incredible feat


Pyrrha being really bad at throwing non-metal things. Like she turn around and throw a wrench into a basket on a moving target. She can flip a ring with two fingers while blindfolded onto the bottle tops to win the grand prize at the fair. She throw a dart under one arm and make a perfectly good bullseye six times in a row. Team JNPR has a vine account dedicated for this reason only.
But she cannot coordinate non-metal things. It’s like a bad infomercial. She’ll toss the pancake mix to Ren and it’ll explode all over him. She’ll pass Nora her scroll charger and it’ll land five feet away from her. She’ll toss Jaune a snack after training and it’ll land on the roof. Team JNPR has dedicated a vine account for this reason only also.

75 billion cells working to keep you alive in a universe where you are made of stardust and capable of incredible feats; a universe where you can create infinite scenarios in your mind and share them or keep them to yourself; a universe where one small action can impact your entire life, and you’re sitting on tumblr eating nachos in your underwear. You made the right choice.


1. Their own record of 16 daesangs held previously be EXO has been broken. EXO now holds the record of most number of daesangs with 17 and counting. when will EXO give EXO a chance

2. The FIRST and ONLY Korean artists in 31 years of Golden Disk Award HISTORY to win Disk Daesang FOUR times

3.  The FIRST and ONLY Korean artists in 31 years of Golden Disk Award HISTORY to win Disk Daesang four times CONSECUTIVELY

If anyone ever doubted that EXO, at this point, they have not only cemented their position as legends and at the top of the industry for the current generation, but can now stand side by side with so many legendary seniors. For a third generation idol, that is an incredible feat. The Golden Disk Awards are not awards whims to the desire of fans or companies wishes and hold a much higher degree of respectability and reputability than other award shows. For EXO to hold the record in this award show speaks for itself. Kings indeed.

I think one problem Osomatsu-san has is thanks to merchandising running longer than the show itself now, the sextuplets have become incredibly two dimensional. 

When the show started, writers had to get the child sextuplets from the long running -kun and craft six whole new characters in a few eps. That is an incredibly hard feat (and they did an amazing job!) but its debatable if they succeeded with making them all rounded, multifaceted characters. 

Now you have months of merch, short animations and other things that are left to cement these characters. But you can’t, not really with these mediums. That’s why in literally every piece of new art or keychain on earth you see the same thing:

  • Osomatsu: beer/ gambling/ something else degenerate
  • Karamatsu: painful / being a punching bag to his brothers
  • Choromatsu: sensible but jerkin’ it to idols (choro has got it worst, imo)
  • Ichimatsu: cats n’ sadness
  • Jyushimatsu : baseball/ smiling while doing some eldritch shit
  • Todomatsu: pretty and pink but bitchy

Like these were just a part of them in the show as well as many other things, but now that’s all they are. Even when I was watching the new racing animated short I was painfully aware that all of the jokes were just about these aspects (multiple times, I might add), there was very little fresh comedy and if it was, it was with the side characters. And that’s not a good thing at all.


ROMA-The PANTHEON- Clearly one of the MOST important buildings of all antiquity. A Roman temple meaning “to all the Gods.” A temple in which the Emperor would visit to remind the Roman people of his divine status, and in which animal sacrifices would take place. Shown, is the temple in its third and final phase completed in 125 A.D. The previous two burned down. The inscription on the porch reads, “M. AGRIPPA L.F. COSTERTIUM FECIT” - “Marcus Agrippa, Son of Lucius, Three-Time Consul, Made This.” The most REMARKABLE detail of the Pantheon is its OCULUS. The ability to create such a dome would be near impossible in ancient times but the Romans realized that a light tufa along with a mix of concrete with a less dense diameter as the opening neared would prevent its collapse. An INCREDIBLE feat of Roman engineering!

It’s okay Eyeby, just get a redemption arc and you will find a nice gay to spend your life with.

Also Ruby how long have you waited to put your hands there? HOW LONG RUBY?

It’s really hard to make a character who’s a bad liar really funny, and yet this show does it constantly.

Okay, gonna get serious for a moment.

This episode is incredible.

It’s not just funny. Funny is easy, anyone can make something relatively funny.

This is fucking hilarious and impressive in every sense of the word.

There are more than 10 characters in this episode, all in a 12 minute episode. And yet no character feels over or underused. Every joke lands, every line is golden. I couldn’t write something as good as this if I had an entire year to do this.

This is genuinely an incredible feat.




I’m seeing posts about the fans’ disappointment at the Annie Awards but let us not forget, the Annie Awards were not the key to saving WOY. It was only a stepping stone that would have further helped us with our mission.

It is disappointing that we missed this chance but we will continue on. Getting three nominations alone is an incredible feat that we should all be very proud of. Plus the show’s previous wins. 

Nobody should give up or feel discouraged on WOY’s future and SaveWOY because of the Annies. SaveWOY continues on regardless.

Wander Over Yonder continues to trend on Tumblr.

And Disney visited my blog a couple of hours ago.

Sometimes we win, sometimes we don’t, but as long as we keep going, as long as we work hard and do our best, hope will never die. The fight will continue on and the show will live on through its fans, their love and their efforts to save it.

Grog's Character Arc

I have to say, Grog’s story arc coming full swing with the Earthbreaker Groon appearance has so much depth to it when you think about it.

Earthbreaker Groon is a **Monk and (likely)** Cleric of Kord, the (chaotic good) God of strength (athletics, courage, sports). Kord, who resides in Ysgard, is hugely muscular with a red beard and long red hair. He adorns gauntlets made from hide of an ancient white dragon, boots from an ancient blue dragon, and a fighting girdle made from an ancient red dragon. He carries an intelligent adamantine greatsword known as Kelmar (it can talk normally and communicate telepathically as well). While the sword carries a bane against all dragons, both Kord and Kelmar despise Lawful Evil dragons (blue, green). It is told that Kord can strike down a lawful evil dragon in a single hit with Kelmar.

To get the attention of clerics of Kord, the main route is to display great strength. The attention of Kord himself can be drawn with incredible feats of strength such as climbing a great mountain or slaying a lawful evil dragon, to name a few. Since clerics of Kord are expected to be leaders, they must value strength, but not domination. Kord believes that the strong should lead the weak and that bravery is the greatest trait anyone can possess.

So let’s look at Grog Strongjaw. There is much to say about the goliath barbarian, who was thrown from his wandering herd for not killing an elderly gnome. In his adventures with Vox Machina, Grog has obviously shown his strength. (Pre-stream) VM encountered the first of the chroma conclave (though they didn’t know it at the time) when they investigated the home of General Krieg, a respected Taldorei councilmen. They ended up walking into a lair full of a massive treasure hoard and triggered Krieg when they touched one of four orbs lining the wall. They ended up facing and slaying the blue dragon Brimscythe, the Iron Storm, a lawful evil dragon using Krieg as a cover to do his deeds.

You could argue that this is when Kord would have first taken stronger notice of Grog, having used his strength to take down a vile, LE dragon. Kord might be keeping an eye on him, but grog still had much to prove as he was reckless.

The next encounter would be in the crucible in Vasselheim. Grog faced against the great champion Kern and in an epic battle, took down half-orc. This is where Grog first gains the attention of Groon, as he watched the match. Grog offered VM’s service to Groon in his first discussion and Groon foretold of dark times coming (foreshadowing the rest of the chroma conclave).

Fast-forwarding to after the conclave attacked Emon, Grog once again returned to the Trial Forge, this time wielding a strange, dark blade known as Craven Edge. Grog was asked where he finds his strength for the first time and responds with his rage. After a short 3v1 battle with Groon (feat. Vax and Scanlan), Groon makes the point that he should place more trust in his friends and not on a dark blade like CE. Grog is told to leave again and to truly find his strength. This is likely the upswing in Grog’s outlook on life.

It is serving that, given the strike of the chroma conclave, that Kord would start to mix paths with Grog. VM sets out to gather the vestiges of divergence, powerful magical relics, and take down the CC once and for all. It proved to be a grueling sequence. Shortly after leaving the Trial Forge and Vasselheim, another test of strength and mind came in the encounter with Kevdak and his former herd. Here, Grog gets the first realization that his strength alone wouldn’t be enough to defeat such a powerful goliath. He calls on VM to fuck shit up and together, as a family, they slay Kevdak.

You can keep counting off occurrences of Grog’s strength being tested. Each subsequent dragon they faced was stronger than the last. They faced Umbrasyl, the Hope Devourer, an ancient black dragon (Chaotic Evil) and Vorugal, the Frigid Doom (also CE). Then Raishan, the Diseased Deceiver, an ancient green dragon (Lawful Evil), shows up as a supposed ally and they tentatively make way to take down the leader of the CC - the swolen, ancient red dragon (also CE) Thordak, the Cinder King.

Grog began to display wisdom, helping Keyleth control her own rage when negotiating with the slippery green dragon. He knows that, as a family, their combined strength can take down any dragon, but he sees the futility in letting hubris cloud the mind. They had all traveled the world, taking down increasingly difficult foes and collecting immensely powerful items after all.

Following the battle with Thordak and narrowly escaping death from Raishan, the group was uneasy. His buddy, Scanlan, had fallen for the first time and he was unsure of things. VM end up tracking Raishan through the use of spells and travel an unrelenting cave of the necromancer Opash. At the end, they faced Raishan and they took down the deceitful and highly intelligent dragon in a final stand, but this time it was different.

This time, after the dust had settled, his close buddy Scanlan was down for good. He screamed out for someone to fix him and punched down a wall in fury. After escaping the necromancers island (one that tried it’s best to keep VM in place), the time began to try and bring back the charming gnome he knew so well.

He sulked outside the raven queen temple, thinking he couldn’t do anything to help his buddy - he had no magical powers after all, but through the help of his friends he reluctantly went in to help. Here, he showed just how far he had come. In a heart wrenching speech, he told how his friends and family were the source of his strength and how even though he had these amazing weapons, he would be useless without the very people who stood behind him all these years. As fate would have it, it wasn’t the final song for Scanlan, as he was revived in an epic hour long ritual.

Finally, VM return to Vasselheim to pay a debt they owed to Cenokier and bury the ashes of his wife. Grog convinced VM to return to the Trial Forge, hoping to get his buddy pike some 1v1 action. Here, he met with Earthbreaker Groon again. He met after taking down the chroma conclave, sworn enemies of Kord and and last of which to fall was an evil ancient green dragon set to abuse the world. Earthbreaker Groon, asks Grog once more where his strength comes from and Grog firmly responds that his strength comes from his family and his friends, without whom he would be nothing. We leave off with Groon ready to give Grog his finally test of strength.

The whole story arc here is fucking incredible and I can’t wait to see this showdown.

So really cool detail about the Ultra Beasts...

UB-01 resembles a jellyfish, and UB-02 Expansion is a very clever take on a mosquito, but what is UB-02 Beauty?

Upon seeing it, my first thought was “it’s a really pretty copepod”.

Now I’m definitely biased because I’m a marine biologist and I spend hours staring at copepods on a regular basis, but todays info revealed a key detail that likely confirms my initial reaction: UB-02 Beauty is said to be fast enough to outrun lightning. Guess which member of marine zooplankton is capable of incredible feats of acceleration? Yup, copepods.

So provided it is a copepod, this also tells us something far more interesting about the Ultra Beasts as a group. What do a jellyfish, a mosquito and a copepod all have in common? They dominate their respective ecosystems.

Jellyfish (my personal favorites) are very efficient both in feeding and reproduction, and there’s some consensus that their numbers are rapidly increasing because they are much better adapted to the direction the climate is heading.

Mosquitos are a particularly harmful example of the fact that insects are easily the most dominant multicellular life to colonize the land, and while you’d probably be less likely to know it, copepods singlehandedly fulfill the same role in marine environments and are as omnipresent in water as insects are on land. And there’s a lot more water. So it actually would make a lot of sense for UB-02 to either be a terrestrial insect or a marine copepod.

Given the direction Sun and Moon are taking in integrating even more real-world scientific concepts (e.g. oricorio’s different forms like Darwin’s finches, regional differences causing subspecies of pokemon due to environmental factors including weather and predators), I think it’s really cool that Ultra Beasts are just that- ultra successful species with powerful impacts beyond human control. So Pokemon takes this concept and makes them literal invasive species- but from another dimension.

We have a bit of a girl crush on Amani, the protagonist of the upcoming fantasy REBEL OF THE SANDS. She crushes it on every page with her gunslinging skills and fiery attitude, and her incredible feats are guaranteed to make her the greatest myth of the desert. So in anticipation of the release of REBEL OF THE SANDS on March 10, we rounded up our top 9 heroines who we think will reach #myth status someday:

1. Amani from REBEL OF THE SANDS 

Why she’ll reach #myth status: Being the best sharp shooter for miles, taming ancient beasts, never telling a lie, and finding a romance hotter than the desert sun.

2. Adelina from THE YOUNG ELITES

Why she’ll reach #myth status: Unleashing her dark powers, changing the course of history for malfettos, and descending on a path to villainy.


Why she’ll reach #myth status: Spying on the most evil woman in the empire by pretending to be her slave, fighting with the Resistance to find her brother, and causing one of the top military students at Blackcliff academy to change his ways.


Why she’ll reach #myth status: Making it through the night as the wife of a ruler who weds a new bride each day only to have her executed the next morning.


Why she’ll reach #myth status: Being the most powerful female jinni of all time, falling in love with a human, and breaking the boundaries of her world.

6. Lady Helen from THE DARK DAYS CLUB

Why she’ll reach #myth status: Breaking her expectations to fight with a force dedicated to destroying the demons that have infiltrated London…and doing it in a dress.


Why she’ll reach #myth status: Keeping it together when she finds out the world is run by 12 secret and powerful families who think she’s the key to an ancient prophecy.

8. Harper Price from REBEL BELLE

Why she’ll reach #myth status: Balancing her duties as a debutante with her new job as one in an ancient line of guardians sent to protect her nemesis-turned-love interest.

9. Cassie from THE 5TH WAVE

Why she’ll reach #myth status: Showing us how survival is really done in the war against humanity.

HAPPY 13 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS! This is for @therealjacksepticeye, and the whole community! We all deserve credit for this incredible feat! And when I say incredible, I really do mean incredible! In Janurary of 2016, we had 8 million people in this community, and now we have just over 13 million! That’s nothing short of amazing :)

For every milestone picture, I like to recap what has happened in the year (or just what happened in the months prior to hitting the milestone). So, I drew tons of stuff that happen in the year of 2016. I can’t believe all of this happened in just one year!

In this picture, I included the games: Tasty Blue, Riddle School, Pokemon GO, Spyro, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, Clustertruck, Telltale’s Batman, Reigns, Manual Samuel, and FNAF: Sister Location. Other things I included: Antisepticeye, Scam Septic eye (Anti Sam), Gerald the pumpkin, Jack’s kickass tattoo, the diamond playbutton, the new flatcap in Jack’s merch, and the clothes Jack wore during NSP’S Cool Patrol Music video!!

Also, I couldn’t leave out pixlpit! It was also in 2016 that Jack got his awesome editor: Robin! This is congratulations to him too :)

I’m so happy to be apart of this wonderful family we’ve all created together

anonymous asked:

hey there's this website called swoonreads that lets you read unpublished manuscripts for free (and in turn, you help the manuscripts get chosen for publication). there's this one book called bones marina you should check it out

i had my initial misgivings abt the website url, but, i did check that manuscript out up till the first feedback point!

i definitely have some feedback to give but critiques can be discouraging at this stage, so i think i’m better off not doing that. plus, what i have to point out are things that will improve with time and experience anyway. honestly im just really impressed that the author has written so much! it’s an incredible feat and they’ve certainly done their research on their setting of choice, too


Kimia Alizadeh becomes the first woman from Iran to win an Olympic medal

Kimia Alizadeh is just 18 years old and is already viewed as an icon by fellow Iranians on Twitter for her incredible feat Thursday night. She became the first woman to win an Olympic medal while representing Iran when she won the bronze in taekwondo.

Alizadeh defeated Sweden’s Nikita Glasnovic in the under-57 kilogram division by 5-1 for the bronze medal, Yahoo News reported. In doing so, she became an inspiration for a whole generation of young Iranian women.

Alizadeh, who competed in a sports hijab under her combative gear, already has a successful career in the martial arts.

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The Best Drummer That Has Ever Lived Ever - A Josh Dun Line Prompt, #20

anonymous asked:

20 with Josh dun from twenty one pilots please!

Originally posted by falloutyler

Title: The Best Drummer That Has Ever Lived Ever

Fandom: twenty one pilots, Josh Dun

Words: 538

Summary: You and Josh have been dating for a very long time, but he still feels the need to show off to you. One rouge drumstick leads to a very embarrassing moment for him.

Thanks for the request, non! I hope you like it, it’s not my best work. So, um, here’s Joshy!


“Oh I’m so impressed.”

“I know!”

Josh, your boyfriend of too long to count, yells to you from behind his drum set. He still feels the need to show-off to you, a concept that only makes sense in his beautiful mind.

He’s drumming very fast, all with his eyes closed. An incredible feat in the world of Josh Dun, and you had to admit, you are enjoying it. The drumming yes, but hanging out with your best friend/love of your life and teasing him relentlessly is even better. 

“Here, now watch this!”

He picks up his pace even faster, and somehow the noise emitting from his drum set is melodic, not random and completely horrid. 

“Mmm, wow you’re pretty good at that drumming thing. You should really join a band or something.” You joke back at him, enjoying the show.

“Yeah, I’ve been- OW!” He starts off in a cocky tone, most definitely to supply a sarcastic side remark, but it is never to be. Before he can finish, one of his sleek, brand-new drumsticks (that he made sure to show you when he got them), slips out of his trained hand, and flies straight into his forehead.

He bring his hand right above his eye immediately, dropping his other beloved drumstick and groaning in pain. 

You, on the other hand, are rolling on the floor laughing. Screaming and/or choking would also be accurate words. You clutch your stomach and try to say something to Josh, whose cheeks have now turned a bright shade of pink. Alas, your words get caught in your throat, and rather come out as loud gasps for air.

“Come on, it wasn’t that funny.” Josh says sheepishly while standing up from his drum set, a frown decorating his cute face.

You begin to compose yourself, and head towards your partner, whose embarrassment was as obvious as a police siren. 

“Aww, Joshy.” You coo, finally reaching him and caressing his face while jutting out your bottom lip. “You want me to kiss-it-make-it-better?”

He grabs your wrist and turns away, eyes trained on the floor. You can almost feel the heat radiating from his perfect face, and start to feel a little bad about teasing him. 

“Aw, c’mon it was cute.” You try to lighten up his mood while bringing his face back towards yours. He instead buries his face into your shoulder the avoid your gaze. 

“No, it was stoopid.” His voice is muffled by the soft fabric of your t-shirt and you can’t help but giggle.

“Josh.” You say in the firmest voice you can muster, while grabbing his chin and bringing his eyes to yours. You can’t help but smile at the adorable look on his face. “You’re still the best drummer that has ever lived ever.” You state as a fact for the world to hear.

He chuckles that familiar laugh and snakes his arms around your waist, placing a heavy kiss on your lips.



He drummed great that night, his eyes always finding you watching backstage and smiling. The black eye he was sporting blending right in with his usual eyeshadow, and all was well again on the crazy life you live, right alongside Josh and Tyler.