An Incredible Tribute: The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Has Just Inducted Dead Prince To Honor His Passing

Now THIS is how you honor a legend.

When Prince passed away suddenly this April, the whole world mourned. People from all over paid tribute to the iconic musician in the form of heartfelt posts on social media and local gatherings of fans. And now the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has made an incredibly moving gesture by inducting Dead Prince.

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  • resembles mom a lot in that he moves gracefully and generally meets with success in most of his endeavors and probably has a bad love life
  • brand is on the nape of his neck!!
  • is perceptive to others’ feelings, especially after hearing cordelia talk about how she felt about chrom for so long
  • tries to be as calm and composed as his mom, but is fiercely protective of the people he cares about and sometimes makes rash decisions when it involves people (though he tries to force himself to think more before making decisions)
  • likes to gently tease people he’s close to
  • really admires both of his parents and tries to learn how to use both lances and swords
  • still sort of a momma’s boy though
  • he likes to read romance novels like she does (really sweet and fluffy stuff) but he’s super embarrassed about it
  • generally not a competitive person, but feels the need to compete with dad probably because they’re the only two guys
  • “haha my wardrobe isn’t all blue, take that, dad” 



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I kinda headcanon Kuroo as being completely immune to generic cheese but being easily annihilated by the most innocent of the sincere compliments