incredible physiques

the signs as "cliche characteristics" of TV show characters
  • Aries: the leader,or one in charge, who is strong for everyone else
  • Taurus: the quiet one: always contemplating how to kill the others if needed be
  • Gemini: the weak bitch who's never down with what's happening
  • Cancer: the badass who always looks semi pissed off
  • Leo: the one with an incredible physique
  • Virgo: the cute one who's genuinely a good person all around
  • Libra: the sarcastic asshole who's mostly quiet all the time
  • Scorpio: the one always questioning the leader and trying to become the leader themselves
  • Sagittarius: the one that no one expects to be intelligent, but usually is the smartest one there
  • Capricorn: the comic relief who uses their humor to hide that they're dying inside
  • Aquarius: the cold detached one that's actually a sweet, cutie patootie once they've trusted someone
  • Pisces: the hopeless romantic always looking for new love

just-chats  asked:

Scenario of Kageyama being jealous when his crush hangs around Tsukki a lot (because they're in the same class) and at his breaking point he drags his crush away to confess and the crush feels the same way. Please and thank you!



“You have a crush on-” your eyes widen and your hand covers his mouth. 

Tsuki’s eyes were wide as yours were. A smirk forms into the middle blockers face and he laughs. 

“Wow. Never knew you had low standards.” He covers his mouth. 

Your eyebrows furrow and a pout forms on your lips. You hit his arm but he continues to laugh.

Kageyama looks at you from afar, his heart breaking as you hug Tsukishima by the waist. 

You tightly hug Kei and make sure to stop his breathing. 

“Gosh, you are my best friend for life!” You pause in between words and hug him tighter. 

“__-_____…” He grunts as he tries to push you away. You laugh as you let go and he catches his breath. 

He glares at you and slaps both of your cheeks lightly with his two hands.
Kageyama’s eyebrows furrow at the tall blonde. 

“Hey _____, King’s staring at you, shall I call him?” Tsuki’s smirk doesn’t leave his face as his voice steadily gets louder as he speaks. 

You huff and stand to leave. Kei grabs hold of your bag, causing you to sit back down. You yelp as you land on your bum. 

“You suck.” Your eyes meet Kei’s and he laughs. 

“Ne, Kageyama,” the small middle blocker says as the setter presses the two buttons on the vending machine. 

Tobio looks at him, sipping his milk in the process. 

“I heard a rumor that Tsukishima has a crush on _____-chan.” He whispers into his ear and Tobio’s hand crushes the box of milk. 

“You should probably tell her soon.” Kageyama sees you come out from the doors and takes Hinata’s arm. They hide behind the wall. 

“So, you like him, right?” Your friend says as you two walk past the two.
Tobio’s mouth falls slightly open and his eyes widen. 

Were you talking about Tsukishima?

He sees you glance towards the vending machines and he quickly hides. 

“Kageyama, I wanna hear too!” Shouyou whispers/shouts. 

Tobio covers his mouth and Hinata glares at the taller boy. 

“I really do. I just don’t know how to tell him…" 

Tobio’s heart races. 

Who were you talking about?

“I think you should tell him. I heard he likes you back.” Your friend says.

 Kageyama’s hand falls from the spiker’s mouth and he looks at Tobio and his heart calls out to him. 

‘Poor Tobio.’ He says as he pats Kageyama’s back.  

Tobio’s arm swings against his teammates face, as a reflex. 

Tobio glances at you and sees you staring at his direction. 

“I’m sorry please don’t speak…” Tobio whispers. 

He closes his eyes, afraid of being caught. 

“Maybe it was just a squirrel?" 

He takes a deep breath and looks at his glaring teammate.
"I don’t like him that way! What the hell are they talking about?!” Your friend rolls her eyes at you and nods. 

“I know, _____. You don’t have to tell me about that because I am your friend and I know that you’re in love with Kageyama.” She says it bluntly, your eyes widening. 

“Shh!!” You slap her arm and she avoids it. 

“I don’t love him…” you glare at your friend. 

Oh, but you do. 

You love everything about him. 

You love how he was actually a dork, and how through his slightly tough demeanor, he is a sweetheart. He’s an idiot who does amazing at what he loves. 

His hair, his eyes, his incredibly fit physique made you love him even more.
“So, you like him, right?” Your friend says as you exit the doors and pass by the vending machines. 

You glance at the machines, hoping to see a glimpse of the blue eyed boy. 

“I really do. I just don’t know how to tell him…” you blush at the thought. You look to the ground and away from your friend. 

“I think you should tell him. I heard he likes you back.”

You hear a thump by the vending machines and you both turn to look. 

You look at your friend, wondering what it was. “Maybe it was just a squirrel?”
You look back suspiciously. 

“Let’s go eat lunch, _____.”


“Tsukishima!” You slap his back and he gasps. 

He turns around and glares. “Why are you here?" 

You roll your eyes. "You were supposed to tutor me for math class!" 

Tobio stares at you two. But alas, you don’t notice his burning stare. 

He glares at the middle blocker. He notices glances at the setter and smirks at you. 

"Looks like King’s about to blow a fuse.” He says. Yamaguchi’s eyes widen as he sees Kageyama, ears red and hands clenched. 

“What are you talking about?” You turn around to look at Tobio and see him stomping at you. 

You open your mouth to speak but he cuts you off. He holds onto your arm and pulls you to the side, out of everybody’s ears.

To say you were shocked was an understatement. You were alone with Tobio.
Your heart beats so loudly that you were afraid he could hear it. He looks at you and takes a deep breath. 

Time was moving too slow, what was he going to say?

His cheeks turn bright pink and he blurts it out, finally gathering the courage to do so.

“I really like you may I be your boyfriend?!” he says it without stopping for breath.     

This is it, he thought.

What if you didn’t like him? What if you liked someone else? Had he been an idiot by just blurting that out?!

Your jaw drops and you gasp.


“I…” you choke out the words you wanted to say for so long, and yet you couldn’t.

You see his hands shaking, he must be nervous too. 

Tobio just confessed to you, what are you doing?!

You nod slightly, then ecstatically as a smile finally finds it’s way to your lips.
The way you smiled at him made his heart beat even faster than it ever did. It was like his whole body froze up in a matter of seconds.

Did she just say yes? 

You look away shyly, a response not yet formulated by Tobio.

“For Christ’s sake, just kiss her already!” Tsukishima yells out of the gym doors.

“Kageyama, just kiss her!” Hinata yells at him, and he usually would’ve hit him, today was an exception.

Tobios hands found their way to yours and he leans down to kiss your cheek. You feel his grip tightening as his soft lips touched your cheek. 

A big blush was found to both your faces as he pulls away. 

“I really like you too Tobio.” You smile up at him and tiptoe, pressing your lips to his cheek. His eyes widen as you do so, hands resting on your waist. 

“Finally…” Kei mumbles as he goes back inside the gym.

#31 The Outside Scene (Harry Styles)

Hello! This is a bit different. I’m not quite sure of the response on this. 

Have you ever felt like an outsider in your group of friends, your family who you’ve been with for the past five years? I sat on the bar stool with an untouched drink, tightly held in my hand as I saw the scene play out in front of me.

“Oh man, congratulations!” I heard Jeremy tell him as he shook his hand and then, hugged him. I was here with Jeremy, as a plus one because, I was not quite sure if I was invited, today. This never happened before but, now I was never sure of anything. The invitation came on the group, and that is how he usually called everyone but, he always called or sent a personal message which I didn’t receive. I could just not go, though, he had signed his new film and was free for a week before; it started it’s shooting again in London, and he had some good news to give. An announcement which he wanted everyone to know and I thought that maybe this was the new which would clear all my doubts and give me the reasons. I wasn’t wrong.

Everyone had come around them, congratulating, wishing him all the happiness in the world and best of lucks like, his past didn’t have any. I was a part of this, too but quite invisible now, as someone else held my place. He had his hand wrap around her waist, and he held her close like he wanted her to stick to him. I couldn’t pull my eyes away. Was this the reason? How could it be?

“How are you?” Samantha came and touched my cheek with hers. I didn’t respond, I couldn’t respond. It was like my eyes and body were stuck to him and his hand around hers. How could she be the reason? Samantha shook me, and I looked at her. I knew I had a blank, poker face. It was almost like I couldn’t see her face because it was all so hazy.

“Samantha! Come here!” Matthew called her. She sighed and kissed my cheek before walking away. Could he see me here? Could he feel my eyes on him? Could he understand my need for a reason? Why did he do this to me?

I shifted my eyes to see the bigger scene. I used to be a part of this family. They were my family here. Should I go back to my home? I was sitting here, working in a different land and, I had made him my home here and, I was so easily replaced. I self-pitied myself, I was forgotten. Could no one see I was dying here? What was my fault?

“The glass will break if you hold it like that any longer,” I heard the bartender say that to me. I let the glass go, and shifted my eyes to him. He was cleaning the glass, as he gave me a slight smile. I think he understood my situation. Must have seen it play out a thousand times in front of him.

“You alright?” He asked. I didn’t reply. I turned around again, looking at the circle in front of me. I was on the outside.

No one felt shocked when he announced his new relationship. Even if it had been just four months since his last ended. His last with me, I was the ex now. I had planned my life together. I wanted a child and a family which was all gone now. I was questioning everything in my head; my relationship with him for five years, my relationship with all our friends standing in his happiness in front of me. Would anyone care if I disappear now? I thought No.

Sighing and then, breathing in, I stood up. A bit wobbly, I held the table. I looked up again, as she placed a kiss on his neck. I felt defeated. It was the only feeling I could understand right now. I picked up my wallet and turned around, walking away from the celebration.

“There is a new guy here today, for the position. Should I send him in?” I heard my secretary tell me. I was so knocked out. I had been working my ass off ever since that day. I got some sympathy messages over the next week.

I’m sorry that, it happened. Are you keeping alright?

Hey, how are you? Do you want to hang out? Don’t think too much about it. It happened for a reason.

Are you good? Reply man. I know what happened would seem wrong but, we have to move on right?

I didn’t understand all of this. No one said that it was wrong. That he broke up his five-year relationship with me after giving me no reason but, blaming his work commitments and then, in four months got a new girl. I was with him for five years, did it mean nothing? I didn’t reply to any message.

“Yes, send him in,” I told her.

I had removed all evidence of him from my life. It was hard. It was five years worth of pictures, memories which I didn’t want to have right now.

A knock on the door, “Come in,” I straightened up.

“Hey, good evening,” It was the same guy from the bar. The bartender, “Oh, umm hi, how are you?” He asked, recognising me.

I didn’t respond. His hair was tied in a bun like it was that night. His features were more visible now, in the light. He was very handsome. I’m sure he had girls hanging on to his last words with his vibrant green eyes staring into mine. A sharp jaw, pouty red lips, like he had been biting it and an incredible physique. Only he knew what had happened to me.

“Good evening, sit down,” I told him and opened his portfolio. He understood my answer of not responding to his last question, and he sat down smiling. “So, Harry Styles, you have an incredible CV.”

“Thank you,” he smiled. I could see he was nervous.

“You have a degree from Yale. That is amazing. How was your course?” I asked.

“It was as incredible as it is known to be. I have a degree in Graphic Design and, it has given me the correct exposure required and needed in this field,” He went on to talk about his work. He was quite accomplished and fit with our team and requirements.

“Mr Styles, tell me, you’re age is about a year or two older for this to be your second job. Has there been a reason behind this?” I asked.

“Yes, umm. You see after I graduated college. I had to take a sabbatical for three years before I started my masters. I worked around for a bit but, couldn’t get the correct job which would meet my required time. I have a daughter, she is six now, and I had to raise her myself after a fallout with her mother. That has been my delay.”

“But, you work as a bartender?” I asked, having seen him.

“Oh yes, I worked there after my graduation. We know the manager so, we lived as staff for three years until I got a scholarship to study at Yale and, after my masters in Design, I worked at another firm but, I felt it quite restricting. But, your company offers the right space for creative freedom so, when I heard there was an opening, I quit and prepared for this interview. I have a portfolio with my hard copies and others if you would like to have a look?” He picked up his file, and I took it.

“This is really good, Harry. Your work is very impressive.”

“Thank you. It means a lot,” He nodded.

“So, Harry you do fit our profile. You add a lot to it, and I have seen your work, and it would be lovely if you would like to join us,” I told him.

“Yes!” His face lit up. “I mean, yes that will be fantastic.

“When can you start?” I asked.

“When would you like me to start?” He asked.

“Next week? Since you’ll have to shift your house, I feel a week in needed. We have a position free to head the department as our last head is moving to Austria with his wife. He was an incredible guy so, you have a little pressure. I can start you with 45K a month for now. Your experience is a bit less for being the head but, your work should make up for it.”

“Thank you so much!” I could see tears forming in his eyes.

“You deserve it. Our company offers an apartment to all our heads and subheads so, we could show you the choice you have. You have two actually, and one has a beautiful view. And we can discuss your contract?” I asked, and he nodded, thanking me again.

It made me feel happy. After all the struggle he had gone through, it would all be worth it, now for him.

Harry ended up choosing the apartment right in front of me. People told me it was an amazing opportunity with two single people living next to each other but, I shook it off. I was the owner and the CEO and, had too many things to handle as it is. The company was finally doing well, and was now escalating and, I felt at least one part of my life a bit sorted. If “sorted” meant new tensions every day but, otherwise, I loved my job. We started out as nothing and look at us now.

Harry’s daughter was adorable. And, incredibly well-mannered, too. She told me all about her new school and friends once when she saw me eating alone in the cafeteria, forcing Harry to join us. He fitted well with the people.  As the head of design, our company was now wanted in the limelight, and business was good. I could tell that because our investors were very happy.

As for me, I was making new friends now. From work and they were lovely. I had my life separated from my ex and,  I finally felt as if I existed. Harry was also, a part of this new friend list. He was always catching my attention. He was lovely with his team, always funny and keeping them involved while he was incredible with his daughter. She adored him; she told me she adored him. I was getting a little more attached to her, too. Always frolicking around, she was quite inclusive in her approach. Calling me when they had their baking day together. Or calling me to watch Finding Dory with them, I felt I was a part of something but, still from the outside.

I visited my family often, but I was always the last for them. It happened, I was the middle child, and with such exciting lives of my sister as the winner of ever book prize in the last two years with her new series and my brother’s new fiancé, they forgot me. It was this reason why I shifted, too and started my business here. My problems or happiness were always sidelined, or it was what I felt.

But, Harry’s daughter, Charlie made me feel quite wanted. It was worth her ringing my doorbell at 6 AM because her dad couldn’t make her hair look pretty for the dance. Or being invited to the dance with him was the best. I didn’t know where I stood with Harry but, Charlie filled a void in my heart.

Like today, I specially bought some Finding Dory cookies, knowing she loved them. I rang the bell and, Harry opened the door. “Hey! I bought some cookies for Charlie, is she here?” I asked, peeking inside.

“Hey no, she has a sleepover at her friend’s house. Should I hold on to them and give it when she comes?” He asked.

“Yeah, they’re chocolate so, keep them outside in a jar,” I gave it to him and turned around to walk to my door.

“Hey, umm, are you doing something tonight?” He asked, making me stop in my tracks.

“Nope,” I shook my head.

“I have this carton of wine from my friend and absolutely no company, join me?” he asked.

I giggled and nodded my head, walking into his apartment.

“I have no idea?”  I giggled as we sat on the couch, drunk on three bottles of wine. We had talked about everything except our personal lives and this question in my head wanted to get out.

Harry in his shorts, looking incredibly hot, poured another glass for both of us, and I asked him, “tell me about Charlie’s mother.”

“Charlie’s mother?” he rubbed his face. “What would you like to know?”

“Everything?” I asked.

“Umm,” he leant back. “We were dating for a like a year in college, and, one night’s overconfidence got her pregnant. I don’t regret it now. Charlie is my everything. My family loves the kid and,  I love her to death. But, her mother was not like this. She left in a month after giving birth. Wanting something different from her life, not wanting it with me? I just wish Charlie had a mother, though. Even I don’t deserve her partner,” he took a sip of his drink.

“Does Charlie know?” I asked.

“Oh yeah, she met her. Didn’t like her, or that’s what she says. But Emelia doesn’t want anything to do with her. She has made that quite clear. Even signed a document saying that ” He huffed.

“Where is she? Do you  know?”

“Yeah, she is on her honeymoon right now. Got married to some billionaire, somewhere,” he sighed.

“Do you love her?”

“I never loved her. I loved her when she was carrying my child but, I always felt that we were together because of peer pressure. I just wish Charlie had her mother.” He laughed but, his face fell. “Your turn! Explain what I saw that night in the bar.”

“Wasn’t it quite clear?” I sighed, rubbing my feet. “We knew each other since college, were together for almost five years? He is an actor, you know that? So, when he signed his movie with a new banner and right when I thought he’ll propose cause he was finally stable, he broke up with me. Gave me random reasons of concentrating, distraction and four months into it, he got a new love.” I told him.

“Do you still love him?” He asked.

“No,” I replied. It was one thing I was sure of, “For a long time, I wanted a reason for him leaving me like that, I didn’t have a conclusion but, now I just don’t care.”

He nodded, I guess, he understood in some way. “It hurts?” he asked, shifting towards me, that his legs touched mine. He stared into my eyes, as I felt his warmth on the couch. My body felt so needy for touch all of a sudden.

“You are so beautiful,” I spoke before, I could think. “I’m sorry, I’m so drunk,” He giggled. “It hurts now and then. I always wanted a family but, I always end up being on the outside of everything.”

“Outside?” He frowned and touched my cheek.

“On the outside like I was in the bar. Looking in, in all the happiness. Like I was in my family, always waiting for someone to hear me out but, I still think, they don’t even know I felt like that,” His hand shifted down my neck, as I felt each of his fingers. His eyes were on my lips, and then, they travelled down. “On the outside, as I am with you and Charlie.”

“You’re not on this outside with us,” he said, meeting my eyes.

“Am I not? I’m not family and, I’m not her sitter. I’m not yours, nor I am hers, I’m just there…” I went on but, he stopped my thought process when I felt his lips on mine. They were so soft and yet, so strong against mine. He took me by surprise but, I would have lied if I had not been thinking about this for a long time.

“I’ve wanted to do this for such a long time,” He repeated my thoughts, against my lips only, they were his. He kept his lips strongly attached to mine as he held my waist and pulled me to sit in his lap. I moaned into his mouth as I felt his tongue trespassing my lips and, I being unable to stop him. I was his boss but, I wanted this so bad. I moaned his name, as he hands tightened around my hips, as I pushed myself more in his hands.  

“You taste so good,” He moaned, as I felt my entire body heat up with just one kiss. We didn’t have any intention of stopping as we kept our lips firmly attached to each other into the night.

I woke up next morning, on a couch. Sunlight from the wall windows was lighting up the entire lobby as I turned on my back, looking for the person who I was with last night. It felt weird waking up on his couch. My friends told me if he doesn’t put you on the bed, leave. And, when had they ever been wrong. All the bottles were cleared from the table, and everything was kept in its place. Only I didn’t fit. I called for Harry once, around the house but, he was nowhere to be found and so, wasn’t any note.

I felt cheap. What was I thinking?  He was a father, and I was just his boss. We were both needy, and it was just a kiss. But, was it? My head hurt from the wine consumed last night and, I hated feeling like this. I fixed his couch, wrote ‘thanks for last night’ on a note and shut the door behind me, as I felt a tear slip from my eyes.


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Adam West (Batman):

“I suppose a lot of you guys don’t think it’s macho to wear tights, right?…How do you like my costume? Isn’t it neat…Anyway, I just wanted to stand here for a moment and let you admire my incredible crime fighting physique…I wear my cape proudly…this costume as you probably know, many of you, was developed after many years of experimentation, research, development to see what might strike fear in the hearts of criminals everywhere”


With A Side Of You (Lafayette x Reader)

lafayette x reader where the reader is a waitress and lafayette comes in one day and is taken by surprise by reader and then starts coming in more frequently and memorizes his order

Requested by anonymous

Lafayette took a deep breath as he entered the diner. Time to learn some English. He hadn’t been in this country for long, and he was determined to pick up the language. Unfortunately, that meant putting himself in uncomfortable situations. He stepped into the shop and looked around.

There weren’t many people inside. It seemed like a peaceful place. Well, it did until he felt someone run into him and heard a loud clatter.

“Oh! Crap,” groaned the waitress who had bumped into him.

She quickly knelt to pick up the contents of the tray that had scattered all over the floor, and Lafayette followed suit.

“I’m so sorry, sir,” she said apologetically.

Non, non,” Lafayette shook his head, helping her gather her things, “My fault.”

“No, it’s mine,” the young lady insisted, “I’m sorry, I have a habit of not looking where I’m going! I can clean it up, you don’t have to do that.”

Lafayette, who had not understood much of what she had said, just smiled and handed her some plates and a mug. She took them and smiled back, looking curious.

“Do you speak English?” she asked.

Lafayette searched his brain for the correct phrase, speaking slowly, “Only a little.”

“Where are you from?” the waitress questioned, picking up the tray again and standing up.

“France,” Lafayette responded; that was a question he understood.

“Wow!” said the waitress, “France! That’s so cool!”

“(Y/n)!” a voice shouted from the back of the diner, making her jump, “Get back to work!”

“Sorry!” she cried back, flustered, “Coming!”

She gave Lafayette and apologetic smile and motioned to an empty table.

“Go ahead and sit down. I need to finish this up,” she said, nodding toward the disarray in her hands and heading off towards the front counter.

Lafayette took his cue from her motion, and sat down at the table. He watched as the clumsy waitress ((y/n), was it?) disappeared into the back room. She seemed nice. Not to mention pretty. She reappeared a moment later, wiping her hands on her apron, and grabbed a menu before making her way to Lafayette’s table.

“Right, well, hello again!” she said, handing him the menu.

“Thank you,” Lafayette used his limited English to accept it.

“There, you do know some English! I wish I spoke French. I mean, I know a few words, like bonjour and oui and gracias…wait, is that Spanish?” the waitress rambled.

Lafayette smiled to himself, looking over the words in the menu. He had no clue what any of them meant. He supposed he would have to take a guess and hope for the best.

“Wait, do you know how to read that?” (y/n) asked, the thought suddenly dawning on her.

She pointed at the menu and cocked her head questioningly, and Lafayette shook his head.

“Oh, of course not! Here, let me help you. Have you had American food? Do you know what you like?”

Lafayette shrugged and answered, “I don’t know.”

“Ok, well,” (y/n) began, helping herself to the seat beside him, “We have like hamburgers and french fries…oh! French fries! That’s funny. Or maybe you could try something more fancy, like quiche? That might even be from France. Let’s see…”

The girl continued talking in words that Lafayette did not understand, but he enjoyed her company. She was very beautiful, and helpful, even if she did talk a lot. He watched her as she leaned over the menu, talking more to herself than to him. She was very different from the waitresses he was used to. In France, they would never sit at the table with you. Maybe it was an American thing?

“So, yeah, what do you think?” she finished, looking up at him.

Lafayette had no clue what she had said, and he probably wouldn’t have understood it if he had been listening.

“You…choisis,” he said, unable to think of the word in English.

He pointed at the choices on the paper, and then at (y/n).

“I…choose?” she asked, catching on, “You want me to choose?”

“Yes,” Lafayette said happily, nodding his head.

“Well, okay. How about we go with typical American food. Burger and fries?” she asked.

Lafayette nodded, not knowing what she had said, but trusting her decision.

“Thank you,” he said.

“No problem!” (y/n) said, standing up from her seat, “Coming right up.”

She turned to walk back to the counter, but paused and turned back to him.

“Wait, what’s your name?” she asked.

“Lafayette,” he responded.

(Y/n) smiled and replied, “Nice to meet you Lafayette! I’m (y/n).”

With that, she hurried off to pass on his order, and Lafayette watched her go.

“(Y/n),” he repeated softly to himself.

A lovely name for such a lovely girl

Two weeks later, and Lafayette had come into the cafe nearly every day. He loved seeing (y/n), and she was always happy to help him with language. He now felt completely comfortable as he walked into the little shop.

“Hey, Laffy Taffy!” (y/n) called happily when she saw him enter.

“Hi, (y/n)!” he said, taking a seat at his usual table.

“I’ll be right back, okay? I need to carry out some other orders,” (y/n) informed him as she walked by, patting his shoulder as she went.

Lafayette watched her as she went about her work. She was so sweet and helpful. He wanted to be around her all the time. His feelings for her were growing rapidly. Finally, she finished with the other table, and walked over to him.

“Lafayette, it’s been a while!” (y/n) said, leaning her hip against the table, referring to the fact that he hadn’t come in yesterday, “How are you doing?”

“Very good,” Lafayette responded, as he always did when (y/n) was around, “How are you?”

“I’m doing great,” she replied with a grin.

She set a menu down in front of him and asked, “So, what’ll it be today?”

Lafayette pushed the menu away, causing (y/n) to raise an eyebrow. He cleared his throat and looked up at her.

“I will have an hamburger and french fries with water,” he said slowly, sounding out every word.

(Y/n) gave him a surprised open-mouthed smile.

“Hey! You memorised you order!” she practically sang, “That was fantastic!”

“Thank you,” Lafayette said, grinning from ear to ear.

“You’re learning so fast!” (y/n) said, shaking her head in happily, “Alright! One hamburger and fries with water, coming right up!”

She gave him a thumbs up and patted his arm encouragingly, making her way to the back room. Lafayette watched her go, unable to stop smiling.

“How can you possibly retain that incredible physique eating the way you do?” (y/n) questioned, looking Lafayette up and down.

Lafayette, sitting at his place in the cafe for the hundredth time, shrugged and took a sip of his milkshake.

“Wow. Must be a French thing,” (y/n) muttered, chuckling, “So, how is language learning going?”

“Good, I think,” Lafayette replied, “I have learned a lot.”

“You really have,” (y/n) agreed, “Especially ordering at restaurants! You’ve got that down!”

“Yes,” Lafayette agreed, “There is one other thing I learned…”

“Oh yeah? What’s that?” (y/n) asked.

Lafayette looked up at her, looking a bit nervous as he bit his lip.

“…Will you go on a date with me?”

A grin spread across (y/n)’s face and she nodded vigorously.



Joe Nam Eun - Posing/training video. Another of this pumped, vein covered, massive, ready to fucking explode with muscle, rock hard, barely human, Korean muscle god. Incredible look and physique. So full and hard he looks ready to pop.

The truth about Zac Efron's 'crazy' Baywatch physique and how he achieved 5% body fat

He played the hunky Matt Brody in this year’s highly anticipated American action comedy Baywatch, directed by Seth Gordon, based on the US TV series of the same name with David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson.

But a month after its release, men are still flooding Twitter with comments about Zac Efron’s incredibly shredded physique in the movie, something which took great discipline and dedication to achieve with his non-existent body fat percentage.

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One film-goer wrote on Twitter today: “I’d like to never see zac efron’s vacuum-packed veal body ever again thanks.”

Another said: “Feel like I have the body of an 8-year-old girl after watching Zac Efron in Baywatch.”

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A third Baywatch fan wrote: “If only I put as much effort into working out as I do to getting drunk I’d have @ZacEfron body by now.”

Another stated: “Zac Efron’s body is worth dying for.”

Most popular: The truth about Zac Efron’s 'crazy’ Baywatch physique and how he achieved 5% body fat

Efron is in the prime of his life at 29 years old, 5 foot 8, with a waist of 34 inches. When starring alongside the blockbuster movie’s main character Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who is internationally renowned for his chiselled body, Efron had to keep up.

According to his trainer Patrick Murphy, the actor reached 5% body fat after just 12 weeks of training. His exercise regime was constantly mixed up and was condensed into a three-day split of working back and biceps one day, legs on another, and shoulders, chest and arms on the third day. Abs would be given a little bit of attention during every session.

If you’ve been following Efron’s career for some time, you’d know that the High School Musical star has never had excess body fat issues. His body type is an ectomorph and he most probably struggles to gain muscle mass.

For his Baywatch bod, junk foods did not get much credit in his strict diet, with Efron indulging in a cheat day every now and then. He ate extra healthy for the 12 weeks ahead of filming, with Murphy previously saying: “I implemented an all-organic whole-food diet.”

His staple foods consisted of lean protein, including chicken or turkey breast (tofu, beans and legumes would be great for vegans), whole grains like brown rice and quinoa, high fibre fruits and veggies and small amounts of healthy fats such as avocados and nuts.

Efron took to Twitter to share his eating plan which included “9 days of absolutely zero carbs & sugar. Only organic grass fed/free range protein and organic leafy greens.” Appetising.

Health coach Greg O'Gallagher recently made a video about Efron’s secret to his Baywatch body, stating: “The truth about his physique was… he wasn’t that big!

"If you ever watched the movie, what you realise is when he wears a T-shirt he’s actually pretty small. He’s about 160 pounds, maybe 162. The reason he looks so good when he was shirtless is because he had about 5% body fat… virtually no body fat.”

Greg O'Gallagher explains Zac Efron’s body composition:

“There is nothing on his waist – his waist was tiny – and that’s what gave him a crazy look. He had some muscle, but nothing out of the ordinary.”

“He probably has really good genetics for staying lean, having a healthy hormonal profile and a low body fat. If you look at Zac Efron over the years, he’s always been lean. Most of us aren’t that lucky,” he continued.

So if you want Zac Efron’s body, eat super clean, train super mean… and be born with Zac Efron’s genetics…

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Jungkook x Reader

highschool AU!/Fluff

A/N: Enjoy this semi drabble my lovely Jungkookie stans who love Jeon Cena as much as do!



You never had anything really against them. You had fun with it when you were a child, but it was never something you really wanted to pursue as you aged however, every now and then you would go out to play such just to feel the adrenaline or to a least move. Nothing was quite like getting a good sweat out of something you put effort into and you would agree that science was right; exercise made you feel good.

However there was something more adrenaline pumping and more enjoyable that playing the game; and that was watching your boyfriend wrestle.

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Since you came along

As promised, here’s an extra scene from Stucco Hearts - apparently I just can’t let it go.

This is set somewhere between the last chapter and the epilogue. Enjoy :)


Annabeth thinks the best thing about getting home from work might be taking her pants off.

Honestly, they’re so constricting and the clip digs into her stomach and the seams have left marks on her thighs and god, she almost groans in relief when they drop to the floor at her ankles. It means she’s left in her socks, panties and a cream blouse which falls over her butt. She should pull on her pyjamas or something but her legs want to be bare and free so she lets them be as she moves around the bedroom, putting away the clean laundry she and Percy had abandoned the night before.

She’s just folding the last of her husband’s t-shirts and tucking it into the draw when she hears the front door open and Percy’s voice rings out.


“In the bedroom,” she calls back.

They’ve only recently moved into this apartment. It’s larger than their first one together, to accommodate their bigger than expected family; Sophie and Ben are approaching their fourth birthday and it’s taken this long for Percy and Annabeth’s request for a larger apartment to go through. But she hears Percy push his way past the boxes in the hall, which have yet to find a place to go, and unzip his jacket as he approaches the bedroom.

“Hey,” he says tiredly. “Oh, hey.” He sounds much more awake the second time.

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ABS-SOLUTE: Marvin Tilliere is one of the most incredible physique models from France. Please follow
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Preference #20 New Year’s Memories

Scott: The warmth radiating from the sweltering embers of the staggered logs in the fireplace provided a romantic atmosphere. Scott’s muscular arms cradled you against his chest, the rhythmic drumming of his heartbeat palpitating in a soothing beat lulling you into a peaceful trance. With numerous supernatural obligations throughout the year; he kindly declined invitations to New Year’s parties, wanting to spend the holiday with his lover in peace. Scott had the day’s activities planned out beautifully; movie marathon, candlelit dinner, New Year’s Eve special on television and a tender kiss at midnight. “Stay awake.” He whispered, voice hoarse from lack of use as he nuzzled the delicate flesh of your neck.

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IT’S A BIRD, IT’S A PLANE! Wait it’s Henry Cavill who took flight as he shot scenes as the Man Of Steel at Chicago’s Federal Plaza in Illinois on Friday.

Hooked up to a wire system, the hunky Brit displayed his incredibly toned physique in his skintight blue and red superhero suit as he took to the sky with ease, giving the illusion that he was hovering in mid-air.
Joining him on set was co-star Amy Adams, who of course plays Clark Kent/Superman’s love interest, Lois Lane, in the latest film in the franchise, Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice.

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So today in the gym Juliana Malacarne (aka the current Mrs. Olympia) came up and asked me to film her doing some weighted dips, and I seriously fangirled
so hard. She was so sweet and kept saying she was sorry for interrupting my training, but honestly just interacting with her was so motivating because she (obviously) has an incredible physique and just kills it in the gym whenever I see her. Then I went zero to creepy real fast and told her how excited I am to watch her in the Olympia and that I’m rooting for her, but I think she appreciated that!

Preference #11 Watching ‘The Walking Dead’ [Requested]

A/N: The request was tweaked a bit. It was originally requested that I write about watching a show or movie together but I figured I’d get more specific, lol. Hope that’s okay anon! I have a second part coming out with the girls watching Frozen together. Hope you enjoy! Have a good day beauties! 

Scott: “Rick wasn’t even gone that long.” Scrunching his nose in denouncement, the alpha’s deep voice trailed off as the erotic exchange flickered across the television screen. “How long would you wait?” The werewolf questioned, dark eyebrow perking as his warm dark chocolate irises peered over at you in the darkness. “Hm, not long if Shane was around.” You provoked in an impish flirtation; the lighthearted statement causing a guttural growl to rumble deep within the alpha’s throat. Scott furrowed his eyebrows in a stern sense of offense, he knew by the sprightly glow to your celestial features that the declaration was meant to be playful but he couldn’t help but get defensive. “Scotty.” You cooed in a soothing murmur, crawling into the teenager’s lap, pressing a passionate kiss to his alluring lips. “You know I’d be distraught without you.” He smirked involuntarily, enraged façade collapsing as you charmed the handsome teenager. “I love you.” He cooed setting his forehead against yours as he silently thanked the heavens you’d never have to be without each other.

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