incorrect football quotes

Lovren: Oh shut up, I wasn’t that drunk.

Modrić: You tried to colour my face with a highlighter because you said I was important.

Lovren, tearing up: But you are.

Eden to Thibaut in their hotel room before a game: You know…I always wonder how tall people like you sleep at night when the blanket can never comfortably cover your body from your toes to your shoulders

Thibaut: Eden!

Thibaut: It’s 4 am!

Eden: so, you can’t sleep either

Eden: Is it because of the blanket?

Hendo: I’m not a father, I don’t even have any children.

Trent, passing him: ‘Sup dad?

Hendo: Oh, hey.

Jesse: Hey, dad, is it okay if Marcus and I go to see the new Star Wars movie tonight?

Hendo: Yeah, just be home by 10.


Hendo: Okay, listen.

  • James: Hey Robert, can I ride you?
  • Lewa: *chokes* E-excuse me?
  • James: I asked if I could ride you. I've ridden Javi before, it's fun!
  • Lewa: Wh- WaIT wHAt?!
  • James: Yeah, he let me climb onto his back and ride him around the house
  • Lewa: .... You mean a piggyback ride???
  • James: Oh, that's what it's called?