Anyway so Jake and Dirk were raised in some kind of ectobiological lab by Alternians who are studying the biological ins-and-outs of the human race now that they, yknow, have exterminated Earth.

Dirk and Roxy lived in containment together until one night she just… disappeared. He was so stricken with grief and confusion over what(ever) happened to her he stops eating and caring for himself and, like he’s some kind of pet, the Trolls watching him don’t want to lose him too so they shove in an ectokid from another project into his home to lift his spirits.

Jake’s project had him living in a containment unit meant to simulate humans in a far more primitive environment filled with Earth plants and trees and genetically engineered dangerous wildlife. He doesn’t take well to the cold metallic walls of Dirk’s cell but he enjoys the movies Dirk showcases to him as a hesitant offering of let’s-not-murder-each-other-because-two-blue-bloods-have-a-bet-over-who-will-win.

Jake’s never been around another human before so he’s equal parts apprehensive and touch-starved. Dirk starts to form Feelings, so god knows how that’s going to play out.

Miracles do happen… I finally got Hotarumaru yesterday…. Honestly I screamed a little.

I’m trying to work on a way to color digitally from analog despite not having a scanner so this looks really bad. I may make new lines later because I secretly love it, being the trash I am.

the three evolutions: Karamatsu-kun, Karamatsu, and Karamatsu-san. the best way to evolve him is to nourish your domesticated Karamatsu-kun with tender loving care on a daily basis

science truly is incredible

Николай II и Цесаревич Алексей на борту яхты “Полярная Звезда”, пролив Бьёркёзунд (сентябрь, 1905 год).

Nicholas II and Tsesarevich Alexei aboard the yacht "Polar Star", Strait Bjorkezund (September, 1905).