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I’ve known for a while that I have pcos but it’s been flaring up particularly bad recently and it’s just such a frustrating ailment to have and no one really knows/cares about it. Doctors will say oh just go on the pill and do some exercise you’ll be fine. It sucks.

Not only does it have bigger health risks like increased risk of heart disease, ovarian cancer and infertility but it makes you feel like crap. Most of the side effects seem superficial but can you imagine growing up in a world that constantly pushes the ridiculous, rigid expectation of femininity and beauty on all young women, and have to go through easy weight gain, increased acne (all over your body) and oily skin, dandruff, excessive hair growth all over your body, hair thinning from your head, irregular periods and severe cramping, and commonly pcos is the cause of depression and anxiety. And then being someone who has not just a couple but all of these symptoms.

And it’s not just experiencing these things but also being judged for them, when they are things completely out of your control. To be ashamed for having this genetic disorder, but then unjustified in your upset because it’s just not something people talk or know that much about. Is it really that bad are you just obsessed with your looks, other people have it so much worse than you. Researching and finding out that preventative measures only go so far and will mean having to cut things out of your lifestyle that you love and it just feels unfair.

I will never really feel beautiful or feminine or comfortable because of this thing and the stigma attached to its symptoms and it just really, really sucks.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Tips!

-SAVE YOUR LEAF TICKETS. These are extremely valuable and the hardest currency to get more of. Don’t waste them early on small projects that take minutes; some projects take days and some items are leaf ticket exclusive. Trust me, you can wait the few minutes in the beginning.

-Honey and fish nets aren’t really worth their price. If you look in an area multiple times (leave and come back) you’ll eventually find what you’re looking for. Honey and fish nets are also sometimes given to you as a log-in bonus and that’s really the best way to use them.

-Calling cards and request tickets are extremely useful; they let you do more requests and earn more materials and build affection with the villager you choose.

-If you shake fruit trees and leave the fruit on the ground, the tree can grow more while you leave the extras for when you need them to save on inventory space. They won’t spoil!

-Shaking trees that don’t grow fruit sometimes drops bells!

-Ask your friends to help you in the quarry, don’t use leaf tickets. It’s not worth it. Helping friends get into the quarry (the orange shovel icon next to them, helping is a button tap) earns you bells, so help each other!

-Bells are fairly easy to come by, but don’t waste them all either. I like to keep about 5,000 at all times in case.

-You unlock more villagers as you level up! Currently there are 40 villagers, with more to be added with future updates.

-Villagers affection level is locked at 7 by default, but building amenities that fit the theme they like will increase their max affection up to level 20, at which point you’ll earn their photo.

-Do all of your villagers requests to earn the supplies you need to craft new objects. Each villager gives out different materials, so help all of them to get what you need!

-Talk to your campsite villagers often, they have gifts for you!

-Don’t put rare items in your market box- they’re the least likely to sell. Sell extra regular items instead.

-Don’t worry about your loan from OK Motors too much. The upgrades don’t add huge amounts of space, so take your time.

-Remember this is a mobile game, and it’s not meant to be played 24/7. This is an app, and it’s not supposed to be played like a regular animal crossing game (playing for longer periods of time). Check in a few times a day and have fun!


Things get broken, and sometimes they get repaired, and in most cases, you realize that no matter what gets damaged, life rearranges itself to compensate for your loss, sometimes wonderfully.

A Little Life, Hanya Yanagihara.  


          If two people are meant to be together, eventually they’ll find their way back.

                                               Do you really believe that? I do.


Layer gifs of best Hannibal art

Happy holidays, everyone! Thanks for sticking around. I joined the fandom just this May and I’ve felt so welcome. Onward to a bloody new year! 

Moon Signs & Menstrual Cycles

Since the moon is so closely linked with femininity and fertility and some women can even calculate their next period by the cycle of the moon, I decided I’d look into how the moon’s sign and house can affect a woman’s period. I tested it on myself and some friends and so far, it seems pretty accurate. Let’s see what you all think :)

*Check your moon sign/moon house, stellium, and dominant sign*

Aries/1st: break outs, migraines, heavy flow, enhanced irritability, might lash out on anyone and everyone, most likely to be asked “are you on your period?” (bc emotions are so easily seen)

Taurus / 2nd: indulgence in comforts, increased appetite, notices every little flaw about self, bubble baths and face masks help to soothe them

Gemini / 3rd: moodiness, unpredictable start date and end date, becomes less talkative, changeable flows, increased restlessness

Cancer / 4th: just wants to stay home, extremely emotional, increased everything, may have problems with reproductive organs, tender breasts, stomach bloat

Leo / 5th: becomes dramatic and needy, demands to be pampered, easily provoked, creative outlets may soothe them

Virgo / 6th: flu-like symptoms, increased anxiety and tension, cannot function normally at work/school, painful cramps and muscle aches

Libra / 7th: becomes socially distant but also really needy, leans on partner or close friends for support, unbalanced emotions, complains about symptoms, indulges in foods and luxuries

Scorpio / 8th: intense pains and flows, increased emotional sensitivity, wants to be alone, may have problems with reproductive organs or cycles (especially if the moon has negative aspects)

Sagittarius / 9th: definitely NEEDS their space and free time, becomes argumentative and hot-headed, is more blunt and outspoken than usual, traveling and reading may soothe them

Capricorn / 10th: depression and pessimism is likely, withdraws from everyone, continues to act like everything is fine, is more stressed and overworked than usual

Aquarius / 11th: erratic cycles, unpredictable flows, on edge and anxious, extreme mood swings, insomnia, cannot relax

Pisces / 12th: becomes lazy and emotional, constantly fears symptoms mean something bad, constantly thinks they may be leaking, crying spells, sensitivity, weird/vivid dreams

Ways to enhance your intuition


These exercises can be done in two ways. You can either pick one paper up and try to guess what is on the paper, or you can think of a paper and try to find it in the pieces of paper. If you feel you need more pieces of paper by all means add more. If you work with deities, your higher self, spirits of any sorts, please feel free to invite them to help you with these exercises, if you’d like.

  • The number exercise: cut four, same sized pieces of paper with the numbers 1-4 written on them. Turn them downwards and mix them up. Pick one up and try to guess which number it is.
  • The shape exercise: cut four, same sized pieces of paper, and draw a star, a heart, a circle and a cube on them. Turn them downwards and mix them up. Pick one up and try to guess which shape it is.
  • The color exercise: cut four, same size pieces of paper, and add a different color to all of them. Turn them downwards and mix them up. Try to guess which paper has which color on them.
  • The quiz exercise: find a quiz online that you know nothing about - this may be a science quiz, a pop culture quiz, a quiz about a band, or the Viking history quiz. Take the quiz and try to guess the answers.
  • The object exercise: Get a older object, works best if it’s given by a friend do you and examine it. Try to pick up the objects energies and try to see/hear/smell the person that the object is tied to. It’s best done with a friend because they will most likely know some information about the person and they can tell if you’re right or wrong.
  • The card exercise: Pick one card up from a deck and try to see the color, the shape and the number of that card. You can also do this with tarot cards, try to feel the cards energies.
  • Divination: it’s a great exercise for enhancing your psychic abilities and the range of tools you can do divination with is enormous. So, find the one that calls to you and start divining. 

In my experience these are the main exercises which you can sit and work on but they’re not the only ones. Intuition can be worked on throughout the day even in the most mundane tasks:

  • Try to guess who texted you or is calling you before you pick up the phone.
  • If other people cook for you, try to guess what you’re having for lunch before seeing it.
  • Try to pick up what your friend is going to tell you before they do.
  • Try to guess when the light is going to turn green at a traffic light.
  • Think of a person, and try seeing what they’re doing at the moment. After you’re done, ask them whatsup.
  • When talking to a friend on the phone try to see what they’re wearing, what their hair is like, and/or what they’re doing and ask them.
  • When you get up try to sense what the weather is going to be like today.
  • When at the store and you’re waiting in line try to sense how much the person before you needs to pay.
  • Tell a friend to think of a number and try to guess that number.
  • When listening to music on shuffle, try to sense what the next song is going to be.
  • When people close to you talk on the phone try and sense who they’re talking to and ask them afterwards. (only if they’re comfortable with it, not all people would like their privacy invaded, my friends and family know why I’m doing that so they’re cool with it)
  • Try to sense what a close friends text is saying before you open it, or try to sense why they’re calling you.

These are all I can think of a t the moment, hopefully in the future I’m going to add more. Basically anytime, anywhere when you have some space left to guess what’s going to happen, do it.

MEDITATION: I can’t stress how important meditation is, especially to witches, mages, shamans, and all occult practitioners in general. I know it sounds boring when people tell you to meditate but we all need some time to relax and clear our heads. And in the moments of blissful relaxation we let out soul speak to us the most thus coming into our strongest potential where we can energetically change our DNA and rewire our brains. In the moment of deep relaxation you can focus on cleansing your pineal gland / increasing your intuition. 

I like to imagine purple/indigo color and lavender flowers coming out of my pineal gland spreading and covering my whole body and aura. I also like to imagine roots stretching from my pineal gland bursting through my forehead opening an eye in the centre of it. I like to massage the centre of my forehead, and I like taping an amethyst to it lol.

There are lots of guided meditations on youtube, which are extremely helpful, and there are lots of binaural beats and isochronic tones, which are also very helpful. Just find your comfort zone to working on the pineal gland and focus on it. Don’t feel bad if per say, isochronic tones don’t work for you but storm sounds do work. Find your comfort zone and work within it.

Also you might want to check out Sun Gazing, which is a very powerful exercise you’re going to need to dedicate yourself to. 

Pineal gland detoxification: 

  • Avoid ingesting fluoride - I know this is hard, seeing at the people on top put fluoride in literally everything knowing what it’s doing to our brains. But there are alternatives, the internet is a huge place and you can find almost everything there. Avoid fluoridated water, fluoridated toothpaste, GMO fruits and vegetables, soda, all artificial foods and drinks. Try to eat healthy and organically and if possible reduce eating meat - and cutting it off completely. 
  • Avoid sleeping with technology in your room if possible - this means wireless routers, mobile phones, computers etc. The pineal gland is suppressed by electro magnetic fields.
  • Avoid or if you can, completely cut off all sugar, caffeine, tobacco, alcohol and drugs.

Once you’ve detoxified your body and pineal gland it’s time to start working on activating and boosting your pineal gland:

  • Spend time in sunlight every day - or as much as you can. Practice sungazing as well, and it is best done when the sun has risen or in the moments it’s going away because the sun is the weakest then and it can’t harm your eyes and it won’t bother you.
  • Oils and incense - 
  • Sleep and meditate in complete darkness.
  • Commit to meditation every day.
  • Dedicate rituals to your third eye - whether it be a bath ritual, once in a full moon ritual, a day of the week ritual, or whenever you feel like it ritual, do it.
  • Practice yoga, especially Yoga Nidra as it is the most powerful yogic practice to increase the blood flow to your pineal gland.
  • Eat food that boosts the pineal gland - raw cocoa, coconut oil, lemon - the body’s best friend, basically the master of detox, garlic, raw apple cider vinegar, goji berries, watermelon, honey, hemp seeds, iodine, vitamin K1/K2, boron, bananas, alkaine food, chlorophyll rich foods, oregano oil, sea moss, walnuts, turmeric and melatonin.
  • Crystals that stimulate the pineal gland - amethyst, lapis lazuli, clear quartz, moonstone, sodalite. You can meditate with these crystals on your forehead daily, you can tape a crystal on your forehead and stay like that for a while, or you can massage your forehead with it.
  • Chant - there are a lot of chants to boost your pineal gland, you can google some, I’ve found that OM works best for me.
  • Plants that enhance intuition - ginger, gotu kola, ginkgo, skullcap, elder leaf, berries and flower, fennel, lavender, lemongrass, saffron, bay leaves, rosemary, honey suckle, anise, eyebright, lotus, mimosa, sandalwood, burning acacia, cinnamon, buchu leaves, celery, lilac, mint, mugwort, solomons leaf, frankincense, jasmine, lemon, peppermint, rose, sage, vanilla and star anise.
  • Oils - bay laurel, carrot seed, galbanum, german chamomile, grapefruit, myrrh, nutmeg, palo santo, petitgrain, roman chamomile, sandalwood, st. john’s wort, angelica root, eleni, juniper, frankincense, rosemary and patchouli.
  • Incense - ambergris, bay leaf, anise, cinnamon, frankincense, honeysuckle, jasmine, lemon, lemongrass, lotus, magnolia, peppermint, rose, sage, sandalwood, vanilla, heliotrope, basil and eucalyptus. 

And most important of all - trust your gut! The problem with not listening to our intuition is when our rational, logical mind interferes and tries to come up with logical solutions as to why your intuition is wrong. Whenever you get that gut feeling, just go with it, don’t question it. Also always remember to protect yourself when working on your pineal gland, seeing as we are more open and vulnerable to psychic attacks during these moments.


 NCT’s reaction to one of the hardest/fastest girlgroup choreography😂😂

Humans vs. Aliens: the Competition

Humans baffle the Galactic Confederacy. They turn everything into some kind of challenge. Keerstii have lost flying races to humans wearing various flying apparatuses and they are physically built to fly; Rhaan have won most of their endurance contests but lose agility nearly every time; Phyrxians maintain a fairly even win-lose ratio over what humans call free running.

And that’s just it: everything ends up as a challenge of some sort when humans get involved.

“First one across the finish line wins!”

“My clothes are better than yours.”

“Let’s see who’s got the better jokes!”

“I bet I can kill more of these fuckers than you!”

The worst part? Humans are so adaptable that their win ratios always seem to be increasing. It’s like they don’t know the meaning of peace. They always want more, better, faster, and they’re never satisfied that enough’s enough.

When the GC falls into a war with other space-faring people, humans turn that into a competition, too, and the next thing anyone knows, half their enemies are dead and the rest have surrendered. This quickly turns into, “You can’t make friends with those assholes,” and of course someone takes that bet. Humans! (The terrifying part is that they win that bet and now the GC has a new section of space to maintain, all because humans think can’t means I dare you.)

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can you look at what houses the boys' juno is in and what it means for their future marriages? 🌸🌷

Jin and Yoongi - Juno in the 4th house

  • both their junos are also in the sign cancer so their marriages just scream domestic !!
  • their partner will have cancer traits: sensitive, caring, and nurturing. one that enjoys homemaking activities like cooking and looking after the nest. someone who feels like home. 
  • speaking of home, that will be the most important part of their relationship 
  • a lot of time will be put into creating a serene, cozy den where many memories will bloom
  • both jin and yoongi may become more homebodies after getting married and maybe even set aside work to stay there
  • instead of going out to town with their every night, quiet nights in are preferred
  • they’d rather enjoy hot chocolate by a cozy fireplace with their s/o than go out dancing
  • creating a family is a high priority. children are considered blessings
  • where they’ll meet their soulmate: they might be childhood sweethearts or someone from their youth. or they’ll meet at ikea

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Hoseok - Juno in the 7th house

  • the asteroid of marriage in the house of marriage puts great focus on relationships 
  • marriage is something he has thought or dreamed about for a long time, since childhood 
  • he will “find himself” through his partner. they will reveal sides of him that he didn’t know he had
  • a theme of self discovery and growth during the marriage 
  • with his juno in scorpio and pluto in the same house, he may have fear or hesitation of marriage 
  • he will transform (pluto) greatly in marriage 
  • he may go through many marriages, with jupiter also in the 7th house 
  • either way, he is searching for a life long partner and will not settle until he finds them 
  • partner and relationship will have libra traits: balanced, fair, and social
  • romance and intimacy are key. he will change into a truly lovesick boy with his partner 
  • where he’ll meet his soulmate: because we form relationships everywhere we go, he could meet them anywhere. they might be business partners or in some form of a partnership. wherever it’ll be, it’ll feel like a movie once they lay eyes on each other

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Namjoon and Jungkook - Juno in the 11th house

  • the 11th house rules friends and that’s exactly who these two will marry: a best friend
  • someone who they’ve known for a long time and developed strong feelings for over time
  • it may not be a love at first sight and it could take time to truly realize their feelings for their soulmate
  • but it will be a strong love that can stand the test of time 
  • a classic “friends to lovers” story
  • it may occur at a moment where they’re spending time with them and see them smile in a certain way and it just clicks: “Wow, this is the person i want to spend the rest of my life with.”
  • the 11th house is ruled by uranus, the planet of everything different 
  • their marriage will be non-traditional in some way
  • it could be an age gap, interracial, different backgrounds, may even same-sex
  • partner will have aquarius traits: unique, eccentric, someone who embraces the things that make them different 
  • the 11th house also rules community so both of them may join social causes with their s/o. they will share a similar vision and it will most likely involve changing the world in some way
  • where they’ll meet their soulmate: in their friend group, a charity event, online, in a dream

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Jimin - Juno in the 6th house

  • the 6th house is known for ruling work but it also rules our daily routine, habits, and health
  • his future marriage will be with someone he can work well with. not only in a career sense, but also in daily activities and emotionally
  • tending to small things around the house like chores and things that are usually seen as nuisances will strengthen the relationship
  • him and his partner will find joy in washing dishes together, doing laundry, things like that
  • co-operation is essential in the relationship. so is autonomy and freedom
  • work could keep them apart for long periods of time so trust is also key
  • he needs someone he can rely on and who can also rely on him
  • he could be quite literally married to his work, or find love at his workplace 
  • partner will have virgo traits: an intellect, someone who pays attention to detail, someone organized and trustworthy
  • his partner will very likely look after his health a lot
  • exercise or sport may be activities they enjoy together
  • he may want a partner who serves him, someone more submissive
  • or vice versa, his partner may try to make him their servant
  • balance and fairness needs to be kept or else things could go south 
  • where he’ll meet his soulmate: at work, a co-worker or colleague, or at the gym or spa

Taehyung - Juno in the 2nd house

  • the 2nd house rules the income, money, possessions, and also our self-esteem 
  • his marriage will likely increase his sense of self-worth and confidence
  • his partner will be someone who boosts his ego and makes him feel like he could take over the world
  • this could manifest negatively where he marries someone in hopes to increase his self-worth or secure financial security. a common example is marrying into a rich family just for money. this usually doesn’t end well
  • possessiveness could be an issue. seeing his partner as something he “owns”
  • he could avoid divorce/leaving a bad relationship due to fear of losing money 
  • on a more positive note: marriage will most likely be a blessing financially either way. he will amass great wealth with his partner 
  • the relationship will be steady, committed, and solid. almost nothing can sway the strong foundation he will build with his s/o
  • a marriage characterized by luxury: a grande wedding, million dollar home, etc. 
  • showing love through tangible things will be common. this could be gift giving or lots of physical touch
  • partner will have taurus traits: loyal, down to earth, and very sensual 
  • overall i think this is an excellent placement of juno in his capricorn dominant chart
  • where he’ll meet his soulmate: his hometown, an event for the wealthy, the bank

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