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A while ago, I took a pretty hard stance on “Stopping Hot Haircuts 2k16″ due to jealousy that I could not get a hot haircut. BUT this past weekend, I had two weddings to go to and decided, you know what is a good idea? Shaving off half my head. So, here you have it- Me, all Fancied up to go to a wedding and Me, snapback back on with my bb, Max.

Personalities by section

Flute: discontented, gossipy, innocent, clean-minded

Clarinet: perfectionists but lazy

Bass clarinet: a “whatever” attitude

Oboe: the most unsocial creature to attempt at music making

Alto sax: they just don’t care about anything. They join other sections and are all over the place. Complete freaks

Tenor sax: they know absolutely nothing

Bari sax: inappropriate, noisy, knows how to play three other instruments

French horn: complete WEIRDOS

trumpets: their huge egos try to eat each other!

Trombones: the God complex, completely sexual, inappropriate, sexy, badasses, huge ego

Bass trombone: colossal ego, colossal God complex, will not listen to anybody

Baritone/euphonium: weird as hell, shy while playing, the trombone section’s personal pet

Tuba: incredibly inappropriate, big ego, horrible players

Percussion: a section that’s a little too close.

the incredible @cargsdoodles drew me as the ridiculous pastel necromancer i was always mean to be. i am so thrilled with this - the tiny bird skull lapel pins, my skelecat (bones) and my possum (boots), the gorgeous oxblood roses and the little planchette. seriously. i am so in love. 

(cargs, i look forward to throwing more of my money at you in the future :D)

We dated for a month. Maybe two. It started suddenly. Over text message believe it or not. We met up a couple times. Went on a few dates. 

Exchanged incredibly mushy pet names. 

Then one day I just ended it.

 No real warning. 

I was gone for several months. Out of the world’s eye, but apparently My Boss serving in my place was weird enough to the point that someone cared about my disappearance. It was Alfred. It always seems to be him. (Hero obsessed asshole) He found me in the wilderness near my home. But I wasn’t exactly myself. I was stuck. Caught between two of my forms.

 I couldn’t revert to my human-self and being a full demon would just break the world. So I stayed put. Dying from hypothermia and starvation and simply returning to the wintery hell where I died. Yet. It was summer everywhere in the world but my little corner. Fuck Winter. Anyways. 

He brought me some food and helped my little sister get me inside. I stayed there for another month until I was strong enough to return to work. After that…we didn’t talk again for another two months until America contacted me out of the blue. Now here we are. Friends again. Hopefully I don’t fuck up again…


(via Meet Disco the incredible talking budgie - Pets - Wild at Heart: Episode 1 Preview - BBC One - YouTube)

Disco is a Time Lord

cats are so wonderful. i’m crying really hard right now but I got to know a sweet gentle animal who loved me back because me and my family gave him food and a warm place to sleep….when I was a little girl he’d follow me and my mom on our walk to school and then get tired and she’d have to carry him home…when I was away this summer he stopped sleeping in my bed because he knew I wasn’t in it…he really was the most incredible pet like just the best boy. cats are little pressure wires they’re responsive to your energy in big ways. and idk how to wrap up this post but I loved my cat and he was the best. 


A new type of pet became incredibly popular In the forties and fifties in Britain and some parts of Northern Europe. Shortly after the development of the Atom Bomb, the Great Quake of Iver Heath occurred where an enormous split five miles long opened up in the earth between Wexham and Uxbridge. Out of this fissure a variety of strange looking animals emerged, which were named ‘Beasts from the Pit’. The British Public, just emerging from seven years of war, were hungry for novelty and these unusual looking creatures were quickly adopted as pets. The craze lasted for over a decade until the beasts fell out of fashion as people tired of their strong sulphurous odour and propensity for eating other pets and furniture.

Mia is a Scottish Fold which accounts for the adorable ears.  She has osteochondrodysplasia which accounts for the lack of speed.

Her condition doesn’t really bother her much - it just means she doesn’t move around as quickly as she used to.  Of course, she’s a senior lady at 11 years-old, so that also helps explain her slow but steady pace.

After 5 years living outside, the wonderful people at West Coast Dog and Cat Rescue in Springfield, Oregon, scooped her up and are dedicated to finding a great home for Mia’s golden years.

Mia is super-loving and affectionate.  She gets so excited to see people that she chirps her hellos! She also loves giving kitty head bumps, lying in laps, and hanging out on sunny windowsills. 

She’s a little uneasy around quick-moving cats, but gets along fine with calm kitties who respect her speed and her age.

Call Beth at 541-255-9296 for more on Mia!