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We need to protect Henrik at all costs
  • Henrik: You know, it was really important that Tarjei felt comfortable. But we had a natural connection from the start.
  • Me: (looking for an excuse to watch Skam again) Omg, I really HAVE to watch Skam again to pay more attention to their natural connection.

Well Cinder, what do you have to say for yourself?
She said you should shove that stupid mustache up your fat fucking ass

guess who’s back with bad photoshop skills and even worse jokes

Skam is taking over my life (again)
  • Friend: Hey, wanna come over?
  • Me: Sorry I'm super busy.
  • Friend: ...
  • It started again, right?
  • Me: I have no idea what you're talking about.
  • Friend: You know that you'll have to go to school and can't stay in your room all day just to wait for skam updates.
  • Me: Fight me!
  • Even: Isak?
  • Isak: Yes?
  • Even: You deserve so much better than laying here with me.
  • Isak: You're right...
  • Even: ... (a tear rolls down his cheek)
  • Isak: (moves closer to Even and kisses the tear away) I deserve to cuddle with you.

I added subtitles based on what I think is happening in these scenes in the musical. 

Yes, this is a shitpost.These are not the real subtitles and this is merely for fun. It is never my intention to make fun of the Japanese language or culture by adding these incorrect subtitles. I was only trying to provide some harmless fun. You can find the original video here! Enjoy!

I feel the need to point out that these are incorrect subtitles. This is what’s actually said:

Sarada: *Leans in*

Boruto: W-what is it?

Sarada: Your eyes… They really are bluer than the seventh’s, aren’t they?

Boruto: *Blushes*

Mitsuki: *Buts in* You’re right. (Or, “ah, it’s true.”)

Boruto: *Jumps away* Wah!

  • I'm laying in my bed. The room is completely dark. O Helga Natt is on repeat.
  • Mom: Hey honey what do you want for dinne... Aren't you over exaggerating?
  • Me: I don't know, am I? Does anything make sense to you anymore? Everything led up to this day and now... Nothing.
  • Tell Julie it's too late.
  • Mom: I will make a salad...

anonymous asked:

What do you think of the pairing Deikona? (To me they would look like a super cute pair) The Artist and the Angel; seems to have a good ring to it :)

Deidara has a total art boner for the origami lady that uses 600 billion paper bombs to attempt to kill Madara. Please. 

In a filler moment he made an explosive butterfly from his clay, so I like to think they bond over artistic things and Dei might have a bit of a crush on her. Sasori, Deidara and Konan are probably best friends and Konan enjoys spending time with both of them, until they start fighting about art, and she leaves. I always imagine them to have a dynamic like two art students trying to get teacher’s attention that they both have a crush on.

But I kind of headcannon all the members have a little crush on her in their own way. Like Even ones you wouldn’t expect… And it’s even hinted at to be a cannon thing from any Akatsuki member who’s had an interaction with her. Deidara never has in the anime, but we can infer a lot by judging how many of the Akatsuki members respect her.

Subject A: Sasori.

1. Called her a work of art and wanted to turn her body into a puppet. Which is how Sasori expresses beauty. (Half of the Akatsuki express they’re interest in eachother by going: “Hey I want to kill you….. *gets ass kicked* nevermind we cool and BFF now” )

2. Got his ass handed to him and fully respects her to join the Akatsuki. He didn’t seem that too pissed about it either.

3. In his body language, he examines her jutsu as a work of art and finds her an interesting subject.

Subject B: Kakuzu

For those unfamiliar with the recent filler, a bit of backstory.

1. Kakuzu has killed all his previous partners before, teaming up with Itachi and Konan on a mission to track a recent Ex Nin from Yugakure and eliminate him. (OH GEE I WONDER WHO) 

2. Kakuzu is a bit annoyed Konan is here. He just thinks she’s here to drive a wedge between him and Itachi so he won’t kill the guy. (Itachi is very sincere and Kakuzu mistakes Itachi’s genuine-ness for sarcasm. Hense why Itachi annoys him) 

3. Konan told Kakuzu that she was only here because she is a sensory ninja and the ONLY one in Akatsuki. She also says that the other Akatsuki weren’t cut out to be decoys.

4. Kakuzu expresses concern that Konan might be risked as a decoy. A decoy is usually something used to lure a prey out of hiding or a distraction. He expresses CONCERN that Konan could get hurt. (since they just found a sacrifice of Hidan’s and shows what he’s capable of) 

5. Konan does not object to Kakuzu wanting to fight Hidan, even though she was the first Akatsuki to come into contact with him. (They aren’t looking to recruit him, mind you. They’ve come to kill him) 

Subject C: Itachi.

1. Itachi was chosen for the same mission I mentioned earlier and he makes a frown when Konan suggests to be a decoy. They both don’t like that plan. Itachi expresses concern for her as well.

2. Itachi and Konan are both able to analyze Hidan’s abilities together, and the two seem on very good terms.

3. It’s very obvious Itachi is a character who’s need for love died a long time ago. But it is obvious from this look he has a sense of duty to protect Konan. And Itachi always protects those he cares about. *COUGHSASUKECOUGH* 

4. Both Itachi and Kakuzu let her go with her plan anyways. She’s the Lady boss and can take care of herself.

Subject D: Hidan

Probably the most interesting case. (not saying that cus shipping. I’ll contain my SQUEE-ness and speak from what I saw. like even if a tumblr user reads this and doesn’t know who I am.. uhhh look at my icon. I doubt it’ll change in the future…) 

1. Hidan is very adamant, not to join Akatsuki. He has Jashinism, his own law, his own agendas as long as he needs to kill he doesn’t need anyone else.

2. Konan approached him and Hidan tried to convert her, and talked about his religion to her. Although, a very brief summary. “You can kill with no consequences!” Konan said: “I see.” she didn’t berate or belittle his beliefs in anyway. So of course, Hidan wants to sacrifice her because he wants to sacrifice anyone who doesn’t join his religion.

3. After Hidan killed Kakuzu. (once) Itachi and Konan intervened. They never intended to ask Hidan to be a member of Akatsuki. But Konan was the one who stopped the fight and saw him as a benefit to them. She is the one that spoke to him, and offered him to join. Of course, Hidan refuses.

4. Hidan goes on to explain he has his own sets of rules and doesn’t want to be weighed down by any organization at all, and has his own goals in mind. Konan then told Hidan that the Akatsuki will help his goals come true. This peeks his curiosity. 

5. Konan further explains to Hidan of the Akatsuki’s goals and ambitions. Which are very simalar to his. Earlier Hidan made a dumb joke “You guys in a band or something” (For those wondering. Yes, this was a joke of Hidan’s. He was taunting them and not taking them as a serious threat. I’m sure he can tell they’re powerful shinobi and he mocks them)  then Konan tells Hidan after the fight: “We are a band of killers”  Hidan smiles to her… he appreciated her returning his joke, and then his face narrows. He actually considers her offer, because she was nice, respected his religion, spoke on his level, and Akatsuki’s goals to him sounded like they made sense

6. Boom. In next scene, Hidan joins Akatsuki because he thought Kakuzu not dying from his ritual was interesting, and that the cards Konan was lying on the table seemed promising. He understand and respected her goals and joined because Konan showed respect to him when Kakuzu didn’t. 

Subject E: Madara (yes I know I said MADARA and not Tobi or Obito.) 

1. First of all. This is Madara’s voice. She fought Madara. Madara’s will entered Obito when he died and has been possessing him ever sense. Everything the body does is a combination of Madara’s and Obito’s wills merged as one. The more dominant voice is the one who speaks. I remember @rcris123 had a detailed analysis about who the masked man is. But he is Madara here. 

2. I can’t find the specific screenshot because I have the incorrect subtitles. But Madara says to her: “Since you are a dear and former comrade I will tell you about myself” And it is not a subtitle error. In the Official licensed English dub he calls her “dear and former comrade.”  He calls her dear. Precious to him. So he reveals most of all his secrets to her before he puts her under genjutsu and she tells the location of Nagato’s body.

3. What can we infer from this? He saw her as a comrade. While Konan from the start has saw Madara as a worthless scum. Someone who hijacked what Akatsuki used to stand for and corrupted Nagato’s mind. The first time they meet she death glares him. And before this fight, she has been plotting his demise this day. She prepared an entire ocean of bombs to eliminate the guy. That takes a lot of dedication and work to destroy someone you truly hate.

4. Despite Madara knowing this. He still calls her a dear comrade. He respected her as a shinobi. AND THIS IS MADARA we are talking about. 

So from all these cannon interactions I think all the members respect her in their own unique ways. 

Konan is the lady boss of her own harem of manchildren. And I like to think All of the members Like or crush on her in their own way