tlc awards nominations!


repeated blogs will be in italics!

stellar kaider: @kindasortaameyzing

stellar wolflet: @lunarmomthur

stellar non-canon ship: @lesbenoits (emiko & cressder), @lostlunarheir (emiko), @kaisder (darlinh), @kai-swell (kaiswell)

most underrated blog: @scarletbenois 

nicest blogger: scarletbenois, kaisder

stellar artists: @septembersart, lunarmomthur, @eerna, @minidoodles97

stellar lgbt content: lesbenoits, @cindersglamour, septembersart

stellar fics: kindasortaameyzing

most progressive: @nonbinarycinder, lesbenoits, cindersglamour

stellar shitposts: @scarlet-benoit-is-my-rolemodel, kindasortaameyzing

stellar incorrect posts: @incorrecttlcquotes, scarlet-benoit-is-my-rolemodel

  • Thorne: So what's the plan? We just go in there and just- POW, POW, POW and free the prisoners?
  • Kai: What was that?
  • Thorne: Laser guns.
  • Iko: No Thorne, I think you mean PEWH, PEWH, PEWH....PEWH
  • Thorne: That sounds like fireworks.
  • Cress: Technically, they're more like - ba-choo, ba-choo, ba-choo!
  • Cinder: Okay, enough with the bad sound effects.
  • Everyone:
  • Cinder: Besides, it's more like BLAM, BLAM, BLAM