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Lied Big Time / Not the One Who Lied
Brian H. Kim
Lied Big Time / Not the One Who Lied

From Star vs. the Forces of Evil - Sleepover. When I saw this episode I was like OHHHHH SH*T IS GOING DOWWWWNNNNNN

But really, I love the episode for how it handles the concept of lying to both yourself and people around you, and the notion of what it means to “like” someone (which doesn’t just pertain to 14-year-olds), and for the increasing awesomeness of the side characters (cough cough, Janna). This is the stuff that makes these “kids” shows so much more than what they seem, and makes “Sleepover” among my favorite 11-minutes the show has ever produced.

The music goes from big emotional moments to action setpieces to stings and around and around again. Daron wanted the music to sound ancient but also techy, but not TOO techy, because “Gift of the Card” needed to sound techier.

10 Awesome Tips For Exam Anxiety

Hi guys! Here is a post for those with finals rolling in :)

This is a collab post between me( psychstudyblr)  and the lovely britany06

About Britany: Hi studyblrs!

My name is Britany and I’m here to give you all advice! From a newly graduated studyblr to all of you! A tiny brief introduction: I am 27 years old, I recently graduated with a B.S. in Psychology and I have been accepted into graduate school for Forensic Psych. I also have an anxiety disorder called Panic Disorder. So I can tend to all of your anxiety needs!
I understand you all are studying/prepping for finals. Here are some tips that have helped me when I was in school and dealing with anxiety!

1) Magnesium
When I was dealing with the worst of my anxiety symptoms (Obsessive thoughts and feelings of impending doom, weak knees, slight difficulty breathing, feeling of blacking out, increased heart rate, sweating, lightheadedness, etc.) I found a temporary solution that helped tremendously. It’s an electrolyte mineral called magnesium; I depended on this to fight off panic attacks to do school work for months. Magnesium calms your nerves when you are experiencing anxiety (this is gold for my fellow anxiety disorder sufferers). At the same time, it also allows you to focus on your tasks, allowing you to get a ton of work done - for you procrastinators! Magnesium can be found in multivitamins, electrolyte enhanced water such as Gatorade, nuts, and my personal favorite, chocolate. I buy magnesium in pill form (for full effect) from Walgreens, Target, or Wal-Mart. They come in a big bottle for less than $10. Now what I recommend when taking magnesium for you anxious test-takers is to get a water bottle that’s already filled (you may add lemon for flavor) either crush it until it looks like cocaine or just drop the magnesium pill into the bottle and let it dissolve. Make sure you shake the bottle before drinking! Caution: If you are taking magnesium in pill form, please be aware that overdosing will cause diarrhea. You don’t want to be stuck on the toilet for hours during an exam. To prolong the effects of magnesium, sip throughout your studying/exam. 

2) Netflix, Wine, & Chocolate!
When your taking breaks in between studying for your exams, I highly recommend drinking wine (if you’re legal), if not, drinking water (your recommended daily amount) will decrease the levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, in your bloodstream. Do not get drunk…it’s you’re fault if you’re too wasted to pass a class. I also recommend catching a new show (do not binge!) on Netflix. Sons of Anarchy, Lost, Orange is the New Black, or just some random B-list horror flick will reset your mind, while your brain gets used to the overload of information you just stuck in there all at once. Lastly for this section, eat chocolate! It’s not just for treating dementor attacks anymore. Chocolate increases the dopamine (awesome, feel-good neurotransmitters in your brain), enhancing your mood. I recommend getting chocolate with more than 50% cocoa powder (more magnesium!). So, for all you non-drinkers, you can get chocolate wasted!

3). Self-Love, Exercise
I’m a firm believer in getting your endorphins wherever you can get them. Endorphins are neurotransmitters in your brain that increase during pain and pleasure. Endorphins cancel out the cortisol in your bloodstream that you were producing because of stress. So, how do you increase your endorphins? (Ahem) Sex or a little self-lovin’. Lucky you if you have a partner, if not, and you’re forever alone like me, inbox me for coupons from a very discrete adult toy store site with fast shipping (insert innocent smiley face here). If you’re an asexual, a prude, or a llama, you can get your endorphins elsewhere, like the gym. Ever hear of “runner’s high”? It’s a thing. Do at least 30 minutes of cardio a day; it will improve your state of mind and your health.

4). Get Out of the Frickin Room!
Changing your scenery will have just as much of an impact as exercising or stuffing your face with comfort food. Get out and walk in the city. Go to target or get some frozen yogurt from that shop that charges you by the ounce. Play with toys at the toy store; eat the free samples at Panda Express. Visit a friend and go to the park or build a snowman (if your town is currently buried like Buffalo, NY). While you are out on the town, give a compliment to 3 random strangers. Tell the cashier you like her hair, tell the lady walking past you that you love her shoes, or give change/buy food for a homeless person on the street. These small things will not only make others feel good, but you as well, because you just made someone’s day a little brighter; it’s like karmic energy. 

5). Indulge Your Inner Child
When I was going through the worst of my Panic Disorder symptoms, I gave into my inner child. Your inner child is that adorable little voice in the back of your mind that tell you to take bubble baths, to play with the toys in Wal-Mart, to build a fort out of sheets and pillows in the living room, to hug your teddy bear, or watch The Lion King for no reason. What I do to indulge my inner child is have Harry Potter marathons, take candle lit bubble baths, and cuddle up on my bed underneath a million blanket while reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix; I also hula hoop in my bedroom. Your inner child demands your attention. I believe you experience severe anxiety when your inner child is in jeopardy of dying out – like a horcrux. I also watch movies that I loved as a child, movies such as: Muppet Treasure Island, The Little Mermaid, Ferngully: The Last Rainforest, Tinkerbell movies, etc. Whatever you did as a child, do as an adult. 

6) Get at least 8 hours of sleep… or not

There is a common myth that says you have to get at least 8 hours of sleep before a major exam or test. However, more often or not, it is much harder to sleep when it is a chore. But stress not! You don’t actually need a full 8 hours in order to preform well in exams. Actually, your performance on the test will not differ much if you are moderately sleep deprived. A lack of sleep however will impact on your self control (late night pizza delivery anyone?).

If you find yourself having temporary insomnia before a test try some relaxation techniques. A relaxation tip called mindfulness works quite well for me (hello, youtube). Having an established bedtime routine that includes bubble baths and movie watching (see above) also works well to get your mind off pre-exam anxiety.

6) Plan, plan and plan some more

Exam time is the time I really workout my planning skills. Planning reduces my anxiety A LOT. During 2 weeks in the exam I like to plan hourly, putting as much detail into the plan as possible. Each week, I write down the amount of study that I aim to get through. By planning, I can reassure myself that I have done a sufficient amount of study and target my weaker areas. A useful tip would be to start the day with easy tasks so you can get a chain effect going. Once the first tick is on the list , it is much easier to follow through with later tasks.  In order to make your plan realistic, I place 15 minutes of buffer time between each hour in order to catch up or wind down before the next task. Finally, don’t forget to plan your down time so you actually get to it! Do put bubble baths and exercise or sexy time  down on your schedule. Remember, theses things are essential for sustaining your productivity and preventing stress meltdowns.

7) Pomordo timer 

I have said this before and I will repeat this again. Use the pomordo timer to help manage your study. This is a very simple time management strategy that allocates 25 minutes of work with 5 minutes of rest. From my experience, this is excellent especially during long stretches of study.  By training yourself to obey the chiming of the pomordo timer, you can reduce procrastination to the minimum. This timer will also prevent you from taking overly long breaks. The best way to use this going is get an app that runs the timer automatically so you will not bet tempted to extend your break for over 5 minutes.

8) Journalling

While talking to a person about your exam anxiety is great, there may not always be an available person to talk to. Also, it is sometimes best to avoid talking to your friends as it may increase your anxiety if you start comparing the amount you have studied. This is where journalling comes in.  At the end of the day, pour out all your worries onto the page. Don’t worry if it makes no sense, your main goal is just to throw all your worries onto the page. By doing so, I am able to recognize my anxieties and reflect if they are rational or not.

9) Eat normally!

It is so easy to lose track of your diet when you are consumed with study. Unfortunately, this is actually detrimental to your progress and may make you more susceptible to stress. Make sure you take the time to eat as your normally would and feel full after each meal. This is not to say that you should not eat chocolate but make sure you get your essential nutrients alongside as well. It is not a waste of time to make sure food gets into your body, rather it again helps sustain your progress.

10) It is never too late to start

If you have procrastinated for half a day put this behind you and get started. Don’t fall into the trap of unproductivity by thinking that a whole day is lost just because you have fallen behind. Do not punish yourself excessively by thinking about the amount of work you did not do. This will only create a vicious cycle, whereby you do not do any work and feel extremely guilty about it. Procrastinating a bit does not does not mean that you are destined to fail. Instead focus on getting started and you will be surprised at how much you can accomplish! Even half an hour can get you through more than you can imagine. 

I hope these tips help! Good luck with exams :)


Beyonce’s video for her song, “7/11,” which will be available as a part of the Platinum edition of her self-titled hit album, “Beyonce,” has everyone in a frenzy, for many reasons.

  • Beyonce.
  • It’s filmed on both an iPhone 6 and a GoPro, perhaps, indicating that you don’t always have to have badass equipment. Just badass content.
  • She’s (probably) tipsy, dancing around in really great underwear, in a top notch hotel with a bathroom bigger than the shitty apartments in NYC, with her homegirls, getting turnt, pop locking, ass slapping, sipping on liqs, and living her life, dammit.
  • She has the audacity to use a hair dryer to blow wind to her hair, probably to have us believe wind doesn’t just FOLLOW her wherever she goes. We all know it does, Bey. Stop the shenanigans.
  • She uses her foot as a phone. 
  • Her booty, tho.
  • Blue Ivy has a millisecond cameo where it looks like she was napping but her mother is acting a fool and so Blue is restless.
  • She has no make up on and she’s never looked better.
  • The whole section of her mixing New Years & Christmas, with her popping out of the box and using cardboard rolls as numb-chucks and whatnot? Golden.
  • The older she gets, the more carefree she reveals herself to be, thus increasing her awesomeness tenfold and giving other in-the-closet Carefree Black Girls permission to be, well, carefree, and for Carefree Black Girls BEING carefree to, well, continue.
  • Bey was more human in this 3+ minute video than she was in her 2+ hour documentary, as some put it.
  • The video is fun and cute and I wish I was her best friend.
  • I can’t stop watching it.
  • I probably won’t stop.
  • Don’t try and stop me.

anonymous asked:

How do I become a nerdfighter?

If you want to be a Nerdfighter, then you probably already are one. It’s not something you have to sign up for or be inducted into or anything like that. 

I would recommend watching as many (or all) of the vlogbrothers videos as you can. This will help you understand Nerdfighteria terms and inside jokes. This video is particularly helpful. And this link here will take to you all of the vlogbrothers videos starting from the beginning. 

But overall, being a Nerdfighter is about being who you are and not being ashamed of that. And the main goal of a Nerdfighter is to decrease world suck in any way possible. And connecting with other Nerdfighters is definitely encouraged because this creates a community of people who are working together to increase awesome. 

(Also, if you want you can always check out some of the other channels starring or produced by John and/or Hank such as: Crash Course, SciShow, Mental Floss, Sexplanations, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, and The Art Assignment.) 

Oh, and if you haven’t already, I recommend that you follow John and Hank here on tumblr. 

And as always, Don’t Forget To Be Awesome! :)

I now realize that Claude is better than that loser demon Sebastian

How could I have been so wrong?  Here I am, thinking Sebastian is the best demon in Black Butler, but I have since come to my senses.

Shall I go through my reasons?

1.  First of all: the tap dancing.

Okay, what kind of dancing does Sebastian do?  Social dancing.  Please.  As in, “dancing where you’re holding onto someone else and there aren’t any set moves you just move around the dance floor looking pretty.”  Even Ciel can do that.

But Claude?

He can tap dance.  On a RAILING.  By himself.

That, my friends, is talent.

2.  The goldware

What does Sebastian fight with?  Silverware?  Please.  Last time I checked, a gram of silver is worth $0.54 a gram.  That’s 54 cents, people.  Gold is worth $38.68 a gram.  Shall I break it down mathematically for you?  That’s an increase of 71.63% more awesomeness than Sebastian.  Sure, Claude may not be original, but his choice of weapon is worth more from a financial standpoint and shows how much money the Trancy’s have no problem throwing away.

3.  Not giving a damn

If you’re not Ciel Phantomhive, Claude Faustus could care less about you.  Claude is like the popular girl we all wanted to be in middle school: confident, aloof, haughty.

My master annoys me, so how ‘bout I just kill him?  My master tries to be funny–guess what: I’m not laughing.  Contract?  What contract?  Who needs rules, anyway?  Claude can’t even be bothered pretending to like you.  Imagine how great the world would be if we all just couldn’t care less about other people and instead just obsessed over our dinner 24/7.  Deep down inside, we are all Claude.

What does Sebastian bring to the table, honestly?  A peerless devotion to his young master’s life at the risk of his own.  Preternatural dedication to his work as a butler.  A personality that leaps off the page.  Elegance, dry wit, and propriety.  Please.  Hard work and loyalty are soooo not cool.  What a loser demon.

4.  Spiders

I mean, who doesn’t love creepy, crawly eight-legged things…?  Am I right?  Who wouldn’t want a butler who invited every spider within a three-mile radius into your home to build a web in all your door jambs?  Who doesn’t love the feeling of running into a spider web and having it cling to your face on your way out the door?

What’s Sebastian got?  A crow.  Yeah, so what, crows are one of the most intelligent animals in the world with an intelligence level that rivals that of a seven-year-old child and are important symbols in many cultures.  So what.  And in the manga, Sebastian can’t even turn into a crow.  What a loser.

5.  Mad crocheting skills

Do you know how hard it is to crochet?  Honestly, I’ve tried it.  All I can do is make chains of knots.  Crocheting is a skill.  Has that loser demon Sebastian even ATTEMPTED to make a doily?  I don’t think so…!!  He can’t even knit!!!  Yeah, he can sew a dress from a coverlet in mere minutes, but my sewing machine can do that, too.  It’s not that impressive, honestly.

So, yeah, I’m glad I’ve come to my senses.  To think Sebastian was my favorite character this whole time.  I was deluded!!

I mean, would Claude ever allow himself to look this stupid?

Please, Sebastian.  Just stop.  No one thinks this is funny.  What ARE you doing, anyway?  Not even Snake knows.











April Fool’s!!!

Sebastian is and shall always be my favorite character.  I am so sorry, Sebastian.  Writing this was physically painful at times.]

You know what I want to see, especially as I get older? I want to see more middle-aged and older female characters in media. I want to see women who are not just in their twenties and thirties, but clearly in their forties, fifties, sixties, and more–age lines and wrinkles and graying hair and more weight than they carried when they were eighteen, even if they’re in bad-ass condition. Women who are relevant as more than the main character’s mom, or as a hapless victim of a villains mass killing spree. Women who would in no way be mistaken for much younger people, and who have no apologies for it. 

I’m tired of older women being supporting figures to grizzled old men and youngestrs, or being washed-up divorcees trying to put their lives back together after a life-shattering divorce or the last child leaving home. I want to see a woman whose age has given her wisdom not of the “how to be a better mommy to the main character” sort, but how to defuse bombs and how to drive race cars and how to take over a board room with respect and power. I’m talking about the female detective who’s seen it all (the gray at her temples is evidence enough) and is the first one called on the scene of a tough case. I’m talking about the senior scientist who is the only one who can create the serum needed to stop the zombie apocalypse. I’m talking about the musician with her thirty-year career exploding as she takes the stage with a whole new sound. I’m talking about the eccentric artist who’s taken New York by storm–again–and to hell with the damned soup cans. I want to see Buffy the Vampire Slayer at age fifty-three, wilier and perhaps more cautious, but still quick with the wisecracks. I want to see Hermoine Granger to make sweeping improvements to the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, the pinnacle of a distinguished forty-year career. I want Pepper Potts to have plenty of company.

And I want to see them portrayed as age-appropriate actresses, too. No more twenty-six-year-old women playing forty-two-year-old characters. I want Gwyneth Paltrow and Halle Berry and Uma Thurman and Tilda Swinton out there on the screen and stage. 

Don’t get me wrong–I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the increase of awesome female characters in the YA genre and in movies and comics and elsewhere. But as I get older, I still want to see characters who are like me, even with creaky knees and that spot in my back that’s complaining just a bit, but who wouldn’t dare trade their current lives for being twenty-one again.

What the Lord spoke to me during my MRI.

I got an MRI a couple of weeks ago. For those of you who don’t know the process, it’s not fun. You’re stuck in this tiny, claustrophobic tunnel, and also surrounded by an overwhelming, constant noise the entire time. Not a small buzz, but loud banging and clashing and thrashing that even shakes you. It’s pretty scary.

Before I went into the tunnel, the man asked me if I wanted to listen to any music to help make the experience a little friendlier. I requested the Housefires album. I have been listening to Housefires every single day, to and from work, on repeat for 2 hours a day, for the past 3 months. So it was only natural that it was the first thing I thought of.

Once the MRI started, the banging and clashing and shaking started. And I could hear the faint voices, singing in the distant “You’re a good, good father. It’s who you are…” I was pretty frustrated at first because I couldn’t hear the music. “What’s the point of even playing music?” I thought to myself. “I can’t hear anything.” The MRI was way too loud. But a few minutes into it, I closed my eyes and began to focus on the song. Even though I could barely hear it, I began to hum along since I knew the tune so well. And even though I couldn’t hear the lyrics, the music was just audible enough, to where I could hear familiar parts of the song cue me to start singing the lyrics that I have grown to know so well.  

And just as I was singing, “…and I’m loved by you. It’s who I am…” the Lord brought me to a new revelation:

What if our ability to hear God’s voice, especially in tough seasons, is not about how loud and clear He is? What if instead, it’s about our choosing to drown out chaotic, contrary voices and focus on His, no matter how quiet it seems to be? Because we have grown so familiar to His voice in seasons past…Because we have spent so much time talking to Him in our day to day routine…

I used to evaluate intimacy with the Lord with my ability to hear His voice loud and clear in tough seasons. When I could hear Him, it would reassure me that God and I were “tight.” And when I couldn’t, I would get frustrated with myself, and Him, and my relationship with Him.

I’m realizing that intimacy with the Lord doesn’t just take place in the moments when His voice is like, BAM! (which is also pretty awesome). But increasing intimacy takes place in the everyday, mundane things. When I talk to Him during my commute. When I dialogue with Him in my journal. When I say good morning, thanks for the meal, and good night. It’s in these moments that I grow familiar to His voice, maybe without even knowing it…without dramatic proof of the difference that it’s making. So that when I enter seasons that have voices coming at me from every angle, His voice is still so familiar, and it cues me, guides me, leads me through shaking seasons.  

Clarity is not in the volume of God’s voice. It’s in the familiarity of His love, His words and His truth, no matter what chaos seems to be competing against it.

anonymous asked:

I've recently started to practice integrating my own sketches into my typography, and I just struggle with how to encorporate my tablet into it. I have minimal experience with the tablet, and was just wondering once you scan in your sketched letters and bring them into illustrator, how do you take the sketch and make it a vector? do you use the pen tool to trace each letter? with the tablet or a mouse? could you explain a bit how you do this, and sorry if this is too detailed of an ask! :\

Hello! I prefer sketching directly in Illustrator because I suck on paper. Every time I try to sketch on paper, I always end up changing almost everything when I start to render. On the rare times that I do start with a sketch, I just use that as a guide to redo everything in Illustrator. Once inside Illustrator, I create another digital sketch based on the paper sketch, which I then trace using the pen tool/brush. So it’s like sketching on a sketch. (sketchception woops)

Case in point:

Words like “the”, “to”, “to increase”, “& decrease”, “create“ and ”awesome“ are all created with the brush tool (I used a Wacom tablet for this). The rest are a combination of pen tool and brush. Let’s say I build a letter with the pen tool and it looks too stiff for me, I paint the edges over with a few strokes using the brush tool. I have this weird frustration that I don’t want my letters to look very "measured”. As much as I can make them look really casual, hand drawn, and playful, the better.

Here are a few samples of me trying (and failing) to sketch on paper

^Everything is pen tool except for “were”, “&”, “was“ and ”a

^I don’t know why I even bothered to do that sketch when I ended up altering like 95% of it haha! “The man” until “London” are pen tool, the rest are brush.

^I spelled mistakes with an extra ‘s’ on purpose to indicate a “mistake”, but when I showed it to my friends they didn’t get it (and it looks dirty). Just another one of my sketches that I changed entirely. In here, the word “Let’s” is created with pen tool, the rest are brush.

^The last two examples are created entirely with the pen tool.

*please excuse my sketch of the infinity sign, I am perfectly aware that it looks like a freaking superhero mask*

Anyway, what I also love about sketching directly in Illustrator is I can easily resize/align/erase/adjust the letters to my own liking without having to erase my way through it on paper. It’s just so hard for me to align the words on paper, so frustrating! And working digitally has the undo button, my forever hero <3

But this is all just me, different artists have different preferences. Go with the method you’re most comfortable with. I hope this helps!