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hello! i was wondering if you could recommend any really great narusasu fics? or maybe if you know anyone who gives good recs? thank you :)

Well I only read SasuNaru sooooo if you don’t mind i will rec you some of my Fav SN fic.

Agent DuckButt - Juura99 (completed)

The Wedding Planner - Nai.Kirei.Yuki (completed) Just check out all her fic. It’s pretty dang good!

Lover Deeper - Cherry Jade (Incomplete) But it stopped at a chapter which seems to be okay? LOL i don’t know but i love this fic.

Please Hear What I Am Not Saying - JavaJuno (ongoing) My new Fav :D

No Regret - Cannibal Inc (Completed) Mpreg! :D

Day of the Dead - Juura99 (one-shot)

Altered States - VioletWylde (Completed)

I’ve Got More - VioletWylde (Completed)

The Proposal - Blugirlami21 (Completed)

The Divine Glitch - michelerene (Completed) Okay just check out all the fic from this author. Their works are AMAZING!!! Trust me

The Demilitarized Zone - michelerene (Completed) This is in the A list!

Therapy - NavyBlueWings (Complete) My Personal Fav! Best In character fic in my opinion. GO CHECK OUT ALL HER WORKS!

Guarantee - TKcat (Completed) Check this author out too! :D

All Eyes on You - myfailsafe (Completed) I LOVE THIS! AHAHAH GO CHECK OUT THE OTHER WORKS TOO!!!

Naruto - FastForward (Completed) Yes just read this.

Pyromaniac - FastForward (Completed)

Close Your Eyes - Stealth Gato (Completed) Yes! Im rereading this now.

The Grass is Greener on the other side - Sasunarufan13 (Completed) AOB!

Just check out the other works from the authors here!

I’ll rec more when I’m free! :3 

Hiraeth is a protest. If it must be called homesickness, it’s a sickness come on— as if hopping aboard ship—because home isn’t the place it should have been. It’s an unattainable longing for a place, a person, a figure, or even a national history that may never have actually existed. To feel hiraeth is to feel a deep incompleteness and recognize it as familiar.

why fukigen na mononokean 35 fuck my heart up:

1. abeno’s look @ ashiya when ashiya’s in danger

2. abeno’s considering look when the executive implies that abeno can kill him if he wants to (continue protecting ashiya)

3. when they’re calling for abeno specifically, abeno automatically asks ashiya to come with him

4. fuzzy!!!!

5. ??? FML

also, have this mini incomplete compilation of abeno looking @ ashiya and suffer with me (lastly - is this a start of a break-up/make-up arc for them?):

Old Soul

I asked her; “on average, how old is your soul?”
I wondered if it aged like fine wine, growing better with time and good for the stomach.
I wondered if she would have me ingest bottles of her; savouring her aura like those final drips of vineyard symbolism at the last supper.
I wondered if she was the merriment that men would come come to barter their incompleteness to gain.

I asked her; “on average, how old is your soul?”
She said that she belonged to the Sade era, and that this time will not persuade her other wise.
For she was way too much magic in a world that had forgotten how to believe.
She said that the frequency of the universe is calling unto ears that would hear and hearts that would listen.
I asked her: “on average, how old is your soul?”
Her soul replied; “as old as sunlight.”

- Omavi Langevine #TheCanvasPoet


Wrapping up the last of the Stream DVD covers I have, as my collection is still a little incomplete. One day I’ll be able to wrap up this post set. To round it off to 3 like the others, the movie’s cover is added here with #11 & 12.

Scanned from: My Rockman.EXE DVD Collection

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Candy stumbles upon the new anon and gasps. "Hi! Oh my goodness, you're adorable! My name's Candy, can I hang out with you?" Like the affectionate rat he is, he pulls the anon into a warm hug.: incom-incom-incomplete

{I’ve got wavers? You’re the light in the room, aren’t you?}

(the anon smiles and accepts the hug. also, Translation: I didn’t know I had fans. You are a very kind person, aren’t you?)

I Am a Cage, In Search of a Bird


His name is Franklin Nelson. He is twenty-eight years old, a lawyer borne of a fantastic university, and an associate of a very prestigious Manhattan law firm. His life, it seems, is incredibly put together: good apartment, good friends, good at what he does.

And then the dreams start. Vivid, visceral, would-be prophecies (if he believed in anything beyond the weight of a person’s actions and a pay-it-forward schema.) He tries everything- drink, doctors, drugs. The deeper the sleep, the more captivating the images– memories?– until he can’t deny it anymore. It is real, he is the pawn of some incessant game of divine chess. And he’s incomplete.

The impressions he sees of her are fleeting, connected by nothing more than a fire in her smile and the overwhelming sense of love he has for her (or, once or twice, him; the curse is unspecific, messy in its age and the complications only seem to amuse… whatever-they-are more.) The patterns that emerge, however, are clear: she is blind (another punishment-turned-quirk of their lives), she’s a warrior (whatever that means at the time), and she forgets. Where her punishment for their crime (what was it?) is physical, his is incredibly emotional– it is his job to find her, to bring her back to him, time after time.

In some lives, this is easy– they grow up together, face their world together, and die in love. In others, he nearly fails, finding her angry and wounded and having to fight for the privilege of picking up her pieces for her. (Which he does, time and again– will keep doing, if it means she stays.)

But now, he is twenty-eight, still alone, and coping with the though that perhaps this was the final straw. The world at large has moved on from curses and soul mates, at least the part he was brought into. Shouldn’t he have found her by now, wouldn’t he know–? He’s looked through every report of the people with powers in the news, done impressive research into all the instances of ‘superheroes’ that have made the news worldwide. None felt right, not even close.

He has no choice but to continue on and hope, however vague and desperate, that she finds him for once.

Never in his wildest dreams did he expect the answer to come in the form of a living shadow, battling off a would-be mugger with tenacity so familiar it makes his heart ache. (The body’s male, so far as he can tell– a bad sign, for all he remembers, but the ache in his chest can’t be anything else, this is it. This is them.)

But then he’s leaving. “…Uh, hey, wait!” Sighing around a near-manic laugh, Foggy does the unthinkable and starts running down the alley in the direction of the fleeing shadows. He knew he should have started improving this body sooner– of course this would be another chase.

“C’mon, man, just– hear me out?”

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do you know anything else with the styles triplets ? thanks so much (:

I absolutely can’t remember what was on the last list and can’t find it, granted I didn’t look much as I’m in a bit of a rush, but I’m going to list the ones that I found just now. 

Three’s a Crowd

You’re Ours, Little Doe (Incomplete. Omega Louis.)

Three is a magic number, but four is even better. (Incomplete. Mpreg. Omega Louis.)

All Of An Eternity. (Blind Louis. Gang AU.)

Across the Stars (I’ll Write Your Name) (Star Wars AU.)

The Struggle Is Real. (Eating Disorder. Incomplete. Omega Louis.)

My Mates (Incomplete. Read the tags.)

Triple Take (Incomplete. Read the tags.)


So I threw a stone at God
She smiled at my face, and let it fall..

This song was inspired by a Radiohead song titled ‘Street Spirit’ where all the lyrics were fragments and incomplete sentences. They were left incomplete because what they were describing was so horrific, the writer Thom Yorke, couldn’t finish the sentences. I thought that was cool and took my own stab at it. Hope you enjoy..

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Globalization is thus a phony, incomplete internationalism. It is defended in the terms of cosmopolitanism and equality but functions only through massive inequalities in working conditions from country to country. For as much as neoliberals tout their ideology as one that shrinks the divide between the haves and the have nots, the only way it can fulfill its fundamental economic purpose – vast profit margins for the corporations that avoid having to pay decent wages to their workers – is by maintaining that divide.

you told me you were broken, and i said it’s okay. you said no, that i don’t understand, that nothing’s ever going to fix you. but darling, i know. 

i’m not gonna try to fix you. i’ll take you to church and show you that mosaic windows kissed by sunlight are beautiful. i’ll take you to museums and show you that even incomplete broken pieces of pots and chipped porcelain figurines are worthy of being displayed in gallery collections because they are beautiful. i’ll take you to watch meteor showers and tell you that most meteors come from broken asteroids, and that the moon isn’t always full, but it’s always beautiful.

so you don’t have to tell me how much broken you are or that there isn’t any way to fix you up. i know. i just don’t care. you’re just as beautiful.

 don’t forget, even diamonds break // l.s.m