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It was a huge honor to photograph Foster Huntington & his Cinder Cone Home for this weekends Sunday New York Times (Story Here). Foster left the hustle of NYC to live in my own home of the Pacific Northwest. His treehouse was an incredible location and I only wish I could have spent even more time there just hanging out, skating, or enjoying the wood fired hot tubs. Super huge thanks to Eve Lyons for the dream assignment and to Lauren Colton for assisting.


BK: The crown jewel atop the Little Ba Sing Se Fashion Mall is a miniature version of the Earth Kingdom’s Royal Palace. It looks pretty nice from the outside but houses a tacky family buffet restaurant on the inside. William was a great artist from day one on Korra, but by the time we got to Book Four he was on fire! His designs of this oddly shaped, incredibly complex location are clear as a bell and easy on the eye.

MD: Sometimes the ideas that seem ridiculous at first end up being just the things you need for the story. The little Ba Sing Se Fashion Mall was one of those ideas. At first I thought it was too over the top, but when combined with Prince Wu’s desire for importance and relevance, this microcosm of his kingdom perfectly supported his character arc. The Republic City Four Elements is the city’s poshest hotel and the first choice for discerning travelers and world leaders who appreciate the finest in luxury and service. Prince Wu loves it so much, he’s taken up permanent residence. Designs by William Nanqing Niu, Christine Bian, and Angela Sung. Paintings by Lauren Zurcher, Lane Garrison, and Emily Tetri. [x]
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“Here you go,” the bartender says, setting a glass of amber liquid down in front of him. “I made it a double. You look like you need it.”

Barba snorts a laugh and raises the glass in a wordless toast, taking a cautious sip. It’s better than he expected, smooth for a single malt with the perfect peaty flavor. “Good choice…” he says, trailing off, realizing he doesn’t know the bartender’s name.

The bartender’s smile widens. “Sonny,” he says. “Sonny Carisi.”

A joint venture between myself and @ahumanfemale wherein she wrote the good stuff and I wrote the rest.


Illustrations I did for my friends’ wedding invitation and order of service booklet! The wreath-portrait of the couple was the invite image, while the individual portraits are of the bridal party <3 

North Yorkshire is a place that’s close to my heart, so it was extra lovely to draw plants I associate with summers there, and to draw a view of Jervaulx Abbey, the incredible location of the wedding party.

Congratulations again, Iona and Nick, and thank you so much for this amazing commission! 

Well that was the single most thrilling experience of my whole life…

In all seriousness POTC 5 was amazing. Our Captain Jack is still his drunk and lovable self and also what a badass. Fucking loved Henry and Carina. Barbossa got me so emotional. Salazar was so creepy and chilling. The graphics were amazing. The locations were incredible. Just an absolutely heartwarming film and completely well done and an amazing finale if it is indeed Johnny’s last 💞

Setting that intimate night in Karachi aside, and leaving any sentiment unaddressed, Sherlock Holmes and Irene Adler (as they were formerly known) began their collaboration during The Fall.

Their encounter with the first strand of Moriarty’s network, however, did not go quite as smoothly as planned. Shortly after they arrived in Montenegro as Mr and Mrs Wolfe, a gunfire-loaded incident had them both injured.

It also cost the late consulting detective his memory – he awoke in confusion, without the faintest knowledge of who he was.

Fortunately for him, his location was incredibly easy to deduce, as was his relationship with the only other occupant of the house.

No need to inform her of the slightly inconvenient detail just yet. He was confident everything could continue on as usual, without his wife suspecting a thing about his (hopefully temporary) condition. It was their honeymoon after all.

One of the first things he learnt about himself was that he hated being bored, hated being immobilised in bed by a leg wound.

He almost wished it was more of a challenge, who this woman was to him. But no, it was so painfully obvious even without their shiny wedding rings (only 3-4 weeks old, he estimated) immediately giving everything away, further corroborated by the state of this place (clearly not in their home country; they moved into the house a mere couple of weeks ago and were not planning to stay for much longer) indicating that they were on a holiday trip abroad.

He could’ve arrived at the same conclusion with significantly less information. From how she’d looked at him the moment he opened his eyes, for example. (It was as if he were the first rays of sunshine, heralding arrival of the precious British summer, after 11 long months of grey skies and rain.) She had since withdrawn any initial concern from her expression, maintaining a cool and collected demeanour instead. A smirk or witty remark here and there, not a single word of caring, though what was unspoken in the way she tended to his wounds was more unequivocal than any words would’ve had power to convey.

It was just as well that they weren’t a very outwardly affectionate couple. Eased his reacclimatisation to the relationship. He didn’t particularly feel an affinity for the saccharine, and if he was honest, he was even rather surprised that they were apparently the marrying type.

Whomever it was that he used to be, however, he did approve of this man’s choice of spouse. He..liked her, from what little he observed about her since he’d regained awareness of his surroundings (approx. an hour ago). The nature of their relationship might have been the simplest of deductions, but the woman herself was most decidedly not. She was highly complex and incredibly fascinating. Intelligent, competent, self-assured, gorgeous.. (Wait, where did that last one come from? That wasn’t a deduction! Beauty was just a social construct.) Although he was certain that the intense (and very distracting) attraction he was experiencing had a more profound basis.

He couldn’t pinpoint what exactly it was about her that conferred this singular sense of connection, familiarity layered with mystery. Merely that it was there as a result of something, something he frustratingly had no tangible recollection of – his current data was far from sufficient in providing him with any glimpse into their history.

She was standing to leave his bedside, and he instinctively reached out and caught her wrist. To gesture to her that she, too, needed to rest – it was likely already late in the evening when he awoke. He had to have been unconscious for days, judging from her lack of sleep (obvious, despite her efforts to conceal her mental and physical exhaustion).

Her reaction was one he hadn’t expected. Her eyes widened, and her breath hitched, as he was pulling her onto the bed. Shocked? But they were husband and wife, presumably sharing the same bed, it was only logical that she–

Oh. Oh. It hadn’t occurred to him that the specific physical contact he initiated could be interpreted as prelude to intimacy and..intercourse. A sudden adrenaline spike sent his own heart pounding frantically as he felt the mattress dip beside him when she did begin to lie down, her proximity increasingly alarming, and he turned on his side to face away from her, to escape her deep blue gaze (it wasn’t to hide his blush, and it wasn’t panic, he shouldn’t panic, that would be absurd).

“Sherlock, what–” And he stumbled over his interrupting response, “Not that. Not today. I don’t think I’m feeling up to it.”

The silence that stretched between them, taut as a violin string, told him that she was studying his demeanour, undoubtedly finding it unusual (right, so sex wasn’t something he’d normally deny her of; still, he was in recovery from what must’ve been a traumatic event, a reasonable excuse). Whatever comment she was most likely biting back (he couldn’t risk turning around to confirm this hypothesis), she didn’t say it.

Instead, he sensed her movement as she finally reached for the light switch after a long moment, and within an instant darkness was upon them. For which he was extremely thankful, because he then felt soft lips pressed to his cheek, immediately causing it to heat up.

“Good night, Mr Holmes.” Her warm body was inches away, her breathing a pleasant sound in the quiet of the night.

He tried to ignore the involuntary neuronal activity protesting for a change of mind regarding his earlier decision, his statement to her that he wasn’t keen to perform (you liarrrr), and forced his thoughts to focus on the newly acquired knowledge of his full name.

Sherlock Holmes awoke in the late-morning light, with an arm comfortably wrapped around his wife. Time to piece together the remainder of this puzzle that was his life. He hoped it wasn’t a dull one.

Anyone needing a new place to stay soon?

Heyyyyyyyyo my peoples-

I was talking to my roomies tonight about our new living arrangement, and there’s been some points we’ve come across that are going to possibly need fixing.

One of our roomies is a Canadian, here on a TN visa.  It is entirely possible that his visa might not be renewed and we’ll be losing a roomie.  My other roomie and myself can handle bills/rent without a third, but we really don’t want to.  Also, we have TWO WHOLE FLOORS of this townhouse COMPLETELY UNUSED and EMPTY that can easily be set up (especially our huge ass basement) as a bedroom.  (There’s at least 1000 sq ft of just unused space, it’s so empty)

So at this point, we’re kinda feeling out a fourth roomie that might become a third roomie, should our Canadian have to go back.

If you are interested, there’s a few things you need to know:

  • Absolutely must be reliable, and an older person is preferred. (Absolutely no teens, not even older teens, preferably no one under 25, but that’s just me as both my roomies are under or close to 25 lol)  Edit: 21-24 is FINE, even 20 is, though it’s cuttin it close- I’m just old as heck and dont wanna be a full decade older than my roomies, but the other two here are 23 and just-turned-26.  …I’m… a good bit older.)
  • It’s in an incredible location in Indianapolis, IN, so if you dont mind working service/retail there’s tons of jobs in the area and working minimum wage will absolutely be enough to live off in this area.
  • 330$ rent if there’s three of us, 250$ if there’s 4, bills are likely between 50-150$ a month, depending. Food is fairly cheap here. Everything is fairly cheap here.
  • Non smokers, but vaping is ok. No parties, no loud people, no musicians unless its digital and headphones are used.
  • We’re all LGBT+. Preferred LGBT as well would help.
  • You MUST get to know us BEFORE MOVING IN.  This is why I’m making this call now and not later- we absolutely will not tolerate people who don’t share similar core values.
  • Liking JJBA is a huge plus as we’re all fans, but we like a wide variety of things. :)

I think that’s all for right now, but if you fit this bill and wanna try a new area out, you’re more than welcome to talk to me about it.  If we’ve spoken before (or you’re one of my mutuals or clients) that’s an extra super plus.  


Note: People seemed to like the BTS version a lot so of course. I`ll be adding a few different countries this time. Again I`ll just remind you that I use google translate for the sentences in other languages and hope they are right. If you find a wrong, do contact me and I will fix it as soon as possible! It`s also good to let you know that I don`t know all of these countries very well so the places, activities and foods and stuff are all found through google on tourist websites. :)

JB - Netherlands (Holland)

He`d be nervous but mature when meeting your parents. Would probably think a lot about what to wear so that he looks impecable and also check up traditions and learn a few sentences so he could impress your parents as much as possible. I think JB would love doing lots of bike rides to places like Jordaan, all the great museums around, EYE film Institute, Westergasfabriek and of course try food like for example the localy famous broodje haring. Probably will buy you some tulips as well.

“Hallo mijn naam is Jaebum. Het is leuk om je eindelijk te ontmoeten.”
“Hello my name is Jaebum. It’s nice finally meeting you.”

Mark - Portugal

Now Mark would be very nervous when meeting your family. However since he has lived in brazil and knew how to speak portugese he`d read up on it again to get his portugese going again. This would definitely help him calm down a bit and help him connect with your parents easier. He`d love to go sightseeing with you. Wanting to see places like Lisbon, Palacio Nacional da Pena, Ponta da Piedada, the historic center of Porto and Braga and of course a beach visit at the infamous Ria Formosa. 

“Olá, meu nome é Mark. Fico feliz em conhecê-lo e espero que o meu português seja compreensível. “ 
“Hello my name is Mark. I`m happy to meet you and hope my portuguese is understandable.”

same though, I hope this portuguese is okey haha

Jackson - Chile

He`d be high key nervous but would try to stay calm. Like he`d be walking back and forth in your hotel room, searching out the right outfit and asking tons of questions but once you are on your way to your parents he`d be so silent you`d have to check if he`s still alive. Would definitely grip your hands really tightly. this cutie As soon as you go out to see things though he`d be himself completely again. He`d love to see things like Plaza de Armas where he`d take cute couple pictures with you in the Catedral Metropolitana de Santiago, try food like pastel de choclo or cazuela de vacuno and not to forget the shopping at Parque Arauco and Portal La Dehesa. 

“Hola, mi nombre es jackson. Espero poder hacer una buena impresión, así que me dejarás salir con tu hija / hijo”
“Hello, my name is jackson. I hope I can make a good impression so you will let me keep dating your daughter/son”

Jinyoung - Canada

He is a very thoughtful person so I can see him being quite calm about the whole situation. Not because he doesn`t care. On the contrary, he cares so much that he would have spend a lot of time to prepare since he knew he`d meet your parents and would have a complete plan. Would probably bring your mother flowers. hashtag gentleman Canada has a lot of great nature so he`d probably love to see places like the Banff national park and bath in the thermal hot springs, Old Quebec, Butchart Garden (expect cute couple photos, also tells you taht you are prettier than all the flowers there) and of course the fantastic niagara falls. 

*hands flowers* Thank you for having me. My name is Jinyoung. Don`t worry about anything, I take good care of your daughter/son.”

Youngjae - Ireland

Probably a mix of serious and nervous. Like he`s calm for a moment but then thoughts like “what if..?” come and there he goes completely nervous, you calm him down and he`s okey again, but then “what if…?” and, well, you get the idea. Despite this, the actual meeting goes really well. He stays surprisingly charming and fits in pretty well. Wants to go whale watching and ends up scared by them, take a trip to the Tayto Park (also eat a tayto crisp sandwich), climb Croagh Patrick where he`d whine “just how high is this mountain?” and of course visit one of the famous pubs. 

“Hello, my name is Youngjae. I`m happy I get to meet you and hope I can make a good impression.”

BamBam - Croatia

Nervous, like big time nervous. You`ll probably have to calm him down. He`d be stumbling over his words as he tried to recite the sentence he had learned in croatian to your parents, hoping they`d understand him. this precious baby Which honestly would probably just give a good impression as they see that he actually tries. I can see him being interested in seeing a lot and croatia has incredible locations so I think places like the blue cave of Bisevo, teh plitvice lakes, Tesla`s birthplace museum, The Dubrovnik Cathedral and get some luck in love from the Dubrovnik Maskeron. (Legend has it that if you manage to hop onto the head, keep your balance, and take off your shirt while still standing facing the wall, luck in love will follow you.)

“Pozdrav, možete me zvati BamBam. Učinit ću sve kako bi vaša kćer / sin bio sretan i nadam se da će mi se i ja svidjeti.”
“Hello, you can call me BamBam. I will do anything to make your daughter/son happy and I hope you will like me too.”

sorry but I love lord of the rings

Yugyeom - New Zealand

As expected of out mature maknae he`d probably be a gentleman, handling the situation quite good. Just don`t leave him alone or he might freak a bit. He`d want to make a mature impression so you parents know you are in good hands, especially since he is so young. Will most likely ask you questions about your parents, like what things they like, so he can have something he can talk to them about. ROAD TRIP! Like seriously, new zealand looks like an amazing place so he`d want to do a road trip to see as much as possible. Wai-O-Tapu, Tamaki Maori Village in Rotorua, swimming with Dolphins at the bay of islands, visit Auckland and a bungy jump in Queenstown have to be on the list. also major lord of the rings feels

“My Name is Yugyeom. Thank you for letting me visit and welcoming me so nicely. Now I see where y/n has her charming side form.”


Videographer takes you on a timelapse trip around the world covering locations they filmed in 2017 and earlier. Enjoy! Original caption:

The past year has been unreal. New Zealand, South Africa, the Atacama Desert, La Palma the beautiful Dolomites just to count a few of the incredible locations I’ve been lucky enough to visit.
Together with the footage from my past travels to Patagonia, Chile, Norway and a volcanic eruption we are proud to show you the best Timestorm Films has to offer.

Rainbow Mood Board as H+L Fics

(To see more mood boards as H+L fics, click here)

Top Left: Strangers to Lovers
Louis thinks he’s hit the jackpot when he discovers WWOOFing (Word Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) – travel the world, free room and board, and all he has to do is help some farmers? He’s sold. He never stays anywhere for long, until he decides to head to Iceland and oh shit this farmer is young and hot. After a week on Harry’s farm, Louis keeps trying to find excuses to stick around – the fence needs mending, the cows have gotten really comfortable with Louis, and oops now it’s stormed and they’re snowed in.

Top Middle: Airbnb AU
Harry’s visiting New York City for the first time, and excited to try out Airbnb. He’s booked an awesome studio apartment, but when he shows up the owner – Louis – is frazzled and panicking, because he totally forgot about an important meeting, has to stay in town for the night, and oh my God a million apologies, really can’t believe this, would never do something like this. Rather than opting to leave, Harry decides to reassure Louis that it’s totally fine, and he doesn’t mind if they share for the night. Besides, Louis is quite cute, and funny, and very endearing when he’s apologizing profusely.

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A natural wonderland created by stone and erosion, Arches National Park offers unforgettable experiences. When visiting the park this summer, photographer Derek Cronk looked up and saw a shimmering rainbow framed in the massive window of Delicate Arch. “I felt lucky to be in such an incredible location as it was, but it took my breath away to be presented with such an amazing opportunity.” Lucky and good is a great combination. Photo courtesy of Derek Cronk.


If anyone’s looking for a potential doberman service dog, check out Incredible Dobermans! They are located in California and I had strongly considered buying from them when looking for a breeder. The biggest reason I didn’t is because Creed appeared- his maternal grandmother was Incredible Caper v Rebholz making this bitch his cousin! His mother was also bred to Incredible Fidelis prior to Creed’s litter, and all of those puppies have been very nice working dogs. If you’re interested, let her know!

anonymous asked:

H and y/n go out to a club and he sees some random guy cornering you he goes out to defend you, you're thankful but super turned on about seeing him being so manly and protective. You drag him into the bathroom and have hot ROUGH messy sex.

Rating: R
Warnings: I’m back with some smut
Category: Smut, Jealous/protective Harry smut.
Word Count: 2,888 (requests aren’t normally this long, sorry!)
Request:  I’M BACKKK!!!

Note: I’m in the biggest fluff mood, and I really wanted to get in the smut mood so. Let’s do this. It’s crappy, i’m sorry. But i wanted to get back to filling requests so here’s one that caught my eye from the list.

16. Mine? Yours.

History. You and Harry had history. It was the not so typical “could have dated, but didn’t, even though you wanted to” story. In other words Harry was there for you when you needed an extra hand to scratch that itch you called sexual frustration, and you were there for him. Friends, that should have dated, but instead hopped the whole relationship thing and went straight into the pleasure. Although by now it was something normal and being completely honest, you looked like a couple all the time, your small fights and cute conversations. It was a relationship without the labels, and sometimes you didn’t know if that’s what you wanted.

You had talked about that with Harry. How there was nothing actually going on between you two and that maybe, the “help” you gave each other should stop. You should both allow yourselves to find something, someone else, that could last. That felt real. You and Harry had been friends for a long time and though this meant that he had to stop himself from calling you about his boner in the middle of the night, he understood. It was just turning a bit suffocating. There was something missing, and you weren’t his, and he wasn’t yours, and there was nothing to do about it. It was just sexual attachment. You were both drowning in that weird no relationship thing, and you were only getting older. And he, too, thought it was maybe time to really search for something.

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So here is what my weekly schedule tends to look like.

WEEKENDS: Work on the fangame with the team.
TUESDAY: Work on latest huge fic.
THURSDAY: Work on the novel.
MON/WED/FRI/SAT: Actually go to work and earn currency.

I also carve out time to play video games, spend time with family, and have day-long feeling jams and hangouts with Summer. I have a weirdly packed schedule.

I have several very big projects going on right now. Two of them are going to be available totally free to y'all, and one will be a reasonably priced romance novel.

The reason I point all this out is that I am a content-creating machine, and if you like that shit and are actually able/willing, I gots a Patreon. It is used to pad out my car payments and to fuel my Starbucks habit. (The last three chapters of TWYCC were written entirely in my local storbocks which is an incredible location and I love it, I’ve got a regular seat and everything.)

So yeah. If you like, that’s a way to help out and keep me producing the Good Shit.

Now, I am gonna write at least two scenes of the next TWYCC chapter and then dig into Ren’py.

ETA: Oh and I have a kofi button on my sidebar! Which, yeah, I shamelessly funnel onto my starbucks card immediately.

you guys made such beautiful dean-centric works this past week - seriously great work everyone. only four more weeks of creations to go!

this week, lets give a little love to the incredible set designers and location scouts by taking a look back at the amazing sets and scenery that have been featured in the show. maybe there’s a particular outdoor location you love or some really interesting symbolism you’ve noticed in one of the set designs. whatever it is, we want to see it! as always, interpretation of the prompt is totally up to you.

if you plan on participating this week:

  • please reblog this post to spread the word
  • make sure to post your creation by september 17th at 11:59 pm pst
  • remember that you are free to post any kind of creation you want: graphic, gif, edit, fanart, fic, etc.
  • put a link to spn hiatus creations in the caption of your post (if it’s an image post), along with this week’s theme (if you’re posting a fic/ficlet, please put the link and theme at either the beginning or end of your post)
  • make sure to tag your post with #spnhiatuscreations so we can reblog it to the main blog

if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send us an ask. we can’t wait to see everyone’s creations this week!

(A ficlet inspired my trip to Seattle to meet furysbadeye.)

Dean had never been to Seattle. To be honest, he’d never been one for flying, and since Kansas was a pretty damn good distance from Seattle, he just never made it up there. But his best friend wanted to go and Dean would be damned if he could say no to Cas, because try as he might to fight it, he had recently come to the conclusion that he was head over heels in love with him.

The two had been best friends since elementary school, and Dean wasn’t sure if it had morphed into love over time, or if he had loved Castiel from the moment he offered him a cookie in the third grade. All he knew was that when Cas was around, life was good, and he wasn’t going to mess that up by telling him anything dangerous. Especially a word like love, which floated off his tongue with ease when he talked about food or movies, but remained rooted firmly when he wanted to talk to Cas.

And there had been plenty of chances to confess. Sometimes he caught Cas watching him at just the right time, when the light was perfect or the air felt charged. Then he’d feel it bubble up to the tip of his tongue, desperate to tell him, and he’s swallow it down. Because as bad as it felt to love Cas unbeknownst to him, Dean didn’t think he could stand it to love him openly and be rejected.

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