dancing through the dark
eerie shapes that cast the light.
between black shadows she sleeps,
waiting for their screams.
the goddess of magic and might,
the goddess of the moon and night,
call your ghosts upon those
who fear your power
over the heavens, the earth and the sea.

- hecate, goddess of witchcraft / e.a

arm puns
  • Naruto: Oh no don't be scared of Sasuke - he's 'armless
  • Naruto: Tricks up his sleeve? There's nothing up his sleeve!
  • Naruto: Having trouble, Sasuke? Let me lend you a hand.
  • Naruto: Sasuke can take bad guys on single handed, no problem.
  • Sasuke: *mentally killing him*
@The last pack meeting
  • Scott: I know we've been through a rough few seasons-
  • Stiles: FIVE seasons. It's five seasons.
  • Scott: And all I'm saying is, even though we've been mistreated, we can make our last one positive. I know we have some complaints...
  • Allison: I'm supposed to be alive!
  • Kira: I'm supposed to be in Beacon Hills!
  • Isaac: I'm supposed to be in the country!
  • Lydia: I'm supposed to be out of the hospital!
  • Stiles: I'm supposed to be the comic relief!
  • Malia: I'm supposed to be eight!
  • Scott: I didn't think there'd be many