Envelopment Syndrome

A collection of lab reports, diagnostic materials, and personal testimony regarding the phenomenon known as Envelopment Syndrome.  Some materials cannot be authenticated, particularly those documenting extra-human abilities and events.


Observation Notes:

No observable physical effects from isolation tank use.  Previously reported mild skin irritation from chlorination resolved with change to H2O2 disinfection.

Subject continues to exhibit long periods of dissociation.  These periods are characterized by rapid eye movement and high brain activity.  Differentiated from REM sleep cycles by lasting for hours, and inability to rouse subject.

Previous periods lasted 18 hours.  In the past month, periods as long as 65 hours have been observed.

Blood samples indicate subject is metabolizing drugs at accelerating rates.  Liver function remains stable.  Further increase of sedatives recommended.  Subject remains incommunicative.

No known events of psionic interference among researchers.

Notes for Dr. Essex:

Marko has indicated that we must suspend all activity in three months, once the subject reaches 18. First brain tissue samples will be available at that time. Body should be available for dissection in six months time.

Hey everybody !!

My name is Vanessa Tlahuitzo,  I have been working with YBCA YAAW (Young Artist at Work) for a little over a year now. I am currently now starting to work with (ICYAF) In Community YAAW Alumni Fellowship.

 I am very excited to be starting this program, with 3 other fellow YAAW’s and begin working with the youth of San Francisco and West Oakland. I am interested in working with 1 of these 3 programs in SF: Huckleberry, MYEEP, and Oasis for girls.

I can not say how extremely excited I am to start this journey with my fellow yaaw’s and other youth around the Bay! I hope you all stay tuned in and watch our journey together.



Esther and Noah Kibreab are the sibling duo leading the Melted State musical project that will debut their sweet and soulful uplift at Home Away From Home, September 2014.

InCommunity BEd Students Connect with Social Action Project

EDUC 4117 students in Indian Brook have been learning about how important it is for teachers to make connections and build strong relationships with the people in the communities in which they work.

Instructor Sonya Singer says, “The students have been busy working on a community social action project. They decided to create community baby quilts as a way to support new mums in their own First Nations communities.”

The students wanted these baby blankets to be made out of material that belonged to different family members such as grandmother, grandfather, mother, father, brothers, sisters, even family members that have passed on to the spirit world. “Their goal was to give newborns a part of their history and a legacy left from their loved ones,” added Sonya.

One quilt will go back to each community, including Indian Brook, with the hope that the idea will spread within their home communities, so that more new mums can receive these beautiful legacy blankets.

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