Just some lame theory about Draco

Sometimes when I read the Harry Potter books over again, as I am doing currently, I find myself wondering if maybe all of Draco’s so-called “bragging” couldn’t be interpreted differently. What if all the “my father will hear about this” was Draco’s way of warning Harry and company that this news will inevitably get back to his father and they need to prepare themselves for the incoming storm that was Lucius Malfoy, PTA mom. Because on occasion, the “threat” of his father hearing about some injustice or other is what helped Harry and company avoid a bigger issue, or helped them figure out a problem. And what if all the boasting loudly of his plans, or his father plans, was his way of letting Harry know what obstacles lay ahead and subtly letting him know that he needed to find a new way around things. Like “hey, Potter, you better watch out because *insert bad thing here* is happening!” And people took it as taunting but really Draco was worried and wanted Harry to have more information, so he wouldn’t get hurt. Idk, I could be reaching, but sometimes Draco is so over the top that it is hard for me to believe he wasn’t secretly trying to help Harry without his father realizing he was he’ll Harry.


ok this is a bit late, but between wrestling with the shitty wifi where I am, an incoming storm and dodging relatives I’d rather not deal with I think an hour late for Christmas (where I am anyway) is ok?

Hahahaha either way, again, a bit late but still, Merry Fucking Christmas guys! hope you have or had a great one!

Also this from my “Growing Up” lapidot comic, and its actually set 1 year from now, so yeah next Christmas so yeah they’ve already gotten together by then.


incoming storm by giovanni ferente

Phantasmal Pirates

What you need to know:

A pirate ship of phantom pirates is sailing through the clouds over land instead of water looking for adventurers to attack and steal their treasure.

Note: this is for any DM who wants to do a short pirate or sea adventure but the campaign makes this option inconvenient.

How it began:

In front of an incoming storm, a pirate ship with black tattered sails rides the clouds like oceans waves and descends towards the players. When only a few meters above the ground, ropes sling over the side of the ship and skeletons dressed as pirates slide down.

The skeletons have the stats of undead but can have added levels for challenge.

Most of the pirates are armed with clubs, swords and axes but a few have special attacks:
Anchors: a small anchor the size of a rock is hooked to a chain. The skeleton swings this weapon overhead and throws it at a player. If the player is hit, they must roll a save or become anchored to the ground as if under the effects of a hold spell.
Peg leg morning stars: a large spiked ball is attacked to an iron peg leg. The skeleton kicks the spiked ball into a player’s face dealing 2 D6 damage plus 1 CON loss. This represents the player’s body being crushed by a giant iron ball.
Hooks: a large 30 centimeter serrated rusty hook is attatched to a skeleton’s arm. If a player is hit by a hook, they suffer 1 D6 damage plus 2 damage a round from bleeding for D6 rounds only prevented by bandaging or a healing spell.

Note: After the battle, the ropes can be climbed up to board the ship.


The deck is typical of a galley except the floor is covered in oil and pitch. One hatch in the center of the ship leads below deck and a door near the back of the ship leads to the captain’s quarters. Near the back of the ship is the ship’s wheel locked into place with a rusty iron chain. A 3 meter plank extends outwards from the center of the deck over the air. A monkey can be seen with a key around its neck sitting atop the crow’s nest.

  • -A- Once the players all board the ship, it begins to move flying into the storm heaving side to side as the wheel bangs against the chain. The thick rolling clouds pound against the side of the ship like ocean waves and a heavy rain pours over the deck.
    Note 1: While the ship is out of control, each player loses D6 DEX as they try to keep their footing on the deck. The loss represents the player’s focus on keeping stable rather than rolling a check each round. This effect is similar to writing or tying a knot in a moving vehicle, should a player argue their case.
  • This loss of DEX will effect a player’s armor class, climbing rolls, lock picking and any DEX based abilities or skills.
  • Every 10 minutes the players are unable to take control of the ship, they lose another DEX point. Once any player reaches 0, they fall off the ship unless they are strapped in or held by another player.
    Note 2: The players will regain full dexterity the moment they are on stable ground.
  • -B- Any player attempting to catch the monkey must first roll a climb check to reach the crow’s nest.
  • Once in arm’s reach of the monkey, the player and monkey have a DEX roll-off. If the player does not win, the monkey leaps away, climbs higher or dodges. If the player wins the roll-off, they can make one attempt to grab the monkey or the key with an attack roll.
    Note 1: Each round the players must roll climb to keep from failing off the rigging, regardless if moving or not. This represents the players being tossed about by the storm or their attempts at holding while chasing the monkey.
    Note 2: The key around the monkey unlocks the chain to the ship’s wheel.
    Note 3: The monkey stats can come right out of the book or be increased for added difficulty.
  • -C- The door to the captain’s quarters is locked but can be picked or brute forced to open.
    Note 1: The door is trapped and once opened, a clay pot of greek fire falls to the floor from the other side igniting the entire deck in flames.
  • The effects lasts X rounds till the rain puts out the fire.
  • Any player on the deck receives D6 fire damage a round till the fires are extinguished.
    Note 2: The fire does not burn the wood or sails as they are both technically ghostly and unaffected.
  • -D- The hatch to below deck is magically sealed and can only be opened with a captain’s key.
  • -E- The ship’s wheel is locked into place with rusty chain.
  • The lock to the chain is magically locked and only opens with the monkey key.
  • The chains and the wood it’s bolted to is magical and cannot be destroyed or cut by normal means. If a player insists on destroying the wood or chain, allow them to deal 1 damage a turn with magic weapons and 1 damage per dice for magic spells, but give the wood or chains dozens of hit points. Describe their first few attempts as leaving only dings and dents.
    Note 1: Once the chain is removed, any player can take the wheel and stir the ship.
    To regain control of the ship, a player must roll a DEX check, the challenge is based on how far out of control the ship has become at this point. If a player succeeds, the ship no longer heaves violently and the players regain their full DEX.
    Note 2: The wheel will not let player descend or ascend. To go back to the ground or leave the storm, the players must fight the captain first.
  • -F- Any player who walks the plank and jumps off gains flying as per the spell for X rounds.
  • This spells only effects each player once.
    Note 1: Any player who is flying regains full DEX as they are unaffected by the ship’s movements.
    Note 2: This is a Peter Pan reference for when he walked the plank and flew above the water.


A shelf of books is built behind a large wooden table of charts, navigation equipment and one empty bottle. Near the edge of the table is a globe, or any world shape, with a red parrot perched on top and near the back wall is a simple bed and chest.

  • -A- The shelf of books contains stories of pirates and tales of the ocean.
    Note: they can be worth a few coins or worth nothing at all.
  • -B- The charts on the table consist of several ocean maps and a few Xs dotting some islands.
    Note 1: The Xs can represent places of buried treasure, dungeons or ruins luring players to their next adventure.
    Note 2: If any player with navigation charts a course using the ink and quill pen, the paper will burn away and in its place a scroll or scrolls of the players choosing will be revealed - the scrolls were disguised as maps and the ink magically used for scribing spells, so when a player charted a course, they unknowingly created a spell by mistake.
  • -C- The chest is locked and needs to be picked or brute forced to open.
  • The chest is trapped with poison needles dealing stat damage.
  • The chest is empty. This is a red herring.
  • -D- The globe, if broken, contains a silver key.
    Note: The key does nothing and is only a red herring.
  • -E- The parrot keeps repeating over and over, “The world only knows where the captain’s key is hidden.”
    Note 1: If any player feeds the parrot a cracker, it transforms into a genie and the empty bottle on the table transform into a lamp. The genie states, “This ship is cursed. Any who board the vessel are transformed into a cliché pirate crew till replaced by someone else.”
    The genie will assume since it is free, the players are now cursed, but in truth has no idea. The genie knows little else of the crew or ship as once it was brought aboard, it turned into a parrot.
    The genies homeland can be from anywhere fitting and from any time point you desire as this ship could have been in flight for 100s of years. It may not even be of this world or plain should you choose
    Note 2: The genie in return for its freedom will grant the party one wish before departing. After the wish is granted, the genie and the lamp disappear in a wink of white light.
  • -F- The sexton if broken apart will reveal a small slender brass key.
    Note: This is the captain’s key and used to open the hatch on the deck.


At a random point in flight, a giant Kraken that surfs the storm attacks the ship. It latches onto the bow and swings its tentacles, attacking the players. Instead of the players having to fight off an entire kraken, they should only do battle with the 8-12 tentacles. Each tentacle will have a set of hit points and one attack. Each time a player is hit by an attack, it deals 2 D8 damage and requires one roll on the chart below:

  • 1-50: Nothing happens.
  • 51-75: The player gets caught on the suckers of the tentacle. Next round, while the player can still attack as normal, they are automatically hit as they are pounded against the boat. The player must then roll on the chart and add 10 to the roll. If the player rolls below 40, it is assumed they have fallen off the suckers and can act as normal next round.
  • 76-95: The player is caught in the tentacle suckers and tossed overboard. A player can roll a climb check to hang onto the tentacle, but is auto-hit next round and adds 20 to their next roll on the chart.
  • 96-100: The player is caught in the tentacle suckers and eaten whole. The player can either die outright or suffer 2 D6 damage from being digested as they fight their way out.

The sky kraken releases the ship and flies away once all its tentacles have been destroyed.


The hatch opens to a set of wooden stairs leading into a hall. The players are assaulted with the smell of mead, sweat and powder.


At the foot of the stairs is a long hallway. As the players walk the corridor, sounds of the cannon fire and yelling come from beyond the walls emanate. The hall then opens into a room with several doors.

  • -A- One door leads to the crew quarters.
  • -B- The other doors open to a small chamber thick with smoke. A cannon head peaks through the smoke with the sound of burning fuse.
  • Any players standing in front of the door must roll a save or be hit by the cannon blast for X D10 damage and lose X points of CON as their body is crushed by a cannon ball.
    Note 1: The CON can be restored with rest or healing.
    Note 2: The room is only large enough for the cannon and contains no visible way for it to be loaded and fired.


Several glowing blue pirate phantoms laugh and drink while playing music and rolling dice. They are sitting on several sacks of potatoes near a few barrels of mead.

  • -A- The pirates are friendly and insist the players share a drink and play some dice.
  • They share tales of time aboard the ship and have grown quite fond of the raiding. Technically they are required to trade places with the players and go free, but are willing to stay in the players stead on two conditions:
    1- The players out-drink the pirates.
    Each round players roll a CON check starting at 2, but the challenge is rising by 2 each round. Failing a CON check results in D6 CON loss. Any player who reaches 0 will pass out and be out of the game.
    2 - The players win a game of dice against the pirates.
  • Players each put in up to 100 gold, then each round  roll an INT/WIS or gaming check starting at 2, but the challenge is rising by 2 each round. Failing a check results in 2 D6 gold lost. Any player who reaches 0 will be out of the game.
  • If the players fail any challenge, they will receive no experience for this encounter. The pirates will then still offer to stray in their stead but at a steep price. This should require 25% or more of the players’ wealth.
  • Once the players either win both challenges or pay off the pirates, they fade away and a door appears.
  • -B- The door leads to the captain.


The door opens to a chamber of chests overflowing with gold coins, jewelry and magic weapons. Upon a throne sits an ethereal pirate captain. He will look similar to Blackbeard or another cliché type.

  • -A- The captain greets the players and engages in idle chitchat, even sharing tales of plunder and conquest. With each attack his fortune grows more massive.
  • The captain has no intention of attacking the players, noting their strength of surviving this far and even offers to land the ship.
  • At this point the players have two options: to leave or to attack.
  • -B- If they players leave, they let a villain escape and suffer all the consequences that implies.
  • If they attack, the captain has the stats of a ghost plus several character levels.
    Note: the treasure can be entirely real or part of the ship’s illusion or even large amounts of fool’s gold. Tailor it as needed for your player’s level.

Once the captain dies, the curse of the ship fades. All the remaining pirates transform back to the people and races they once were, including the monkey outside. The ship will then land as the storm dissipates and breaks apart into dust, leaving only the treasure, or does it?

Maybe the ship crashes to the ground and the pirates are not released, instead they are cursed to remain undead forever and attack the players in hatred.
Maybe one of the players becomes the captain instead and the cycle starts again forcing the players to find a way to end the curse.
Maybe the ships returns home to some far off place before turning to dust.

Either way, have fun and hope to see you again.

Flowers grow for those that know
to bloom is to know your roots
to give the earth all its worth
tend to the new shoots.”  


— Lemn Sissay, excerpt “Shipping Good"

The Taurus nature perceives everything enchanting on the material plane. There is magic to be found basking in the treasure of sound, colour, and aroma. The zodiac’s gift to Taurus is an acute observation of tone vibrancy, voice, scents, and earthly substance. Their modus operandi is hyper sensual, receptive, and responsive. Mild temperature changes, subtle aromas, an incoming storm, these patterns of sensory complement make perfect calligraphy in the Taurus eyes. The individual prefers tangible evidence of love, as their earthy nature calls for what can be seen, touched, tasted, and believed. The Taurus sign associates with materialism, but this does not necessarily involve the accumulation of money. They want to build a sanctuary of love, comfort, petals, and music that will buffer them from chaos. Safety and security resonates high on the Taurus agenda, and this binding with the material world relates to exquisite simplicity - sunsets, champagne during twilight, storms, stars, sea salt baths, the moon, and a good book. Taurus helps the zodiac define what is of lasting value. Grace and charm combines with Venus magnetism. Life is a glossed globe of edible flowers.


jasmine beckett griffith art

Stormy Weather (M) – Jungkook

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

Summary: You take up on Jungkook’s offer to meet him at the bonfire, but an incoming storm causes you to change your plans. A continuation of Shades, but can stand on it’s own

Word Count: 5.3k

Warning: Smut, oh lordie

A/N: This kinda got… out of hand… yeah.

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Another storm incoming tonight! Let’s enjoy the sun while we can.

The Sun- The crowning glory of the Queen of Heaven
The Hour of Truth- At noon, nobody casts a shadow
The Sun- Have faith that we will grow as the sunflowers: tall and bright and strong
The Sun- Don’t stare directly at it, as this may be misunderstood as flirting. Don’t flirt with the sun.

Home for me is not where I am.

Home for me is a physical structure where the girl whom I love is sheltered and protected from the incoming storms of life. 

Home for me is not where I am safe, but where she is safe. Home for me is not where she exists, but where she lives. 

She is my home.

—  Home by Juansen Dizon

anonymous asked:

Okay, so I'm sending this because I'm home right know and there's a massive storm incoming, with lightnings and thunders so strong they sound like explosions. Plus, it's litterally pouring, the streets are flooded. So, how about GoM (minus Kuroko and Akashi, plus Kagami) being "rained in" with their crush (or s/o, your choice) who was supposed to go back home for the night after having had dinner at their boys' place? Yay for fluffiness! Thanks :)

Aaah, stay safe, anon! I’m dead scared of lightnings myself. (。ŏ﹏ŏ) I hope you are all right! Here is a fluff overload with Murasakibara, Kise, Aomine, Midorima, and Kagami! Some are about a crush. Others… something more.

Rain was hitting the window behind the thick curtains like no tomorrow, and loud thunders were still clearly audible despite the walls and glass separating you from the storm outside. The room was cosy, the both of you snuggled close, and warm, dim light was enough for you to see every detail of your fiance’s face. Murasakibara turned onto his back with a content sigh, pulling you along with him, which ended with you partially splayed over his chest.

“Mmmnnn, Chibi-chin…” Murasakibara hummed lazily, laying completely still again. “It’s no good to go out now. Can I have another pocky?”

“Mhmm, we’re staying home,” you murmured. “Which one?”

“Mmmmmnnnn…” Murasakibara trailed off, calculating. “Chocolate?”

“I want strawberry,” you muttered, digging into the box. You pulled out one stick and held it between your teeth. “Sho you ge’ sh’ra’e’wy.” You propped yourself up on your elbows and brought your face close to his. Murasakibara chomped on the other end of the pocky… well, to be fair, he took off a half in one bite. The rest of it disappeared quickly and you topped it off with a sweet kiss. Murasakibara moved one of his long arms to stroke your cheek once you pulled back a little.

“They taste the best like this.” He sighed again with a sleepy smile.

This couldn’t be happening. Everyone had known that the day was supposed to end with a storm, but it was NOT supposed to come so early, and it was NOT supposed to look like a prelude to apocalypse. And, most importantly, you were NOT supposed to be trapped in his house until it passed and the firefighters took care of the trees that had been falling onto the roads the past two hours.

Midorima didn’t understand this. His sign was ranked 2nd and your 3rd for today, he had lucky items both for him and you (you didn’t know about yours, though, oh nooo, no no no), so how come he found himself in a situation when his long-term crush was stuck in HIS house, with HIS parents out of town, meaning: he was ALONE with you, with unfinished school project, and without electricity, in complete dark - save for the lightnings.

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Ship Preston with Sturges

Preston chatting with Sturges on the Minutemen radio station, trading useful information about incoming rad storms or where Minutemen battalions are heading. Preston quickly learns to recognize Sturges’ voice and comes to trust him, which is why he takes it seriously when Sturges radios for help because of Mama Murphy’s vision.

Sturges keeping Preston company during guard duty that first night, after they run off the Gunners but before the betrayal. Both of them catching the other checking out the man they’ve only heard over the radio, exchanging shy little glances and then laughing at themselves.

Preston coming to rely on Sturges for his practicality and sense of humor on the increasingly disastrous flight from Quincy. Even as his own doubts grow, Preston marvels at how Sturges always has his back, quelling arguments and reinforcing Preston’s authority with the other settlers. When he gets him alone to thank him for his support, Sturges waves him off.
“You’re the one making all the hard calls here, boss. Seems the least I can do to help keep people listening.”

Sturges helping keep supply lines covered and settlements in contact while Preston’s away with Sole. He thinks about calling him up on the radio like old times, but figures they’re both too busy to chat these days. Then one night Preston radios in just to check on him, and it becomes a nightly routine. They pick their own frequency so they don’t tie up the Minutemen’s station as their chats get longer and longer. Even after they sign off, they find themselves cradling their receivers like they’re holding on to something precious.
When they finally see each other again, they’re a lot less shy about checking each other out.

Sturges making a signal scrambler and building one into Preston’s radio so they can talk without being overheard. Their evening chats get a lot more… intimate.

Preston sending Fancy Lad Snack Cakes along with provisioners headed to Sanctuary. Sturges loves those damn things.

Sturges modding Preston’s laser musket whenever he’s in town for more than a few days, saying it helps him sleep a little better.

Preston sending Sturges phones and hot plates and desk fans. Sturges acts like he’s been sent flowers.

Sturges spotting Sole coming down the road to Sanctuary and making a show of throwing Preston over his shoulder and running the other way.


Gorgeous weather today- low 70s and breezy from an incoming storm. 5k time has been reduced another 10 seconds. As minor as it is, I ran the side part of the bike path to get in less flat ground. It is ever so slightly more sloped. I’ll take what I can get (though legit hill training starts Wednesday). I’m trying to really focus on pushing through intervals (upped them by another :15 each). It’s tough, but I know that’s when it counts the most.

Now some foam rolling and an early bedtime. I celebrate good days in a big way guys!

Every time I listen to Trouble In Shangri-La I feel like I’m running through a desolate beach on a gloomy day, the waves are crashing against the rocks, the sky is turning darker, clouds are rolling in, I stumble upon an empty mansion and I run in to take cover from the incoming storm, I’m opening bedroom doors that bang against the walls searching for something or someone I can’t find and I’m pulling back dusty white curtains.

aelfcynn replied to your photo: Today I learned that the little ring of rocking…

I’m still not totally okay with them. I trust they are benign and wish them only well and a continued eerie life.

It’s weird… they definitely have moods. Sometimes it’s nothing more than a ring of weather-beaten plastic rocking horses, sometimes adorable and whimsical, but sometimes there’s definitely more than a little hint of the Fair Folk coming off them, and I’ve got far too much Irish in me to me ignore that.

Tonight was definitely a night I’m glad that I live a couple of towns away, because I would not be surprised if they’re gearing up for a Ride in the incoming storm (the clouds on the right are the leading edge of a big nor’easter).

anonymous asked:

So my job is closed tomorrow bc of an incoming storm (I was supposed to work) so my manager asked if I could work on Wednesday (my day off) instead. Normally it wouldn't be a problem, but this past week/weekend at work has me worn down so I said no (I may have dubbed a little bit). Am I an awful person? Bc I feel like I am. And my mother basically said that without saying it

Nah, that’s up to you. You’ll take a dip in pay cause you’ll be working one fewer day, but if you don’t feel up for going, then you don’t. I’m sure there’ll be others happy to pick up the extra shift.

This whole filling in for a chef thing is killing me slowly. There’s so much pressure to make sure everything is running correctly, that everyone’s hours are correct, orders come in and food is properly dealt with. If you told me a year ago I’d be running a kitchen and actually succeeding I’d have laughed in your face. The one thing I can say is that I can yell out at the incoming storm that I can cut it at 25 where most people haven’t even tread. Though if she wasn’t here to support me emotionally through all this I’d probably be a wreck. I’m also trying to figure out whether I take the new job or not. C'est la vie I suppose.