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Hi babes, I’ve been getting a ton of asks about fitness and health so I wanted to make a bigger more generalized post about it!!! DISCLAIMER: I am not a trainer or nutritionist or a doctor- these are just some tips I’ve learned along the way that have helped me!!

-For cardio to burn fat: HIIT. High Intensity Interval Training. Basically, you need to run for 20 or 30 minutes, alternating between walking and sprinting. You can do this on a treadmill, track, or even outside your house, whatever works!! 30 seconds of running and 90 seconds of walking is a good balance for me. This is the best way to burn fat!!! But you have to be consistent with it. Patience is key!

-Muscle burns fat, so incorporate strength training! Google some exercises to do with any weights you have in your house, or just do body weight exercise. Pushups, curlups, and pullups are all great!

-Get some sun!! Vitamin D is very important to overall health. Yes, excessive tanning or any tanning booth usage is damaging, but an hour or so of sun while wearing an SPF is very good for you!

-Drink Water. I know you’ve already heard it a million times. Just do it.

-Eat a diet high in protein and vegetables, and lower in carbs to increase muscle and burn fat! This is what works for me, but you can get a more personalized diet from your doctor. In general, reducing processed/boxed foods is always your best bet!!


- Periods of high intensity exercise followed by periods of low intensity or recovery periods.
- Can be adapted to suit variable anaerobic needs:
-> Sprinters use shorter work intervals at high intensity and longer recovery periods
-> Endurance runners do longer work intervals at high speeds in order to adapt their natural pace for a marathon
- How to adapt sessions over time:
-> Change duration of work interval
-> Change intensity of work interval
-> Change duration of recovery
-> Change number or work intervals and recovery periods
- Benefits:
-> Muscle fibre recruitment = development of neuromuscular system
-> Cardiovascular benefits = cardiac hypertrophy, lower resting heart rate, increased elasticity of heart walls etc.
-> Improved anaerobic power
-> Increased myoglobin stores in muscles
-> Increased metabolism in the short term
-> And so many more!

- My Session Plan:
- 5 minute warm-up (light jog and stretch)
- 30 sec sprint followed by 30 sec rest
- 30 sec sprint followed by 15 sec rest
- 45 sec sprint followed by 30 sec rest
- 45 sec sprint followed by 15 sec rest
- 60 sec sprint and finish
- 5 minute cool-down (walk/light jog and held stretches)

- During the sprints, your heart should be working at above 80 per cent of your maximum heart rate. (My average for the session was (172/203)x100 = 85%
- It’s okay to slow down a bit, just make sure you’re working as hard as you can. Remember, don’t over-exhert yourself though. If you begin to feel dizzy or unwell, stop immediately, sit down and drink plenty of water.
- Be aware that these sessions are extremely high intensity and you will be tired for at least a day after. This is natural because your body maintains a high metabolic rate for 24 hours after, so more energy will be used to recover from the session.

spartanluna  asked:

So, I just got some super frustrating news. I've been working on getting my body fat % down to at or below 24%, and having taped myself, I thought I was at 27%, so I've been excited. I go in to my recruiter's office to get taped and now I'm 7.5% off my goal. I'm trying to maintain my moto, but damn this is frustrating. I do 2 miles on the treadmill after work every night, at an incline of 10-14 at 3-3.5mph, my diet is good, could be a little better I suppose. BLARG.

This is actually a common occurrence for people. if you feel like you are getting in a rut with your workouts switch up the cardio. 

Try biking, swimming, jump rope, elliptical,

You see the body is ONE ADAPTIVE MUHFUGGA so if you do the same thing over and over without increasing the intensity or length of exercises then that is just 

The Law of Diminishing Returns

Heres an Example not many know this but theres a misconception that training with high reps only works muscular endurance. 

Originally posted by lesmemoiresdoutreagreg

You see when training with high reps with an exercise you can very well put on strength and size but the problem is as you become stronger and doing more repetitions, the noticeable gains in muscle mass and strength go down. 

So while thinking the more reps you add, the stronger you get they are actually making the increases in strength and size smaller.  

So while reps in the range of 20- 40 where muscle failure is hit and you can do no more with good form, That can actually build an impressive amount of strength and muscle. 

But the higher above this you go the smaller the increases in strength and muscle mass. 

the level of profits or benefits gained is less than the amount of energy invested.

As you keep adding to the number of reps you can do, strength is less affected and endurance is more affected. until you are doing so many pushups that changes in strength are no longer measurable.  That happens somewhere around 130-150 reps, according to the various researches.

SO I could do say 1000 Squats but Honestly while it be great my muscular endurance if im looking for Strength and Size it probably be better just to add more weight and do less reps. 

But there are folks like Herschel Walker who does 1000s of Pushups and Situps everyday and get INSANE BENEFITS but he is an anamoly

But anyways to get back to what you were saying.

Stop doing the Same old Same Old and switch it up. It keeps your workouts more fun and also helps you keep getting results.

BUT REMEMBER IF YOU ARE NOT SLEEPING A MINIMUM OF 8-9 HOURS WHILE WORKING OUT AND EATING HEALTHY NUTRITIOUS FOODS FOR THE MAJORITY OF YOUR CALORIES then you are honestly wasting Time because only when they all work together do you get the best results

From the 3 Legged Stool of Fitness Patented Jaxblade ;)

So Don’t give up. Stay consistent and keep at it

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What not to say to people with eating disorders

This post is dedicated to those of you who know someone with an eating disorder. Are you afraid of saying something wrong, and want to know what you should and should not say?

(It is very long, and for that I apologise.)

Please read the post with respect. This applies to both patients and their family/friends. Remember that no one are perfect. The person with an eating disorder is not using her/his eating disorder as an excuse to “be difficult”, it is a real and severe problem for her/him! Just as important to note is that family and friends are not mind readers, and they are not mean. Knowing that someone you love and care about have a life threatening mental illness, is a terrible situation to be put in, and most parents will do ANYTHING in their power to save their child from illness and death.

Below is a list (with explanations) about what to say, or what not say, to a person with an eating disorder:

- Do not ask yes/no-questions. If you ask a question such as: Can’t you just eat this dinner?, the answer you receive will likely be no, and the conversation abruptly stops. The answer you receive might also be yes, but be a lie.

- Do not ask leading questions. If you ask: There is no way to make you eat this dinner, is it?, the answer will likely be no. Leading questions come with a huge disadvantage: The person can feel forced to lie. Because you are giving her/him an ultimatum, but the eating disorder does not allow this ultimatum to be realized. Please note: I am not saying that family and friends should “play along” with the eating disorder. But I am saying that if you directly oppose it, there is a high risk that you could make things worse (aka make the eating disorder stronger instead of weaker).

- Ask open questions. This is the way to go. As opposed to the two prior examples, you could ask: How are you doing right now? Why do you think this dinner is difficult for you? Are you afraid of something specific? Is there anything I can do to help?
As you can see, neither of these questions are yes/no-questions or leading questions. In other words, open questions like these will make room for honest answers. The person will feel safe that you simply want to help, and that you are trying to understand.
You should also be clear that it is fine if the person cannot, or does not want to, answer the question. Be clear that you just want to show her/him that you care. You can also add that the person can come back to you whenever she/he feels like it, and answer the question later.

- Do not say “I know EXACTLY how you feel!”. Because unless you have had an eating disorder yourself, it is very unlikely that you know that. Ask open questions instead.

- Do not comment on other people’s body or weight. First of all, this is bad manners and can be very impolite. Secondly, for a person with an eating disorder, body, weight, and appearance is by far the most difficult topic for conversation. Body, weight and appearance are topics that can, and should, be limited to treatment settings. Plus; there is a major chance that the person already knows what you think of her/his body.

- Do not say “You look better!”. This is a tricky one. Hard to understand, even for people with eating disorders (believe it or not).
Imagine this: You think you are chubby, overweight, or fat. In spite of this, your family and friends (sometimes also complete strangers) tells you over and over again that you need to gain at least 15 kilos/33 lbs. When you finally do gain, everyone are running in your direction to tell you that they can see you put on weight.
I doubt that would feel nice for any person, eating disordered or not. And this is my point here. Almost all people with eating disorders see themselves as fat/chubby/too big. It is also very common that they want to become healthy, and want to fully recover, but still do not want to gain any weight. You should avoid this comment because it confirms (indirectly, and wrongly too, of course) that the persons greatest fear of all has actually come true, they have now become even fatter, chubbier, or bigger.
It is very easy to understand why family and friends want to tell their beloved one that they look healthier! It is meant as a compliment, meant to be something mutually joyful.
It took me years to be able to handle this comment. Believe me, I have tried multiple times and failed. I tried to feel happy about it, I tried to block out the voice that translated “you look better” into “you are the most obese person on earth”, I tried to control my own reaction to make people happy. It always ended with a fake smile, and a bunch of chaos. And relapse. I have had an eating disorder for years, and it took me quite some time in recovery to be able to handle the comment as well. Before this happened, I had to overcome all the hatred I harbored against my body. 

- Do not comment on other people’s eating habits or -patterns. People with eating disorders are fully aware that they have different eating habits (or –patterns) than you, whether the difference lies in amounts or food types. First of all, the comment is unnecessary. Secondly, comments like these only contribute to the person feeling guilty: (S)he does not want to bother anyone, but now receives a clear message that that’s what (s)he does. Knowing that you worry people who love you, does not make the eating disorder loosen its grip. What it usually leads to, is the person wanting to eat alone or in secret, lie about food intake, or resort to purging/laxative abuse/(excessive) exercise. The same rule applies when/if the person eats what you think of as “too much” or “unhealthy”. Don’t bring it up. Just don’t. Leave the person alone.

- Do not talk about food during meals. I am not saying you should not express your joy over fabulous, tasty sauce/gravy. What I am saying is you should avoid saying things like: “I am so stuffed!”, “You must be very hungry!”, “Aren’t you having one more portion?”, “This is healthy!”, or “Nah, this is quite unhealthy!”. If the person actually tries to finish his/her dinner plate, you are transforming the effort into a house of cards: It could collapse any second.
If you say “this is healthy”, the person might experience trouble eating tomorrow’s dinner as it is “less healthy” (because it contains more carbohydrates, for example).
If you say “this is unhealthy”, you have potentially ruined dinner with immediate effect. In many cases, the person might resort to purging, (excessive) exercise, etc. to rid him-/herself of this “unhealthy” thing. The person might also “transfer” the unhealthy-label to many other food types similar to the one you just called unhealthy.
If you say “aren’t you having one more portion?” it could make the person stop because it is made very clear that (s)he has already consume one whole portion. (While portion sizes are unlimited in recovery, because (s)he needs all the energy (s)he can get.)
If you say “I am so stuffed!”, there is a chance that the person will make sure to eat just a fraction of the amount you eat. If eating less than you is too late, the person might resort to purging, (excessive) exercise, etc. to get rid of the “unnecessary” food.

- Do not talk about dieting, diets, healthy/unhealthy food, weight loss, or exercise. This is triggering to almost everyone. If you don’t feel too thin (to be “allowed” to do any of these things), why would a person with an eating disorder feel too thin? (This is how the illness works.) If you think you should diet, why shouldn’t the person with an eating disorder diet? It is very likely that the eating disordered person feels like (s)he is at least twice your size – even if YOU are twice HER/HIS size, for that matter. Be careful!

- Do not assume you need to tell other people what they are doing. It is not your duty, it is none of your business, and you are not the first one to point out what they are doing either. Most patients, no matter what illness/condition they suffer from, receive well-meant advice every single day. Sometimes even from people they have never met before.

Another important factor regarding this topis, is (well-meant) advice.
People with eating disorders receive tons of (well-meant) advice day after day. We who have eating disorders, of course know that the advisor means well. That, however, does not necessarily mean that any of these advices actually help, and it is not necessarily a good idea to give the advice either. In fact, you should try to avoid giving advice as often as possible.
I am not saying one should never offer good advice, but there may be several reasons as to why you should not give the advice at all. I recommend you use the following questions as a guideline:

- IS this good advice?
If so, why? In what way do you feel certain that this will make a (positive!) difference?

- Do you think the person has received this advice many times before? If so, do you really find it necessary to repeat the advice for the forty-fifth time? The least you can do is ask the person if (s)he has received the advise many times before, and if (s)he has, then drop it. Completely.

- Is your advice medically safe? Guaranteed? Or is there possibly any (slightest) chance that you are wrong?
A good example here is exercise. Many patients in recovery are encouraged to start exercising. The argument is that exercise strengthens bone mass and increases muscle mass. That is true, of course, but it only applies to people without an active eating disorder! In reality, people with eating disorders should’nt exercise at all (in spite of all the wonderful health benefits), simply because exercise very often keeps the body in starvation mode (making it impossible to recover), and also because muscle- and bone mass are already broken down – if they are broken down even more (yes, this is what exercise does, it breaks down muscles), they are never given the chance to heal.

- Is there a chance that your advice has a triggering effect? If no, how confident are you? Have you had an eating disorder? Has the person told you in detail what triggers her/him? (If you feel any doubt at all, mention the topic first and ask if this could potentially trigger.) If the advice turns out to trigger despite trying the opposite, do your best to debrief the situation afterwards.

- Øygunn

From left to right:
1. January 2015 – 198.8lbs
2. December 2015 – 135lbs
3. December 2016 – 144.6lbs

Yes, I am heavier now than I was a year ago. My body has changed so much for the better with increased muscle mass and strength.

Size doesn’t matter. Weight does not equal size. I wear a smaller size now at almost ten pounds heavier than I did in the middle photo.

Don’t be afraid to eat. Don’t be afraid to lift heavy. Don’t be afraid to indulge yourself occasionally. It doesn’t take one day to lose 60lbs, much like you won’t put it back on after one day.

Just a friendly reminder ❤️

REQUEST 124 ~ seduction (smut)

Warnings: Smut, swearing

A/n: Do you want me to make any changes to the way i write? Do you want me to write more gender neutral? Let me know ^.^ Also i feel like i drifted away from the request. 

Dan’s P.o.v:

Warm bodies moving together in sync. Heavy breaths filling the air. Her voice crying out in ecstasy. The feeling of her soft skin under my finger tips helps ignite my senses. That amazing peak building, and building and…

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anonymous asked:

Been seeing some Fallon Fox things recently and it gives me this thought. If you think Fallon has no biological advantage like upper arm structure or bone density ect, are you for the complete elimination of gender divided sports leagues? (Now I think about it I can say the fallout of it would be interesting.)

No.  Your logic doesn’t really follow here.  The biggest thing that provides advantages in athletic competition is the presence or absence of testosterone, which increases hematocrit (red blood cell count, and thus oxygen carrying capacity and waste elimination) as well as increases in muscle mass.  In the absence of testosterone Fallon doesn’t have an advantage.  The NCAA and the IOCC back this up.  I think your ‘ask’ here is predicated on the assumption that a trans woman maintains some sort of athletic advantage from having been shaped by testosterone, but science shows that once the testosterone is gone, the advantages are gone.  When athletes and bodybuilders use huge amounts of steroids, they get bigger and more muscular than is possible without it, and when they stop taking it they lose all of that unnaturally large muscle mass.  Without the presence of the excess testosterone the body can’t keep that advantageous musculature.  Same with a trans woman who undergoes HRT–once her hormones have shifted to the cisgender female range, her physiology does as well, and those ranges are averages.  Arguments that trans women have denser bones than cisgender women have been debunked (and I believe the same bone density argument was used in the past to prevent black women from competing with white women in athletics as well).  Claims that trans women have longer bones, different muscle insertions, and different leverage are similarly silly as those attributes have a wide range of variety across all human beings regardless of gender and the differences in male and female skeletons are so minute that determining sex (birth or assigned sex in this case) on the shape, size, density, and appearance of a skeleton is not an exact science.  Many skeletons known to archaeology are assumed to belong to people of one sex or another until dna testing reveals them to be of others.  A recent example in the news were some of the “maidens” from the excavations at Pompeii.

Anecdotally, I am myself am still a very strong and fairly athletic woman (physically), but I believe that has more to do with quirks of my genetics and upbringing than my birth assigned sex.  When I started HRT I lost thirty pounds of lean muscle.  My endurance has decreased.  My strength has decreased.  I might be strong, but I can’t deadlift the back end of a car anymore.  I was a natural athlete as a child and I had a childhood that involved what is now not a socially acceptable level of hard labor, and even after transitioning I was a blacksmith for a year and a half, and I attribute my relatively high levels of strength and athleticism to a lifetime of being a runner, laborer, weight lifter, and special forces soldier.  I’m trying to get back into more athletic shape and I will say now that pre-transition working out was easier and I had far less difficulty in shedding body fat.  I’ve also always had relatively wide hips and narrow shoulders (in terms of skeletal structure), though my heavy musculature pre-transition concealed that fact.

I do support men and women competing directly in most athletic competitions to be honest, but at the absolute highest levels of sports that depend on muscular strength and endurance men and folks with levels of testosterone in the standard cisgender male range (or above) tend to have an advantage.  

That being said, I think women’s athletics still have a lot of room to improve and find greater heights of performance than can be achieved due largely to social factors.  I think men are encouraged to pursue athletics and sport and physically vigorous activity from birth and women are actively discouraged from these pursuits.  Even when women are encouraged in athletics, their culturally perceived femininity is seen as more important than their pursuit of athletics.  Without the enormous amount of money, science, technology, and active cultural pursuit of female athletic performance potential that we see in men’s athletics, I think it’s going to be a while before women (as an overarching group) actually maximize their athletic potential at the absolute pinnacle of sports because there is so much cultural pushback against it (example:  the recent elimination of women’s bodybuilding from the Arnold classic and the Olympia) .  I think we have a long time to go before we can definitively say what the peak of female performance is and whether or not sports should be segregated by gender in the long run, but for now I would say gender segregation should remain in place. 

(Although the presence of weight classes in combat sports does seem to mitigate some of the advantage issues–an episode of ‘fight science’ a few years ago showed Lucia Rijker–a female championship boxer weighing 140 pounds at 5′6″ tall, punched harder than Moe Ganyu–a male olympic boxer of identical height and weight.  Additionally, she punched as hard as the 6′ tall, 203 pound mixed martial artist Houston Alexander who was known for his knockout power).

At any rate, I’m not an expert, but I would suggest you look at the IOCC’s guidance and studies on gender, performance, and trans inclusion.

Things I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me the Day I Started T

The changes will be slow at first. Be patient with your self and those around you.

You will absolutely notice everything tiny way before anyone else does. Compliment yourself and hype it up when you see the first tiny hairs that weren’t there two month ago and except people’s compliments when they notice them two months later.

You will gain weight. It looks like I’ve slimmed down a bit because of fat moving around but I’ve gained 35 lbs since starting T. This is because you’re gaining muscle and increasing in size. The most important thing to do is eat nutritiously most of the time (who doesn’t cheat here and there) and recognize that just because your weight may be increasing doesn’t mean you’re becoming more unhealthy.

Exercise! Find a routine that feels good and stick with it. There’s a ton of specific trans workout tips and routines on the internet that teach you how to exercise smart and correctly. T makes it so so easy to build muscle but it still takes some effort and doing something you enjoy doing is the most important step to continuing to do it. Even if you can only muster once or twice a week you’ll still notice a difference.
Sidenote: don’t forget about cardio. Lifting is great but if you want your metabolism to speed up and your pockets of fat to disappear sooner you gotta throw in some treadmill/elliptical/bike time

Acne happens. If you got acne on your face during puberty no. 1 you’re probably going to get it again. (For me I haven’t broken out on my face at all but my backs a mess which is how it went down a couple years ago too). This time you can prepare and you know what to do though. Cetaphil/ a gentle face wash is my best friend.

You’re probably going to be horny a lot. Find a healthy and comfortable way to release that tension in a way that feels good for you. Everyone has a different relationship with their body but releasing newfound/increased sexual desire and/or tension helped me so much once I started to do that in a way I felt good with.

Exfoliate. Exfoliate. Exfoliate. everywhere. Baby hairs can become ingrown super quick and it helps wash away gunk and dirt that promotes ingrown hair. Especially if you’re still binding because it makes it so much harder for your body to wash away all the bad stuff

Find a deodorant that works no! Matter! What! And then buy 6 of them. You will probably sweat more and that sweat is probably going to smell bad. I have to be so so diligent about putting deodorant on every morning because if I don’t I stink to high heaven and can’t stand to be around people.

Wash your binder(s) weekly at a minimum. It just goes along with good hygiene and keeping your body clean and smelling good.

Shower. Please

I hope this helps some people wondering what testosterone is going to be like or what to expect in a couple months time. Obviously I hit just some big ones but so many different changes happen when you’re on T. Everyone is different and everyone’s body can have such a different result and reaction to T that it’s hard to know what’s going to happen to you, but reading and talking to your doc and looking back at puberty no. 1 or what other males in your family look like can give some good hints. All of these things are from my own perspective on T and I hope that everyone’s experience is/can be as rewarding as my own has been this far. Life’s a journey and I’m enjoying it a lot currently.

Physiology of Ageing - Muscles
  • Loss of lean body mass 
  • Infiltration of fat and connective tissue 
  • Altered muscle metabolism 
  • Insulin resistance 
  • Reduced levels of key regulatory hormones 
  • Impaired oxidative defence 
  • Muscle strength peaks at approx. 20-40 years 
  • Strength dictated by muscle cross-sectional area 
  • Age-associated decline in concentric strength (leg > arm
  • Decline in concentric strength occurs earlier than decline in eccentric strength 
  • Power generation ability declines faster than max. strength  


= loss of muscle mass (and strength) due to ageing 

  • Two phases: 
  • ‘slow’ from 25 to 50 years (approx. 10% lost) 
  •  ‘rapid’ from 50 onwards (approx. 40% lost from 50-80) 
  • Deterioration in motor unit remodelling 
  • Reduced cross-sectional area and functionality 
  • Disuse atrophy (ageing is associated with becoming more sedentary(not as active)) may contribute to changes 
  • Reduced regenerative capacity 
  • Stem cell function affected by circulating factors? 
  • ‘Systemic inflammation’ theory of ageing? 
  • Increased apoptosis 
  • Anabolic resistance 
  • Protein degradation (muscle & nerve) 

Motor Unit

  • Entire motor unit affected: 
  • Alpha-motorneuron 
  • Fibres innervated 
  • Shift to predominance of slow-twitch fibres 

Force transfer

  • Network of cytoskeletal proteins align and transmit force produced by actin and myosin along muscle fibres and out to extracellular matrix 
  •  E.g. Costameres = sub-sarcolemmal proteins that connect sarcomere to cell membrane 
  • Found in Z and M lines 
  • Transmit force laterally 
  • Significant decrease in costameres and lateral force in ageing

Muscle protein metabolism in ageing 

  • Basal muscle protein synthesis unchanged 
  • Protein/amino acid feeding leads to increase in muscle protein synthesis in both groups 
  • BUT, response is smaller in the elderly 
  • Resistance exercise leads to increase in muscle protein synthesis AND breakdown 
  • BUT, synthesis rates lower in the elderly 
  • Food + exercise needed for anabolic response 
  • Response delayed in elderly, but can achieve similar rates 

Metabolic Capacity

  • Decrease in Mitochondria 
  • Decrease in capillary density 
  • Reduced ability of muscle to extract O2 from blood 
  • Decrease in enzymes for metabolic pathways 
  • Reduced speed of O2 utilisation 
  • Therefore ↓ (a-v)O2 diff (and ↓VO2max) 


  • Decline in muscle mass and oxidative capacity, plus increased fat mass leads to greater risk of developing: 
  • insulin resistance and/or type II diabetes 
  • hyperlipidaemia 
  • hypertension 
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Reduced bone mass contributes to loss of functional capacity and risk of injury 
High Intensity Interval Training

Would you like to work out for shorter periods of time while burning MORE calories? If your current training program is the traditional long, slow cardio and the occasional weight training workout, why not combine the two and burn some serious calories and body fat? The most effective (and efficient) way to do that is through High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT!

What is HIIT?
HIIT involves performing short bouts or “rounds” of high intensity exercise (30 seconds to 3 minutes) alternating with similarly short recovery periods of less intense exercise for 2 to 3 times the duration of the high intensity work. As an example, if you exercise for 1 minute at HIGH intensity, your recovery or LOW intensity set would be 2 minutes or 3 minutes. This describes 1:2 and 1:3 training ratios. Both 1:2 and 1:3 are effective, start with 1:3 when designing your workout as it allows a slightly longer recovery, but working toward the shorter 1:2 will burn more calories and make for a shorter (more efficient) overall workout session.

The HIIT principle can be used with ANY type of exercise or training:

Running - Run for 1 minute, jog for 2 minutes. Or RUN uphill for 30 seconds and JOG down for 1 minute.
Swimming - Swim fast laps or lengths followed by slower recovery laps and repeat.
Biking - Short bursts of intense (fast and difficult) exercise followed by 2x or 3x recovery.
Boxing - Boxers have been using HIIT training since the turn of the century. Short rounds of training, speed bag, heavy bag, sparring or rope jumps followed by less intense recovery exercises or continuing the same exercise at a slower and less intense rate.
Boot Camps - HIIT training became popular during the growth of boot camp style workouts. The alternating intensity is ideal for combinations of bodyweight training and simple cardio. Combining the exercises increases fat burning, shortens the amount of time required to reach this fat burn, and is challenging and can also be fun.
Even weight training - If you have access to a treadmill and dumbbells, try this fat blasting workout. 1 minute of weight training followed immediately by 2 minutes of treadmill, followed immediately by the next dumbbell exercise and then immediately back to the treadmill. Continue this alternating weights/treadmill/weights until complete (or exhausted).

In the beginning…

If you are new to exercise, or new to HIIT training, start slowly, this style of training is both demanding and much more difficult to perform than it is to explain. Stretch and warm up first to wake up those muscles, increase their temperature and the circulation to your joints and muscle fibers. Avoid injury as it can easily set back your training (and reaching your fitness goals) by weeks.

Can’t perform that exercise for 1 minute, or 45 seconds? Then aim for 15 or 30 seconds, followed by 30-90 seconds of recovery exercise. Start training at whatever time lengths you can handle and increase each time you workout until you reach your goal duration.As you continue to train and become more conditioned, you can not only increase the lengths of time, but also increase the intensity of the sessions by working “harder”. Increasing intensity is most often accomplished by increasing the number of repetitions of an exercise within the allotted time OR by replacing simple, basic movements with more difficult variations. For example, moving from mountain climbers to burpees, the ultimate in challenging bodyweight exercises.
You’ll often hear how HIIT training offers more “bang for the buck”, your HIIT workouts will burn more fat than longer sessions of lower intensity aerobic training. Plus, HIIT training keeps your metabolism elevated and burning more calories up to several hours after your training ends. HIIT workouts are the fastest way to fitness and fat loss. Try it!

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You said you liked muscles, right? I know you usually get asked with bellies, but do you have any buff muscle head canons? If you do, let's go with Rin from Free, Ben Tennyson, and the twins from Ouran. (If you feel like you can't give a LONG explanation, then can it be a short list of what you'd want to see?)

Okay I can give these a shot though this is really out my wheelhouse and I’m not 100% sure you’re wanting. This could take some different routes with some of them especially because of differences in their states (Rin already has noticeable but Ben and the Twins don’t as much).

Originally posted by starfish-mako

(As a weightlifter who at least TRIES to have good form unless there is a swimmers technique that I’m not aware of this is the single most frustrating and annoying gif in all of Free. He’s pumping his legs and is cheating to get more reps but no actual tension on the pull up so he’s not actually working toward failure. If he needed to go for more reps they have assistance bands for that to help him.)

(At least this one seems to be with better form. Admittedly we don’t see his legs, but he’s properly holding for a split second at the top of the contraction. If he holds it there it can help build strength and muscle size)

(but oh my look at the separation of the head of the bicep. Beautiful)

Okay I’m not 100% sure where to start out with a muscle canon on Rin since there’s a long history. I’m sure part of it has to do with his desire to be like his dad and Gou is a factor as well. It’s hard to say if his working out came first, if she was influenced by her dad, or if Gou’s muscle kink has helped to push Rin on his muscle. One way or another, Rin’s love of muscle and trying to push himself has long been ingrained in him. The one difference with Rin is because he’s a swimmer is while he can get bigger and stronger, he has to be proportioned a particular way. He may get slightly bigger but he’ll always stay proportioned right. 

While the gif may prove me wrong, I think that Rin would be a lot like Rei and want to make sure he’s doing things correctly and making sure he’s doing things with the proper form and with a focus on improving mobility. Especially once he knows and they try to fix Sousuke’s shoulder (which is a thing I understand well let me tell you that) they will both want to increase range of motion and reduce injury as well. He’s going to do it right and be smart about it

But I think Rin’s love of muscle would manifest early, probably at least in the end of junior high. He’d love seeing himself go faster, stronger, and seeing his muscles grow. I could see Gou helping (or forcing) Rin to measure his muscles to see if he’s gaining muscle and which things he need to work on. This also leads into why he’s more well proportioned. I think he’s more overall better shape when Makoto has a better back and according to @dumdumdrawstumtums​ a Hank Hill butt, but Rin is more well rounded. It is possible because he started to work out earlier than Sousuke and Makoto that Rin isn’t as tall as them (it can be possible that working out with too much weight too early can stunt growth which could explain me compared to others but I have never seen real studies on this, just older books I’ve read so could totally be a myth) but he’s going to have much higher flexibility (as evidenced by his tumblr rep as a stripper)

I do think that Rin likes to subtly show off his muscle by wearing tight clothes or revealing clothing. I also think with him liking muscle and probably always working towards putting on muscle and increasing strength as long as it doesn’t slow down his swimming since that’s his ultimate goal for now. I can definitely see Rin loving growing out of clothes when his arms are too tight for the sleeves or his shirt starts to ride up his back if he flexes too much or his chest when he moves makes his shirt bunch up or it starts to pinch around armpit. Once he loosens up I could see Rin putting on a display for Sousuke or Momo and Nitori (and they would all react differently if heaven forbid he actually tore a shirt). He might be convinced to flex in front of the team, and I halfway believe that they could teach the team more about anatomy by just having Rin pose in a swimsuit. 

I think that there is definitely a possibility in the future especially after he’s done with swimming that Rin could turn professional model and could be someone that will end up on magazine covers or even do like physique competitions. I also think as he got older, he might try to develop his upper body a bit more so he will have a much more defined V shape (though he’s definitely not bad now) Do I still think Rin is an eater? ABSOLUTELY. My favorite is he’s a hard gainer so is having to constantly eat. He may try the technique of intermittent fasting where he only eats within a certain window or even just one big meal, but I like to think that he’s the type that would love to both have a great eating capacity but have the great bod to match. 

One last thing though, is I think that if Rin knows you’re into him and muscle, he’s REALLY going to torture you and he’ll love it. He’d be the type that would throw an arm around Momo and make sure to subtly flex his bicep or squat so you see his butt or flex his back or SOMETHING to tease you about it. Even do something like flex his obliques or let his tank top strap fall off his shoulder to show off his shoulder or his pec or heck I even see him lifting up his shirt to flex his abs and even do the wave with them (I actually think he has a lot of muscle control there so he could even pretend to bloat out if he wanted or do the vacuum). He’s a doof that will exploit you if he knows your weakness is him. 

Now Ben Tennyson is another interesting one because we KNOW for a fact that he grows into this:

Though I personally really hope he reconsiders on that facial hair.

But at some point he really does start to workout. Again I like to think he’s hard gainer and has to eat a ton to be able to put on mass but that’s a different canon (that I’ve already written lol). For Ben, I think that that basically comes out of the decision that he needs to get stronger and he’s constantly fighting. So he would have a much more different kind of ton and strength because it would be fighting based muscles but I do think between high school and college that Ben would really start to hit the gym both with weights and probably like agility training. Mostly likely with Kevin (RIP attractive buff Kevin) being his trainer/spotter. I could see them both spending time at the gym together and Kevin really helping Ben to push his limits and watch his form so he would improve quickly.

I think that with that kind of training and his eating habits, that Ben would bulk up very quickly with beginner gains and probably keep it up the whole time. Also like Rin I think he’d be one that would LOVE to show off his muscle once he starts. First his leather jacket would start to get tight, then his tshirts and I think Ben would LOVE to have his sleeves rip or bulge out. I could see him being the type that would wear a tight V neck tshirt and then love to bounce his pecs if someone was interested. Or really if Ben was just being really bad at flirting. Same with raising his shirt to show his abs or just finding an excuse to take off his shirt. Once he gets big enough, he would just peel it off for no real reason other than “comfort” and freedom of movement.

Ben would be the type that would try to strike poses when he was trying to show off and may even do it during battle if he thought someone was looking. I also imagine that he’d love to go swimming a lot more and like relax from a battle in a sauna or jacuzzi. Rook would have a lot of mixed feelings about this because it was a gratuitous display but he’s also probably really like being able to watch himself.

Honestly as long as he kept his mobility up, I really do think that Ben would be more likely to to get into legit bodybuilding probably thanks to Kevin’s influence. Maybe not enough to do anything competitive but he’d really like to have the power trip and know he’s looking good. I also think he did it on the added idea that the stronger his human body is, the stronger that the rest of his forms are so it is actually better for him to bulk up. But then I also had the strange thought of Ben doing a swimsuit calendar for the entire galaxy that will sell like hotcakes.

Originally posted by nicorobin

The Hitachiin twins would be an interesting bunch. If muscle captured their attention long enough they could be really interesting. Only problem is I could see them being fickle. HOWEVER that could be applied to them doing different types of work outs or sports so they are always showing off on what they are doing. 

I have the feeling that if either Haruhi showed interest in muscle (which I have no problem with there) or a subset of the clientele had a muscle fetish, I think the pair would pounce on it. and by that I mean literally do it as part of the club. The twins would probably set up a gym in the corner of the club and workout for everyone, most likely shirtless just to show off to everyone. 

You know that the pair would tease everyone too by doing something like “Hikaru, don’t you think my bicep is bigger?” “No Kaoru, don’t think my tricep is better defined?” “Well my delts are bigger!” “Oh yeah? My calves are AMAZING!” “What do you think Haruhi?” “Yeah what do you think?” *poses in front of all the girls and Haruhi to try to get attention.* This doesn’t include when they start to come on to each other either

Originally posted by loveandjustice

Then they would always play the switching game so they would probably stay roughly the same size, though Haruhi would always be able to tell the difference and even point out some subtle muscle differences. I think once they got big enough it’s very likely that they would end up being a feature of the club and have some sort of muscle posing contest potentially only in colored posing trunks. 

They would definitely flirt more with their bodies and they would put flexing as part of their hosting time. I could see if they got strong enough that they would lift or bench press some of the girls or pull them up by lifting their arms. I also think they would give lots of piggy back rides and flatter the girls saying how they weren’t heavy at all but everyone would love it because they would get to touch their broad muscular backs. Generally I think they would have some fun showing off their strength and fitting into form fitting clothes. I don’t think they would get SUPER buff, again more fitness model size but everything would be tailored to fit them really well. So everything would show off their figure and be a general tease. They most likely are going to have to have the type of pants that have some sort of elastic in them so that they can sit without having to tear the seat of their pants.

I also think that they would end up taking votes on which muscle group they should work on that day when they worked out in front of everyone. I think they would love to tease Tamaki with their muscle and he probably end up getting a personal trainer of his own too. But even then, they would flex right in front of Tamaki. I could see them sitting really close to him (like they were that in that RottenHeart pic with their bellies) and let their big shoulders muscles just be right there. And then probably pec bounce right in front of him just to get him flustered. 

anonymous asked:

I want to burn fat and look thiner. Do I have to do only cardio without strength exercises? I heard somewhere that with strength exercises you build muscle and your arms/legs look even thicker. Is that true?

Hi anon, you should do both.

Building muscle will give more definition to these body parts. The goal is also lose fat so your arms/legs will look nice. Keep in mind that building muscle will increase your metabolism which will help you burn more calories at rest.

How to lose weight the right way:

1 Week On T

Today marks a week on T! Not much of a milestone but I wanted to document any changes as I went along.

More muscle mass. Not by a lot, but my muscle definition has definitely increased. The muscles themselves, especially in my arms, feel a lot firmer too, presumably because the layer of fat around them is going elsewhere.

I’ve had a little bit of downstairs growth. Again, not a lot, but it’s only the first week.

Hunger. I’m so hungry. All the time. I want to eat everything. I’m trying hard to stick to healthy proteins, but my body craves carbs and sugars like nobody’s business.

I have way more energy. I can be up at 7:30am no problem, and work through the day until past midnight without getting tired. It’s crazy. Mornings used to be a real problem for me.

I’m a bit stinkier than usual, aha.

Hoo boy. My moods are so level now. I’d get so worked up about things before I started T, felt like my poor heart was being stabbed a lot if I got upset. Now I’m a lot calmer.

I’m sleeping a lot easier. I can get to sleep almost immediately when I snuggle down in bed now, I think because I’m more at ease.

That’s it so far! But, so far so good! I’m really enjoying the gel so far as well, as I get a constant dose daily, which I think helps with my moodswings a lot! I’ll keep you updated as I go! /o/ 

anonymous asked:

How did you lose so much weight??!!

I cut out soda, fast food, significantly lowered my sugar and carb intake (simple carbs like white bread, a lot of pastas, etc.) for a while (I now eat a little bit of everything, but in moderation). And even though it seemed a bit weird and tedious at first, for the first six months/60 lbs of my weight loss (I’ve lost in total 65), I counted ALL my calories in vs out using an app called “My Fitness Pal” and also my Fitbit Charge HR that my mom gave me (It’s super cool; it measures your heart rate, how many steps you’ve taken, floors/levels you’ve climbed, calories you’ve burned, etc.) I even still drank alcohol, but I switched from sugary drinks like whiskey and coke to a vodka/club soda mix (it has about 1/3 of the calories!) I also was unemployed for a few months, which sucked at first, but it gave me a chance to really get a good exercise regime going for a while. Starting in January of this year, I made the conscious decision that I was gonna lose weight. It just started with one morning, I decided to go on a walk. I kept walking for a while until my feet got tired. I looked at my Fitbit and it told me I had gone five miles! So that’s what I did every morning. AND also every afternoon since I had so much free time. For the first three months of my weight loss journey, I was averaging about 28,000 steps/11-12 miles a day! I had already lost about 40 lbs!  I also incorporated in-home weight training (just doing resistance exercises and using 5lb dumbbells at first and then I worked my way up to larger weights eventually) 3x a week for about 30-40 minutes to work on increasing muscle at the same time as losing body fat. :) The more muscle you have, the higher your BMR/basal metabolic rate is! (aka faster metabolism!)  It might sound like a lot of work/change, but it became addicting when I started looking in the mirror and stepping on the scale and I noticed I was becoming a different me. Not only that, but the exercise and diet change improved my *mental* health so much, that it gave me increased energy and motivation to stick with the routine. It was really tough to break my cycle of overeating and being inactive, but it is possible with the right attitude and determination! :) 

Now I’m more in “maintenance mode” and I just try to strength train 2-3 times a week to tone/add muscle definition. I also do some jogging and walking still sometimes on my days off or whenever I have the time! I don’t count my calories anymore since I don’t have to have a caloric deficit (I’m not really trying to lose any more weight), so I allow myself some indulgences like sweets and fast food every now and then. I just kind of stay aware and weigh myself from time to time to make sure I don’t stray too much or get into old habits again. I really do feel amazing. I still have my insecurities (don’t we all), but I feel *healthy*, and really that’s all that matters. I’m probably never gonna have a “perfect” hourglass figure or anything, but I’ve been learning to accept myself more and more and focus on the health aspect more than what society’s idea of  “beauty” is. 

Anyway, I hope this helped, anon. If you’re trying to lose weight, don’t think you have to do it as fast as I did or make *drastic* changes. You can start with small changes like switching from iced tea to water at meals or something like that. Or taking a 20 minute walk every day. The results may not come as quickly, but they will come! Just don’t ever starve yourself or compare your progress to someone else’s. I may be more of an extreme case, but in fact, the best way to lose weight AND keep the weight off is to do it slow and steady. Take care and best of luck (if weight loss is something you’re interested in)! :)

J.’s passing tips for FTMs

Um hello there.
After reading several guides myself, practicing, finding out what’s comfortable for me and so on and so forth, I decided to write a passing guide myself, for all those FtM people out there who need a bit of help.

First: Clothing.
✘ Clothing is a very important point. Feminine clothing obviously will not help you passing as a male. Keep that in mind when you are out shopping (on your own, or with a person who knows about your mental state - a little help from a second pair of eyes is worth more than rubies.)
✘ Despite what people say - rather stick to bigger sizes! I’ve made this experience myself. Look, your body shape is the one of a woman. (I know it’s hard, I fvck up myself because of that every single day again, but it just is a fact you shouldn’t forget about.) You need to cover up this shape and this won’t work when you buy men’s clothing in your very size (mine is - German -  M/L, idk what sizes are existing over the whole world), because then you just look like a butch girl in men’s clothing. But don’t break the limit of oversizing. I’ve noticed that one to two sizes over your normal are enough in the most cases. Bigger clothing will not only help you correct your body shape in front of others, it’s also super comfortable and, depending on your style, it can really look cool. (I will soon upload a photo series of my favorite outfits, some that made me help pass in front of curious cis males, friends, and random ppl like in the train.)
✘ I highly recommend wearing T-Shirts with a round cleavage, sweaters, hoodies, and, most important of all, men’s trousers. This is hella important. At the beginning, you might think “Oh that’s a woman’s trouser, I can wear that one since it is a little to big for me” - don’t do that. Just don’t. Woman’s pants are always cut to fit your female body shape, so it points out your curves - thighs, ass, and nearly everything else covered with it. Whatever you try, in a woman’s trouser, you will always look female in some way. It doesn’t matter if it’s oversized it still has the same effect. Therefore I recommend to get yourself men’s pants with a regular leg or a straight leg cut. Mine hide my ass (which is quite large since I’m riding a horse 2-3 times per week), straighten my thighs and overall give me a straighter body shape - and that’s just what you want to look like, right?
Be super careful with hats. By that I do not only include hats, but also beanies, etc. You really need to try them on in front of a mirror and do some positioning chances in case you really want to wear one. Beanies usually are good (maybe if you have quite long hair and can’t get a haircut at an instant?), but sometimes, they make your head appear bigger than it is, which lowers your change of passing because all the attention is drawn on your face (I will talk about the face thing below!). Here, you need to go check yourself what is comfortable for you and what you really want.

Second: Packing.
This is the point I always hate the most. I have not tried it yet, but I have already ordered my STP packer and then, I will post another text about his topic. But still, I will explain my opinion and thoughts to you here.

✘ PRO PACKING: Well, that’s obvious, isn’t it? A packer can reduce some of your weaknesses caused by your female body. I wouldn’t go that far to say those are “defects”, but I refer to transsexuality as a defect in genetics, where boys are born with a X chromosome to much and a Y chromosome missing. I have noticed myself on journeys or festivals that going to loo can be extremely hard and distressing and even depressing (depends on the person tho) when you lack something a cis male is born with. (An STP can help there, that’s why I’m going to try it.) Plus, some transmen I know like to see the small bulge the packer creates in their pants. For optics, it just looks like there really was the stuff you are still bodily lacking in your pants! That always depends on the packer and on the person. You may like it, or you may feel like you’re carrying a boner around.

✘ CON PACKING: Where there a pros, there always have to be cons. Some may regard packing as unneccessary and I can totally understand that. You can walk around with that bulge or pee standing up or you don’t, that’s up to you. It is not neccessary to pack. You even might be reminded of what you biologically lack and that can be suuuuper depressing and discouraging. Besides, nobody looks your crotch closely anyway. (A good packing is not catching the eye anyway since you don’t want to look like a molester with an erection, right?) And people who might see you in underwear are also in the most cases likely to see you naked, so there basically is no need to convince them of something you really don’t have. And, on top of it all, a really good, hand-made packer, that doesn’t only consist of a GoGirl & a Mr Limpy, but is one piece in fact, can be really expensive. (And you are most likely to need a harness to wear your packer, which creates more costs and can also be quite difficult to handle in reality!)

Third: Face.
Keep in mind that, despite what you think, your face just has no edges like cis guys have them. You mostly rather have a rounded face, because that’s what’s typical for AFABs. On T, those edges may show, but not before. So whatever you do, whatever you like, do not wear make-up. NOT. EVER. I cannot keep repeating this loud and often enough. It’s something different for eyebrows, but you should leave your skin clean. Even concealer or powder will be noticable, and people will think you are a girl playing guy for fun. If you are very good with make-up, you might try shades to point out edges, but that mostly looks super artificial and won’t help you pass.
✘ It can be super hard to tame your eyebrows. Therefore, I recommend: Let them grow, and then give them a form. And use an eyebrow pencil fitting your haircolor if you like (as for me - my natural hair color is blond, so my eyebrows are blond, but my hair is dyed black and so I’m using a black pencil). Cis males usually have thick eyebrows, and you can create this impression yours are as well by using the pen’s color en masse and then combing the brow’s hairs upwards with a neat comb. Everybody can decide for themselves, but that’s the thing that helped be the most. About the kink (? is this the right word? idk correct me if I’m failing the English language), I solved this problem ( it in fact is a problem, only females have this very kink, males don’t) by letting the eyebrows grow and then shaving/plucking off the hair from above. And then the comb thing. It’s up to you, I’m just sharing my personal experiences.
Shave off your peach fuzz. Peach fuzz is something only guys in puberty have - and females of course. Grown males either have a beard - which will come with the T since you choose to apply for it - or nothing, because they’re shaved. So cut it off. The skin will feel ticklish and dry, but you will get used to it. Cold water directly after shaving, or a skin cream (I have own for sensitive skin, an after-shave care cream), can help.

Fourth: Body.
✘ Sports are important. Also, like every other thing, it’s up to you if you do it or don’t, but I highly recommend it. You might not have a muscular body yet, but you can start building up one with some easy workouts. (T increases your muscle building even more, but starting pre-T will give you the routine!) I’m not saying that you should go to the gym and work out 4 times per week. No. There are many practices you can do on your own at home. (Personally, I am doing 10 - 40 pushups per day, and it significantly changes the line of my arm for I am building muscles there.) You can also check the internet for specific workouts, I’ve seen some on tumblr already.
Be sure you get enough food. The skinnier you are, the more frail you look. But males aren’t really frail (I know some, but those are exceptions.) Eating is important, healthy and tasty. I love food. And everybody else should. When you are starting to work out, you should also supply your body with the energy to do so. What food you eat, is irrelevant. Healthy food of course is the best (but I don’t do that myself, I love sweets). There are some foods that are applying on your bodily testosterone/estrogen levels, but let your fingers off those - it’s not that much that it will significantly change your body.
✘ Never ever take pills that are supposed to make your body super strong and muscular. Or skinny. Those are mostly fake and super dangerous!

Fifth: Hair.
✘ Hair is also one of those personal things, and I am not quite sure what to recommend. From talks and personal experience, I can only say that FTM guys with short, “boyish” hair are most likely to be passing.
Some guys can grow super long hair without looking stupid, most FTMs can’t do that, because it ruins the passing. I have quite long hair myself (ca. 20 - 30 cm), but I want to have dreadlocks and that’s why I’m letting it grow. If your hair matches your face in a way that does not make you totally feminine, you can also keep your long hair.
Do not - EVER - tuck hair behind your ears. Even if you have long(er) or annoying hair that’s always in your face. Just don’t do it.
✘ When you want to make a ponytail, there’s one thing I can recommend: Make the ponytail the lowest that is possible, place the hair tie right over your neck. Also, take all hair strands, and brush them from the from to the back before doing so, so that all the hair is compact in one ponytail without loose strands. Do not let loose strands flutter around or fall in your face. Makes you look feminine. (And don’t use hair slides, but I guess that’s clear.)

Alright, that’s all I can tell you for now.
I hope those tips will help you, at least a little bit. 
Remember, it takes some time to find out what’s good for you. Do not rush yourself.
As I said, I will soon post some pictures referred to in this post.
Liking & Sharing always appreciated.

Best wishes to you from Germany.
~ Julius

Taehyung fluff/smut

We intertwined our fingers as we started up the watercolor sky. It was a beautiful painting of colors but not half as beautiful as him, his jaw, his lips, his eyes. I could feel the heat from his body against mine as the two of us sat of the cliff’s edge, legs dangling.

“I like this.”


“Yeah, why wouldn’t I?”

“Because it’s just the two of us it-”

“That’s why I like it, just sitting, being with you. It’s comfortable.”

“Yeah…it is.” I leaned my head against him, taking in a deep breath. He made me feel safe something I wasn’t used to. A light breeze blew, cooling the heat between our bodies, the faint scent of the flowers around us brushing past my nose.

I slowly lifted my head taking one hand and turning him to face me. I leaned in and kissed him gingerly, backing away smiling a little. He smiled down at me, wrapping an arm against my waist pulling me closer. He pressed his lips against mine, leaning into me, pressing me into the soft grass. I wrapped my arms around his waist as he slowly moved down to kiss my neck. His hands ran up and down my torso. I moved my hands down to his belt, slowly undoing it, and moving to his zipper. His hands pulled down my skirt and slipped into my underwear rubbing against my slit. He began to massage my clit and I let out a small moan. I took my hand and rubbed my palm against his member through the fabric of his boxers, I could feel him harden. I quickly removed his boxers and he push my panties to the side. He moved down and I could feel his hot breath against me, beginning to work on my clit. I let out a long moan, and his pace began to increase, my muscles tightened. I felt something building within in my as I came closer to my climax, but he stopped.

“Tae? Why’d you stop?” He pushed himself up and leaned over, staring into my eyes.

“I want you to cum on my dick.” His voice a deep whisper. I propped myself up and pushed down his boxers, taking him in my hand. The tip leaked with precum as I stroked it back and forth. He grabbed my wrist and gingerly leaned me back into the earth, adjusting himself slowly he slid into me. There was a tightness at first but soon that passed, as he began to move, working himself into me. Every stroke a wave of pleasure ran over me, he fit perfectly inside me. He moved one of his hands to play with my clit, my orgasm rapidly approaching. He used his other hand to hold my hand our bodies began to meld. I bucked my hips hoping to gain some relief as he began to tease me, pace on my clit alternating between fast-moving bliss and leisurely torture.

I started moaning his name over and over, the occasional “fuck” punctuating them. As his strokes intensified I could hear him moan quietly, my name his mantra. I could feel him get close as his abs clenched and sweat dripped down. He became cheetah in between my folds, quickly becoming desperate. Every nerve in my body cried out for release as I felt myself clench down on his cock, pace relentless. I cried out his name, shouting into the sky, his swearing getting louder.

At an astounding rate he took both hands and gripped my sides drilling into me as I whimpered, the stimulation becoming too much. Then with one last pump I felt him fill me, his warm seed coating my insides. He pulled out laying down onto the grass beside me. Taking my hand He quietly whispered.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

(By a ghost writer)

Bulking With Bae

Question/survey/research time again!

In the past I’ve had some folks contact me with questions about how to assist their significant other in gaining some size and strength. One included a guy whose girlfriend wanted to grow from 5′7″ 160lbs. to 185lbs. in a couple of months (how’d that go dude?) Another came from a woman who was lifting with her boyfriend and both were trying to overcome being perpetually skinny. Yet another came from a guy who was attempting to convince his girlfriend that her increasing muscles didn’t make her look “fat.”

Having a life partner who’s also a gym partner is a bonus but having a partner who’s also ALL about the gain train is a straight up blessing.

So, I’m curious.

Who’s gotten thickened up with some help?

Who among you has engaged in some tandem gains with a significant other?

Were you both bulking or was your partner helping you add pounds and inches?

If you haven’t done so, is it a goal?

(Y’all probably already know, this is a goal for me. I’m looking to find someone who’s up for not only both of us getting strong enough to bench press a bear but both of us gettin’ seam bustin’, ground shakin’ THICK. AS. FUCK.)

Quick fact. Ready?
Too much acidity with in the body can result in an array of physiological malfunctions, including things like decreased muscle synthesis, increased muscle loss, decreased immunity, elevated cortisol levels, and decreased athletic performance.

These are only a couple of reasons why it’s so important to stay away from overly acidic foods, emotions, and lifestyle choices.

Some thoughts on dipping down

There are five times in Star vs the Forces of Evil (up to the mid-Season 2 finale) when dipping down or something like it is depicted. Presented here in chronological order, they are:

1. Star going through Mewberty


Glowing, heart-shaped eyes

Non-glowing cheek marks

Purple skin

Six arms, wings, and antennae


2. Destroying the crystal cage in Storm the Castle


Glowing eyes (just her pupils are glowing in this image; in a later scene the entirety of her eyes glow)

Glowing cheek marks

Glowing wand

No flight or insect features

3. Unlocking the door in My New Wand!


Glowing eyes

Glowing cheek marks

Glowing body


No insect features

4. Mina Loveberry’s transformation in Starstruck


Glowing eyes

Glowing body


Significantly increased muscle mass

No insect features

5. Momma Butterfly at the end of Game of Flags


Glowing eyes

Non-glowing cheek marks

Purple skin

Six arms, wings, and antennae


Of all of these, only #3 is explicitly called “dipping down”. However, they all feature the use of magic without a wand or other device. Could they all be examples of “dipping down”, or is there some other technique at work here?

The differences between the examples may be revealing. Both the Mewberty and Game of Flags examples feature a physical transformation into a butterfly form, with two extra pairs of arms and large butterfly wings. Of all the Mewmans we’ve seen in the show, only Moon and Star have been shown to have this ability (although that’s a topic for another post). In contrast with the examples from Storm the Castle and My New Wand!, neither of the butterfly transformations have glowing cheek marks, although they do have glowing eyes. 

My current thoughts on the matter are as follows: 

#2 and #3 are both examples of “dipping down”, which Glossaryck told Star about in *My New Wand!* and which Moon learned to do at the age of 19. It seems like the effects of dipping down can vary: in #2, Star uses it to augment the power of her wand beyond what it was formerly capable of, and in #3, Star uses it to perform a feat she normally does with the wand without it.

#1 and #5 are not examples of true “dipping down”, but do work similarly. Instead of being a deliberate act, transforming into a butterfly is a more instinctual action, dipping down into the hobo stew of the universe on an inherent level that perhaps doesn’t go quite as far down as when done deliberately (hence why their cheek marks don’t glow). 

#4 may be similar to #1 and #5. Although Mina Loveberry doesn’t have glowing cheek marks, she doesn’t have cheek marks at all (beyond the mud markings that she applies), so that’s to be expected. She transforms herself into a formidable warrior, which may be analogous to the butterfly transformation or it may be a different use of dipping down.

Things I don’t know:

Are all Mewmans capable of dipping down, or can only a few do it? Likewise, can all Mewmans transform into butterflies like Star and Moon have done?

Mina’s transformation is almost entirely physical. She bulks up, floats, and speaks in a multitudinous voice. Is this her version of a butterfly transformation, or is it true “dipping down”?

Speaking of true dipping down, is there actually a difference between the transformations of #1, #4, #5, and #2, #3? #1 was uncontrolled, but Mina’s and Moon’s transformations were deliberate. Could they just be other applications of dipping down, instead of something separate yet related?

Hopefully future episodes will shed some light on these questions. I suspect that the physical differences between Mina and the Butterfly women play a part in this, but that’s a subject for another time.

One example I have consciously left out of this discussion is Moon’s tapestry from Into the Wand

I’ve seen people referring to it as an example of dipping down, but I do not believe this to be the case. Although dipping down is apparently capable of boosting the power of the wand (as seen in Storm the Castle), neither Moon’s eyes nor her cheek marks nor her wand are glowing, and the magical action depicted here is explicitly called a “spell”, which implies it’s a normal function of the wand and is most likely written down somewhere in Star’s Ludo’s spellbook. This is something that will no doubt be explored further in future episodes, but for now I think it’s safe to conclude that this is not an example of dipping down.

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