Gryffindor: I took a circus arts class last summer!

Ravenclaw: Why am I not surprised? Well, what did you learn?

Gryffindor: I worked out on the trapeze a bit, but I uh ended up breaking a lot of bones….

Ravenclaw: You seemed to have healed remarkably well.

Gryffindor: What?

Gryffindor: Oh! Not my bones.

Ravenclaw: ……..

Gryffindor: I was supposed to catch this guy and I dropped him.

Gryffindor: Onto someone.

Gryffindor: And they both fell into some other people.

Hufflepuff: That’s terri-

Gryffindor: Who hit the tent support which tipped the popcorn cart which set fire to the audience stands which collapsed with 48 people sitting on them…

Gryffindor: But hey I learned a valuable lesson about the trapeze!

Slytherin: Which was?

Gryffindor: Don’t drop people.

  • Zen: I wasn't that drunk
  • MC: You called yourself ugly
  • Zen: ...
  • MC: ...
  • Zen: ...
  • MC: ...
  • Zen: oh my god
Oh the irony

Back in good ol’ 8th grade, I had be chosen to enter our district’s spelling bee. Finally when the day came and I got my name tag, I realized my name was spelled incorrectly on it. It was no biggie because that happens all the time and anyways I was thinking that I would kind of go with the flow and get eliminated whenever. Unfortunately, my competitive side took over and I ended up winning, being the first spelling bee winner with their name spelled wrong on their name tag in front of the entire speller administration.

  • *bambam is messing with jb's favorite vase*
  • bambam: woah these is neat-o *drops it*
  • jb: *sticks head around the corner* what was that?
  • bambam: N OTHING
  • jb: *chicken pose* nOtHiNG
  • jb: stfu you little shIT STOP TOUCHING MY STUFF