incorrect disney

  • Professor McGonagall: Especially you Mr. Potter, I expect more from you.
  • Sirus: What, you don't expect more from me?
  • Professor McGonagall: All I'm hoping out of you is a haircut.

incorrect pirates and recreation (3/?)


  • [Carlos and Jane are on a date]
  • Carlos: You know, just the other day someone asked who was the most beautiful person in the whole world. You know what I said?
  • Jane: What did you say?
  • Carlos: I said… *sees Jay outside the window* Jay?
  • Jane: Jay?!
  • Carlos: No! No, that's not what I was going to say!
  • Jane: Carlos, you're not making any sense.
  • Carlos: I-I mean… sure he's handsome, he's rugged-
  • Lance, watching Lady and the Tramp: I like the variety of dogs. That, I think, is the problem with America. I feel like there's just yellow labs, everywhere you look. What about the ones with great mustaches and 'brows?
  • Hunk: did you just shorten eyebrows to brows?
  • Lance: I've got a lot of things to do
Hercules Mulligan Hype Team
  • Hamilton: we are the muses, goddesses of the arts, and proclaimers of heroes
  • Laurens: Heroes like Hercules!

Jafar: You´re grounded                                                                          

Jay: What about the restock of your shop?

Jafar: Fine, other than that. And no TV.

Jay: The TV´s broken.

Jafar: Then no jumping around.

Jay: I need that for stealing.

Jafar:  Then no, uh…No Carlos.

Carlos: What, no Carlos!?

Jafar: NO CARLOS!!

Anyways since I’m still upset about Tiana how about the fact that she’s the only Disney Princess since Aurora to literally only have one animated feature centered on her? Besides a 3-5 minute cameo on Sofia The First, Tiana has not been seen in any other animation (or live action for that matter).

Aurora had a straight-to-video short

Cinderella and Belle had multiple tv/straight-to-video movies

Ariel and Jasmine both had multiple movies and TV series based on their movies

Mulan and Pocahontas both got (admittedly bad) animated sequels

Rapunzel had an animated short and is getting a tv series, and I don’t even have to mention Anna and Elsa’s copious media.

They literally??? Could have addressed all the issues they had with the first movie (displaying their leads of color as frogs ¾ths of the movie, Tiana having to work during the entire thing, her hair never being out, etc) with a short, tv movie, or a series

Explain that.