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1ST HOUSE: Incredibly self-aware; strong-willed; gets their way

2ND HOUSE: Looks for comfort; possessive; nostalgic

3RD HOUSE: Communicative; intelligent; cannot keep quiet

4TH HOUSE: Nostalgic; great memory; ultra-familial

5TH HOUSE: Fun-loving; commitment-phobe; creative

6TH HOUSE: Prone to OCD / ED / GAD; worrisome; nervous

7TH HOUSE: Needs love; self-unaware; allocentric

8TH HOUSE: Prone to SI; reflective; never fully content

9TH HOUSE: Philosophical; imaginative; hates dishonesty

10TH HOUSE: Goal-oriented; determined; successful

11TH HOUSE: Friendly; collaborative; forward-thinking

12TH HOUSE: Self-unaware; imaginative; can’t focus

Like Beef, Insects Are A Good Source Of Iron

As a greater number of people enter the middle class around the globe, many will turn away from plant-based diets in favor of meat-based diets. This could be a cause for concern, as meat production requires the input of substantially more resources, such as water and energy. The question of how to feed a growing world in a time when wealth is spreading and personal tastes are changing is the subject of some sustainability research.

Outside of the Western world, insect consumption is common. The Chinese, for instance, will eat just about anything that crawls on six (or more) legs. Centipedes and fried scorpions appear on the menu.

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trade mistakes // panic! at the disco


2/? G O T 7 ~ HP AU.
[random sorting] : jaebum | hufflepuff
“  Jaebum makes the pride of his house ; incredible keeper, he’s also the captain of his Quidditch team. Extremely hard-working, he’s a typical Hufflepuff : unafraid of toil and kind even though he rarely shows his feelings (except when it comes to show his love for his cat, Nora). Jaebum’s considered as one of the best keepers in the History of Quidditch but he never boasts about his skills because he’s genuinely humble.  ”


New sitcom Full Helicarrier


Shawn spun Catherine around, forcing her in his arms. He lifted her chin up with his index and thumb, looking into her eyes. <<What are you trying to say here, Caity? I’d appreciate a little more transparency>>, he pleaded.

Finally, with a giggle, Catherine gave up the act. <<You wanted to move to the suburbs. I still don’t like that idea. But this place… It’s the best of both worlds, isn’t? The Spice District is a much quieter neighborhood than our own, and none of those high rises you hate so much. It’s right on the shore, which is gorgeous, and I’m still in the city. Plus, the house is incredibly pretty and spacious>>, she explained. <<It’d be the perfect move for us>>.

Shawn puckered his lips, letting go of her chin to turn around and look inside the house. He had to admit, she was right. The location was great, and the house looked awesome. Homey, but still… With character. Just like them.


An astonishing sea-view house, that runs on tracks, in Noto countryside, Italy

Immersed in the Apulia countryside, with an incredible see-view, the house is an award-winning project by celebrated Italian architect Maria Giuseppina Grasso Cannizzo. Made of concrete and marine plywood, it is raised off the ground and a part runs on tracks, to allow each room to have an overlooking view. A stunning dynamic architecture that changes, working with spaces and function, and a minimalistic and eclectic decor (concrete floor, many vintage design furniture, some modern custom pieces and contemporary art) turn this house definitely amazing!
DROZE - No Time

Deep, dark, yet incredibly catchy, house vocalist, DROZE, returns with “No Time” - a smashing deep house original off of his ‘The Droze Project EP’ out on Gonna Be Music.

Characterized by a strong, gritty bassline that acts as the chord progression and works perfectly alongside a pumping offbeat bassline, DROZE provides strong, soulful vocals above a solid deep house instrumental produced by Giuseppe D. With the energy continuing throughout the entire track driven by the excellent bassline and offbeat hi-hats, “No Time” is a definite club hit that provides club goers with the opportunity to shuffle and dance, but also to sing along with the catchy vocals laid down by DROZE. If you’re feeling this vocal house style as much as we are, be sure to grab your copy on iTunes below and turn loud!


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  • Houses incredible power in his right arm. The downside is that it comes from a creature that nearly destroyed the world 100 years ago and that creature is trapped in the arm, looking to be released and consume its host.
  • Asshole with a heart of gold.
  • Seriously, he’s a jerk at first but once you get to know him he’s pretty endearing.
  • SUPER protective of those he cares about. Fights for his friends like a good shonen protag. The downside being that he doesn’t have many friends because he’s an asshole.
  • The world’s most wanted criminal because he was fighting a corrupt government singlehandedly and doing a pretty good job of it.
  • Basically the universe’s doormat. He’s been fucked over since he lost his arm. [It’s no wonder he’s an asshole to most.]
  • Despite constantly getting beaten down by life in general, he was trained by the strongest being in the world where he’s from, so he’s no pushover in a fight. Don’t mistake a shitty fate for weakness.
  • Doesn’t necessarily like fighting but he’s used to it being a part of his life and he’s more than willing to throw the first punch if somebody pisses him off.
  • Spoilers: It’s really easy to piss him off.