other youtubers, like Leafyishere and GradeAUnderA. 

      You hadn’t expected to get much other than a couple angry preteens shoving torches down your throat because their daddy was calvin, but you had actually contracted several people watching and agreeing with your statements. 

Now? You were going to your first VidCon. 

       You theorized in your head about you wouldn’t surprised if you were cordially invited just so that the people you had called out could gang you, but dismissed the idea as a joke you’d address in your vlog. Yes, you had planned to vlog some of the adventure. 

      When you first entered the conference hall, you were surrounded immediately by people who you had only seen on screens, people you had watched and even subscribed too. You had a lanyard on, with a card attached that said;



       Maybe it didn’t say VIP, but it meant it. Whatever it said, you were damn proud to be wearing it. Quickly enough you found a party like setting and decided to settle there, feeling slightly anxious and very socially awkward. You admittedly were not the best in social settings, and provided you were probably in the same room as people you pretty much put on blast- you had a reason to be nervous. 

       You were about to go and get something to drink when someone tapped your shoulder, you automatically recognized the face as idubbztv. The sort of heart shaped head, thick rim glasses, and hair just now trying to grow itself back. You had visited his channel several times. You were a little starstruck as well, you had to admit, because he had actually addressed your video in the form of a tweet. 

@(Your Twitter Name) 

couldn’t of said it better myself.

**link to your video 

      You knew deep down that it was a simple tweet, but it still had a greater purpose in your self esteem, because you also agreed with alot of his content and opinions and knowing you two had shared opinions so alike made you happy. 

You were thinking about it too much, to the point where you hadn’t said anything in real-time response to him. You blinked. 

“Hey, sorry, must’ve scared you. I’m Ian.” He said, the neutral, monotone voice of his almost hinting sarcasm but only being his genuine tone. You shook your head.

 “Sorry about that, must be the lights in here.” You practically had to yell over the incredibly shit remix of some Akon song. 

“I’m (y/n)!” You said, your volume steady on that borderline shout level. His voice was at the same level. 

       “I’ve seen alot of your videos, besides AFCOYT.” AFCOYT was the acronym your call out video, standing for ‘ANGRY FEMINIST CALLS OUT YOUTUBERS’. You were quite shook he remembered.

 “The series where you were cracking on conspiracy theorists is brilliant!” He continued. The lights didn’t allow him to see how flustered you were. 

        “Thanks! It just bothers me when they other think EVERYTHING, y’know?” You said, leaning against the arm of the sofa you had been sitting on. 

       “Your kick-starter crap videos? Never stop, I have to look them up myself to see if they’re actually legit sometimes. I like it when someone can make a claim talking shit about something-” You began.

“And have the information to back it up.” Ian and you said that part in unison.

         He chuckled a little bit when you both realized you had said the exact same thing, causing a small moment of content silence. 

“Do you wanna… get a drink?” Ian asked you, you were quick to oblige. “I’d love too.” You stated. 

Neither of you knew where this would lead, but you were happy to find out.


I believe that this is one of the best His Theme/Undertale covers. It gets me everytime.

(aaaaaaaaaaaAAAA holy crap holy crap)

This is an incredible piano remix of His Theme/ Undertale main theme.  This song flows like a river, with intricate right hand countermelody on top of left hand melody.  Then, a minute and a half in, the full melody comes in, and everything falls into place. 

That piano part is nothing to sneeze at in complexity and difficulty.  It’s quite difficult, but the pianist makes it sound effortless, and the execution here is nothing short of brilliance.  The quiet parts are soulful and lyrical, and the complex parts are steady and determined.  The two mix well together, like a chocolate-vanilla twist ice cream cone for the soul.

Just…  Please,  listen to this song.  I promise it’s worth it.  Cross my heart and hope to die.


D R E A M 💭 L A N D // Finally, here is a look into our trip!! So much fun creating this video for @the_horse. Watch till the end 🙈 let us know what you think ♥️ first of many adventures to come, somewhere tropical next? ;)

// song by the incredibly talented @lizzy_land & remix by @iamarmvndo 🎶

#the_horse #sponsored #wanderlust (at Paris, France)

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Triple-Q | Blumenkanye (=/= Blumenkranz/POWER)

I like mashups because they’re a creative example of the always stark and stereotypically disparate interests of people who can find inventive ways to make two things align together. 

Take this - a mashup of the Kill la Kill OST track ‘Blumenkranz’ (most fans of KlK will know it as antagonist Kiryuin Ragyo’s theme) mashed up with the album version of Kanye West’s 'POWER’, on the fan mixtape Cut Paste and Kill

As with most things, one would be quick to just assume this is matched for tempo and nothing more, that part of its entertainment value is that it is too disparate for any deeper emphasis. 

And yet, the lyrics: 

Ich möchte stärker werden
weil unsere Welt sehr grausam ist…

I want to become stronger
because our world is very cruel…

So KlK music is sparse on lyrics and grand with its context, so it looks like a stretch, but probably not. 

The maestro behind the mashup himself, triple-q, has this to say about the song (and its Disc 2 companion on the mixtape, 'Powerkranz’): 

[They] are two different mashups, but they both use the same songs: Blumenkranz from Kill la Kill and Kanye West’s POWER.

I intended Blumenkanye to feel like an ego/villain song and as a result, it uses the heavier main Blumenkranz and regular POWER.

Powerkranz is more emotionally charged, and uses the more acoustic nZk version of Blumenkranz and the Saturday Night Live version of POWER, which Kanye performed live. Kanye sings this version more melodically, and with a lot more emotion. I also enlisted the help of the extremely talented Paperblossom to provide supporting vocals (Paperblossom is a native German speaker, as opposed to the regular Cyua who has a heavy accent).

I feel Powerkranz is more in line with Ragyo’s last moments; even being on the verge of death, she always has the last laugh, and will not let Ryuko have the satisfaction of killing her herself.

A pretty good amount of thought went into the thematic construction of the songs. And it shows definitely in 'Blumenkanye’. A little unlike Ragyo’s characterization, the song now feels a little rougher, actually violent - like a massive fistfight is going on. But he’s right that it feels rich in ego. It pulls off a kind of pride several times over simply with the small doses of 'POWER’ that are here. It feels declarative, like it fills in the blanks of Ragyo’s tactical ruthlessness and charismatic force. 

And I like it. Beyond all that, it is pretty hardcore. 

Cut, Paste and Kill released very recently. It’s a labour of love of all of its collaborators, and available for free. If I’m being honest, a lot of it is hit-or-miss for me, but even among the tracks I don’t care about I can see incredible remix culture talent among them. (Take, for instance, ’Beware The Couturier’, a Death Grips mashup on the album that, despite my lukewarm reaction to their work, somehow still came out with a track not only feeling heavily reinforced in context, but fanart single cover artwork that’s one of the best things about the entire artwork booklet, period.) It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you’re a fan of the show or just like peculiar mashups, check it out.

Lana Del Rey - Now Playing [LDR Remixes] Prod. by Urban Noize

Miami-based production duo Urban Noize is offering up a third installment in a series of absolutely incredible Lana Del Rey remix projects they’ve been producing and releasing for the past few years. 

Lana Del Rey - Now Playing [LDR Remixes] features reworkings of tracks from Del Rey’s latest LP Ultraviolence infused with psychedelic pop, alternative rock, and hip hop influences. Stream after the jump:

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