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3/16 Singapore

After two uneventful sea days we arrived in Singapore. Since we didn’t have an excursion, we took a taxi to the hop-on hop-off bus. We had a choice of 5 tours and lucked into the longest one that took us past incredible buildings, “cottages” valued at $25 million, botanical gardens, streets filled with expensive stores, amazing public sculptures and a Lamborgini dealership. Then there was the most amazing building ever. Look up Marina Bay Sands. It’s 3 huge clothespin shaped buildings with a boat shaped building resting on top of them!
The tour dropped us off at a 3 story mall that had all of upscale stores found found at our ritziest malls.
After lunch we were beat, so we got on a different hop-on bus back to the cruise terminal. Unfortunately, there are 2 cruise terminals here & the bus doesn’t stop at the other one, so we just took another taxi back.
Our new segment starts today: Singapore to Dubai. Some of our good friends are now on their way home - Gina & Steve and Gwen & Steve. We wish them safe journeys.


Colourful Minimalist Architecture

Yener Torun is a 32-year-old architect based in Istanbul whose architectural landscape is largely made up of incredibly bright buildings dominated by geometric patterns. Yener daily documenting these beautiful places he depicts with subtle inlaid characters.


Chongqing - Urban Jungle

China based photographer Raphael Olivier has captured eye opening views of Chongqing, in Western China. 

“With a municipality covering the size of Austria and home to almost 30 milion people, some call it the world’s largest city. Eventhough most of its territorry and population are still rural, the urban core is under massive expansion and Chongqing is now the fastest growing city in the world. Yet this development is mostly wild and unregulated (the city is notorious for its corruption), which over the past years has led to an incredible forest of buildings taking over mountains and surrounding farm-lands, creating one of the most overwhelming urban landscapes on Earth. The hot and humid weather of Chongqing coupled with the total absence of coordinated landscape design allows for an abundant and lush vegetal wildlife to thrive everywhere in the city, taking over streets and buildings in a wonderfully chaotic way. This photo essay aims to show the unique scenery created by Chinese mass urbanization, endemic lawlessness, moutainous topography and subtropical climate, as a very organic urban sprawl out of a science fiction movie.”


ok, I’d like to devote some time to write about some of the architecture in the town that I grew up in. I’ve never really thought about it until now, but there are a lot of truly incredible buildings here, even though some being quite worn down by time.

There’s really nothing fancy about them, but to me many of them look absolutely beautiful. so beautiful that I think they’re worth being documented.

So, I guess the next week or so will consist of a handful of appreciation posts of my hometown and the buildings that makes up this small town. It’ll probably be a bit uncritical given the fact that I’ll probably be super-biased being a nostalgic soul and all.  

Anyhow, this is the first building i’d like to show. I really don’t know that much about it, and it has sort of slipped my mind until very recently when I passed it walking home from a bar, in the middle of the night - and I looked at it and thought ‘this is an amazing building’.

What I do know, though, is that it’s called “the blue school”, and I guess it once was a school, but no longer is. I also now that it’s quite an odd bird in its surroundings, there’s really nothing like it. And as already mentioned, it’s a bit worn down and it has lost some of its paint here and there, but it really doesn’t matter that much. 

I guess it could be mistaken for a bunch of containers or something like that, but it’s really far from it actually. Its detailing and design is really quite sophisticated, if you ask me. I love love love it.

oh, and the town I’m talking about is Gällivare. a small town 100 kilometers north of the arctic circle. and it’s wonderful.  

ok, more later, thanks,



Alana still couldn’t believe she was here, in England, In London. The place was incredible, all the buildings were so architecturally stunning, and everywhere she looked there was so much history, and so much life.

She was busy looking at one of the statues, when she collided with another. “Oh Crap, Sorry.” She chuckled a little, touching the males arm, where she had bumped into him. “I am so sorry.”