incredible cinematography is incredible

so i watched this chinese drama called Nirvana in Fire and it fUCKED ME UP

here’s a thing i’m working on! i’ll eventually color it, but i quite like the lineart :D

I've just finished watching Hannibal...

…I. Just. Can’t?! THAT ENDING OMG IT WAS BRILLIANT!!! And I ship them so hard! THEY. LOVE. EACH. OTHER. That ending was what I wished for! Sooo good! And how cute did Hannibal look during the second half of season 3 with his shorter hair?! What a truly amazing show!!! Loved it so much and I’m gonna miss it! Good thing that I’m already rewatching it with my parents. Incredible actors, incredible cinematography, thrilling story and yet another show that emotionally wrecked me. THANKS FOR THIS AMAZING SHOW OMG HOLY F***!

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