Conceive a costume of this scale… You’re risking ridicule, I mean, it’s a monster costume and the last thing you want is to rather look silly or camp and yet it has to look larger than life and heroic. (…) My costume particularly does so much of the work for me ‘cause Loki’s silhouette is so incredibibly menacing and those clothes are so mean and it’s leather and metal and gold.’

sometimes when i’ve finally started to admit that i’m good at something i encounter someone who is more talented and of course younger than me. i know it shouldn’t have any effects on me but honestly it makes me feel like i have no talent


I can see love in his eyes , i can see hope and life. I can see a completely different world than the one we’re living in. I can see heaven and paradise. I can see a different galaxy , a love galaxy. Sometimes , I see a little innocent boy in there. A boy who loves to live happily and who’s excited about life , a boy who’s incredibely enjoying being alive. He’s like an angel who was just born.. And sometimes , I see a boy who’s sick and tired of all the bullshit he’s dealing with , tired of life. But , it’s mixed with power , fire , desire to succee , ability to succee , confidence and faith. He’s a strong person , he suffered for a long time but he endured and did his best to be the one he wants to be. He killed his suicidal thoughts with his strong will to get over that tragic. After years of trying , he succeed. He became one of the most famous boyband in the world , he became one of the most famous rappers in south korea. Min Yoongi achieved his dreams and he’s still going to rise and shine. Min Yoongi is a legend who has to be remembered forever. He’s an inspiration to depressed , sad , suicidal , desperate and hopeless people -including myself-
He has a a dark side which would never leave him , since he used to be suicidal. I know this because i’m dealing with it and i’m probanly the most suicidal person you could ever know.
But he also has a cheerful happy side . Tbh , if I could , I would give him my all including my life because he really deserves the best , he deserves to be happy and he deserves a beautiful life. Yoongi isn’t just a bias for me , he’s my reason to fucking breathe. I want to see him smiling all the time , it makes me so happy . His smile is the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen. It’s incredibely beautiful.
His hair is so soft , I want to touch it so bad. And his lips , I don’t mind spending the rest of my life staring at them. I wish i could kiss them or just touch them . That would make my life.
His voice , makes me feel good everytime i’m feeling stressed , it always calms me. It’s like magic I swear. I can spend the rest of the day talking  about it.. His body is goals , I fucking love it.. Everything about him is perfect ; his hands -especially his fingers omg- , his legs and his chest.
Now let’s wish him a happy birthday!!

“saeng il chuk ha ham ni da
saeng il chuk ha ham ni da
sarang ha neun  yoongi shi
saeng il chuk ha ham ni da”


Min Yoongi Quotes that will inspire your day!!

“Yes, look down on me like that. It’s my hobby to prove you wrong”
—  Suga
“「I personally don’t like being an adult. Being an adult comes at a price. You are now faced with a reality which kind of pressures you to chase after stability and security so they become your new dream. That’s why I don’t consider myself or rather don’t want to consider myself as an adult. Sure, my age will define as an adult but I want to be a teenage-adult who is still chasing after his dream. I wish you can be like that too. Stay innocent, be naive. But still dream big. Dream big to the point that it is beyond your ability and endeavour to achieve it. So dream big and don’t lose your innocence.」”
—  SUGA (Min Yoongi, BTS)
“If I’m the sun, you’re the moon, because when I rise, you go down.”
—  Suga (BTS Cypher Pt. 2: Triptych)
“Stay innocent, be naive. But still dream big. Dream big to the point that it is beyond your ability and endeavour to achieve it. So dream big and don’t lose your innocence.”
—  Suga to Jimin
“Even though this moment seems like it will be forever, when the sunsetting night comes again, the destroying reality is back. When I come back to my senses, I turn into a scared fool, and when I see myself like that, I keep getting scared. The sense of reality that takes over…
Why am I still here as others are running forth ?
Breathe or dream, I begin to row the boat again, matching the speed of my heart beats. I get caught in the superficial standards of others and as I live pretending I don’t know about it, my life’s sun sets like this coat.
What am I doing with my life.”
“We used to jump wanting to be heroes,
but now we’ve grown and time has passed.
I’m becoming and adult but I wanna rewind
to the times when the 10-year-old boy sang the theme song to his favorite superhero comic.
I wanna go back, so I close my eyes and scream
But nothing changes, reality it’s the same.”
—  Suga (BTS, Jump)

Connection - Soulmate!Calum

Originally posted by teenagemuke


A/n: Alright, by now you could probably tell that I’m a slut for AUs hehe, so here’s some Soulmate!Calum because I’ve been obsessed lately. and can we talk about the gif? tell me you don’t wanna hug that squish.

Word count: 3k

Prompt: Soulmates could feel each other’s pain, lightly inspired by this post though I didn;t take a specific prompt from it. it’s such a cool post though


Throwing the pen from your hand as it landed on the already red-stained paper, you clutched your finger as blood was already oozing from the wound that resembled a paper cut.

“Would it kill you to be more careful?” You hissed on your way to the bathroom in order to dry off the blood. Only, your remark wasn’t directed towards yourself. In fact, it wasn’t meant for anyone from your surroundings. It was aimed at the one person who had been the cause; at the one person who couldn’t hear you at the moment.

As you wrapped a bandage around the small wound, your eyes involuntarily roamed your exposed forearm. The patch of skin was peppered with scars that built up memories; but the memories weren’t yours, and the scars constructed stories that you haven’t lived yourself.

Every marking on your skin belonged to someone else you didn’t even know, yet you have lived along their side every memorable event of their life.

At the age 6, you had first heard of the term Soulmate, the new word carrying an unknown meaning. It had been the first time a wound had appeared on your skin without any trigger; the scratch on your knee sending you flying towards your mother’s arms.

And as she had explained that somebody very special to you had gotten the same wound, your mind hadn’t really processed the depth of that information; there was no need to as you were still a toddler.

By the age of 12, you had completely fallen in love with the term Soulmate. You had been the only child at that age to get excited over getting a new scar; but to you, it held so much meaning. You craved feeling that connecting tie, although you had no idea who excatly was at the other end of the tie.

Everything about a Soulmate seemed fascinating to you; soulmates aren’t the overstated love at first sight, and the tie cannot oblige one to fall in love with their soulmate. It didn’t work that way.

A Soulmate is the person you’re most compatible with; the one who knows you inside out and understands you better than yourself. A Soulmate is your most loyal companion and truest friend. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in a romantic way; in fact, some Soulmates even prefer having a platonic relationship, nonetheless the tie is still the same.

A Soulmate is your matching half, your sheler; they’re your home.

Falling in love with your Soulmate is after all the same as falling for someone else; sometimes it’s unpredictable and blind, at other times it’s slow and graduate. The tie cannot affect the way you fall for them or your will to be in a relationship with them; however, no love could ever be as strong and pure as a Soulmate’s.

Surely, not all Soulmates were the same, and they weren’t all bounded by the same rules. The indicators of one’s Soulmate differ; from color blindness to tattoos and countdown clocks… and then yours; the ability to share their pain. Although your Soulmate couldn’t feel all of your pain –only a certain degree of what you feel, that amount was enough to keep the tie going.

But as you reached your 17th year, every thought you had constructed about Soulmates faded, turning into a childish reverie.  

By that time, it almost became normal for you to wake up in the middle of the night with a busted lip and bruised knuckles. Throwing your covers away, you made your way to the bathroom, your routine well memorized.

You became accustomed to taking care of the different wounds, but you hated it more than anything. You hated knowing that you could treat your wounds, but never your Soulmate’s. And as you stared at the damage on your face, you couldn’t help but wonder how much worse your Soulmate had it if you could only feel some of their pain.

Stupid, right?

It was stupid how you still worried about them, although they were the reason behind your own ache.

But as time dragged by and the accidents never seemed to stop, the conclusion that your Soulmate didn’t want you became inevitable. Surely, had they wanted you or thought of you, they wouldn’t have gotten carelessly injured time after time.

You couldn’t blame them really; you knew that many people didn’t like the whole Soulmate etiquette. They simply didn’t like wasting a lifetime waiting for the perfect love, when –for all they knew- their Soulmate could be halfway across the globe.

As hard as it was, you needed to let go of your fantasies as it became too painful to keep your hopes up. Even so, you couldn’t stop the unsettling feeling in your chest as you lay on your bed, completely sleep deprived, your mind too caught up worrying about someone who probably didn’t even think about your existence.


Closing the water tap, Calum leaned on the bathroom counter as his eyes studied his reflexion on the mirror.

He couldn’t go home that way, not when he had promised to behave better. Although in the back of his mind, Calum didn’t regret his fight at all; in fact, he would’ve done the same thing if given another shot.

How could he not get pissed when he was called the one thing he hated more than anything; a forsaken, the term defining the Soulmate-less.

There wasn’t anything precise that determines forsakens, but Calum couldn’t help but convince himself that he was one. How could he not be when he has never felt the infamous connecting tie everyone bragged about.

Calum had never felt his –supposed- Soulmate’s pain; he had never received a clue on their existence, therefore he was led to believe that he simply did not have one.

And so on, he took complete advantage of his situation; if he was the only one feeling his pain then he might as well go all for it.

He didn’t necessary like being labeled as a bad boy, but he knew that his reputation exceeded him. It was well known that he was a forsaken; that simple piece of information somehow labeling him differently.

Undoubtedly, people weren’t scared of the heavily tattooed and leather clad boys; not as much as they were scared of the forsaken. Somehow, they grew to believe that only the cold-hearted didn’t have Soulmates, and Calum was yet another casualty of those thoughts.

Deep in his heart, Calum knew that there was a thread of hope that he wasn’t all alone, that someone was as the end of the tie. Amongst his multiples marks and scars, there was a tiny scratch that he always found himself uncontiously rubbing. It was nothing but a small line in his wrist, and although he couldn’t really remember when he had gotten it exactly, Calum had a feeling that it wasn’t his.

But as time passed by and no other marks added up to his skin, he tried to convince himself that it was probably a scar he had gotten as a child and had fogotten about. What other explanation could he have?

Staring down at your forearm, your eyes were fixed on the small scar on your wrist amongst the many others that basically formed constellations on your skin.

That was probably your only scar, and the story behind it was quite amusing really. You had gotten it when you were still about 4 years old; you were trying to pet your uncle’s cat when it accidently scratched you, making you raise your hand abrubtly and send the poor feline flying towards the carpet.

Your smile faded as you started thinking about the stories behind the other scars that weren’t yours, wondering if you were ever going to hear them.

With a deep frown, you set down the book you were reading, your eyes staring wildly at the dot of blood that came out of nowhere.

You quickly checked your hands for any new injuries, finding none. Suddenly, as another drop stained the papers, your hand shot up to your nose, feeling an oozing thickness on the skin above your lip. But as you pulled away, you couldn’t stop your hand from shaking as your eyes stared at the red stains.

Before you knew it, more and more was making it’s way down your face, making you feel like your head was about to explode with the pressure.

Cursing under your breath, you jumped out of your seat, the bloody smell making you nauseous and the scarlet substance covering your shaky hands making you even dizzier.

It has never been that bad, you have never felt the effect as much as you were at the moment and you wondered what kind of shit your Soulmate was getting into. And by the time you had reached your friend to inform her, your whole body felt incredibely sore.

“I promise I didn’t get into a fight! Do I seem like the kind of person to do so?“ You sighed for the upteenth time since you entered the hospital.

You were more like a regular, as weird as it sounded, but your injuries weren’t always treated with a mere bandaid. The staff knew you and your little situation; however it has never stopped them from worrying that you were actually getting in trouble with someone. The Soulmate excuse had dragged long enough, and it was getting out of hand really.

“I believe you. You don’t look like the type to get in trouble.”  

A teasing voice spoke once the nurse left. You quizically looked over at the bed next to you as you pulled the curtains away, finding quite the attractive guy in the same position as you.

“What about you?” you mirrored his smile, wincing slightly when it hurt your nose.

The guy shrugged his shoulders as he grimaced, “I actually did this myself,”

“I bet the other guy looks worse, eh?” you offered him your hand to shake, introducing yourself to him.

“Oh he does, and I’m Calum, by the way,” Calum took your hand in his to shake it, his smile faltering as well as yours when an unfamiliar feeling hit the both of you at the contact.

Your eyes curiously gazed at his chocolate orbs, something deep inside you urging you to memorize his beautiful features as he stared at you just as intensly.

You jumped at the sudden sound of your mother calling your name, making you break the stare much to your dismay. You smiled once more at Calum, informing him that you needed to get going as your mother had come to pick you up.

“And hit me up if you need me to discipline that careless soulmate of yours.” Calum smirked as you hopped off the bed, giving him a playful look, “hmm, that might affect me, so I don’t think that’s quite a good idea,”

Calum’s attention was directed towards the nurse approaching him, making him detour his eyes from where you stood with your mother as she filled some papers. And as the alcohol-dipped cotton ball made contact with his bloody knuckles, a hiss filled the quiet area.

Only, it wasn’t Calum’s; no, he was too used to the stinging peroxide by now. His eyes frantically looked up, landing on your figure as you clutched your burning hand to your chest, a baffled expression on your face.

“It’s nothing, my skin just burned for a second,” You explained to your worried mother as she quickly ushered you to the car.

Your eyes were glued on your knuckles, finding no reason to the stinging sensation you had felt a minute ago.

Back in the waiting room, Calum’s heart was beating uncontrollably against his chest. Could it be? No, of course not, he quickly shut himself. He couldn’t allow himself to believe in the Soulmate thing again, it was impossible and he had already figured that he didn’t have one.

But as the (e/c) of your eyes came haunting him, he could no longer deny that doubt had crept its way into his heart.

Calum cursed once again as his fingers struggled to hit the right cords of his guitar. It was partly due to the event that was engraved in his mind since a few weeks ago. It was keeping him from thinking right, haunting his every thought.

Calum couldn’t bring himself to believe again, only to have his hopes vanish like dust in the wind.

“Fucking hell!”

He yelped, jumping onto his feet as he put away his guitar. His eyes stared at his hand worryingly, finding no reason for the numbing pain shooting through his whole forearm. He hadn’t done anything that could injure him for the past weeks, so why was he feeling like someone was crushing his bones?

Calum felt his stomah churn at the possible thought that he could be feeling what everyone had talked about. Surely, the injury wasn’t his; so it must be his soulmate’s, right?

Calum’s thoughts shot back to you, to your encounter, and then to the electrical feeling that shook him when he held your hand. But as the pain in his arm failed to abstain, he found no room for celebration as his mind only concentrated on one thought; you were in trouble.

Calum didn’t know where to go, or where he could find you. Were you even in town? Nonetheless, he had allowed his feet to drag him as he ran through the streets, hoping that he’d somehow find you.

Some people claim that the connection between Soulmates is strong enough to help you locate them at times, but how could he do such a thing when he had spent years not believing in all of that? But when he found himself running in circles, failing to find any trace of you as his frantic eyes scanned every passing figure, he knew that he couldn’t keep going.

He wasn’t getting any result out of it. And as his mind desperately tried to find its way to you, only one thing popped into his mind.

The hospital.

Of course! How could he be so idiotic to not go there first thing? Where else would an injured person go?

“Come on, Come on!” Calum mumbled under his breath, his breath rigid as he tried to find you in the crowded consulting room.

Bringing both of his hands to rub face calum let out a frustrated sigh upon realising that he couldn find you. Maybe was wrong and it wasn’t the soulmate tie he had felt. Calum realised at last why he never wanted to get his hopes up ; he felt as if heart about burst chest tightening with sorrow.

“What’s it with us always meeting here?”

A voice Calum didn’t think he’d ever be hearing again broke his trance. As he turned around, he found you sitting in the same exact position as the first time, giving him the warmest smile ever.

Calum felt an unusual urge at that moment; an urge to run to you and hug you and finally breath. He restrained himself.

“What’s wrong with your hand?” He asked as he moved closer, his eyes frowning upon noticing your bandaged wrist.

“I was just being a big clutz, and slipped on the wet floor. It’s nothing too bad though,” You sheepishly explained your injury, feeling quite embarassed at your clumsiness.

Calum breathed out in relief, “I thought it was something worse. You really scared me,” He mumbled but your ears picked up his words, your eyebrows furrowing at his words.

“What do you mean- How?”

Your perplexed eyes made Calum look down as his feet dragged him closer to you, quickly pocketing his hands in his black jeans.

“Do you mean we’re…” You spoke up again as his eyes stayed glued to the hospital floor, your eyes widening as he nodded his head.

“How did you know?” You wanted to know more, you wanted to ask so many things. After all, you were meeting your Soulmate, he was your soulmate.

Calum’s eyes finally found yours, the adoration in his eye visible as he finally stopped to think that you were his soulmate.

“I only guessed the first time we met, I wasn’t sure. But today I felt it, I felt you

Calum couldn’t put his feelings into words; the feeling that hit him far too complicated for him to try and describe.

“I didn’t think I had one,” He slowly added, and for the first time ever he found himself showing just how much that thought had hurt him through the years.

“Why would you think so?” Your worried eyes followed his every move, as you were unable to tell why he didn’t believe you were there.

“I never felt anything from you, so it was kinda hard to still believe.” His hand carefully went to hold up your uninjured wrist, his thumb stroking the similar scar.

“I’ve only had this little one,” He lifted his own wrist and held it against yours, his eyes adoringly looking at your matched marks. Never in his years of life had he thought that that moment would ever come.

“Sorry, I guess I must’ve been too careful,” You shyly smiled at him.

Surely, you had gotten bruises of your own, but they were never painful enough for him to really feel.

Tearing your hand from his grasp, you daringly reached to touch the inked patch of skin peaking through his top.

“I’ve always wondered about your tattoos,” You whispered, your mezmerized eyes following your tracing fingers.

“How did you know?” Calum asked, his curious eyes staring intently at you.

“I guessed; I could only feel slight buzzing on my skin, I guess it made sense.”

Calum smiled at your explanation, taking your hand in his to direct your attention towards him.

“Well, how about I take you out and tell you all about them? A little make up date for being an unconsiderate asshole,”

You chuckled at his apologetic words, pointing your finger at him as you blocked his path,

“Only if you promise to keep in mind that your Soulmate can feel your pain as well before getting in trouble,” You jokingly warned him.

Calum threw his head back at your words, and you swear you have never seen a smile as beautiful as his.

“Baby girl, I doubt I’d be able to get you out of my mind now that I’ve found you.”

Lets get personal

I still can’t believe we finally got the kiss… its like coming home…

Patsy and Delia mean so incredibely much to me… Patsy and Delia made me brave enough to come out to my parents, my homophobic christian parents. Without this show, i would still be far far into the closet, afraid to show myself, not even wanting to think about being who i actually was…

I had no idea that this show would change my life so much. That watching this show 3 years ago with my mom after coming home from school everyday would make such an impact. Call the Midwife made my mom, who used to show all her disgust about gay people right in front of me my entire life, realize that people cant choose who they love, and believe me when i say that means a lot.

Because of Call the Midwife i’m finally accepted at home, and i’m slowly starting to accept myself. I felt so heartbroken after Delia’s accident, after Patsy’s departure, after every almost kiss we got, i didn’t feel just disappointed, i felt literally heartbroken.

Patsy and Delia are my example of love, they are such a huge part of me, when I look in the mirror i see someone who would be a whole different person without them.

When I saw Delia’s heartbroken face, I felt exactly the same, i was missing a part of myself, i missed hope, i missed happiness, because they are my example of hope, happiness and everything i need in life.

We deserve so much more, we deserve hugs, talks, domestic bliss, character development, but look how far we’ve come, and we only got to thank the people who had to endure this pain, who fought for this freedom, and ourselfs, for demanding more, because we deserve that. This is such an important day and i will never forget it.

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Thinks about how Louis’ single line in ‘bridge over troubled water’ brought me to my knees.

Thinks about Louis talking about the ups and downs of the past few years and how that resonates on the album.

Thinks about Louis’ growing pride in his lyrics and the work he’s put in his voice.

Thinks about the rueful look on Louis’ face when he told an interviewer he reckons he has a few good slow sad songs on the album.

Thinks about Steve Aoki saying he came away from the listening experience blown away and thinking Louis’ songs were incredibally human.

Thinks about the emotion and passion Louis speaks with about relying on his layer of humanity to connect. Wanting the fans to understand he is a real person.

Thinks about how moody songs and ballads are perfectly suited for his performance style, vocals and rawness.

Thinks about the writing session he had with John Ryan who said Louis was so sweet and human and that they were able to relate and reconnect.

Thinks about every impromptu instagram post where Louis was reflective and excited about what he was writing for his album.

Thinks about Rozes saying Louis is super talented and that he’s mature, funny, conversational and has experienced a lot and that their sessions felt like a diary entry

Stares at the ceiling and knows that I will be an absolute fucking mess when his album drops.

You never have to feel like you’re a bother, sweetie. You are a lovely, sweet, kind, and loving girl. You give so much love and kindness to people; even to complete strangers. You deserve so much more love and kindness than most people I’ve met. 

You are a very talented and sweet girl. You have gone through a hard time, but when you hit rock bottom, there’s only place to go. And thats up sweetie. Things will be okay. 

You can always ask for help. We will be here supporting you through it all. 

With all the love, 

Milei (Evie)

Kagamin3ko: Thank you so so so much my dearest Evie-chan! ;;;;v;;;; Like I said I can’t thank you enough for all you have done and do for me! It’s really incredible, it’s way too much!!! QAQ 

Words can’t describe how much you’re amazing! I don’t feel like I deserve all this incredibely sweet words and this wonderful and touching drawing but given that you take the time and put your heart in it I will accept all this with great pleasure and so much wonderful emotions! QvQ <33333

 Your words are magical, they help me and touches me so much, you’re too amazing Evie-chan, words can’t even describe how much you’re amazing!! I’m sorry if what I wrote is clumsy, I’m really overwhelmed by emotions TvT *cries her eyes out* 

Yes things can get only better now, it’s gonna be okay, your words are the greatest support ever ;;;;v;;;; I will ask for help, you reassured me a lot about that, I thought it was selfish egoistic and bad to ask for help but you show me the contrary and I will be always be here to support and help you as well , always!!! ;v; *hugs you tightly* <3333

  I love you so so much Evie-chan and again thank you for all <3333

Scream My Name

Request: “Can you write Credence smut based on the song “Zaddy” by Ty Dolla Sign? But not like a daddy kink thing just.. idk, but every time I hear that song it reminds me of an over confident Credence.”

Pairing: Credence Barebone x Reader

Word Count: 1176

Warnings: SmUt ! just pure smut

Originally posted by our-sizzling-seduction

“Take your clothes off.” Credence whispered into your neck.

You giggled, biting your lip. Credence pulled back, a look of hurt passing over his face. He had told you that he was going to try to be more dominant in bed, but you just couldn’t take him seriously. He’d always be sweet, gentle Credence to you.

“Take off your clothes.” He repeated, this time his voice more confident, and laced with impatience. You smiled at him, trying to play along with the dark fantasy that he had planted in his own mind. You pulled your dress over your head, throwing it to the side as Credence’s eyes raked over your underwear clad body. He licked his lips, his hands reaching for your waist, pulling you in closer.

“You’re all mine.” He growled, then kissed you lavishly. “My little slut.”

You pulled away, fully laughing at him.

“Slut? Really Credence?”

“I- I’m sorry, I thought you’d like that.” His confident demeanour had fizzled now, leaving a slouched man in its place.

“Credence…” You cooed, wrapping your arms around his neck. “You don’t have to try to be someone you’re not. I love you just the way you are.”

He kept his gaze lowered, but he was determined to carry out the plan he had made.

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chth0  asked:

rick started writing the pjo series so his students who arent straight, cis, white,ablw bodied and neurotypical could see themselves represented in their targeted media. his goal is to make it as realistically diverse as possible without using stereotypes as a crutch or as a characters only trait or making the story have forced diversity, while apollo is most definately bi, there isnt enough pan characters in his stories he does immense ammount of research so he can be as true to the 1/2

2/2 kids hes trying to represent. reyna has been depicted as once having strong feelings for a male character, and whe sexuality is most definately fluid it can be incredibally harmful to make her a full out lesbian after being rejected by her crush, amd people move across these kinds of spectrums, sometimes year to year sometimes hour to hour, so please guys let reyna be bi or pan. it doesnt mean she cant later identify as a lesbian if she feels strongly related to that label in the future.

yes everything about this, yes. 

Understand that when rick started this series, society was in a different place. We’ve made a lot of fast-paced progress since, so now there’s more diversity. He’s not trying to exclude anyone, he’s just being realistic and honestly? Very, very thoughtful. Because imagine, he says sure she’s a lesbian, and I SWEAR A BNCH OF PEOPLE WOULD START A DISCOURSE OVER LESBIAN STEREOTYPES AND HOW RICK JUST MADE HER A LESBIAN SINCE SHE COULDNT GET THE GUY BLAH BLAH BLAH

ANd don’t bother denying it, it’s already happened with some straight relationships where everyone got upset that he added a relationship. It’s even happened to solangelo. 

It’s like there’s people who make their lives revolve around nitpicking at whatever they can and making a big fucking deal out of it. “Abusive” solangelo believers, I’m looking right at you. 

Making ‘Fetch’ Happen: A Strange Magic AU drabble

Bog’s ears flicked back and forth in an irritated manner. His tail twitched agitatedly.

He scratched at his neck for the hundredth time but it didn’t relieve the crawling sensation in his skin. Rolling his shoulders, he tried to settle himself but the restlessness that plagued him would not be quieted.

It was two days until the full moon still, but his body was acting like it was in only a few hours. He wanted to run. Run until he was truly exhausted. He wanted to feel his heart race in his chest, to feel his lungs burn with exhilaration. He wanted to let loose. He wanted…

He wanted to Shift.

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  • Favorite color colors: Crimson, orange, rosegold, gray
  • Lipstick or chapstick: Matte liquid lipstick *dry mwah*
  • Last song I listened to: SZA - Drew Barrymore
  • Last movie I watched: “The Diary of a Teenage Girl” for the pornstache edition of Alexander Skarsgård ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Top 3 fictional characters: Hannibal Lecter, Arya Stark, Daryl Dixon
  • Top 3 ships: Zhan Xixi x Jian Yi (19 days), Brienne x Tormund (GOT), Ragnar x Athelstan (Vikings)
  • Books I’m currently reading: “Hell is always today” by Jack Higgins, randomly picked up from my dad’s thriller collection; however, I usually choose psychology/history/fantasy books

pika-ace  asked:

Thanks to you BMC incredible stuff I've been rewatching clips and I can't stop imagining Jake and Rich doing that cool indestructible super speed ball of death that Dash and Violet do. 'Whoa, Jake, you're floating! How are you doing that??' 'I don't know!' 'Well whatever you're doing, don't stop!'


Now I want to rewatch the movie and maybe redraw scenes :000