One of the most fascinating generational gaps in fandom to me is how My Immortal is viewed. Like, a lot of teens these days look at My Immortal and say, yeah, that’s really obviously a trollfic, because compared to fanfic these days? It could only be a troll. But for those of us who were active in fandom in 2006, when My Immortal first arrived on the scene, there’s really no way to know, because a lot of fanfic at that time was legitimately that bad. It’s completely within the realm of possibility that the author of My Immortal was 100% genuine in her fic’s quality in 2006.

It’s just really interesting to see how different age groups interpret My Immortal, based on when they became exposed to fandom.
Altea Fitness Club - Chapter 1 - jennycatmystique - Voltron: Legendary Defender [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/?
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Relationships: Lance/Shiro (Voltron), Hunk/Keith (Voltron)
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Lance has just been hired on as the new yoga instructor for the local Altea gym. New town, new job, new life far from home, he and his roommate Hunk are excited to see what Altea has to offer.

Too bad Lance likes getting into trouble starting day 0.

Николай II и Цесаревич Алексей на борту яхты “Полярная Звезда”, пролив Бьёркёзунд (сентябрь, 1905 год).

Nicholas II and Tsesarevich Alexei aboard the yacht "Polar Star", Strait Bjorkezund (September, 1905).