game dev: we make deep, meaningful, games with real messages. we don’t want our games to be just mindless and feel good - we make games to say something about the world we live in

community: hey this bit seems to be kind of weirdly racist

game dev: actually we aren’t saying anything and our games are just for fun and there is absolutely no correlation between this and anything in the real world

Things I’ve learned writing and reading fic:

If a descriptive word in a sentence or an action in a scene doesn’t add to the imagery, cadence, emotional weight, plot, cut it. More isn’t better.

If a touch is emotionally significant, don’t just tell what they did: tell how it felt. Mention the warmth of the other’s hands, the weight of their head on the lover’s shoulder.

Keep in mind whose point of view you’re telling the story from, and don’t describe their partner’s unspoken thoughts or feelings, unless they’re visible in their partner’s body; then you can mention the hesitance in their smile, the fear in their eyes, the sudden joy clear in their tone.

Don’t use verbs that create contradictory imagery; don’t evoke violence in a tender scene. If they’re kissing, they’re not crashing together; that means hard surfaces and noise and unpleasantness. They’re not crushing each other’s mouths, unless they’re jealous or angry or frightened. Use words that bring up the emotions they feel; two people in love and at peace sink into each other, they press into the touch, they taste and savor and drink each other in.

Try to create the space they exist in, the sounds and the scents, the light, little things in the room–not every detail, just a few relevant to the mood of the space; the reader will fill in the rest.

Don’t create drama for drama’s sake; have reasons. If a character is cruel, or incommunicative, why? What are they afraid of, remembering, hurt by, too proud to admit? If they finally give in and kiss their love, what changed, or built up to the breaking point?–what made them brave enough?

At the moment of crisis, their thoughts should be blunt, breathless–short sentences; feeling, realizing, not analyzing. Analysis comes after, as they begin to calm.

The things you write and rewrite until you can’t read them anymore–they’ll mean something to someone. The things you write all in a rush and never rework will mean something too. Not everyone will love each phrase, but someone will. Be brave.

In Puerto Rico, as of right now our government and the main agency in charge of generating electricity for our island have straight forwardly told us that we will go, at the very least, 6 months without any power without taking into consideration the inevitable damage Irma is bound to bring about.

our roads are incredibly prone to flooding and most of the towns situated in the mountainous regions are in very real danger of being incommunicated for that same amount of time, maybe even more depending on how long the restoration takes. when we say this’ll be catastrophic for our island and the people in it we are not, in any way, fucking around.


Pieces I did for @sumilong for her Mass Effect Big Bang piece The List! It’s an adorable story, full of adorable Jaal feels, Peebee’s terribad fic writing and shennanigans with yarn, and you should definitely check it out.

(And thanks to Sumi for being an absolute joy to work with, especially with my incommunicative ass!)


It’s been two weeks. Here’s what I see:

  • There’s still no electricity pretty much anywhere. Some hospitals have it, but very few of them, and most all in the east, in the metro area. Some areas of the west have it too, but by no means a significant portion of the population. People are dying because there’s no electricity to run medical machinery with. Most hospitals that are working are using diesel-powered generators that were never meant to be running 24/7 so some are starting to break down.
  • There’s very poor or no cellphone signal. I’m lucky I have some, but it’s slow to the point I can’t actually call anyone most of the time, and text messages take ages to send. People are coming from far away areas of the island to the few places that do have cell signal. People are stopping in the middle of the highways to catch some signal, in an attempt to be able to tell their loved ones that they are okay.*
  • They say half the people have running water now. I would like to know where the fuck. Most people I’ve asked, most people I’ve heard talking or seen posting habe no running water or- if, like me, they’re lucky- have it at unpredictable moments. We had water in my house last monday, then a couple days later for about 45min, then yesterday for 2 days. Always low pressure, to the point that to do anything with it, you need to wait for a bucket to fill. We have no water right now. Supposedly the interruptions would be scheduled for every 24 hours, but this has not been the case. Right now, I don’t know for how long we’ll have no water. There are entire towns that have not had water service back at all, especially mountain towns (most of our towns, actually) that only just now are beginning to be able to clear out roads leading into and out of town.
  • People are stealing fuel from cars, power generators… you name it. They don’t care about anything except cash money and fuel. If they find water and food, they’ll take that too. But I’m talking: people have legit left behind iPads in favor of taking with them $20 cash and a tankfull of fuel.
  • There’s no ice. That’s fine when it’s rainy like the past 2-3 days, but when it isn’t? People can die from heat too, particularly because there’s very little water to hydrate with. Even if there were ice, there’s no power to run a freezer with, so you can’t keep it cold for long.
  • The governor lifted the prohibition on the sale of alcohol and made it illegal for gas stations to limit how much fuel you buy at once (so that now people have to be allowed to fill their car’s gas tank all the way up if they wanna). This has helped reduce the lines to about 2hr long in some places, when it used to take the entire day. The sale of alcohol helps move the economy and helps people chill out for a bit- literally and metaphorically.
  • Some schools are opening again, but very few, and I don’t know that attendance will be particularly great nowadays.
  • The UPR (our public university system) hasn’t given a start date for resuming classes again. At this point, half the campuses have been incommunicated. The ones we do know of aren’t doing very well in terms of damage to property.
  • We’ve heard very little of the west of the island.
  • Very few local AM and FM stations work, only one local tv station works (channel 2) as far as I know.
  • Very few people have wifi. I don’t have wifi; I’m posting this with my phone’s mobile network- hoping it posts at all.
  • Curfew is 9pm-5am. Anyone outside past then can get arrested. Some exceptions are made, such as emergency personnel, people working in food and water distribution, telecomm, and similarly important tasks.
  • People are stuck at the airports. The international one that everyone normally leaves and arrives at is handling very few flights per day (dont know how many it is now, but it used to be 10 per day) and many flights are military or relief cargo. Last I heard, no international flights were scheduled. Don’t know if that has changed. Prices for tickets to Florida went up from $300 the round trip to $2000. Many flights are getting cancelled. People want to leave, but we’re pretty much stuck here.
  • As far as destruction goes: trees are leafless or torn down, to the point where I don’t recognize the landscape anymore. It looks like when trees shed their leaves for winter, coupled with how a fire makes them collapse or break. I don’t know how else to describe it. I can see things now that I have never seen before because trees blocked their view, and it feels so wrong. Many places flooded. The images on tv that I imagine y'all saw (because we’ve had very few pictures from around here, much less video, except on facebook for those who can login and what’s on tv, which isnt much) are of places that have poor construction or built in areas where it is forbidden due to the flood hazard. That’s why you see houses filled all the way with water. But everywhere else, places that have never been flooded did get flooded, and the water has caused giant mudslides in mountain towns, to the point where people have been unable to get out of their houses and help cannot get to them because everything’s blocked. In addition to that, most structures with zinc roof lost their roof in the storm, wooden structures collapsed, but concrete houses held up pretty good as far as I’ve been able to see. (I, thankfully, live in a concrete house.) El Yunque is destroyed. Most mountains are gray and leafless now, but the people near them, like me, are grateful that they blocked the winds some.
  • Distribution of stuff in the ports is beginning, I think. We’ve seem gas trucks driving around and delivering to gas stations. The aid you’re sending is in Puerto Rico, it’s just not being properly distributed or is hard to distribute due to the state of things.
  • You can mail stuff to people directly because some post offices are open, but there’s no delivery to houses so the person you mailed to has to go to the post office to pick up the package.
  • Trump is supposedly gonna come to the island today. Uh…. well then. Dude should know we need the cabotage laws lifted for more than just 10 days for it to be helpful at all, and he should send the help we need rather than send a minimal amount, late, and blaming us for everything. We’re not lazy, man. Everyone I’ve seen or heard of has helped to pick up from the disaster in one way or another. We also have no use for that golf trophy, so keep it.
  • Seriously, at this point, we don’t care who or where aid comes from. We just need it to come here. We also need help rebuilding the power grid, which is down completely. Like… I’m talking even concrete poles that carry big power lines fell to the ground and broke like they’re made of cookies or something. The 6 months without power estimate is believable. I can see it being longer than that in some places, even.
  • Editing this in: There’s also been a rise in the suicide and murder rates. Additionally, it seems the death toll from the hurricane is being underreported by the government. People are saying hospital morgues are full. People are burying loved ones in their backyards due to lack of resources for proper burials.
  • We are US citizens. This is US territory. We matter, dammit, please hear us.

*Okay means not dead. For me, because I’m lucky, it means I also have a roof to sleep under and food and water for a couple of days, plus access to supplies when we start running out of them. For many people, it is not so.

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DAY 2165

Jalsa, Mumbai            Mar 20/21,  2014           Thu/Fri  2 : 23 am

I have been uncertain … I have been incommunicative .. I have been reserved .. I have not written at all, all that I would wish to ..

I am in apology. I shall make up for this soon. The construct of my schedules, the construct of my work around my schedules, has been nothing short of disastrous .. it may get worse ..

But in time I shall recover, and be in spirit and will, the way we were ..

I am in apology ..

Amitabh Bachchan

A police officer who shot a 12-year-old dead in a Cleveland park late last month had been judged unfit for police service two years earlier by a small suburban force where he worked for six months, according to records released Wednesday.

Officer Timothy Loehmann, who killed Tamir Rice on 22 November, was specifically faulted for breaking down emotionally while handling a live gun. During a training episode at a firing range, Loehmann was reported to be “distracted and weepy” and incommunicative. “

His handgun performance was dismal,” deputy chief Jim Polak of the Independence, Ohio, police department wrote in an internal memo.

The memo concludes with a recommendation that Loehmann be “released from the employment of the City of Independence.” Less than a week later, on 3 December 2012, Loehmann resigned.

In March of this year, Loehmann was hired by the Cleveland police department. It is unclear whether the department had seen the Independence memo at the time of Loehmann’s hiring.

Officer who fatally shot Tamir Rice judged unfit for duty by police in 2012

Officer Timothy Loehmann, who killed Tamir Rice on 22 November, was specifically faulted for breaking down emotionally while handling a live gun. During a training episode at a firing range, Loehmann was reported to be “distracted and weepy” and incommunicative. “His handgun performance was dismal,” deputy chief Jim Polak of the Independence, Ohio, police department wrote in an internal memo.

The memo concludes with a recommendation that Loehmann be “released from the employment of the City of Independence.” Less than a week later, on 3 December 2012, Loehmann resigned.

In March of this year, Loehmann was hired by the Cleveland police department. It is unclear whether the department had seen the Independence memo at the time of Loehmann’s hiring.

DAY 2532

Umaid Bhavan Palace, Jodhpur       Mar 21/22,  2015    Sat/Sun  1:19 am

The event comes to an elegant end .. regal, cause conscious, involved and sonorous .. the music of the Shillong Choir backed by the Vienna Camber orchestra was ethereal .. some of the personal compositions of the conductor and the chief of it, Neil, giving some beautiful renditions of some of our more prominent songs through the ages .. and the fusion with western music as well ..

But … meeting Shivraj Singh, the Maharaja’s son and heir, who suffered the head injury, and on whose inspiration his Father started this Foundation, was so filled with joy and hope. He has suffered immense trauma, but silently fought it and has survived. He was thrilled to see me, and loved my beard .. hahah .. I wish him complete stability and repair, as he undergoes his life … 

I am back tomorrow .. and then prepare for Egypt and Cairo for the ‘India by the Nile’ festival and activities, starting in a few days ..

Egypt was a revelation on my visit there in 90′s … the enthusiasm and the love of the people was incredible and invaluable. It still remains presumably, and I hope that my short visit gives me ample time to reach out to my well wishers and friends ..

I feel inconsistent with my thoughts and feelings. There is so much to know and learn .. and now the realisation that time is not of the essence … its flown past too rapidly. The diverse acts that one wishes attention to be given, is so vast that even starting on one is difficult to chose …

So one sits in isolation .. in scant respect and consideration of how this malaise could be cured .. there is no solution, no care, no opinion of oneself .. frustrating, immature and worthless …

There is but one solution. Get back to work. Any kind. Just work. 

The advice though is the exact opposite. Sit back, be of one that does not succumb to the obvious. Be difficult, exclusive, incommunicative, sad and boring. That they say shall build greater curiosity and strength and position.

I argue that position is no longer there, so it shall be difficult to exercise value and worth. They disagree and condemn my career thoughts. I do not give value to this, when I should. For me, the idea of independent worth of talent is non existent … they think otherwise, a has been a spent force … a anything !

Fine so I am anything, nothing … good .. it will mean coming back to normalcy pretty soon … soon enough when there is space for one like me ..

I wish all a pleasant night ..


Amitabh Bachchan