Today is our first studio lesson since we’re back home. Starting a new project, re-starting life here. It still feel so strange to be back. Go on Erasmus they said, it will be fun they said. And it was: it was fun, it was growth, it was change, it was friendship, it was love, it was finding new places and knowing a new culture. But no one ever warned us of how hard would have been coming back to our old lifes. It fucking hurts.

Starting a weekly project like everybody else in the world but I’m excited about it. Once a week I’ll be doing type/calligraphy treatments of Bruce Mao’s Incomplete Manifesto, one statement at a time. Starting with the appropriate N°. 9 - “Begin Anywhere” … Could’ve used a few more iterations, but hey, gotta start somewhere… in this case an imperfected Foundational hand. #BruceMao #JohnCage #Quotes #IncompleteManifesto

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