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I’ll Always Come Back

Fandom: Gotham

Pairing: Jerome Valeska x Reader

Forever Tag: @angelicshinigami @tothetardissterek (if you’d like to be added to this list, please notify me)

Prompt: “Ok but Jerome coming back to life and having to rescue his gf who is locked up in Arkham, cause when he died, she was crying over him and the cops took this chance to cuff her. He finds her tortured(like HQ in SS)and insane. He takes her back and When she recovers, maybe some smut can happen with dom!reader, which takes Jerome by surprise cause this is new. Hope this isn’t too long 😂” - Anon

Summary: The prompt says it all.

Word Count: 738 (I guess the 700s is the normal length now)

Warnings: Jerome’s death, torture, some angst, some semi-fluff.

A/N: I’m sorry but I felt going down the fluff road instead of the smut road for this imagine. I hope that was okay with you, Anon. Btw, the Arkham Asylum I was imagining here was the one in Batman: The Telltale Series.

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Voltage Honest Trailers: Enchanted in the Moonlight

Thanks for all the love and support from everyone who liked my Gangsters in Love Homest Trailer! Because of you all I will continue to make more of these in the form of a series based on the ones you all request!

Please remember that this is only for humorous purposes.

Also I do not own Voltage and if I did, I’d make badass and more culturally diverse MC’s!


Narrator: Are you ready for a Voltage game that is filled with romance and Asian culture?

Are you willing to spend your paycheck on a story to satisfy your furry obsession?

Then this romance sim about yokai is sure to delight your unhealthy attraction to animals!

(Cue Yokai Anime)

Narrator:…No not those yokai…


Enchanted in the Moonlight!

(Cue Enchanted in the Moonlight Theme)

In eastern Japan, there lives a young MC.

She’s a naive bookworm with a life and a personality that is even shallower and blander than Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

MC: “I have no boyfriend, I’m too serious, and I work too hard…maybe it’s finally getting to me…😓”

Narrator: The MC is so retarded, she thinks closing her eyes in a life threatening situation will save her life.

MC:(I reflexively squeeze my eyes shut as bookshelves tumble down towards me!😣)

MC:(I shut my eyes as a speeding car rushes for me!😣)

Voltage Vlogger Martha: “No girl, that’s not how danger works…😒”

(Slight Beat)

Narrator: The MC lives in a bento box far far away from her parents with her close friend Samon, who is really a spirit from another world sent to stalk the MC since her high school years.

MC: “Samon’s the shrine priest. He’s like a big brother who watches over me.”

Narrator: After waking up from a night terror about a scene from Spirited Away and about hot guys, the MC goes to work and encounters MORE hot guys who stalk and warn her to be cautious of her surroundings instead of outright telling her that demons are out to get her!

Shinra: “I want you to be careful today.😑”

MC:(I wonder why he said that😦)

Narrator: Really…?😒


After the retarded MC risks rabies disease by stripping down and taking a bath with a random fox she found on the street, MC finds out the the fox is actually a beautiful spirit with realistic fox ears and a tail.

MC: “Is he a cosplayer?😦”

Narrator: I said realistic…😒


MC goes back to her living room seeing the same hot guys freeloading. And once learning that they are ayakashi from another world, they each have one request from her to help save their people.

Yukinojo: “We would like to have a child with you.😃”


Narrator: After being attacked by evil ayakashi, MC Is forced to make a dreadful decision of her life…

Lose your virginity…or DIE!

MC: “But I don’t know pleasure…!😰”


Narrator: MC has the option to choose…


The sexy arrogant half breed who makes it no secret that he wants to fuck the MC dry.

He’s a man so perverted, that calling him a fuckboy or a rapist would be a complete understatement!

Miyabi: “Give me your body…😌”

Miyabi: “You’ll be lusting for me from inside your bed😏”

Narrator: His sex drive is so strong, he’d give prostitutes in Vegas a run for their money.

Yukinojo: “Miyabi would sleep with 10 girls in one night!😃”


Narrator: Chikage! The Sasuke of the game!

Unlike his privileged friends, he rose up from complete nothingness and earned his spot to become the next hokage of the Tengu clan.

Although he has a soft spot for cute little boys, he’s so emo that it’s clear that he needs pussy in his life.

But he has NO problems flirting with actual crows whatsoever…

Chikage: “Caw caw caw!😄”

Narrator: Okay! SOMEONE needs to take YOU to the strip…😒



The oni who resembles and dresses like a prepubescent middle school kid, and who has an unhealthy obsession with Victoria’s Secret underwear!

Boy: “Tiger print underpants aren’t cool-😒”

Shinra: “YES THEY ARE!😡”


He’s the love interest that no one gives a fuck about. And the one who took over a YEAR to get a season 2 because Voltage forgot his ass.

Although he was first introduced alongside Miyabi and Chikage, he becomes the most unpopular character in the Voltage franchise with his childish personality and annoying and constant blushing behavior that Voltage would make fans believe to be a cute trait.

Miyabi: “You’re as red as an ogre!😏”

Miyabi: “What’s wrong with calling a red oni a red oni?😂”

Shinra: “Grrrrrrr….!😡”




The badass bisexual of the group! And the best dressed!

He’s the only one who treats you like a human being if you choose him.

Although he makes no secret of his attraction for you, it’s more than clear he has a thing for Yukinojo.

Kyoga: “I watched this movie about a Okami man and a Yukibito woman…it made me feel weird…😳”

Kyoga: “You know you’re very beautiful Yuki!😄”

Yukinojo: “Y'know I am a man…😓”

Narrator: That doesn’t excuse the fact that you enjoyed being fed by Kyoga during MC’s date with Kiryu at a restaurant…just admit you’re gay!😒



The other bisexual and the Caitlyn Jenner of the gang!

The one MC literally falls in love with JUST because of his looks!

MC: “You’re so beautiful…😍”

MC: “You have such gorgeous skin!☺️”

Narrator: He’s kindhearted as he is two faced as he even tried to rape MC at one point and is willing to threaten anyone with his power of snow and ice.

Kyoga: “Yuki’s scary when he’s angry…😰”


With his obsession with Bath and Body Works products and being beautiful, Voltage might as well could have made Yuki a female option of the game which…might increase sales for Voltage…

Just look at the amemix line!😃


And Kiryu!

The cynical as fuck, runaway prince of the ryu clan who came to the human world to write fanfiction AND be a total weeaboo for Japanese technology!

Kiryu: “Do you know how much this tablet costs?!😒”

Kiryu: “Did you wreck my cleaning robot?!😤

Kiryu: “Who destroyed my Japanese toilet?!😡”

Narrator: He hates people so much, that he’s even racist towards his own kind.

Kiryu: “I don’t care for the humans or the ayakashi! They irritate me!😒”


As you live your days being the only woman in a household full of men, you are forced to deal with things LIKE:

Perverse Humor!😃

Miyabi: “Have you two been at it every night?😏”

Chikage: “Oh, so that’s it…😏”

Kyoga: “We can smell what you’ve been doing.😏”

Narrator: No longer having privacy!😁

Samon: “Everyone gets to live here!😃”

Shinra: “Dibs on the biggest room!😄”

MC: “Do you have to follow me to work?😓”

Narrator: AND: “Trump like” RACISM!😑

Chikage: “Humans are weak.😒”

Kyoga: “Humans aren’t like us ayakashi who have more strength.😕”

Shinra: You’re weird! A human interested in oni…😒"

Miyabi: “You’re just a human!😠”

Ayakashi: “Stupid human!😡”

Ayakashi: “Yeesh! Humans!😡”

Miyabi: “A regular human wouldn’t be allowed in our world.😏”

Miyabi: “A human an ayakashi can’t be together.😠”

(Slight beat)

Narrator:…Wait a minute! Wait a minute! So humans can’t go to the Mononoke World but Ayakashi can freely roam the human world like rats and mistreat them however they please?!

Trump: “We need to BUILD A WALL to keep those filthy ayakashi OUT from crossing that magical train BORDER! And those clan heads will pay for it!"👌🏻

Narrator:..Trump I hate you but I support that idea!😃🔨

People of color:😡😡😡

Narrator:…Too soon?😅😓

Trump: “CROOKED Miyabi! LYIN’ CHIKAGE!😤😡”

Narrator: Okay we get it! It’s bad enough you were elected…😓




“Teen Wolf”(Kyoga)🐺



“Male Elsa”(Yukinojo)❄️

“Potential Housewife”(Samon)👩🏻

“Blue Eyes White Dragon”(Kiryu)🐉

“Regina Gorge”(Ageha)💁🏼


The Three Stooges(The Omnyoji)👨‍👨‍👦

“Someone who may as well be an ayakashi with her ability to sense things!”(Ikumi)👀

“Ino Yamanaka”(Botan)✳️

“Ultear Milkovich”(Kirikimi)🔮

“Darth Vader”(Kuro Kabuto)👽


“Master Roshi”(Genji)👴🏻

“Jacob Black”(Aoi)👱🏻

“Taylor Swift”(Nishiki)🐍



“As told by a Ginger, I am a Virgin(MC)😔”

“Yokai BAEwatch!!!”

Narrator: Okay seriously?! How is it that ayakashi can’t get arrested in the human world JUST because they aren’t “bound” to human laws! If you GO to another country you HAVE to follow those rules or you get arrested!

Couldn’t the MC just call the cops and tell them their are strange men claiming to be spirits who want to fuck her?

That would be helpful considering how they would be sent to the crazy house! Not to mention charged for frequent harassment!

Mamoru, get over here already!

Mamoru: *sigh* fine…😒🚬

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Chamber of Secrets - Part 8

Originally posted by marvelheroes

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: After the Avenger’s falling out, you were put in charge of putting Bucky together. Under King T’Challa’s orders, you were given a month’s time to create a new arm while simultaneously figure out how to get the triggering memories of his past out of his mind. As the time goes by, you found yourself confiding in him, despite his frozen state.

A/N: This is one of my favorite chapters to date, this was really fun to write!

(Sentences in brackets are in Russian)

Previous Part 


You woke up early and energized, eager to start the day. After spending most of your morning preparing, you and the rest of the team regroup in the meeting room and went over yesterday’s discussion.

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Not Fast Enough (03)


Warning:Mentions of torture

A/N:So I am back with part 3 of Not Fast Enough.Sorry if I haven’t posted this weekdays since there’s a tight schedule at school this week.Anyways enjoy some cisco ramon today.The gif is not mine.Enjoy.

Part: 1 2

Cisco was scrolling through news articles since metahumans we’re not doing much lately.He seems to be curious about what Central City is up to now that metahumans are not creating havocs.

Then a certain article caught his eye causing him to run to the training room were Barry and Caitlin is currently in.

“BARRY!CAITLIN!”Cisco screamed upon entering the room.

“Are we under attack?”Caitlin asked

“N-no but you’ve got to see this article”Cisco said holding up the phone for them to see.


Four weeks ago,the Central City Police Department hunted for Jeffrey Douglas,for the murder of Attorney Isaac Y/L/N.They lost Douglas’ whereabouts up until today.

A group of people found Douglas’ body at the northern dock at 4 this morning.He was tied to a pole with his head downwards.

The entire place is swipe clean and there were no evidence that is leading to Douglas’ killer.The police have assumed that this was not the initial place where Douglas was killed because the guards did not hear anything during the night.

Reports have come from the medical examiner and it is said that Douglas seems to be held up for 3 days judging by his wounds.There were different kinds of torture that has been done to Douglas including blunt force,electrical shock,arrows,knives and many other more.

The brutality of Douglas’ murder did not go out of question as people asked if this is a work of serial killer.CCPD gave out a statement saying “we cannot jump into conclusions now but be vigilant at all times”

“Justice is served”Caitlin concluded “Although I’m a bit creeped out by the way he died,pretty awful way to die”

“Who else would want him dead?”Barry wondered

“Well he’s a bad guy and he made bad choices and probably crossed some bigtime people”Y/N’s voice was heard as she entered the room.

Everyone was looking at her but only Cisco noticed the difference in Y/N’s face.
He knows that there’s something up about her.Her body language,blank emotions and that certain kind of aura she’s possessing today is different.Cisco doesn’t know why but he thinks that this has something to do with Douglas’ death.

“I assume you’ve heard the news”Barry said


“And how are you feeling about it?”Cisco managed to ask

“Good,never felt better”she replied “Like Caitlin said,justice is served”

Cisco eyed her carefully.The normal Y/N would never condone such violence,there is something really wrong about her.And he fears that they’re too late to save Y/N.

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Humans are Weird

A human is shot and they are losing blood and the alien medic, who has dealt with humans many times by now, knows that they are losing too much blood and that they will die. But, since they have worked with humans before, they know that it is possible for the human to survive so they successfully stop the bleeding but the humans heart has stopped. So, with a grave expression they turn to the human’s friend, who is pacing back and for and biting at their nails (a concept associated with the feeling of nervousness), and gravely informs them of this news. But instead of giving up, the human grabs a fellow crew member who has the ability to transfer electricity to their hands and places said aliens hands on the area just above the heart. They then proceed to tell the alien to shock the person. Somewhat used to the human’s strange behavior, and knowing it could not do any more harm, the alien complies. The dead human’s body jolts when the electricity touches them but it does nothing more so the alive human orders the alien to “increase the voltage”. The alien complies and with another jolt, the dead human is breathing again and their heart is beating once more. The aliens all back away in horror while the nervous human slumps to the ground with tears streaming down their face.

That day another thing is discovered about humans - they can return from the dead.

@dearly STOP SKDFGHKDSJGHFD. i can’t even pretend i didn’t have that thought too right after it happened though … *stomp stomp increased voltage stomp stomp*

@topazera I KNOW MY HEART WAS RACING SO FAST. i went to the apple store and showed the guy and he was like ‘how are you alive?’ and I DON’T KNOW

@goodmorningtoyouuniverse thank you <3 omg me too i have a fire phobia and THIS CERTAINLY DIDN’T HELP but i’m so grateful that other than paying for a new (painfully overpriced) charger i didn’t have to deal with any other consequences

@starcracked @nnameslessscartlett (it won’t let me tag you ahhh) @peachesannndgravy thank you for the well wishes and good thoughts i’m still at a loss as to how it even happened in the first place.

The Milgram Experiment

As you may know (or not), I’m a big psychology nerd. The Milgram Experiment is one of my favourites because it’s super fascinating. Let me tell you why. The Milgram Experiment was developed by Stanley Milgram and was first contucted in New Haven, Connecticut in 1961.

There were three people involved: An examiner, the test subject (who was payed $4.00 per hour) and a confidant of the examiner who pretended to be a test subject. The confidant sat in a chair and had to learn and recite word pairs. If the confidant got an answer wrong, the test subject was asked to give them an electric shock (Of course it wasn’t real. The confidant just pretended to have been shocked.). After every mistake, the voltage was increased by 15 Volt. The confidant acted by protocol. At 150 Volts, for example, he asked to be untied from the chair. The examiner then told the test subject, that they have to continue with the experiment and assured them that their actions would result in no physical damage.

Of all the people who participated in the experiment, 26 increased the voltage to the maximum (450 Volt) only 14 of them stopped before reaching the maximum voltage.

Through variations of the experiment, the following things have been discovered:

- The closer the test subjects sits to the confidant, the more likely is it that they stop the experiment before reaching the maximum voltage.

- If the examiner is not in the room with the test subject, they are more likely to stop the experiment before reaching the maximum voltage.

- There is not difference between men and women or different cultures.

What this experiment tells us is this: Even if something is against one’s conscience, one if likely to do it if they’re told to do so by someone in authority.

Creepypasta #241: Milgram's Bunny

One of the few downsides of being a gamer is the post-“new game” crash. No matter how into a game I may be, I always feel the need to seek out something new and different. If only I were a millionaire the constant urge to play something new wouldn’t be such a problem. I just can’t afford to feed my habit at the rate I’d prefer.

That is why I love the gaming community. New games, new mods, and new play groups are always within reach. If only Tantalus had the internet, he may not have suffered.

And. there really is no conceptual boundary that some aspiring programmer won’t cross. Making tea, experiencing the life of a fly, or a psychedelic space romp have all been put to code. Given that my favorite genres are RPGs and Sims the creators who put out content with RPG maker are a community I follow.

I know I could program games for myself to play, but it’s like running your finger down your side to test if you are ticklish. It’s always a let down. But, as soon as someone else comes along and does the exact same thing you wind up begging for mercy.

A few weeks ago I was in a particular doldrums and strayed a bit further from my usual download sites than usual. After a while I found a forum post linking to a game simply called “Milgram’s Bunny”. The post said it was made with rpg maker and was designed to test your ability to manage a rabbit farm. I wouldn’t be surprised if you had an idea where I got it; it’s from one of the places of the internet where only the brave dare go.

Installation was a breeze and the controls seemed intuitive enough. Which was good, given that the only onscreen prompts were “Reward the good bunnies and punish the bad ones. Don’t let a bunny die or you lose.”

The play screen was comprised of about half a dozen cages, each with its’ own bunny sprite. With the right buttons I could reward them with food, water, and clean straw. I could even given them a “rabbit treat” which appeared to be some kind of special food item. I could use a demand button to ask a specific bunny to perform a single task such as be petted, do a trick, or dance a rabbit jig.

I have to admit, it was an addictive game. I spent a lot of the first few days trying to learn how to maximize the happiness of my farm’s inhabitants. If I wasn’t at work, I was in the game.

The sheer number of options of commands left me dumbstruck. There was a Scribblenauts-esque system allowing for hours of experimentation. Maybe I let the power go to my head a bit, but what good is being a god if you can’t throw a few lighting bolts. I can’t be the only person to remove a swimming pool ladder or two.

My favorite rabbit, Jasper, danced on command for me for over an hour. Morris’ cage might have been slightly on the damp side when I gave him a few extra helpings of water. Jenny literally ran in circles when ever I felt like it.

Once, just for the hell of it, I asked one of them to eat it’s poo. Shrugging was it’s only response. I asked again. A vehement “no” motion with it’s head was the only response. I asked again, but met with further resistance.

Remembering the unused punishment icon, I gave the bunny a slight taste of what to expect should he keep resisting. An animated jolt struck with Looney Tunsian flare. For a few seconds, just long enough to make me nervous that the game might have froze, it did nothing onscreen. Then, with a start, he obeyed my command.

I wish I could say my newly discovered ability went underutilized. I guess my gaming wanderlust was beginning to set in again. Besides, It was just time efficient to terrorize them into doing what I wanted. I didn’t have to wait for a sleeping bunny to wake up naturally, so I had a lot more to manage in the game at any given time. Also, I never had to deal with a back talking bunny again. At least not until Morris began to bite me every time I wanted to pet him.

No number of special treats could coax him into good behavior. Surly and argumentative to a fault, my patience had reached its’ limit with him. I hit the punishment button and watched the animation. He bit me again. I replied in kind only to have him continue his defiance.

I started experimenting with the setting on the punishment button, and found I could turn the voltage up. Again, I chided him. He showed no improvement. I kept increasing the voltage until I reached the maximum safe amount, as I didn’t want to hurt him seriously. Only defiance met my kind restraint.

That was it. If he wouldn’t obey his god, he earned his fate. I adjusted the voltage to maximum and let loose the punishment icon. Suddenly, the game simply stopped and said “A Bunny had died. You Loose.”

I was about to reset the game when the text changed to “communicating with server. Leader board Updated. Congratulations, You have earned the high score.” As I typed in my name, I barely suppressed a chuckle. My dim-witted bunny with a deathwish, Morris, was at the very bottom.

“He couldn’t even do that right,” I thought.

Unusually, the game resisted my attempts to load it again. It simply returned a message of “Game Completed.” I thought about trying to seek out the source file again and do a clean install, but it was time to experiment with something else.

A few weeks passed and I moved on to new games. It was barely a memory by the time I awoke, struggling against an unknown assailant. Despite my efforts, the attacker had too much of an advantage against someone who’d been asleep just moment prior.

When I awoke, again, I was in a metal lined room with only a computer, a desk, and several tubes for the delivery of food and water. The slight hum of electricity could be heard behind one of the walls. Several dozen familiar names, those from the high score list, were roughly hewn into the desk. The computer was already on, with some variation of Milgram’s Bunny already running. Instead of the normal controls, the layout looked more like something out of a Sims game where I could directly control the rabbits actions. At the top of the screen were the simple instructions, “If you want to live, try to be a good bunny.”

I have been a good bunny haven’t I? I have never bit you once and I dance all the time. The only bad thing I have done is find the debug mode and use it to send you this message. But please, don’t punish me for it . I did it when you were sleeping. You never even noticed.

Or, at least I thought you hadn’t noticed. Did it make you mad? Is that why you won’t feed me. It’s been almost two days since you gave me anything to eat. Just tell me what I did and I will stop.

Do you not like the dancing? Or, do you want me to dance in time with the sprite. I tried it once, but it seemed to have no effect. Have I not let you pet me enough? Did I not perform enough tricks? Anything, I swear to god I will do anything to amuse you, just please don’t kill me.


Credits to: danatblair

Gift-fic for the ever-glorious theshriekingsisterhood. May your days be filled with robogore~


It’s for the good of Cybertron, they say. I don’t know which scares me more, the ones who know they’re lying and simply don’t care, or theones who believe they’re telling the truth.


I hope my patients have been able to find a newpsychiatrist.


They stripped my servo to be bare circuits today. Amazing, that something many of us take for granted can be so intricately complex.

“He’s not responding properly.”

“I’m not sure what you expected. He’s clearly damaged.”

“It’s his background. It’s making him more difficult to break. He knows what we’re doing.”

“It doesn’t matter if he knows what we’re doing. He can’t do anything about it.”


There was a bar I used to visit, sometimes. Maccadam’s Old Oil House. I wonder if it’s still there. Maybe when I get out, I can go backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk


I can’t remember what energon tastes like. Was it sweet? I hope it was sweet.


My spark hurts.



Mech A: Go in through the eye sockets.

Short pause: length = 8 seconds.

Mech B: That method is traditionally reserved for already deceased subjects.

Mech A: Is this going to be a problem?

Short pause: length = 11 seconds; surgeon repeatedly looked at its hands and at the proctor.

Mech B: I…no. No problem.

[FLAG: Recording is garbled hereafter. Recommend obtaining a sound system disposable compatible with high-ranger decibel levels.]

[FLAG: Termination of sound system disposable 37C scheduled for 18th cycle, as per regulation.]

[FLAG: Proctor suggests termination of surgeon due to its unwillingness to complete basic tasks.]




I don’t know what you want I don’t know what I turn into why won’t you believe me I’m trying I can’t do it I can’t do it I don’t know I don’t want to why please tell me why I’m sorry I’ll do better I can I can why won’t you believe me please believe me



“Why are you doing this?”


The mech makes an incision down the side of Rung’s torso plating.

“Silence in many of my patients has been a sign of a conflicted processor. Or is it that you really don’t know why? Are you content to just do as you’re told?”

Another incision along the opposing side. Energon runs down Rung’s sides in thick streams.

“You could really tell me anything, you know. I’m not exactly in a position to act on it.”

A third incision connecting the two, and the mech peels the plating back. Rung shrieks, and a second mech plugs into the medical port at the base of his neck and Rung’s vocalizer stutters into silence.


The first mech nods, and the second returns to his notes.




My frame is inviolate. My spark is inviolate. My mind is inviolate.

Step 1. Retract outer plating. If subject is unable to comply, manual removal is necessary. See Table A for necessary tools.

Step 2. Peel back or cut protective casing.

Step 3. Attach leads to spark. Surgeon must be grounded for this step or risk overload of own systems.

Step 4. Increase voltage as subject’s systems allow.


Please stop. I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry


Are you reading this?



“Hail the useless one.”

Rung lifted his head for a brief moment, then, wincing as his neck cabling tensed, let it fall limply down.

“Hail,” repeated the janitor, stepping forward slowly.

“Hail.” He reached out and placed his servo on Rung’s chest, just over his spark.

The janitor’s head exploded.


I exist.


Do what you will. You try and you try and you have nothing but millennia of failures to your name. You have failed.

“All hail the useless one. That’s what they’re calling you, you know. As they die in the streets. As they kill themselves in your name. Tell me, doctor. How does that make you feel?”



[file not found]

Tinkering (closed rp)


After having such a long day behind stage with Mettaton, nothing felt more refreshing than messing around with the locals. Rigor was up to his usual mischief of tampering with a certain skeleton’s traps and puzzles that laid scattered throughout the underground. He’d move them to different areas, such as Waterfall and Hot Land. He’d add onto them by increasing voltage of certain tiles. He’d do just about anything to rile his monster kin up!

Fortunately, it was a good thing he messed with a few of them, for they doubled the chances at catching a particular human off guard. Slinking into the brush of the Snowdin woodlands, Rigor lied in wait to see who’d find his tinkering work first; a monster, the skeleton, or a human.

The Winter Soldier (Part 1/?)

Characters: Reader, Bucky

Words: 1135

Summary: The Reader wanted to protect, but HYDRA needed her.

Warning: angst, blood, violence, torture, suggestive comment

A/N: Sorry haven’t been posting a lot, school and such.
The italics are flashbacks.

Originally posted by rumlowswinter

“No! Please don’t!” You screamed at the advancing HYDRA soldiers moving closer as you shielded a young boy. You didn’t know what else to do, you were backed up against a wall with no gun or weapon, treating the boys bullet hole. With a quick glance, you noticed that the wound was still oozing blackish looking blood, sighing you raised your head high.

“What? Are you afraid of us? What we would do to a pretty thing like yourself.” One of the soldiers asked. It made you feel sick to your stomach, but you continued to stand your ground. Making sure the young boy was behind you, you could hear silent crying and you knew you had to protect him with your life.

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