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ugh! This is all over-thinking! Yousana is endgame!

Like I know it parallels with Evak but like Evak had a lot of parallels with Noorhell. And like they were established from the very first ep too, and things were going incredibly great for them(too great) until ep 5. 

There’s no secret agenda here! Julie just loves parallels!

Stop poisoning my mind! 

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Honestly, I hate 333 just as much as the next guy, but i think it's important to remember she's probably just un-COPPAd and is probably from a not so great incredibly conservative christian family. She isn't really trying to hurt anyone. That doesn't mean she isn't wrong, but I believe we should be just a little nicer to her. there's a kinder way to tell someone that they're being a bigoted asshole.


I’m already in love with this game. It hits real hard as a young adult. Mae is a fantastic protagonist.

@mashirondividing​ said:  Hey I was just wondering, my birthday just passed (8th of dec) and I had meant to follow you, but this might be a big ask or anything, it’s okay if you can’t really!! could you maybe draw a birthday Kuroo for me it’s really okay if not

Ayyyyyy I’m always happy to draw Kuroo, so why not! I hope you had a great birthday! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

have you guys read this article 

i’m so incredibly proud of dan for this? for putting his name out there and publicly standing up for whats right alongside all these other musicians and comedians and mp’s. i think this is implying that dans going to be at the protest as well which will honestly be so great to see?? i’m so glad he’s doing this publicly and putting action behind his words


Because I miss you, my friend. 


LP750-4 SV by Gaetan |


Okay so I’m working on a final comic draft for a commission and this is pretty much my process of figuring out the layout of the comic. (since my usual comics have no real layout and are just boxes that I take pictures of r i p)

Comics can be challenging, but really rewarding and fun.


Countach x3 by Gaetan D.