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I find that the more you watch/think about the death scene, the more ridiculous it is. Her whole death scene doesn't make sense! There's so many things they could've done differently.

Watching this again is the worst mistake I’ve made in months. I’m so ticked off. The whole premise of her death is absurd. Specially because an episode or two later they proved that she didn’t have to die to introduce the AI and then just to be sure we got how incompetent at storytelling they are, they repeated it in the finale. How many people read this script and thought this was a good idea??? Because I refuse to believe it was more than Jaundice and Pedowitz while they blew each other. 

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Why did you decide to become a super hero? And is there another super hero you look up to?

I became a super hero quite by accident after the zipper of my comic-con costume got stuck. I just decided to make the best of a bad situation because the neighborhood I live in has A LOT of problems (including a very incompetent police force)

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Dare you to draw the anime character you hate most and write a paragraph on why they're ok, then post it

Okyuasu is an ok anime character because he is a laughably incompetent fool. Good thing he failed at killing Josuke!  He is an excellent example of the dumb muscle trope. He often says things along the lines of him being too stupid to understand something. What’s nice is he’s self aware about his own stupidity. He’s also good at making Josuke look way better just by standing in the general vicinity. This effect is further enhanced anytime Okuyasu opens his mouth. He overcame his own shortcomings and actually helped to save Oldseph (though honestly it was by chance he picked the right person to punch first) and also finally manages to understand the implications of his actually pretty powerful stand.

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I also got kicked out of ballet as a kid! I had much more fun attacking the self defense dummies for the martial arts class hahaha!

My grandma had taught me ballet prior. But apparently all 5 year olds are equally incompetent. They had me doing really stupid childish games instead of actually learning ballet.
I asked to be moved up but I was 5 so I could only be in the 5 year old class. Cuz they didnt have beginner-intermediate-advanced-etc. They had AGE GROUPS. Honestly who does that.
So I being the generally advanced, obviously bored, and slightly cynical child that I was may or may not have said some age inappropriate things to the instructors and gotten banned from the ballet company.

so one of my roommates is a major birch and basically went off on everyone via group chat for not giving her the rent money early enough (tbc I gave my check on Wednesday but apparently that wasn’t soon enough??) and called us all “incompetent children” for not knowing how the online payment system for the place we JUST MOVED INTO works

and now she’s insisting if there’s a late fee it’s on me + the one other new girl to pay for being “idiots” and i don’t have the money for any extra charges so I’ve basically spent the last hour freaking out and crying

like when can the universe be kind to me is this too much to ask
Video shows moments before police shoot unarmed black man lying down with his hands up
Charles Kinsey, 47, says that North Miami police shot him in the leg with an assault rifle while he was attempting to help his patient with autism. Kinsey’s attorney released cellphone video on Wednesday afternoon showing his client lying on the ground with his hands in the air, asking the officers not to shoot him. Kinsey's 23-year-old patient can be seen sitting next to him, playing with a toy truck.

“Charles Kinsey, 47, says that North Miami police shot him in the leg with an assault rifle while he was attempting to help his patient with autism.

Kinsey’s attorney released cellphone video on Wednesday afternoon showing his client lying on the ground with his hands in the air, asking the officers not to shoot him. Kinsey’s 23-year-old patient can be seen sitting next to him, playing with a toy truck. 

“I thought it was a mosquito bite, and when it hit me I had my hands in the air, and I’m thinking I just got shot,” Kinsey told WSVN-Channel 7. “And I’m saying, ‘Sir, why did you shoot me?’ and his words to me were, ‘I don’t know.’”

Kinsey’s attorney Hilton Napoleon said the video shows his client lying on his back with his hands in the air, attempting to convince his patient to lie down. “It doesn’t make any sense,” Napoleon told The Miami Herald.”
DNC Leaks: The Huge Story No One Is Talking About

“Just in case you don’t understand the DNC Leaks here are some key points.

1. DNC had a plan to exploit Latinos, called them a loyal brand. Wanted
to use them to take over swing states.

2. The Hillary camp paid young people to attack Bernie supporters online.

3. DNC staffers frequently favored Hillary over Bernie. Several times
DNC chair Debra Wasserman Schultz and staffers called Bernie’s
campaign “incompetent.” Schultz actually called Bernie’s campaign manager a ‘damn liar.’

4. Many Hillary staffers said ignorant voters were their best key to win.

5. DNC staffers and the Hillary camp called and messaged reporters to
stop attacking Hillary. In one instance a staffer asked MSNBC to stop
a panel segment questioning Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the DNC’s relationship.”

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“I want more useless male eye candy!”

No, shut the fuck up. You’re not combating gender roles or being subversive or clever, you’re being a misandrist dolt and indirectly implying supporting female characters are useless eye candy too.

Notice how they never want gender non-conforming male eye candy. They want rippling muscles and rugged good looks, but with the added bonus that he’s incompetent (which, if you’re going to claim being incompetent is somehow gender-subversive, you’re kind of saying incompetence is a feminine thing, which is pretty sexist if you ask me).

Why not a male character as the Team Mom? Why not a male character as mission control? Why not a male character who’s more ranged fighting along side a mostly female cast who are close-range melee combatants? How about a male character who provides emotional support to his female compatriots? How about a male healer?

Noticing a pattern? These are all really clever, inventive ways to be subversive by putting a male character in a role traditionally associated with female characters. And hey, guess what…they’re all still useful, even if they’re not as focused on as the main characters! Imagine that!

So yeah, I don’t want “useless eye candy” men because they insult me as a viewer and tell me you lack imagination as a writer. I want well-written supporting male characters who are there for awesome main female characters.

I haven't seen anyone talk about this yet so

During tonight’s Steven Universe episode Centipeedle was “healed” but she was still corrupted. She couldn’t speak physically like the over gems, and when Steven figured out that she couldn’t speak with her mouth parts he presumed competence and found another way to communicate with her (by drawing pictures). Presuming competence is very important in regards to nonverbal people and I was glad to see Steven do it instead of writing centipeedle off as completely incompetent (which would be completely out of character for him).

It really feels bad seeing Sanji like this. Hopeless, incompetent, frustrated, because he’s nearly to lose his hands. Which has cared since he was a kid and all the story of One Piece, without using them to fight, because he is a cook. And he only uses them for cook, for his nakama and for the persons who are hungry. His greatest passion is in danger of ending…

I really hate this family.