Jim in a new custom sport jacket paired with Nackymade bespoke eyeglasses, Edward Green mahogany country calf double-monks, Incotex trousers, and a Drake’s tie and pocket square. Only the best of the best from Khaki’s of Carmel.


Got out of DCA last night ahead of any potential precip that might wreak havoc on the airports and thus my billable days! My destination city greeted me with temps in the teens this morning.

It’s stretches of weather like this that makes the promise of Spring so hope worthy.

Camel Polo Overcoat: Ralph Lauren.

Shirt: Herringbone pattern white cuffs and white button down collar by Ripley Shirt Makers, Dallas Tx. R.I.P.

Trousers: Muddled-Mottled puppy teeth patterned Incotex flat fronts courtesy of Sid Mashburn.

Belt: Matte finish crocodile contrivance courtesy of Harrison Ltd. Birmingham.

Socks: Paul Stuart.

Shoes: Bespoke two-eyelet tasseled laced Dainite soled George Cleverley fuzzies. In need of some sole cleaning.

Spring Cleaning Sale

I humbly submit to you, my loyal readers, a list of #menswear so #dapper and #classy, it pains me to part with it. Alas, the #sprezz must go. Alright, I’ll stop. As is to be expected, I have some gems on offer. And for dirt cheap.

If you’re looking for a blazer for the warmer months, I got you covered. Kent Wang in a Draper’s Hopsack, or Ring Jacket in a wonderfully spongy Reda wool. Or perhaps you’re looking to sure-up tenure in the near future, this Luciano Barbera Sartoriale “faux-tweed” gives you the appearance of armor with the hand of cashmere.

And to complete your California Tuxedo or adjunct sprezz, look no further than these moleskin numbers from Incotex. Or if you’re feeling exceptionally traddy, these from our dear friends at Bill’s Khakis.  

To complete the look I have a couple pairs of sleds. For the iGent on a budget there are some chocolate suede Meermin loafers. If you’re going for that bar tar-patina’d post-grad look, check out my Ferragamo loafers. Haven’t worn ‘em since college. 

Thanks for indulging me. Now back to probably-more-sporadic-than-they-should-be pictures of rich people and expensive things.