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What I expected: a shitstorm of rushed plot points, poorly developed characters, crappy oneliners, jokes people laughed at that aren’t funny, little use of the Dinobots and Bumblebee pulling some Iron Giant shit.

What we got: a shitstorm of rushed plot points, poorly developed characters, crappy oneliners, jokes people laughed at that aren’t funny, little use of the Dinobots, Bumblebee pulling some Iron Giant shit AND bad character designs AND some third-grade A-team style Decepticon roll call AND one heartfelt moment between Optimus and BB that I actually liked (but still pretty bad)

So the Death Note fandom has been around for almost 15 years and a lot of fandom chatter has happened about the series over that time. Because I think keeping track of the tone of fandom debate is kinda interesting, I thought I’d compile a list of my observations over the years. Please note, these are simply my personal observations which are obviously limited by my own experiences in specific sectors of the fandom over the years, and your experience may differ.

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Why the "look” of Star Trek: Discovery was never going to please everyone and why you should get over it

Star Trek debuted on September 8th, 1966 and was widely held as a controversial and progressive series… for its time. I could spend hours dissecting just how racist and sexist The Original Series is, but that’s really not the point of this article.

The point of this story is that trying to keep a fandom going after more than 50 years is bound to get problematic in terms of aesthetics and continuity. Technology, fashion, makeup, and special effects have come a long way since 1966. A chief complaint of Star Trek: Discovery is that it’s supposed to be set 10 years before The Original Series, and therefore, it looks too “edgy” or “out of place” to fit in with the timeline.

I for one would have preferred a series that picked up after the events of Deep Space Nine and Voyager, but that’s not what we’re getting. And as I’m a diehard Trek fan through and through, I approach Star Trek a bit like marriage: I love the good, accept the bad, and understand that no matter how much I wish I could, there’s no changing what is. So here we go… another prequel. I’m keeping an open mind. In regards to what I think it should look like, I’m forced to ask myself: do I want something that looks like it seamlessly fits in with a “historical” account of a made up future, or do I want something that looks good and looks like it was produced in 2017 for an audience in 2017?

Star Trek has always served as a lens for the time in which it was created in terms of fashion and aesthetic. The Original Series looks like it belongs in the late 1960s. That’s because it does

Space hippies. ‘Nuff said. 

Star Trek: The Next Generation looks like a snapshot of the late 1980s and early 1990s. I’m surprised they didn’t have beige carpeting on the ceiling.

Neoprene body suits. Oh, and those leotards. Teeheehee.

Star Trek: Voyager was right at home in the late 1990s. Remember that time Captain Janeway and the gang traveled back to the year 1996 to prevent a temporal explosion in the 29th century that would destroy the entire solar system in the episode “Future’s End?” In commenting on the fashion worn by late 20th century inhabitants of Los Angeles, Tuvok even remarked, “We could’ve worn our Starfleet uniforms. I doubt if anyone would’ve noticed.”

Seriously, it looks like there was a fire sale over in the Seinfeld wardrobe department.

And so where does that leave Star Trek: Discovery? If we were going to follow the route of fitting in with the actual period it airs, it looks like it very much belongs in 2017. 

You know, 2017, where the thought of an Asian woman running shit with a black female sidekick isn’t “silly talk” and the best makeup they can come up with for an alien goes beyond pointy ears. 

But if we’re so hell bent on making it look like it could have been ten years before the beehive hairdos, miniskirts, and Beatles mania we see in The Original Series, it would probably have to look something more like this:

Hey, at least I still left room for two female leads, right? It’s so progressive! [And white]

And to follow the rabbit hole to completion, Star Trek: Enterprise, the other prequel which was set in the middle of the 22nd century, probably should have just looked like this all the time:

Archer and T’Pol: robbing stagecoaches and school marming since 2152. 

I’m 31 years old. I grew up watching The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise, and I loved each of them because they spoke to real issues of the day. Each incarnation of the series almost serves as a mile marker, a perfect little time capsule to remind us of what life was like when it aired. 

I watch The Original Series and can see a world that looks like it’s on the verge of being torn apart by racial strife, fears of Communism, and nuclear armageddon. Part of what makes that series so special to me is being able to watch it with a modern eye and know that things got better. I look at The Next Generation and see themes relating to everything from the AIDS crisis to the end of the Cold War, and I think “Hell yeah world! We got through it!” Sort of. We have a long way to go, but the show reminds us how far we’ve come. Star Trek: Enterprise has 9/11 and the Global War on Terror written all over it. How things will end from that fiasco is still sadly yet to be determined.

So as a fan, I want a series that highlights life as we know it and is progressive for our time, not life as we think it should look according to a canonical pretend sci-fi timeline. If we’re really set on the idea that Discovery should literally fit a time just before The Original Series, there would be no female starship captains. In the TOS episode, “Turnabout Intruder,” Janice Lester tells Captain Kirk, "Your world of starship captains doesn’t admit women.“ There probably wouldn’t be women on the bridge at all, given that Captain Pike actually says, “I can’t get used to having a woman on the bridge” in the TOS episode, “The Cage.” It would be nice if we could have a show that both perfectly weaves itself into canon and speaks for the current generation, but if given the choice between the two, I’d take the second one every time. 

Given that there are already so many inconsistencies with canon as it is - the Klingon and Romulan foreheads look a little different with each telling and don’t even get me started on the stardates in The Original Series - can we just try to appreciate Discovery for what it is without dismissing it before it even airs just because it doesn’t fit into an ideal mold of what the year 2255 should theoretically look like according to canon? 

None of us have seen it. It might well end up being terrible. There are horrendous episodes in each series (anyone remember “Spock’s Brain” from TOS or “Angel One” from TNG?), and some series were definitely better than others. But I still appreciate each series for what it tried to accomplish, and good, bad, or ugly, I’ll appreciate Star Trek: Discovery too. I would never say you should automatically love something just because it’s Star Trek, but if you’re truly a fan, you’ll at least give it a chance

If Love Be Rough With You (Akira/Goro)

Akechi lifts his head. He doesn’t smile.

Akira does. “I’m just kidding. You know it’s almost a year since we first met?”

“In a few days,” Akechi says, his eyes still sharp and watching in contrast to his pleasant voice. “Feels like longer, doesn’t it?”

“Feels like forever.”

keep forgetting to post this here but i’m 3 chapters into writing post-game akeshu lmao. spoilers obv

The Andromeda we got is just so far removed from the Andromeda that I saw so much potential in…

When you ship a bunch of people of multiple species (who all have a wealth of history and politics between them) to another galaxy, the baggage of their past doesn’t just evaporate. I like the idea of finding a new home for all these people, but what exactly is that going to mean when the people living there all have good reason to be suspicious of and/or hate each other?

That is the set-up for a much more interesting story in-keeping with Mass Effect’s main themes of interspecies politics and unity, with the progression of the narrative’s tone in-relation to the choices you make basically tipping the balance of whether this is a positive step forward or a much more cynical future for the Milky Way galaxy’s former-residents.

If there had to be a central antagonist to this story (and there didn’t), it should have been Alec Ryder.

I, like many others, am generally tired of how Mac Walters has plastered Cerberus over every god damn corner of Mass Effect’s lore… but this is one instance in which their involvement could really work. ME1 and 2 went into a lot of detail in explaining and showing to us just how many pies Cerberus had their fingers in - certain spoilers from the game aside, it’s a situation where it would basically be inconsistent with ME’s canon for Cerberus not to be involved with the Andromeda Initiative.

Having Alec Ryder be the face of Cerberus in Andromeda, looking to propel humanity in ways that simply weren’t possible in the Milky Way, would be a much stronger and potentially greyer conflict for the protagonist (his son or daughter) than the Archon - who has officially out-lamed Corypheus. The very least you can say for Corypheus was that he was intended to be lame, but the Archon (and the kett in general, who are literally just the Collectors without the awesome Prothean reveal) does so much to damage this game’s story by having them effectively be what turns this story that’s supposed to be about exploration and interspecies politics into another popcorn action flick.

No Archon. No kett. No long-vanished precursor race. Mass Effect already did all that shit in the trilogy.

From my perspective, thinking about what this story could have been, it’s just really hard for me to not be disappointed with this from the outset.


Recent random froggy doodles bc i’m oh so productive!

I saw a comment about how big L’s eyes I draw sometimes and yeah, actually I like L with scary big eyes, but I just don’t want to break out of my usual proportion too much. I’m nowhere near realistic but I don’t want to be too anime either ^^; 

Not sure if it’s noticed but i like to put emphasis on L’s nose and cheekbones and jawline bc hngg.

The Forge

This is a deleted scene from Echoed Songs, taking place between Chapters 3 and 4. It does well further establishing the conflicts of the story, but was deleted due to other scenes doing it better. It also assumed that Hiccup is actually going to work….what a concept hahaha

Toothless let out a long, complex string of thrums, growls, and barks. Behind him, Gobber lifted his eyeguard for the express purpose of shooting me his “get back to work” look.

“Alright,” I said, fiddling around my workstation to make it look like I was actually doing something. In a whisper, I translated, “Nestmate, friend, that, fly, ten, worried, ready, King.”

Yes!” Toothless said with a gleeful smile, not caring in the slightest to lower his voice. He couldn’t contain himself, and he butted heads with me, sending me back a step.

I grinned and cuffed him over the head, then leaned to the side when he feigned a claw-strike at my arm. “That’s another point for me! You’re starting to fall way behind, Toothless.”

Oh?” Toothless asked. He put on his best “I’m thinking of a tough one” face. Then, with a sly look, he made a sound that I’d never heard before.

I blinked for a second. Then I cuffed him again. “Cheater!” I said in the loudest whisper I could.

Toothless win,” He chuckled.

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Was scrolling excitedly through the Pacific Rim 2 cast list on IMDb and now I’m even more hyped because;

1) John Boyega carrying on the Pentecost name is perfect
2) MAKO ❤️
3) Looks like most of the new cast are younger so that means a whole new generation of jaeger pilots to get to know
4) Diversity and more female characters
5) Newmann because none of the female cast members seem old enough to be their wives (plus the novelization of the first film is inconsistent with the film canon so idk)

I’m just really really hyped

It’s one thing to say you like S12, that you enjoy the eps, that you like the arcs, that you think it’s good. Those ar opinions & of course you’re entitled to them.

However, you can’t seriously say S12 is well written or well thought out. S12 is a clusterfuck. It has been inconsistent at best & completely disregards canon at its worst. The individual eps are lazily written & the overall story arc is sloppy & rushed. This isn’t my “bitter!Dean girl” opinion coming out…this is an objective opinion from someone who reads & writes. 

Things about 12x12 “Stuck in the Middle (with You)” #7

Crowley: “The oldest of the old demons. First generation after Lilith. Lucifer turned them himself before the oceans drank Atlantis.”

Castiel: “They were generals trained to lead armies in the war against Heaven.”

Alright, so… basically all of a sudden “Knights of Hell” never were a thing or??? I mean, seriously! We knew that apparently Hell had as much of a hierarchy as Heaven does, but the way the “Princes of Hell” (also I have an inkling feeling where this is headed in relation to all the allusions with Sam as Lucifer’s vessel stuff and well… can’t say I am to keen on anything like that happening tbh) are described sounds kind of like the “Knights of Hell” were described, so…. Colour me confused here… I am not one to pick apart every canon inconsistency, but this one here does throw me off tbh. Will the Knights of Hell at least be mentioned at some point? Because, well…If Cain and his knights were handpicked by Lucifer himself and Cain trained the Knights in the war against Heaven just… was Cain a “double agent” or something? Or did Lucifer create Cain so Cain would create more Knights and those knights would look over armies which then served under those princes? I hope we’ll get some answers here, because right now I am just terrifically confused.

Edit: Also, may those princes be fallen angels too? Would be interesting…

OMG Kishimoto no

FIRST THING I wanna get off my chest:

In fact, accusing kishi’s writing when it comes to relationships is scratching the surface. He’s the same one who wrote sasuke x naruto, minato x kushina, kurenai x asuma… yet he managed to shit SS and Nh. My guess is, he wrote it because of these things: 1) he didn’t plan it, 2) he didn’t care , 3) he gave in to the shippers.


The amount of stupidity in this stuff alone is enough for anyone with reading comprehension to question everything about it. This a proof that an author can loose logic in his own work, which refutes loose arguments like “it’s his own work”. Sure, it is, but that doesn’t keep them from making illogic choices, huge-ass mistakes… or being influenced by whatever sources.

Just sayin’ lol.

I mean, look at the villain or what made sarada distrusts her mother and what followed. Like strong sakura is now a fainting damsel in distress uh? Just so sarada could go out of the village? Or how bestfriend-sunshine-thoughtfull naruto who lost and arm for his friend couldn’t explain to sarada a long time ago what her father was about?

Let’s check this out for a moment:

we go from this:


to this 

This guy is supposed to be the child of destiny who can reach anyone heart because he understand other people.

Also, former orphan who craved so much a family, he hanged on his bestfriend, even when he was accused of “worst” crimes ever. He even got heart attacks for him. This lonely guy for who bonds were the best thing ever.


He is from a Clan for which bonds are so important to them, it overpowers them. He considered wiping out a village and innocent ppl within it because of his brother. During the series, nothing outdid the importance of bonds to him.

To the author now:

He admitted writing this (in ne of his infamous interviews) to talk through it to his children. 

Now, I’ve got nothing against it. It’s his work. However, let’s admit together how he is so heavily manipulating every aspect of his work, of NARUTO to suit his other plans… like talking to his children… or maybe giving what the shippers want… 

Kishimoto could have treated sasuke’s storyline much better. True sasuke’s fans surely wish he had indeed.

Sakura too.

look at this beauty.

during sasori’s fight.

Sakura knows how important a medic is, She also advises Hinata to keep an eye on the enemy. Now look at this:


Just like a newbie. A fucking newbie.

The first time it was about naruto. Sasuke wasn’t there.

This second time, sasuke was around. Coincidence? I think not. SS is even bad for sakura.

Still hesitating?


Keep being happy with canon… 

Inconsistency everywhere. Here and there… just for you.

Some SS fan say it was to show team work but this is fucking ridiculous. Teamwork is about helping your teammate when they’re righteously overpowered. Here we are in the case of a ninja who turned her back on the enemy during a fucking war, to look at heavens know what.

You want teamwork? Go watch chiyo x sakura against sasori!!!


So much development lol.

Kishi shits on Sakura whenever Sasuke is around, and Sasuke isn’t really himself anymore. It’s neither fault though -just Kishi’s forcing his way through undermined road.

thesuperkenz  asked:

Um, do you have handwritting headcanons for the boys?

Oh gosh. I forgot about this ask, omg. I guess, uh… here’s some unfounded headcanons?

Dick Grayson has very loose, pretty large handwriting. Not especially neat, but easily legible; I think he writes kind of lazily but still quickly. He also adds loops and doodles whenever he is bored.

I think Jason was the kid who tried really hard in school, and presentation is pretty important to him. His mom would have taught him to read and write pretty early, and his handwriting was never especially neat, but he would have started working on it when he went to his fancy private school (because screw everyone and their low expectations of him). He would have worked on it at the kitchen table with help from Alfred, whose skills include both flawless cursive and probably calligraphy. So now, thank you, Alfred, his handwriting is really neat. Like, stupid neat.

Tim’s handwriting is chicken scratch. It’s very boyish, untidy, cramped, and pretty close to illegible. But when he is trying really hard, and takes two to three times as long to write something, he can make his handwriting legible but still godawful. 

And I’m not actually sure about Damian. Knowing the kid and his education, it’s probably pretty flawless, but I do think it would be really endearing if he had very untidy handwriting, and that kind of self-consciousness that comes with writing in a second language. 

((Best Modern AU: the League goading @sinkxme into buying Marguerite one of those Trashy Wine Mom coffee mugs that says “I’m a woman. I have the right to change my mind.” Andrew films the whole thing. ))

Look, comic books are a weird continuity. There is consistent and inconsistent canon. Sometimes even in the same run the continuity is inconsistent between artists and writers.

My point is there’s an argument going around that Poison Ivy is “just as abusive” to Harley Quinn as the Joker, which is a false and flimsy argument.

The issues in question in which Ivy is “abusive” are taken wildly out of context, and the majority are from very early noncanonical runs, and all of the instances in question have no weight or bearing and are inconsistent with Ivy’s continuous characterization and treatment towards Harley.

Does this negate the issues in which Ivy does treat Harley shittily? Of course not, but it’s about 5% of their overall canon in comics, and in nearly all other iterations the two women are at least sisterly to one another.

That being said, it is consistently canon that Joker is an abusive element in her life. And in comic books, consistency is what shapes a character. Joker and Harley’s entire origin together was written as a warning on abusive relationships. If you read Paul Dini’s commentary on “Mad Love” you’ll see straight away that it’s a warning, not a romantic ship.

The argument that Ivy is abusive is entirely stemmed from backlash of the justified disapproval of regarding their dynamic as purely romantic.

It’s also no surprise that the accusations start popping up RIGHT when Harley and Ivy have begun to have representation as a wlw/q*eer couple 🙃

Basically, if you see someone saying “Ivy is just as abusive as Joker!!” You can safely either assume they don’t know how comic continuity works, or doesn’t know enough about Harley and Ivy.

Or, yknow, your homophobia alarms should go off, it’s at your discretion.