We are proud to present the first issue of the inconnu Pinkies Up! quarterly zine

For $3 plus shipping, we will mail you one of these black & white little beauties with care from inconnu HQ in NYC! If you want a copy, just fill out this order form.

About the issue: 24 pages B&W. Chocked full of art, photography, poetry, and other creative pieces.

Including illustration by Esme Blegvad, art by Kat Rickson and Ron Shamir, poetry by Jean Hui Ng and Laura Marie Marciano, photography by Brie Moreno and Eleanor Clifford, and so so so much more.

Inconnu Magazine: The (Three) Voice(s) of a Generation for Girls Who Like Nail Polish and Ladies Who Live on the Internet

How do I begin to explain Inconnu Magazine?

Inconnu Magazine is flawless. I hear their brains are insured for $10,000, each. I hear they do car commercials…

No, that’s not right. Hmmmmm.

Inconnu Magazine is what would happen if you took all of your favorite 80s/90s teen angst/lady power movies, put them in a blender with pretty fairytales and sarcastic internet vlogs/tweets/memes, then (when it suddenly emerges somehow looking like an androgynous human with shiny, edgy, colorful hair) stuck it in a dress and glasses and taught it to read using JD Salinger and Sylvia Plath. 

Okay, wait. I have a better way to explain Inconnu to you. 

Inconnu is smart and original and inspired. It’s the coolest thing you will ever read, and if they ever use anything you contribute, it will be the coolest thing you’ve EVER been apart of. (Trust me, I would know.) They’re hilarious and sweet and sincere and sarcastic at the same time and I love them all even though I really only know one of them. (Sometimes I yell at Taylor for ruining my life but she’s actually one of The Greatest People You’ll Ever Meet, literally I think she might be one of the five people you meet in heaven, or was that book not about Super Awesome People you get to chill out with on a cloud while God deejays a major dance party?) Seriously, this issue is amazing. It’s not just about books even though everything is related to books. It’s about being alive and loving culture, but not just the “smart” parts like art museums or the “popular” parts like bands and movie stars; it’s about loving all of it and looking for it where most people don’t think it exists.  It’s about creating, because that’s what living is, and it’s about having an imagination, so you can live somewhere else for a little while.  Click the links, you won’t be sorry:   Inconnu’s website  |  The Book Issue  |  Inconnu’s Photoshoots