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Any Tips to get clearer skin

- drinks lots of water!

- don’t touch your face (or try not to!!) - the bacteria from your hands transfer to your skin and cause pimples/breakouts to occur.

- develop a skin care routine and stick to it. for me, i wash my face every morning and night. moisturizing afterwards and over the course of the day.

- eat healthier fruits. increase your intake of fruits and veggies!

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Around 60 kilos (132lbs) difference.  It took me around 2 years.. and what i did basically i change the way I ate.. I quit refined sugar, like soda, cakes, ice creams, pastry etc.. and I increased my intake of vegetables and fruit, I started to drink lots of plain water, and I started using stevia and instead of buying processed food I cook my own desserts sugar free.. that’s the biggest change that brought me where I’m now.

How to grow your hair fast ?

1/ Try to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which includes regular exercise and a balanced diet. Your diet can affect your overall health, including your hair’s health. So, try to include more nutritious foods, vegetables, fruits, protein, etc. to fuel healthy hair from within.

2/ Think of your hair like a plant, you have to ‘water’ it to help it grow. Increasing your daily water intake can improve your hair’s moisture and health. Spritz your hair daily to prevent excess dryness.

3/ Treat your hair with love. Vigorous styling, harsh handling, and excessive pulling and tugging can lead to breakage. Hair that is constantly breakage is not retaining its length. So, if one of your hair goals is long hair, you are limiting your results by not treating your hair with love.

4/ Give your hair a break sometimes. Just leave it alone.

5/ You don’t have to bought many of the products the ladies in youtube’s videos spoke about. Choose a simple regimen.

6/ In addition to all of the above, the most important hair tip I can share is PATIENCE. Quick fixes are tempting but ultimately if you make healthy hair your priority, length can be achieved over time.

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Maybe this isn’t a good comparison photo, but I weighed today and lost 4.4lbs this week for a total of 113lbs! 😳 I increased my calorie intake and lost more weight this week than normal.. so yes, zig-zagging calories week-to-week works!

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Daisy and Fitz daring one another on to eat progressively hotter peppers to win a bet.

  • Fitz hates spicy food.
  • But Daisy gives him a little smug smile and says he has no spice tolerance and that’s it.
  • he’s gonna beat her at whatever game she thinks they’re playing.
  • So when they’re all sitting in the common room the next day he just casually eats a bag of hot cheetos.
  • his mouth burns but he sees the way Daisy eyes him and it’s so worth it.
  • later that night at dinner Daisy clears her throat and then pours the tabasco sauce all over her chicken.
  • she eats all of it.
  • (They both don’t notice Jemma rolling her eyes affectionately, Mack shaking his head, and Coulson and May exchanging glances.)
  • They gradually increase the spice intake until the day Elena comes for dinner.
  • She plops two glasses of water onto the table and reaches into her bag, pulling out two little, shriveled, red peppers.
  • “Mack told me about this stupid thing you two are doing. So, both of you are going to take a bite out of the Ghost pepper and whoever can last the longest without drinking the water wins.”
  • Daisy and Fitz exchange glances.
  • they both know its a TERRIBLE idea
  • they both reach for the peppers.
  • everyone watches as they both take a teensy little bite of their peppers and the same time Daisy starts to grip the table and widens her eyes is the same time Fitz starts screaming and fanning his mouth “HOT HOT HOT HOT ITS TOO HOT”
  • (it’s a tie. they both drink the water and then run to the fridge to find only one jug of milk.)
  • (they take turns drinking from the jug.)
  • (it’s not enough)
  • (Elena smiles, and pops Daisy’s pepper into her mouth, chews and swallows. “I like it spicy.” She grins at Mack, who blushes. Everyone else erupts into laughter.)

  • it’s a good night.

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What's the safest way to lose weight in a fast manner? I constantly feel like I'm fat. There's not a day that goes by that I don't get jealous of people with skinny, beautiful bodies.

Eating 1200 calories per day is the recommended amount for weight loss, so aim for that. Make sure you’re eating mostly healthy food such as fruit and vegetables, and limiting the amount of sugary and fatty foods/drinks you’re having. Cut down on white carbs such as white bread, pasta, and white rice. 

Be aware of small things you’re doing that increase your calorie intake during the day, such as adding sugar to your coffee/tea, or having a lot of milk with your cereal. Don’t be caught out by seemingly ‘healthy’ foods that can actually make you gain weight. Some fruit juices have more sugar than soft drinks/soda/pop/whateveryoucallit, some flavoured yoghurts have more sugar than ice cream (even ‘natural’ yoghurts with fruit pieces/puree), and some “healthy” cereals have just as much sugar as the unhealthy ones. 

Drink lots of water, and make sure you get enough sleep every night (at least 7hrs). Exercise for at least 30-60 minutes most days in the week if you can, and make sure you’re working hard enough that your heart rate goes up -  there’s no point wasting time exercising if you don’t break a sweat while you’re doing it. 

Most importantly: never purge, even if you binge, and don’t starve yourself as punishment for eating or even just to speed up the weight loss process. 

Good luck and stay safe! xx

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This year I Wanna be thicker.. Lol 😝 bigger ass, bigger boobs, smaller waist Any tips how to?? Xx

build muscle, waist train, increase your caloric intake or get plastic surgery

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I used to eat incredibly hc low fat (5% of total calories) all while intense triathlon training 2+ hours a day. But for the past week I have been more open to incorporating more overt fats in my diet & I have increased my fat intake to 15-20% (keeping calories around the same). I'm a young female athlete,& a bit worried about eating more fat in my diet. BUT I do have to say for the past week I have felt more satisfied, my dry skin has gone away,& feel more balanced. Should I keep going? Not sure

Why in the world would you ever keep your fats that low?

All of my clients eat 10-20-30% fats depending on what they feel best on.. and no obsessive counting with fats ever. Just eat a handful or two a day… some days more and maybe some less… the obsession will kill you!

5% for a young female athlete – you would probably wrecking your body!

We NEED fats … for digestion, absorption of nutrients, hormonal function, hair, skin, nails, thyroid function – basically for 100s of reasons. Don’t ever limit fats like that – you seem to know how good you feel - so why would you stop?

New study shows drinking more water can supercharge your workday

If you tend to feel sluggish during the workday, here’s a surprisingly easy way to boost your productivity: Drink more water.  A recent study published in the journal PLOS One, increasing your water intake can also have positive effects on your mood and energy level. There are plenty of easy tricks to help you drink more water.

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You said that you lost some weight by eating more starches and veggies and less sugar...what exactly do you mean by sugar? Fruit or processed sugar? Because I thought fruit and natural sugars don't make you gain weight or prevent you from losing it? Thanks 😀

No I mean processed sugar 😊 I used to add a lot of coconut sugar and maple syrup to foods, and these things are fine in smaller quantities but I was eating a lot of them, like multiple tbsps every day. I still eat a few pieces of fruit every day. I have also increased my intake of protein and fat which has helped me x

Welcome to my Weight Gain Blog!

Hey guys! I’m getting serious about weight gain. Its hard for me to gain and keep it on because of my fast metabolism so I am going to have to up my food intake considerably to meet my goal of 12 stone by the end of the year (I am 11 stone right now; hovering around 11 stone 2 or 3 pounds sometimes. I CAN get much higher, temporarily - I can eat double meals for a couple of days and get up to 11 stone 8 or 9 but then it drops as soon as I drop my food intake (and believe me, my regular food intake is well over the recommended daily intake)

So I need to find a way to fund my larger appetite and increased intake of food, which is where you guys come in. Your support has always been invaluable to me but right now I need as much of it as possible. There will be several ways to sponsor my gain available to you soon. On top of that, any reblogs and likes help me to spread the word! I wish I could give you all this weight gain content for free but the amount of food I need is way too much to actually keep going without help and my weight will start to drop.

As I continue on my journey there will be daily photos of my belly and weight gain progress on here, with more on my private weight gain blog, and lots of food updates, weigh-ins, videos and descriptions of what is happening to my body as I - hopefully - start to pile on the pounds.

This blog will open on August 1st along with information about how to sponsor a stuffing or become a full weight gain sponsor with all the perks that come with it. If you want to see me grow then this will be the blog to follow! 

Any contributions to my weight gain are so very gratefully received and all reblogs to spread the word about my new blog help so much! <3

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I'm so bad at constricting my eating habits and I'm stressing myself out and seeing beautiful and skinny people everywhere makes me feel worse. I'm trying but I sometimes just can't control it. Do you have and tips/ideas for what I can do?

How many calories are you eating per day? Sometimes it can help to increase your calorie intake slightly and then balance it out by exercising a little bit more- letting yourself eat a bit extra can help deal with cravings and hunger in general, which will hopefully help you stick to healthy eating more easily. 

Also try to put less pressure on yourself in order to reduce your stress. I know that’s easier said than done, but a lot of people eat more or crave unhealthy food when they’re stressed. Let yourself make mistakes, treat yourself with a “bad” food every once in a while, basically don’t let your weight/dieting totally destroy everything good in your life! 

I lost over 20 pounds in less than 4 months with basically zero exercise (I couldn’t exercise due to a health condition) and still let myself eat unhealthy food sometimes and enjoy myself. With exercise, I would have lost even more. You don’t have to starve yourself to get the amazing body you want! If you don’t make losing weight the only focus in your life, you’ll feel less stressed about it and will most likely lose more weight as a result! stay safe xx

tfw your online client’s powerlifting coach posts her photos boasting about the 4kg she dropped due to changes in nutrition strategy he had less than fuck all to do with. >:o\

edit: also ascribing it to “reduced calories”.
I actually increased her intake targets by over 100 cals per day.

Healthy Habits Challenge Intro

Howdy! I’m Sarah, I’m 23, and in college for art. I’m dealing with a lot of pain, and need to work on my self care, so I figured this challenge would be a great way to do that. I’m working on eating better and hopefully losing weight, but I need to start with easier stuff. Plus I’m trying to figure out what is “wrong” with me before I try to increase my exercise.

1- I want to drink a bottle of water every day. This sounds silly, but I hate water and any increase in my intake is a good thing.

2- Washing my face, cause it makes me feel refreshed, even though I walk around feeling like a zombie a lot.

3- Stretching daily. I hurt a lot, stretching sometimes helps, so if I can increase that, then I could hypothetically feel better.

So, yeah. I’m just trying to feel better in any little way I can. I usually have some sort of back pain and pain in a hip or shoulder. I get a lot of headaches too, which tend to last 12+ hours, my knees seem to creak, and the middle joint of my right pointer finger has been swollen for 2 weeks.

TL;DR- I’m falling apart and self care is the duct tape that will keep me going through the semester.

My life is a constant cycle of:
eating too much junk food,  
getting fat,
realizing how fat I am getting,
starting to count calories,
getting obsessed about calories,
starving myself,
losing weight,
realizing my body might collapse if I don’t start eating again,
increasing my intake,
stop being scared of calories,
stop caring about diet,
eating too much junk food,
getting fat…

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All I ever want to do is eat. It occupies my mind almost every hour of the day. I fantasize constantly about junk food but I never eat it because I'm afraid I won't be able to stop. I practice restraint. I eat my TDEE most days. It has become impossible to eat under it. It didn't use to be like this. I lost 45 lbs my eating under my TDEE (but never under my BMR). But now I am just ravenous all the time. Is this common after weight loss? I feel like my body is begging me to regain the weight.

Idk man, maybe you have some kind of emotional dependence on food? That’s definitely a thing. But it’s 100% okay for you to take a break from actively trying to lose weight and just maintain right now. Maybe your body needs more energy to keep up with what you’re demanding it to do - increase your intake and see what happens. If it’s a mental thing, maybe you need professional help addressing your relationship with food. It definitely needs to be addressed. You need to be in the right place mentally if you expect to maintain your weight loss.

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To suddenly-easily-bruising anon, are you on any medications (even just aspirin)? Does your family have a history of diabetes? Are the bruises large or last for a few weeks? If yes to any, then you should go see your general practitioner and they can run a blood panel just to be on the safe side. In general, I'd recommend increasing your vitamin C intake, along with leafy vegetables. Good luck! #doctorhere

#doctoranonisintheproverbialhouse ^^