Hey everybody !!

My name is Vanessa Tlahuitzo,  I have been working with YBCA YAAW (Young Artist at Work) for a little over a year now. I am currently now starting to work with (ICYAF) In Community YAAW Alumni Fellowship.

 I am very excited to be starting this program, with 3 other fellow YAAW’s and begin working with the youth of San Francisco and West Oakland. I am interested in working with 1 of these 3 programs in SF: Huckleberry, MYEEP, and Oasis for girls.

I can not say how extremely excited I am to start this journey with my fellow yaaw’s and other youth around the Bay! I hope you all stay tuned in and watch our journey together.



Esther and Noah Kibreab are the sibling duo leading the Melted State musical project that will debut their sweet and soulful uplift at Home Away From Home, September 2014.

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because its a post about systems and i tagged it as dont reblog if youre a nonsystem its an incommunity joke almost

I don’t understand but i can’t seem to find it so is that alright?