when grodner inevitability rigs the special power in frank’s favor but bridgette is the one to find it to make things inconspicuous. the power ends up being a coup d'etat so after bridgette saves herself and frank from the block she nominates the flop mayo couple nicorey because of what frank told her and corey ends up getting evicted pre-jury and nicole self-evicts right after….can’t wait !!

Recruits : Setting Up Camp (Barry Allen Imagine)

**part 1**

“Once again the Scarlet Speeder saves the day. Today it was a fire set at the new apartment complex built just a couple blocks down from Central City Park. No one was harmed and the building only suffered minor damage thanks to the Flash. More for news like this keep.”

You tap out of the news app and pull up the directions in your email again. “This is it? The glitziest building in town? What happened to inconspicuous Dad?” You grumble to yourself as you enter the lobby.

You saunter over to the check in desk but the man behind it doesn’t even look at you. “Hello?” You offer after standing there for a bit.

“We aren’t hiring. Unless you happen to have a reservation, you aren’t permitted in here.” He states coldly. The complete indifference in his voice ticks you off in addition to the fact he still hasn’t even so much as looked you.

Two can play that game. “It so happens I do, under Wayne. Possible (y/n) Wayne but mostly Bruce.” You inform him, slapping your ID down with some attitude to accompany your cheeky tone.

This sure gets the man’s attention as his eyes flicker rapidly between you and the screen as he starts to type away. “Oh Miss Wayne! Forgive me, just one moment. Yes, yes. Your father has booked the penthouse until… further notice.” Gulp.

He slides opens a drawer and digs through its contents. “Javier!” He calls out as he continues his search. He pops up and presents a little envelope to you. “Your key cards. There are two here, in case you happen to misplace one.” He says, wearing a rather nervous smile.

You take it and he comes round to the front of the desk and young man shows up as well. “This is Javier miss. He will show you to your room, bring up your things and anything else you might need. Sorry again about the hold up. Please enjoy your stay.” And with that, the man scurries away.

You turn your focus to the young man before you, who looked almost equally as anxious as his boss. He holds his hand out. “Can I take your bag Miss?”  

You shake your head and give his a warm smile. “No thank you Javier. I got it. If you could show me to my room though, that would be lovely.”

“Yes of course! This way.” He turns and moves towards the elevator. After you enter he hits the button for the top floor.

He stands there rigidly as you lean back against the wall. “You can relax you know. Despite what you saw down there, I’m not all that cold. Your boss was just being a dick so I played the snobby rich girl card.” You see the tense practically melt off the guy as he takes a deep breath. “I promise I won’t treat you like I did him. You seem like a chill guy, I don’t get why you would want to work in a stuffy place like this. In Gotham it would make sense for safety but here it seems really nice.”

“It is a little bit for the safety but mostly for the money if I’m being honest. I have four younger siblings and mi madre only works part time. My mom sorry.”

“No it’s fine. You have nothing to apology for. I’m sorry actually. It must suck to be around rude rich assholes all the time; when you’re short on money.” He nods solemnly.

With a ding the doors slide open and he exits the elevator. You follow him into the tiny hallway to stop in front of another lift. “This is your personal one. Just slide your card here and it will take you up to the penthouse. Like he said, if you need anything just call.”

He turns back and reenters the first elevator. “Wait a sec.” You call out as you spin around. “Sorry for pointing out your problems back there. If there is anyway I can help can you let me know?”


“I don’t know how long I’ll be here in Central City but as long as I’m here I’d like to help. So if you need anything you let me know instead; okay?” He still looks completely perplexed but manages a nod anyway. “Good! See you around.” With that he close the door and begins his way down.   

“Ahh. That shower is amazing, Dad really needs to remodel the house.” You sigh as you wrap a towel around you and weave your way through the penthouse. “Dang this place is huge, what was he thinking.”

You snatch your bag off the chair you tossed it on and find the bedroom. Huh? You find a suitcase at the base of the bed. You cautiously pop it open and see a note laying on top of the clothes inside. - I assumed you would only grab a couple days worth of clothes so I decided to whip this up for you. Some formal as well as some casual.- “Alfreeeed. This isn’t a vacation, it’s a mission.” You flip it over. - I know this trip is for business not pleasure but if you ask me you could use some time off. We both know your father can work himself silly and I would hate for you to do that as well. Try to enjoy yourself. Love Alfred -

“The old sweetie. Where would I be without him?” You slip into the hoodie and jeans he had packed, grab your backpack and head back down to the living room.

You pull your laptop out of your bag and flop onto the enormous couch. “So he always seems to rush head first into danger and sure doesn’t take long to find it. That means he has intel on crimes or at the very least hacked into the CCPD. He will always get there first though due to speed of his. What to do, what to do?”

Bob the Cactus

Title: Bob the Cactus

Genre: fluffy drabble

TW: none

Word Count: 451

Beta: the lovely @uhnlighted

AN: HAPPY BIRTHDAY @phunwithphan YOU’RE 15 NOW HOW DOES IT FEEL I wrote this at twelve in the morning for you I hope you’re happy and I’m sorry if it’s absolute shit.

It was another day, another horrid morning, another new houseplant – wait a moment, new houseplant? Walking closer to the window, Dan saw that there was, indeed, a new cactus sitting inconspicuously on the windowsill, a few stickers stuck to the side of the pot. There was even a small nameplate stuck in the dirt surrounding the cactus with the name “Bob” written on it in a bright green pen, although where the pen came from Dan did not know.

Looking around, Dan couldn’t see Phil, though the reason for that may be that it was noon and Phil was located somewhere else in the flat. The lights in the lounge were on, and Dan could hear the tv playing in the background, so he picked up Bob and made his way to the lounge.

When he got there, after making himself a cup of coffee, he saw that Phil, indeed, was in the lounge, scrolling through something on his laptop (which was also decorated with various stickers) with the tv on as background noise. He marched in and asked, “when did you get this cactus and why is it called Bob?” The tone he used was slightly disapproving, but in truth he found Phil’s love for plants quite endearing, although he would never really admit it.

Phil, who was never really tricked or deterred by Dan’s slight negative tone, responded, “I went out this morning to buy a few things that we were running low on, and saw him in a window. I like the name Bob,” and shrugged. He continued to read the rather fascinating Wikipedia page he was scrolling through.

Dan sat down (collapsed really) on the sofa, and sighed. He turned to Phil and reminded him that “we said no more houseplants, Phil, as much as you love them we don’t have much room to put them anymore.” Phil ignored him, too engrossed in the article that he was reading, and he also refused to acknowledge the lack of houseplant space available in their flat. Dan continued to say “Bob is such an unoriginal name, why not name him Prick or something, he’s prickly.

“Hahaha. Nope, I’m not changing his name. I’m not naming him some insulting name.”

“Suit yourself.” Dan yawned. He was still awfully tired, even though he got up not too long ago. “It’s alright, I’m not really mad that you got Bob,” he muttered, sliding closer to Phil and trying to snuggle with Phil.

Phil nodded, and a small smile graced his features. He set the laptop aside and pulled Dan closer, hugging him. They fell asleep like that, on the sofa in the lounge, the tv on, the two of them together.

happy 15th birthday @phunwithphan (again oops) !!! have fun be safe don’t die

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"Can you explain why 'vkook' is under my search history?" Taegi pretty please (obviously)!

“Can you explain why ‘vkook’ is under my search history?”
Taehyung froze mid-sip of his fresh cup of coffee.
“Ummmm… Well you see. There’s a perfectly good explanation for that,” Taehyung replied in possibly the least inconspicuous way possible, hiding his face behind the coffee as he took large,scalding gulps.
“And that would be…?” Yoongi had to admit, he was slightly offended. Why was Taehyung not searching up 'Taegi’? It was clearly the better ship.
“I… It was an accident! My hand slipped. I don’t even know how, but somehow, when I was looking up something on YouTube, the computer screen suddenly changed to the tumblr tag for 'vkook’!” Taehyung nonchalantly (at least in his eyes) motioned towards Yoongi’s laptop, “You should really get that thing checked out.”
Yoongi stared disbelievingly at Taehyung before letting out a forlorn sigh. “Okay, Taehyung. Whatever helps you sleep at night.”
Taehyung, once he had finally cleared his name, turned his attention to something else.
“Yoongi-hyung… You wouldn’t happen to be… jealous, would you?” Taehyung didn’t even try to hide the smirk that spread across his face.
“Pft,” Yoongi scoffed, not meeting Taehyung’s annoyingly smug gaze, “You wish, TaeTae.”
“Okay, hyung. Whatever helps you sleep at night.”
Why was Taehyung in the vkook tumblr tag? The world may never know…
Lmao thanks for the request! This was fun.

[Send me a ship and a sentence. I’ll write the next few.]

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I've seen lots of your AnY fan arts in all AnY fb fan pages, seriously it's like more than 10 fan pages I think. I guess it's really inevitable, and worst they never give credits, luckily some of them don't erase your watermark but some remove it to make a collage.

Oh dear, I didn’t even know AnY had ten fb fan pages? (Maybe that’s a somewhat happy thought.)

This response isn’t meant to criticize your message specifically, because I’m glad you left it in my inbox, but I don’t want to think reposting is inevitable, because that’s just sad. It’s no fun suspecting that people (especially followers) might be ignoring artist requests to avoid reposting. That being said… erasing or cropping the watermark for edits… that… just… sucks, haha, because I usually make an effort to make my signature as inconspicuous as possible, and because it’s downright rude to toy around with someone else’s drawings. 

So I think I’ll be taking a break from posting any AnY fanart here; might post my stuff on a private twitter or something because I still love the series and its characters, but… not here. 


Doodles that I don’t feel like cleaning up any more than this

it’s my favorite friends again ✨

Witch tip for thrifty witches

If you cannot afford herbs, cannot find herbs or can’t keep them around due to prying eyes, I’ve found that teas are wonderful. I am a huge tea drinker. My sleepy time tea has chamomile, spearmint, lemon grass, rose buds, etc in just one tea mix! It is cheap and inconspicuous to use teas when mixing potions and spells.

Stay safe and happy my friends!

DIY Inconspicuous Drying Plant Hanger

So I know there’s others out there that aren’t out of the broom closet to those they’re living with, and drying plants can be difficult since you need a “dry, dark place”. Personally, all of the closets and the pantry in my house are shared spaces, so I made my own “dry, dark place” out of a cardboard box. 

Is it pretty? Nope. Does it get the job done? Yep. Does it draw attention to itself? Nope. 

Here’s the finished product (before I closed the box):

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okay but can season 12 have an amnesia episode? consider:

  • dean gets selective amnesia and forgets about hunting/the supernatural. maybe a spell. whatever
  • sam having to teach dean how to hunt, using all the techniques Dean used to teach him
  • all the meta. ( “do people really believe you’re an fbi agent with that hair?” “oh, yeah, this car is really inconspicuous. nice, though.” “you’re telling me the apocalypse happened… and no one on earth seems to care?”)
  • sam wistfully recalling some of the people they’ve loved and lost
  • dean being clumsy and fumbling with holy water
  • sam being the Big Protective Hero and Dean being all ‘man who taught you this stuff’
  • dean staring at castiel and being like ‘where are your wings’ and cas being like ‘boy is that a long story’
  • sam and cas sighing in unison while watching dean play with the men of letters scimitar like exhausted parents
  • dean’s faith in god restored, especially after meeting castiel, and sam not wanting to shatter the glass
  • sam asking cas if they have to restore dean’s memories - why can’t they just let him be happy - why can’t they set him free - but they both know they need dean in order to keep fighting 

When I was about twelve/thirteen and I had my first real crush, I got so nervous before picking up the phone that I had a notebook in which I kept lists of conversation topics with transition phrases penciled in and a flow chart of possible directions to take the talk. I even had a section in the back which was just a compilation of jokes to crack or observations to make in the event of awkward silences. I’d call at precisely 7:00 PM on Thursdays, which I judged to be a inconspicuous time, and had a ritual of brushing my teeth, drinking water, sucking on a cough drop, and peeing twice (at 6:30 and then again at 6:55) while doing breathing exercises to calm myself down.

I was a disaster.

anonymous asked:

Could you please do a fluffy Spideypool? You've gotten me hooked to them and holy hell they're so funny and amazing and... Uggh I love 'em. I love your blog so much and it always makes my day when you post. Thank you xx

Thank you! Spideypool is the best <3 I’m glad you think so too!!


Peter kept his head ducked down and tried to stay as inconspicuous as possible as he walked down the hallways of his school. He was almost home free and then he could stop living this humiliation.

He had no idea what had compelled him to get his ears pierced. It had seemed like a good plan at the time and he’d always wanted to get gages to stretch his ears out a bit, not so much that it looked kind of weird, but enough that it looked kind of badass. But first he’d had to start out with just regular studs in his ears.

Peter groaned as he saw Wade hanging out by the front entrance of the school. He’d already been made fun of by Clint, Tony and Bucky. If anyone was going to give him shit, it would be Wade Wilson, King of Shit Talking.

“Hey Petey!” Wade called out, pushing off the wall and jogging over to him. “Where you off to, baby boy?”

“Just home,” Peter said, keeping his head bowed and hoping Wade wouldn’t notice. He dragged the toe of his Converse over the ground nervously. 

“Whoa, did you get your ears pierced?” Wade asked, his jaw dropping. “Damn baby, I didn’t think you had it in you.”

Peter finally raised his head in surprise and blinked at Wade. “You don’t think they look stupid?” 

“Of course not,” Wade responded, cupping Peter’s jaw and turning his face from side to side to get a better look. “You look foxy! I like that they match your glasses.” 

He was referring to the fact that Peter had square black-framed glasses. Wade was the only person who seemed to have noticed. “That’s what I thought too!” Peter told him, relieved that finally someone got it. “But everyone else was making fun of me.”

“Hey, can I walk you home?” Wade asked, tugging his backpack strap higher onto his shoulder. “If anyone tries to give you shit, they’ll have to go through me.”

Peter grinned and dropped his skateboard down. “Wanna stop off at the 7-11 first and get Slurpees? I’ve been craving one.”

“You know it!” Wade said, breaking out into a smile that stretched the scar running vertically down his face. 

Peter rolled his skateboard slowly down the street as Wade walked along beside him. Peter had originally found Wade to be kind of annoying with his enthusiasm and his over-sexualization of everything. But it hadn’t taken long for Wade to grown on him. 

When they got to the 7-11 down the street from their school, Peter kicked his skateboard up and led the way inside the store. Peter got a mix of the Blue Raspberry and the Cherry while Wade got a mix of basically all the flavors. 

“If you like Pina Coladas,” Wade sang to himself as he walked along the line of the machines, pressing on the button to get a squirt of each flavor. 

Peter smirked and made his way to the front counter. He got a packet of Red Vines and placed them down with his drink. “I’m paying for him too,” he said gesturing towards Wade.

“Aww, baby boy, you didn’t have to do that,” Wade said, sliding over so fast that he started Peter. 

“Come on,” Peter said, tugging on Wade’s sleeve as he slipped the change into his pocket. Together they sat on the sidewalk and sipped their Slurpees until it gave them brain freeze.

“So what made you decide to go all early 2000′s Justin Timberlake?” Wade asked, nudging Peter with his elbow. 

“I don’t know,” Peter said with a shrug. “Just liked the idea of getting my ears pierced, you know? I was a bit tired of being boring old Peter Parker.”

“Oh come on, baby,” Wade said, putting his arm around Peter’s shoulders. “You could never be boring!” 

Peter smiled and glanced over at Wade. “Thanks Wade.” 

“Hey, what color is my tongue?” Wade asked, sticking it out for Peter to see. 

Peter cocked his head to the side. “Kind of a purplish color. What about me?” 

Peter stuck out his tongue and Wade immediately leaned in, sucking said tongue into his mouth and kissing Peter, open mouthed and sloppily. Peter gasped in surprise and shoved Wade’s hood down in order to grab his hair. When he tugged on it slightly, Wade gave a moan of appreciation. 

After a few moments of seeing kisses that left Peter breathless, Wade pulled away with a shit-eating grin on his face. “It’s blue,” he murmured, nipping at Peter’s bottom lip. 

Peter dropped his hand from Wade’s hair and fixed his glasses, which had become askew during their make-out session. “So you really like the pierced ears then, huh?” he joked, taking a sip of his drink to calm himself down.

Wade laughed. “No, Petey, I just really like you.” 

Peter felt himself blush at the compliment, which was so stupid considering he’d just had his tongue down Wade’s throat. But he blushed all the same. “I like you too,” he admitted quietly.

Wade hopped up onto his feet and held out his hand to Peter. “If anyone tries to tell you tomorrow that you don’t look good, you just send them my way,” he told Peter. 

Peter smiled and nodded. “All right.” 

“So, Petey, you gonna be my boyfriend?” Wade asked, playing with the strings on his hoodie as if to distract himself while he waited for Peter’s answer. 

“Duh,” Peter said, pulling Wade forward and kissing him sweetly. “I’m your baby boy, right?” 

“Fuck yeah you are,” Wade said, fist pumping the air. 


The next day Peter arrived at school to find Wade standing by his locker waiting for him. Peter smiled and ducked his head in embarrassment, thinking about their kiss from the day before. 

Wade clearly wanted a repeat performance because he pulled Peter close and captured his lips. Peter hummed happily and reached his hand up towards Wade’s hair, only to have his fingers brush something. 

Peter pulled back and took a good look at Wade. Wade had gotten his ears pierced with tiny little Hello Kitty earrings. Peter immediately burst out laughing, dropping his head onto the crook of Wade’s neck as he giggled. “You’re ridiculous,” he wheezed between laughs. 

Wade chuckled and gently rubbed Peter’s back. “If people are going to make fun of my baby, they’re going to make fun of me too.” 

Peter was so touched by the gesture that he just had to kiss Wade again even though he was still laughing. Wade didn’t seem to mind. “Best. Boyfriend. Ever.” 

Wade beamed with pride as they headed towards class, their fingers laced together, not giving a shit about what anyone thought of them.