incorrect for honor quotes

Staff: uhh excuse me I think there is something wrong with the application form

Chan: sure what is it?

Staff: it says here you’re sending member HAN, main rapper of stray kids, to King of Masked Singer

Chan: yeah?

Staff: …. you do realize this is a singing show right?


Chan, nudging Changbin: is he tryina tell me smtn?

  • Sirius: Nice hands, Moony.
  • Remus: Uh...thank you?
  • Sirius: I bet they'd look better wrapped around my-

Warlord, killing a chicken: Allfather, give me sight and wisdom to extinguish my opponents on the battlefield and lead my men to victory.

Raider, tattooing runes on themself: Thor, guide my axe like the powerful strike of lightning to smite my opponents.

Berserker, sprinkling ash on their axes: Loki, let my blade be as quick and as keen as your wits, let my movements be that of a snake.

Valkyrie, burning sage: Freya, may you guide my spear into the very hearts of my opponents, and allow your warriros to decide my fate.

Shaman, eating a man’s foot: Odin’s beard this shit’s good.

Highlander: Jesus Christ what the fuck.

Warden: I am a valiant warrior. I fight with honor and treat others with respect.

Conqueror: I am an immovable warrior, i am the shield. I am a protector

Peacekeeper: I am a silent warrior, i go where others wont, kill who others wont.

Lawbringer: I am order, I am peace. Fall out of line and i will put you back in.

Centurion: Fight me and die peasant.

Gladiator: Uh.. i like money.

Harrison: stop, i’m claustrophobic

Tom: what’s claustrophobic mean?

Sam: i think it means he’s afraid of santa claus

Harry: HO HO HO


  • Magnus: why do you want to marry me?
  • Alec: so that whenever someone messes with you, I can say "that's my husband!" before punching them in the face.
  • Alec: and, you know, love.

Adrien: *unconsiously licks his finger to wipe dirt off Nino’s face*

Nino: Woah- what are you doing man?

Adrien: Did I jus-

Adrien: oh my goodness I’ve become my mother.

Adrien: Which is shocking because I’ve been trying so hard not to be my father.

Adrien: I did not see this coming.

harry: i don’t care what anyone says. the icing is the best part of the oreo

draco: light without darkness, darkness and no light. one can not exist without the other.

ron, mouth full of oreos: yo socrates it’s a fucking cookie 

Astro as shit Seventeen says
  • Jinjin: “Ah, this will be easy.” [2 secs later] “I’ll never be able to finish this.”
  • Eunwoo: “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” “Yes, I’m still hurting.”
  • Moonbin: “Do you have any concerns?” “Yes, should I drink the banana milk or the strawberry milk?”
  • Rocky: [lie detector goes off without a question being asked] “Guess life is a lie then.”
  • Sanha: “How did you do on your test?” “Let’s move on. I tried my best."

virgil (in reference to ‘never eat soggy wheat): is soggy wheat even a thing?

roman: yeah, it’s like, oatmeal, right?

*patton, virgil, and logan all nod in agreement*

[three minutes later]

logan: wait what the fuck oatmeal is made out of oats

  • Craig, trying desperately to appear straight in front of the softball moms: Like I say to the wife before I get into bed, make room for Craig! 'Cause, uh, Craig's here.