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hi taylor! my name is bella and i’m going to be seeing you the 2nd night at gillette stadium on july 25th! my seats are in section 104 in row 17. after a lot of hard work (and many trips to the craft store), i just finished my outfit for your show. i decided to make my outfit inspired by your incredible things fragrance because it’s absolutely my favorite of yours yet! also, i thought this outfit would also represent your style right now (which i LOVE). i noticed you wear a lot of skirts and crop tops together lately, and what’s a better place to wear that than a 1989 show?!

ever since the tickets went on sale for the 1989 tour last year, i have not stopped trying to buy them. i asked for them for christmas, but sadly those were not under the tree. after that i tried to buy them on ticketmaster, but your show was basically sold out and i didnt trust resale ticket sites. so then i started to save my money and also tried to win them on the radio. sadly that didn’t work either. finally, about two weeks ago, my mom found a local resale ticket place that was very trustworthy. there weren’t many options, so my mom and i got tickets in the same section but in different rows. i honestly don’t care where i sit though, i’m just happy i get to see you!!

you are literally my sunshine, and i’m so proud to be a swiftie. whenever i’m sad, i always listen to your music really loud, and i instantly feel better. even when i’m not sad, i listen to you 24/7. whether it’s cleaning my room, hanging with friends, or sitting on the bus to school, your music is always my first choice. i don’t think there has been a single day since 1989 came out that i haven’t listened to the album. i have loved watching you grow as an artist over the past few years, and i’m so proud of what you have accomplished. i love you so much and i’ll see you soon!!! taylorswift


250 lights and lots of sparkles later, my sister and I’s posters are finally for FRIDAY (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Can you guess what our costumes will be inspired by?🙊👄👸🎶🔪
Renee, my sister, is also turning FIFTEEN years old this Friday, and it is her big birthday present, and we fully intend to party like it’s 2000 (that’s her birth year!) This is my sister’s first time seeing taylorswift live, and it would be a dream if we got picked, on her birthday, to meet Taylor at Loft 89.

We are so excited to see you, Taylor! We are absolutely stoked for July 24th😃🎉
We are sitting in section 112, row 30, seats 1 and 2!

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