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I get that it seems so inconspicuous, that's why it works. But Harry was in LA for a month and no one could even get so much as an idea of where he was. It just seems too coincidental for what's happening lately.

I mean I’m not sure what it could or would mean. If we’re meant to find out later we will. 

The Axeman of New Orleans

Édouard Martel was an unsuccessful French photographer and inventor who travelled throughout the U.S. during the first two decades of the 20th century, trying to drum up interest and investors for a device that added timer and automatic exposure features to Kodak’s popular line of folding “Brownie” cameras. During his travels he took thousands of automated photos to test and refine his invention.

Often he would wake up early, set up a hidden camera in an inconspicuous spot on the streets of whatever city he happened to be in, and then walk to a nearby café or bar, so that he could capture candid scenes of daily life to remember his travels by. The best of these photos were selected for Martel’s one and only gallery show, in Paris, 1924. Unfortunately, Martel died penniless and unknown in 1955, and it was left to his daughter Jeanne to sort through the boxes and boxes of photos he left behind, to see what should be kept and what could be discarded. During this process she came across this photo, taken in New Orleans on the morning of October 28, 1919, a few hours before Martel boarded a steamer ship and returned to France.

It turns out that Martel hated motion blurs in his photographs, because he thought they would reflect badly on the speed and accuracy of his lens mechanism. This prejudice made him cast aside and overlook what was probably the most important photo he ever took.

What makes this photo so special? The night before it was taken, the notorious and still unidentified serial killer known only as “The Axeman of New Orleans” had committed his last murder, hacking Mike Pepitone to death in his bedroom and then fleeing the scene just as Pepitone’s wife was discovering the body. Could this be him returning to his residence? It’s impossible to say, but if it is, the image appears to belie the legend (based on the shaky testimony of Pauline and Mary Bruno, and prevailing prejudice of the time) that only a black man was capable of such savagery. (Source)

Everyday Helpful Witchcraft

Bless your room with moon water

Place crystals in inconspicuous places in your room to clear the negative vibrations. (Preferably at cardinal points)

If you braid your hair, do each twist with an intention. (Could be glamour, could be protection, anything)

If you don’t want to curse someone, bless the people they hate. The people you hear them shit talking. . It’ll drive them nuts.

If you smoke, take each hit and bless it. Ask your main God/S Goddess/es for whatever you’re looking for. Ask them for guidance and let their guidance run through your blood with the nicotine.

Bless your servers at restaurants. They need it. Seriously. Do it. Or leave a good tip. Something.

Stun Gun Walking Stick

Give any would be attacker the shock of a lifetime when you surprise them by defending yourself with the stun gun walking stick. This seemingly inconspicuous cane features an ultra bright led flashlight and a million volt stun gun tip that’ll stop any attacker dead in his tracks.


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whatre your most obscure/underrated headcanons

  • patroclus and achilles switch in bed!! most of the time achilles bottoms but they do switch!! this is v important to me
  • achilles gives the best hugs!! he’s all muscular and warm and he’ll just hold you for the longest time and an achilles hug is the most comforting thing on planet earth
  • patroclus and briseis talk about achilles in front of him in anatolian and achilles is desperate to know what they’re saying but usually it’s just the BC equivalent of “nice ass he’s got there” “i know right”
  • speaking of briseis!! i don’t think she ever totally got over patroclus but i like to think that at the very least she had a few flings with some of the other women in the camp or a nice soldier or two, she deserves to have fun and be loved
  • after pat and achilles got together, when they were still on mt pelion, when they were trying to be ~inconspicuous~ about their relationship because pat didn’t want chiron to know? chiron knew. chiron 1000% knew. like, he’s been alive basically forever and he’s seen a few teenagers in love in that time. plus, their version of “subtlety” includes making each other flower crowns and literally devouring each other with their eyes in broad daylight. they’re the Worst and every night he has to go farther and farther away from the cave so he can’t hear them….doing things….
  • patroclus talks in his sleep and it always wakes achilles up but he never tells him. usually he just says nonsense words but one time he rolled over and flung an arm over achilles and mumbled “love you s’much”. achilles is in a great mood for the whole next day and pat doesn’t understand why !!

How to inconspicuously check out Camz while she sings #camren


In August 1983, James Brown and band were playing the Beverly Theatre in Los Angeles with legendary blues man B.B. King for what was already a formidable pairing of music royalty. Then halfway through the set that evening James Brown introduced a very special guest to join him onstage - a 25 year old Michael Jackson, hot on the heels of his Thriller album at the time, inconspicuously watching the show from the audience. Michael wowed the crowd with a spontaneous song and dance performance that was spectacular and all too brief. [x]

JoJo's villain pattern
  • Dio, Kars:fabulous vampires who ruin everything
  • Kira, Diavolo:inconspicuous killers with psychotic tendencies
  • Pucci, Valentine:assholes who really think they're doing right
Prompt of the Week (June 23)

This week’s prompt of the week is… Sonder (suggested by linamayluvs).

sonder (noun) the sudden realization that every person you see, everyone you pass in the streets, has an entire life as vivid and complex as your own


  • Find your favorite, inconspicuous spot to go people watching; make up the life story about any stranger (w/o coming off as creepy though!)
  • Open up a magazine to a random page; the first person you see, write their life story w/o reading their captions/articles!
  • Do a study of human anatomy, facial expressions, and mannerisms; journal about the different/common characteristics you see in people and what you think they mean
  • Research biographies about your favorite person/figure/etc—journal about this!
  • And of course, your own interpretation of the prompt Sonder

You can make use of collaging, drawing, writing, painting, etc — anything to get those ideas flowing! Be sure to share your Sonder entries by tagging your post with #thejournalclub or by submitting them to us!

Campbell's farm.

Does anyone remember in 5x12 when Paige showed up at Emily’s house and saw Ali leaving with the twins (Mindy and ? Forgot her name)? Paige got in her car and followed them. She later told Em about how she followed them to “some farm” in the middle of nowhere…she also said there were a whole bunch of cars there too. Does Ali know more than she says? Why so many cars at night? Perhaps making the Construction people working on building the inside of the dollhouse more inconspicuous? Thoughts on this? xxx