incorrect bts quotes

SG: Jungkook is the best fundraiser. He just doesn’t get economics.

RM: What do you mean?

SG: Jungkook! If you raise 500$ for us you’ll get this free hat.

JK thinking for a moment: That is such a great deal!

BTS as texts I’ve received from my internet friends

Seokjin: u tell a lot of dad jokes so


Hoseok: let me spank it 🅱️addy

Namjoon: Phat UWU

Jimin: if it was no nut January instead of no nut november ud be a dead man

Taehyung: “Crying while eating raw pasta”

Jungkook: [ highkey dead but turned on ]

Fanfic Yoongi: bad boy, player, swears a lot, “don’t fucking touch me or I’ll punch you”, cocky, gives literally no shits about anyone else ever for at least 15 chapters

Real life Yoongi: I just got a paper cut and if someone doesn’t come over here now and kiss it better and then hold me for the next few hours I will scream

Okay but have you noticed how the bts rap line stans are literally like their biases? Allow me to explain.

Yoongi stans

🌟The literal stars of our galaxy🌟

  • Dull dark pretty aesthetics
  • Don’t remember the last time they’ve give fucks
  • Are the softest
  • Hold their hands please
  • Pretty sensitive but choose against showing it unless they really love someone
  • Really small
  • Worship seesaw
  • Usually thought of as “rude” or something but in reality they just protect what they love most regardless of what way they do it in
  • If they’re passionate about something then they’re PASSIONATE about it

☆ They kinda feel so close and comfortable with yoongi because at times they’ve related to his past and it gives them a bit of hope ☆

Hoseok stans

☀️brightest suns in the universe☀️

  • Always choose against mentioning how they might be in pain, for some goddamn reason
  • Can not stay in one place- muST MOVE
  • Have no trouble in giving love to even random strangers
  • Their playlist is filled with songs that literally explore every genre
  • ARE LOUD but hate loud sounds???
  • If sad then just quiet down but never talk about it
  • Insecure of tiny things
  • Grateful for small things
  • Prettiest smiles
  • Still sleep with stuffed animals
  • The word “hope” means a lot to them

☆ The caring energy and shinning aura of hoseok is what they enjoy the most, in all he gives them energy in a lot of ways☆

Namjoon stans

🌙Children of the moon 🌓

  • Either the most intelligent or the most illiterate, depends on their mood
  • Have a sense of wanting to protect people they love and to be protected sometimes
  • Underline sentences in books they love, or keep reading that one page that got to them
  • Think too much about small details, cause they care too much
  • Kinda want to save the world
  • Ironically love slow sad songs
  • Rain enthusiasts
  • “I must obtain aLL FORMS OF KNOWLEDGE”
  • Love talking about emotions, seasons, their friends and all their favourite scents
  • Want to keep a journal but fail every 7 days
  • Break everything, please keep them away from valuable times

☆ They get really attached to joon because they see a lot of themselves in his own being and growth, and feel like they’ll be safe under his cover. ☆

Kidnapper: “I have your son.”

Jimin: “I don’t have a son.”

Kidnapper: “It says Daddy though here on the contact name?”

Jimin: “Oh my god they have Yoongi.”