incorrect lyrics baby

cishet bandom jokes (aka things Not To Do)
  • brendon’s forehead
  • the tree fic
  • the milk fic
  • anything about popular fanfic tropes
  • frerard jokes (bonus if they include bandit for some ungodly reason)
  • pretty odd ryden theories
  • “last time i was here this early mcr was still a band/panic had more members!!1!”
  • pete wentz’s nudes
  • ‘emo quartet’
  • incorrect song lyrics
  • “baby, seasons change but people don’t” (bonus if it’s not even about fob)
  • misinterpreting lyrics
  • anything about patrick stump’s weight
  • gerard way moaning
  • calling any band member a faggot, homo or making jokes about how gay they are
  • “omg he doesn’t age! he’s a vampire!!!”
  • calling a shirtless pic of any man daddy