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How did you build up running? When I run I lose my breath in like a minute. I'm not a runner but I'm trying to become one. Any tips

Sure! I got started running following the C25K, Couch to 5K program. It is a proven, nine-week program to help new runners gain strength, stamina and confidence. You run 3 days a week, for nine weeks and it works you up to a 5k (3.1 Miles.)

Here are some general tips for runners starting a new running plan.

  • Stretch out before and after and don’t skip the warm-up and cool down time. There are well worth the time and will help prevent injury.
  • Worry more about completion than pace. Speed will come with time.
  • Don’t compare yourself to other runners. Running is an individual sport and the only person you are competing with is yourself. 
  • I am convinced ½ of running is mental. Keeping a positive mental attitude is critical. If you are convinced you can do it, or if you are convinced you can’t you probably are right.
  • Consider signing up for a 5K, 90 days from now. Having a date in mind will keep you focused.
  • How are your shoes? If you can swing it, new shoes, fitted at a running store (not a shoe store) will make a world of difference.
  • Don’t make the same mistake I did and train solely on an elliptical and or treadmill. The Elliptical is easier than the treadmill and the treadmill easier than the road. If you train 100% of your time on a machine, you will be in for a surprise when you run the road.
  • Follow the 10% rule and never increase you miles by more than 10% / week. This will help you avoid injury. This won’t be an issue if you follow C25K or any other reputable training plan, as they consider this already.

Mostly just go do it. It will be hard at first, but if you follow C25K, it will ease you into it. Then you can start building to bigger and better things.

Good luck anon! You can do it!

NSFW Alphabet list

So here is the list that I have as of now :3 I just got tired of receiving the same requests over and over so I made a list for you all xD




Sir Patrick



Father Gabriel


The Governor


Shane Walsh


Norman (Blind man)

Serverus Snape

Sirius Black






The Hound

Jaime Lannister




Victor Creed

Ronan The Accuser

The Collector



Erik Leshnerr

Ramsay Bolton

Roose Bolton

Jon Snow

Robb Stark

Joffrey Baratheon




Paul Rovia

Percival Graves

Draco Malfoy

George Weasley


Tywin Lannister

Peter Quill

Rick Grimes

James Norrington



Jax Teller

Increase Mathers

Nathaniel Taylor

Miles Quaritch

Caesar Martinez

Warren Worthington



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Gyms? How to set up a membership, any tricks to get a discount that you know of, what to do when you're there, how not to feel awkward, dealing with creepy guys, etc?

Finding Mr. Right

1. Set your priorities. Before doing any legwork (ahaha) decide what YOU are looking for in your gym. Here are some things to consider:

  • How far are you willing to travel?
  • What workouts are you looking to do?
  • What time do you want to exercise? 
  • What is your gym budget?

2. Start researching. Once you have your baseline wants and needs decided, start doing some research on your local area gyms. Now that you’ve already decided what you’re looking for, it’ll be easy to cross of gyms that don’t fit your criteria. Try to find at least three venues that appeal to you.

3. Free trial/discounted trial. Nowadays, most gyms offer free trials or discounted trials. This gives you an opportunity to scope out any amenities or disadvantages while getting a cheap workout. If you are nervous about going to a new gym alone, convince a friend to go with you. Don’t sign a contract until you’ve sampled the goods! I’d also advise you to cross any gyms off your list that won’t give you a trial.

4. Ask about fees. During your free trial, consult with a gym employee and find out exactly what you will pay as a new member. Don’t get a ballpark amount, have them calculate the exact expense. If they can’t give you an exact expense, run. Ask:

  • Are there any discounts that you’re eligible for? Are there student discounts?
  • Are there different bundles that the gym offers, or is it a flat rate?
  • Are there extra fees like equipment fees or locker fees?
  • Is there a rewards program?

5. Decision time. After sampling different gyms in your locale, decide on the gym that best fits your needs. Is price more important than distance? Is there a gym that is close and cheap?

Creating Your Routine

1. Research. Dig around on the interwebs and check out different workouts. Do you care more about core strength or building muscle? Do you want to increase your mile speed or your endurance? Ask your fit looking friends or coworkers what workouts they enjoy.

2. Trial session. During your free or discounted trial, try out some of the different machines. If you are unsure of how a machine works, ask an employee so that you don’t inadvertently hurt yourself. Observe the environment around you. Is it calm? Welcoming? Productive?

3. Plan it. After researching and trying things out, come up with a fitness plan. In my experience, it’s more effective to plan out every moment of your workout so that you don’t give yourself any time to twiddle your thumbs. Make sure to alternate exercises and to allow yourself fifteen minutes to warm up.

4. Try it out! After registering at a gym, try out your new routine. Allow yourself the space to tweak anything that doesn’t feel right. It’s okay to start slow, be confident that you will eventually build all the strength and skills that you desire. It’s more important to leave feeling proud of yourself and excited to come back than it is to go home feeling miserable and upset. 

5. Set a goal. Set a goal for several months down the road, based on what skills you would like to improve. Choose a specific day, and decide to treat yourself on said day if you accomplish said goal. The goal can be as simple as going to the gym twice a week, or as complicated as losing five pounds. Just make sure to properly reward yourself at the end of that time, a small incentive to keep you going!

Doing Your Own Thing

1. Bring your tunes. Make yourself a Barney Stimpson “All Rise” mix to get yourself pumped for your workout. The right music can set the tone for productivity! This will also deter strange men from talking to you, and if they try, just ignore them and pretend you can’t hear them or that you can’t speak English.

2. Buddy up. The buddy system is a great way to help motivate you to keep returning to the gym. Find a willing friend or coworker (key word is willing here, don’t assume that this will be the one time that you friend who always bails comes through because I promise you they won’t) and sign up with them. This can also help you feel more comfortable in your surroundings. 

3. Gather your materials. Don’t drop big bucks on gym accessories before you’ve even solidified your routine. Newbies do not always make the most informed purchasing decisions! Use a pair of old sweatpants and a ratty shirt and workout in these until you know what feels good for your body. Maybe your reward at the end of a couple months is upgrading to new materials? Always, always, always bring plenty of water!

4. Safe. A gym is a place for you to feel safe and productive. If somebody is bothering you, talk to a staff member about it ASAP. If the problem persists, talk to a manager about getting a refund and move to a more comfortable space. It’s not worth spending money on something that makes you feel uneasy, there are lots of other gyms out there that will offer you the peace of mind. You can’t expect results without peace of mind.

5. Remember. The gym is a place to get motivated! Everyone there is in the same position that you are in, and nobody is going to waste their money by focusing on you instead of their workout. Stay present, care about yourself, and do others the same courtesy that you want done to you!

PS: Most colleges have gym facilities that are absolutely free for students! Don’t assume that just because its your college that it’s not a “real gym”. Try it out! Hope this helps!

I Love You- Miles Wood

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Omg I have found a Devils fan!!! YAY!!! Well ok at least a Miles Wood fan. I’ll take what I can get. Alright ladies and gents you know the drill, smexy time writing! Enjoy if you read it or the next one will be out soon if you don’t read it! Up next is Tom Wilson!

Warning: sex, smexy time, language

Anon Request: Girl I am in need of some nice Miles Wood imagines omg I love your writing so I needed to ask u for this! U two are hanging out at his house and he tells u that he is in love with u and then he kisses u and it gets very very heated. If u don’t do smut then u can do fluff thank u!


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Make it work -Jide

hoodminter said to simplysdmn: Hello, I love your imagines and if your request are still open could you and imagine where you are a musician and have to kiss someone in your music video but JJ won’t let it happen so the director eventually get JJ to play the love interest. Could you include the fans reaction? 

A/N: Hey babe, thank you so much and I hope you like this. 


My face was being poked and prodded for about 3 hours and I was already falling asleep. I kept waking up when I was told to open my eyes so they could fix something or if they needed to apply something new. All I needed in that moment of time was a cup of some sort of coffee to wake me up and keep me buzzed for the rest of the day. 

I looked over at where my manager was at and wondered if I could take a break because I couldn’t handle being sat in that chair any longer. Instead I saw JJ with a Starbucks cup in his hand. I smiled at the thoughtfulness of him which in result I got scolded at because apparently smiling can ‘crease my makeup’. I rolled my eyes and motioned for Jide to come over when he caught a glimpse of me.

My manager shooed and the artists away to get their own break as I got my own. He handed me my coffee and smiled.

“A very special coffee for a very special lady.” He leaned down and gave me a kiss. “How are you?” 

“Very tired. I’m completely knackered.” I sighed and pouted. 

“I know babe, it’ll be over before you know it. Drink up! You’ll need it.” I offered him a large smile and carefully drank the coffee as quick as I could.

“Thank you Jide.” The team came back and said I had to get dressed. I said my goodbye before I was dragged away.

I slipped into the dress with the help of the kind costume designer.

“Was that your boyfriend?” Lisa said.

“Yeah, I told him not to come because we were going to be in here for so long and he’d get bored.” I laughed, shaking my head. 

“You know how boys are. Have you told him about the kissing scene?” I widened my eyes. It had totally slipped my mind to tell Jide at all.

“Jesus Lisa, you’re only after reminding me. I totally forgot. He’s going to kill everyone, oh God.” 

“I’m sure he’ll understand. You’re under so much stress, sometimes things will slip your mind and there’s nothing you can do about it.” She calmed me down and we walked out of the dressing room. She then nodded and I went pull JJ outside.

“JJ, I need to talk to you for a couple of minutes.” He nodded and took my hand as he walked me outside.

“What’s up? Everything good?” I nodded.

“Yeah except the fact that I may have forgotten to tell you something very important that may or may not get you angry.” He gave me a confused look but motioned for me to continue talking.

“Well in the last scene we have to do, we have to kiss. I have to kiss the model that they have gotten for the music video.” He stayed silent for a couple of seconds making my heart rate increase by a mile.

“Y/N, out of all things you’ve forgotten to tell me this is what you choose.” He laughed, making me calm down slightly.

“So you’re ok with it?” I smiled making him give me a weird look.

“No, they can swap me in for that guy.” I huffed.

“JJ that’s not how it works!” He shrugged walking towards the door.

“I’m going to making it work.” He smiled broadly, knowing I was getting frustrated.

“JJ.” I dragged his name out and he mocked me in return.

“Jide, they’re gonna get so mad. Please don’t do this.” I pleaded.

“Let them get mad, if they’re smart they’ll realize there’s going to be a better chemistry if I play the love interest.”

“If I get in trouble, I swear I’m never talking to you ever again.” I pouted walking around him and back into the venue. Lisa walked towards me immediately and asked what he said.

“He’s not mad but he wants them to swap out the model for him so there will be a better ‘chemistry’ or in other words he’s going to get jealous and will probably knock the poor guy out.” We both laughed at the mess he was getting himself into. We looked over to where he was and he was looking very annoyed. I assumed things weren’t going his way. He looked over at me looking for help. I shrugged and sipped my coffee.

“Olajide, I’m sorry but we cant do that. We already have the model booked we can’t let them go right now and we’ve paid them in advance we can’t let that happen.”

“I don’t care, I’ll pay back what you paid him just to make up for the cost.” My manager pulled the team away and had a very quite discussion. He walked over to me and huffed.

“I told you, you never listen to me.” I poked his chest.

“You’re annoying.” He pouted.

“So are you!” I giggled. They called him over and began talking quietly. From the look on his face, I could tell that his plan was going forward. I looked over at Lisa who was shaking her head, laughing.

“Start on him.” My manager yelled, making a bunch of the makeup and hair team drag him to a chair. I was also pulled from one side of the venue to go over the plan and what we were doing for the last few scenes.

“Alright Y/N, you just have to dance there and JJ you walk in. Dance for a couple of seconds and then the kiss. Good?” We both nodded and walked back to our designated spots. The music started playing and did what we were told. I started swaying to the music and, JJ pushed through the extra’s that were playing as other people in the nightclub. He reached me and put his hands on my waist and danced. 

We danced for a couple of seconds before he pulled me in for a kiss. It was long and passionate but it wasn’t sloppy. For a split second, I felt embarrassed. I remembered that everyone was looking at us but that embarrassment faded away when he pulled me in even more and leaving no space between us.

“And, cut!” The director yelled. “That was perfect guys! We’re all wrapped up! The video will be emailed to you just to see if you like it just before it’s sent to production to see if you like it. Yeah?” I nodded and walked to the dressing room to get changed into my comfortable clothes so I could go home.

JJ and I said goodbye to everyone before going to get dinner.

“Hey guys! So today I am joined with a very special guest. If you haven’t been living under a rock, I have a girlfriend and her name is Y/N Y/L/N.” I waved at the camera.

“She is indeed a singer and she just released a banging music video to her song which will be linked down below. Tell them what we are doing today!” He looked over at me and made me giggle.

“JJ if you keep looking at me like that I’m not going to concentrate.” He laughed and just smothered me with kisses making me laugh harder.

“OK, OK! We’re reacting to you guys reacting us. I was told specifically not to watch these in advance by Jide so these are raw reactions. Is that good enough for you?” I asked him playfully. He nodded in response and clicked onto the first video. 

The first reaction was happy thoughts and that they really liked the video in general and that the kiss was amazing. The second reaction was a couple dancing along to the song and they just reacted to the song not the actual video which was ok for me because I could tell it was an enjoyable song for others. The last video was 2 girls sat in front of their computer and they were already screaming at the intro of the video.

“Oh my God, she looks so fucking good.” They yelled. They sang loudly along with the songs and imitated the dance that I had learned for the video. Then the bit where JJ had to appear came up and they freaked out.

“Fuck! It’s JJ!” One of them screamed letting the other one off. I laughed at their cuteness and couldn’t wait to see the reaction when they saw me and JJ kiss.

“No way, they aren’t going to kiss are they?”

“If they do, I’ll actually cry.” The kissing scene appeared and one of them burst into tears.

“This is actually goals.” I looked over at JJ who looked utterly confused with what was happening in front of him. I laughed at him.

“Well guys, I don’t have a clue with what the fuck just happened.” JJ sighed, laughing slightly. We finished off the video and he said he’d start editing tomorrow.

“I think I should be in your music videos if were going to get that kind of response.” He smirked.

“I’m pretty sure the whole team completely hates you now.” He nodded.

“Well, we can make a music video of our own if they wont let me join next time.” He laughed, carrying me to my bed.

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Hey just wanted to tell you I love your blog it's super helpful. I wanted to ask whether you have any advise on how to make workout plans and actually stick to them.

Thanks for the love!!

Creating Your Routine

1. Research. Dig around on the interwebs and check out different workouts. There isn’t a “one size fits all” workout that will work for everyone, you need to design one that works just for you. Do you care more about core strength or building muscle? Do you want to increase your mile speed or your endurance? Ask your fit looking friends or coworkers what workouts they enjoy.

2. Plan it. After researching and trying things out, come up with a fitness plan. In my experience, it’s more effective to plan out every moment of your workout so that you don’t give yourself any time to twiddle your thumbs. Make sure to alternate exercises and to allow yourself fifteen minutes to warm up.

3. Try it out! Try out your new routine. Allow yourself the space to tweak anything that doesn’t feel right. It’s okay to start slow, be confident that you will eventually build all the strength and skills that you desire. It’s more important to leave feeling proud of yourself and excited to come back than it is to go home feeling miserable and upset.

4. Set a goal. Set a goal for several months down the road, based on what skills you would like to improve. Choose a specific day, and decide to treat yourself on said day if you accomplish said goal. The goal can be as simple as going to the gym twice a week, or as complicated as losing five pounds. Just make sure to properly reward yourself at the end of that time, a small incentive to keep you going!

5. Incentives. There is absolutely nothing wrong with bribing yourself (I bribe myself on a regular basis). It’s hard to feel motivated to work towards something without a reward for that hard effort. Here are some examples of incentives:

  • Chocolate and/or your favorite candy
  • The expensive shirt that’s been sitting in your Amazon cart
  • A professional massage
  • A pedicure
  • Panera

6. Still can’t stick with it? A surefire way to convince yourself to follow your regime is to spend some money. For example- my boyfriend registered for a marathon several months ago ($75) and has been very committed to making the money worthwhile. Paying for a gym membership has a similar effect- if you spent $$, you might as well put it to use!

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anon,you say you won't make it far but you have left miles of mud imprints behind you, open the boxofpastpictures & take each one out,wipe the dust starting from the middle in a counterclockwise motion to erase the unsurity of the past,marvel at the beauty of your spirit as it has grown throughout the years,the ones who take pieces of you prepare you for the one who will fill the cracks of those tiny fractured forgotten forgetmenots,the feet of your smile increases with each mile closer to Home


Fandom GPS

No but imagine one where you could alternate fandoms each day;

Supernatural Fandom GPS Day:

Bobby: “Ya, idjit, go another half mile and turn back around.”
Castiel: “I don’t understand. There is a store called ‘Winchester Gear’? What do they sell? Salt shotgun shells?”
Crowley: “I run Hell and I don’t even want to go to this place. Why exactly do you want directions there?”

Harry Potter Fandom GPS Day:

Snape: “Take exit three hundred and ninety four.”
McGonagall: “Turn left now, you babbling, bumbling baboon.”
Luna: “If you look out your window more often, you’re much more likely to spot a Crumple-Horned Snorkack.”

Sherlock Fandom GPS Day:

Mycroft: “If you could manage it, a left turn this century wouldn’t be your worst decision ever.”
Mrs. Hudson: “I’m not even your landlady, dear, but if you want my directions, you’ll go back home and have a nice cuppa.”
Lestrade: “Right, what you want to do here is look out for the lane changes, because the traffic can be murder.”

Doctor Who Fandom GPS Day:

Amy Pond: “Ya bloody idiot, what ya wanna go that way for?”
River Song: “Oh, are we going somewhere? How exciting!”
Clara Oswald: “Drive. Drive you clever human. And remember to always wear your seatbelt.”

Lord of the Rings Fandom GPS Day:

Legolas: “My elf eyes see that you’ll need to turn west in 3 miles.”
Gimli: “Increase speed when you get off the interchange. Nobody cuts off a dwarf!”
Gollum: “Turn right here, Precious. Yes, right here! Gollum!

Marvel Fandom GPS Day:

Nick Fury: “I recognize that you missed the turn, but given that it was an important turn, I’m going to need to recalculate now.”
Loki: “You missed the turn. Well, I’m not exactly shocked. You must not be truly desperate to reach your destination.”
JARVIS: “May I say how refreshing it is to finally see you on the right course?”

Throwback Thursday!

Bandai introduced the Tamawalkie, a Tamagotchi pedometer in 2008 which was available in the Asian/Australian/Oceanic region. The design was very similar to a traditional Tamagotchi except it has a clip and resembles a UFO, and there is a cute story behind that:

While preparing the American Pavilion for the Tama & Earth EXPO, a Tamagotchi went into an UFO to visit America, to collect materials. Along the way, the UFO is struck by a meteor and sent crashing to Earth. The Tamagotchi must now collect materials for the Pavilion and attempt to repair the damaged UFO.

Once the Tamawalkie is started the user may select one of three characters; Mametchi, Memetchi, or Kuchipatchi. There are 4 games (jumping rope, timer, treadmill, and fishing) in the beginning, when a user succeeds in a game, their “mile points” increase. Of course the Tamawalkie is a pedometer so it does keep track of the users steps which will help your Tamagotchi progress by earning “mile points”.

Your Tamagotchi of choice will be looking for UFO parts in 25 cities of America based on the starting point provided on a map. Every dot on the map is a city where the Tamagotchi can find one of its 24 UFO parts. During the day, the Tamagotchi will lays walk and there are some vehicles that can help your Tamagotchi travel faster. The Tamagotchi can get a job and shop in order to successfully continue its journey across America.

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Does sugar only make you lean if you exercise a shit tonne? I eat unlimited HCLF, literally ZERO added fat, fruit for breakfast always with added sugar, been doing this for about a year, been vegan for 2, drink at least 3 litres a day, never been on the pill, bed by 10pm, cal restricted for most of 2014 and am still holding the weight I gained after this. I cycle almost every day but only for like 15-30 mins all up riding to shops/to see friends etc. Need to cycle more? 60kg, 157cm, 20yr female.

Sounds like your weakest link was your restriction days and you are still healing from that.

Id increase the miles because your bodyweight and lifestye looks like it supports more fitness focused cycling. Do some 100mile rides twice a month.

Luke Imagine - Football Player

Requested: Yes! 
Word count: +3400
Pairing: Luke x reader
Note: Hope this is what you asked for. thank you so much for requesting. if other people wish to do so, you can message me or do it here

Request message:  “ Hello! Can you please write an imagine where I am the lead singer in a famous band and i start dating Luke Hemmings who is in the german national team? But also some other players of the german national team have feelings for me”


You hear your phone ring as you pick it up to answer.

“Is it Luke?” one of your bandmates asks you with an evil grin and then laughs. You show your tongue at her which only makes them all laugh her. You get up to leave the room, your phone ringing in your hand, Luke’s face on the screen.  The comfy room which you were standing was your favourite room for you and your band mates to write new songs, you could all just sit back and enjoy time together while doing your favourite thing in the world, your job. Being in a famous band was not really easy, you always had a schedule, concerts, interviews and an enormous amount of sleep. But there was a god point in your life. Something you knew would never change, Luke. Dating one of the most famous football players in Germany wasn’t easy has you barely see each other, but Luke was patient, and when you two found each other in the same city, you would always meet.

You pick up the phone to hear his voice into the receiver. The butterflies in your stomach grow with happiness of talking to him again, you haven’t talked in two days and even though it seemed so little time, the more you stayed without talking to him, the more you missed him

“Hi beautiful!” he greets an you smile “How’s my girl?”

“Good. How are you?”

“Tired” he sighs “Just came from practice for tomorrow’s game. We’re playing against Spain” he adds and you frown

“It will be alright. I’m sure you’ll win!” he chuckles “I’m going to get a plane and in a few hours I should be in Germany. We have an interview before a concert in two days” you sigh tired and he gasps “What?”

“Could you come to the game? We’re playing in Germany as well” the door to the room where you stand opens and one of your bandmates comes out, she smile at you

“I know you are talking to him, but we just finished the song as it would be great if you could come for us to give it a go…”

“I’ll be there in two” you tell her and she nods, leaving the room again. You go back to Luke “Game? Tomorrow?”

“Yeah. Is that alright? I understand if you’re busy, it’s just that I want to see you. I miss you” your chest tightens at his words. The time you spend together is never enough and as you know that tomorrow you won’t be doing anything, you say yes. “I love you for that. You know where it is, just come around the back door and say you’re with me, he’ll let you in” you hear some laughing and lots of noise in the background “I have to go now, I’m getting to the hotel and the boys are celebrating yesterday’s victory. I’ll call you tomorrow morning”

“Okay Lukey. I love you” you say mentioning his nickname. You earn a chuckle in response

“I love you too penguin” the nickname he gave you makes the butterflies in your stomach fly too high, trying to escape. You can never stop a silly smile from appearing on your lips when you talk to Luke, even all the little things that he says make you smile and wake the butterflies in your stomach. You’ve never loved someone like you love him.

You hang up the phone and head back to the previous room. Your bandmates holding guitars for you to give a try on the song.

“Finally!” one of the throws her hands up “I thought I’d have to go and drag you back inside”

“Sorry” you shrug and sit down

“They haven’t seen each other in a while, give her a break” you other bandmate defends you “whatever. Let’s stop wasting time and get on with the song” you all agree and they start playing, the melody of the new song filling the room as your voices harmonise to the song.


The next morning when you wake up, you jump out of your hotel bed, leaving the warm of the duvets behind you. You head of your bag and make out the outfit you had decided to wear. You put on your signature thigh black jeans and Luke’s football team shirt. He had left it once when visiting you and you hadn’t returned it. Whenever you felt down you would wear it, it still smells of him and it made you feel his warm embrace around you.

“Where you going?” your manager asks you when she sees you heading for the hotel door. The taxi that you requested last night is at the door, waiting for you to take you to where the game will be.

“To see Luke” you smile and she smiles back “I’ll see you later. Or not” you mutter the last part to yourself and open the hotel door. Fans sat on the outside get approach, asking for a picture with you. You smile walking up to them and signing some pictures of you and your bandmates, signing their phone casas or just taking a cheeky selfie with them. That was the best art of being in a band, you got to know so many people, all different, but all with the same interest for your music. You wouldn’t be where you are today if it wasn’t for your fans and you can never thank them for it.

You get in the taxi and show the driver the message with the address that Luke sent you. The journey is not big, as you look outside the window, every mile increasing your excitement to see Luke again. You thank the taxi driver once it stops outside the stadium, loads of football fans already on the outside ready to go in.

You do as Luke says and go around the back, looking for the door that says entrance above it. Once you see it, a smile pops in your lips and you head over to it.

“Do you need any help miss?” the guard asks you, his buffy arms crossed over his chest

“I’m with Luke Hemmings from the football team, he said he would tell you to let me in” the guy looks to his friend who shakes his head and you frown

“Sorry miss. We can’t let you in”

“But I’m his girlfriend!” you protest

“We’ve heard that one before” he answer rude “fans walk in through the front door” he adds pointing to where you came from

“y/n?” a voice is heard behind you and you turn to find one of Luke’s team players. You curse as Christoph approaches you. Christoph Kramer was a blonde guy with ocean blue eyes that would make any girl swoon. He was extremely talented with his foot and he was, really hot. But he was also very proud, a smirk was always playing on his lips and his personality wasn’t the best one. You had met him when you came to watch Luke once, and since then, every time he sees you something happens. Normally Luke and him end up fighting and the reason why was obvious, Chris had a crush on you as well, and he just wouldn’t give up.

“You look gorgeous” he kisses your cheek and you clean it afterwards “would be better with my shirt though” he smirks and winks at you, your cheeks turning pin. He turns to the guards “She’s with me” they nod and open the door, letting you both in. you follow him around the stadiums corridors while he rambles about their last game. Then you come to a large room, one of the doors says “Changing room”. Your stomach flutters at the thought of Luke being right behind the door and you head for it, an arm being crossed in front of your chest making you stop

“No girls, is a boy changing room. I’ll tell Luke you’re here” he winks and walks in, leaving you waiting outside for him. Minutes go by when a guy walks out, you expect it to be Luke, but its Mats. Mats Hummels was one of Luke’s best friends in the team. They were always hanging out. He had a crush on you as well, because you would hang out with Luke so you would hang out with him as well and he slowly feel for you. He admitted it, and you were still good friends with him, no awkward moments which was the best. He’d still flirt but he would keep it down. He could understand that you loved Luke and you were not going to change that

“y/n” he beams and kisses you cheek “So good you see you. How are you?”

“Alright, how are you?”

“Alright. Do you want me to call Luke for you?” you frown

“I though Christoph would…” he laughs

“He didn’t, Luke will be right out” he adds before going inside again. Not even one minute later, the door is open and Luke throws his arms around your waist, spinning you around in a hug while you laugh.

“I missed you” he says when he puts you down

“I missed you too” you look at his blue eyes, shimmering with happiness and a huge smile spread across his face. His hand reaches up and cups your face. His lips approach yours and you feel the cold feeling of his lip ring brushing against yours. His lips wrap around your and you melt in his arms.

“I missed your kisses” he chuckles when you tow break apart. He takes your hand interlocking your fingers and drives you through a wooden door “How’s tour?”

“It’s good. We stopped in Germany for a day but tomorrow we will be going to France for a concert”

“You leaving so early?” he lets go of your hand and approaches a ball standing in a little car with loads of them.

“Yeah” you mutter frowning. He balances the ball in his feet and starts kicking it up and down, not letting it touch the floor. Thee butterflies in your tummy rumble with this image. His left leg supports all his weight, his arms open to keep his balance. You gasp when he catches the ball in his forehead and balances it.

“Go Luke!” you cheer and the ball drops to the floor making you laugh

“You distracted me” he complains with a smile and approaches, leaving a peck on your lips. The door behind you opens and the coach smiles

“Sorry to interrupt. Hello y/n, how are you?” he smiles and you answer alright “good to know. Sorry to spoil it but Luke needs to go to the field, game is about to start” you nod “if you could follow Kayla, that would be great”

Kayla is her daughter and she was really sweet. You weren’t afraid of her and Luke even though she spent all her time with the boys because she was, well, seven years old. You kiss Luke’s cheek and mutter a good luck before leaving the room. Kayla is just outside, her dad’s football shirt dressed and the teams scarf around her. She runs up to you and hugs your waist

“Is really good o see you” she smiles and you kiss her cheek “c’mon c’mon, we have to hurry” she says pulling you by the hand through corridor and door you didn’t know. Five minutes later you are installed in your sit waiting for the game to start. The welcomes and handshakes at the beginning of every game had been done. The other team roars with excitement, the blue colour contrasting the green and white scarfs and shirt scattered across you side of the stadium. The ball is placed in the middle, the whistle is heard and the game begins.

The game goes on, oh’s and gasps heard from the crowds, protests and screams going back and forth between the players can be heard faintly on the grass. The crowd roars when Christoph scores a goal and you jump from your sit, clapping. He looks towards you and sends a kiss, making your roll your eyes. The game keeps on; corner from the other team, someone falling, ball going into the crowd. Normal football stuff. And then the other team scores just before the break. Great

You go down the stairs, Kayla behind you to see her dad. When you approach the players Luke and Christoph are fighting. You get closer to him and they stop

“Tired?” you ask him and he nods, he kisses your temple but when he lifts his arms to put it over your shoulder you step away “You’re all sweaty”

“Sorry penguin” you smile and kiss his cheek, stepping away again “we have to score again to win” he tells you and you nod “where do you want to go after the game? Dinner?”

“Yeah. We could go to McDonalds or something” you smile and he nods, taking a sip of his energy drink. He offers it but you refuse shaking your head no

“Okay everyone” coach says and you all look towards him “Let’s give it all now, half of the game is gone, just one more goal for the win. We are not playing here. This is your dream, your aspiration, put it all in. don’t be a punch of…” he trails of looking at Kayla

“Pussies” she says and then laughs

“Who’s taught you that?” coach asks and when she points at Luke you laugh “Hemmings” he warns and the team laughs. “Anyways. Let’s do this guys”

You look at Kayla and she grabs your hand, pulling you away once again to your sits. You kiss Luke on the cheek and follow her. The whistle sounds when you both sit down and the game restarts

After there’s only ten minutes left, the boys have tried to score but nothing. One of the players from the other team was sent out and that gave them an advantage. Luke’s got the ball, and he is running for the goal. His shirt is stuck by his sides like glue due to the sweat. He goes around a player and passes the ball over to Christoph who heads for the goal. You get up when they get really close. Christoph is going to try to score as he watches thee goal grow closer to him. Luke seems to be calling for his attention by putting his arm up to get the ball back. He is in a better position to score but Christoph doesn’t give him the ball

“He’s not going to score” someone says behind you “pass the fucking ball to Hemmings, you’re not going to do it “he screams but it’s useless, Christoph would never hear it. He kicks the ball and everyone watches it fly in the hair in direction to the goal. It goes almost, almost in, until it hits the goals post and there’s a painful roar from the audience. The ball hits back and the other players try to take it. Too late, Luke’s on it. The ball hits his chest and drops to his feet. He kicks it and it goes for the goal again, entering the goal and sending the audience into a roar. You jump up and down happy and Kayla curses next to you, surprising you with her language

“We won!” she says “we fucking won” she’s so happy that you start laughing. You look at the watch, there’s only two minutes left of the game and you join the rest of the audience, happy that they won. You look down to see Luke on his knees; he takes his shirt and kisses it, forming a ball with it and throwing it for you. He points to you and then runs off, the rest of the boys jumping over him to celebrate. You catch the shirt and you feel it’s wrenched with sweat.

The whistle is heard and the boys gather to receive medals for wining, you clap all along. Kisses are swapped between the girls on the field and the players. Luke refuses to kiss the girl handling the medal and send a kiss in your direction

“Cheesy” Kayla says next to you and you laugh at her cringed face. You take her hand and pull her to the back, to where you came from. The corridor where the players walk by to the changing room is full of photographers and you stay by the side, waiting for them to pass by. The other team walks by and the cameras flash non-stop, questions fired at them about losing the game

Luke’s team walks up and flashes are fired at them. The boys scream and sing their teams song excitedly, huge smiles in their faces. He spots you and heads over to you, kissing your temple.

“We won” he screams over all the noise and you nod laughing. He opens his arm to hug you but you push away his shirtless chest “oh. Sweat, right”

“Luke” someone says and you both look to see a photographer “who’s your girlfriend? Is she here to see you, are you happy that you won?” questions are fired and Luke puts his hand up

“c’mon” he pulls you by the hand, taking you away, following the rest of the team. You see the door to the changing rooms but Luke pulls you to other door to where you were when you first saw him “I’m going to change” he points to the door behind him “wait here” he kisses you a small peck on the lips and goes into the door

You look around and spot a bench, sitting down and waiting for him. One hour later Christoph comes out

“Hey gorgeous” he heads over and you get up “did you like the game?”

“Yes” you smirk at him “especially when Luke scored the goal you were trying to”  

“I let him” he approaches you and wraps his arms around your waist. You push his chest but he is much stronger than you “stop resisting. You love it” he leans in, looking at your lips and you bend your back in a downward position, trying to stay as away from him as possible and pushing his chest

“Let her go!” a loud voice sounds behind you tow and you look to see Luke, his bag on his shoulder, completely changed and refreshed. Christoph unwraps his arms from you and Luke at him

“Chill man, she’s alright” Luke approaches him and crosses his arms

“I fucking told you to stay away from her” he looks at you and then at Christoph again “Do I have to say again?” his voice is low and powerful, angry

“No, it’s alright” Christoph answer and walks away

“You didn’t have to be like that. I had it controlled” you scold him and he chuckles, pecking your lips

“I saw it” he takes your hand and heads out of the stadium, to his car for a night out.


“I’m going to miss you” Luke kisses you. You’re not ready to let him go yet. You had a wonderful night yesterday after the game, driving around town after McDonald and just talking about the last two weeks when you weren’t together. But now at the airport, your hear breaks with the feeling of the goodbyes

“I will miss you too” you say and his rubs his thumb against your cheeks cleaning the tear that fell from your eyes

“C’mon y/n! We have to go!” your band mate exclaims looking back at you and Luke. His arms are wrapped around you and tears fall from your eyes. Sadness is evident in his eyes. You never know how much time apart you will be and its always difficult

“I have to go” you mutter looking at him

“y/n now” you manager says and you nod towards her. You look back at luke and hug him tightly not wanting to let go. His hand strokes thee back of your head up and down soothing you

“Don’t cry penguin. Call me when you land yeah?”

“Okay” you nod with trembling lips “I love you”

“I love you too baby girl” he kisses your lips and hugs you again. Tears pool at his eyes and he blinks them away

“Bye Lukey”

“See ya later penguin” you walk away. The last thing you touch of is his hand and it pains in your heart to go away, but you know you’ll will be reunited again. You always find a way.


N/A: Hope this is what you asked for. sorry I took so long. If anyone wants to request anything, you can message me or ask. don’t forget you can always have a look at my Masterlist with other imagines that I wrote. Comment what you thought, I’d love to hear it xx

Doctors Make the Worst Patients

@leiascully‘s In Sickness and In Health challenge this week gave me a kick in the ass on finishing a fic I started a year ago and then abandoned.

Rated PG

The road seemed endless.  Three hours of nothing to see but empty fields of dead grass as they crossed South Dakota in their rented Taurus.  The maroon interior of the car had given Scully a headache as soon as Mulder had unlocked the passenger door for her.  She’d pretended to listen to him as he rambled on and on about the legends of Deadwood and the murder of Wild Bill Hickok, but the pressure in her head and behind her eyes increased with every passing mile and eventually she tuned him out.

“…which is now known as Dead Man’s Hand,” Mulder said.  “Scully?”

Scully opened her eyes at the sound of her name.  Her head throbbed so badly it made her eyes water.  “What, Mulder?”

“Do you think I’d make a good cowboy?  You can be honest.”

“Pull over.”

“It can’t be that unimaginable.”

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Our Miracle

Word Count: 1253

Pairings: Zianourry - Relationship

Warnings: Mpreg

Additional Notes: Well, happy Easter everyone! :D I hope you like this, first time really doing mpreg, so hope it’s alright! I kinda added my own little ending, but it’s really fluffy and really cute and I really love it :) so, hope you all do too :) xx

P.s Sorry for any mistakes!!

Teagan = Pronunciation ‘Tee-gan’ - Meaning 'Beautiful’

Orlaith = Pronunciation 'Or-la’ - Meaning 'Golden Princess’

Both Irish names. :) 

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