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wishing I was pushed against the wall by alex summers?

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“So now you are giving me the silent treatment? Real mature, Summers.” You scoffed, crossing your arms over your chest. You stared at Alex. His back was turned to you while he was looking down at the party that was happening below you. He had taken the tux jacket off and loosened some of his buttons from his shirt. His hands were gripping the railings, allowing you a less than generous view of his toned arms. You huffed, knowing that you weren’t going to get much out of him.

“When your’e ready to stop acting like a three year old, then come and talk to me.” You grabbed your dress, lifting it up slightly so you can see your heels. You walked down the stairs of the Xavier mansion, getting ready to go back down the the formal welcome party that Charles was throwing for the parents of the new students. It was to help raise money to get more and better things for the students (and partially so people can see that they shouldn’t be afraid of mutants). Once you reached the bottom, you let go of your dress, turning to give Alex one last glance. You looked up and saw him glaring down at your through your lashes. You shook your head, rolling your eyes and walking away from him. You spotted Hank, smiling at him. He gave a small wave to you.

“Still haven’t found Alex?” He asked, knowing that you left in the first place to go search for the stubborn man.

“No, I found him. He won’t talk to me though.” You grabbed a glass of champagne from a tray that was walking by.

“He’s probably jealous.” Hank stated, drinking his own glass. You rolled your eyes for the second time that night.

“Yeah right. He’s the one who hasn’t stopped talking to the trophy wives. He knows he’s flirting with them and I know he tries extra hard when I’m looking. It makes me so mad because I can’t lash out when he casually “talks” to girls but he can go out and throw a fit because one guy even looks at me the wrong way.”

“Y/N, I don’t think that he’s mad because you talked to that one guy. I think he’s mad because you haven’t really been paying that much attention to him lately. You’ve kind of been running off with Ben and Elliot and had to cancel more that a few times on him.” Hank informed. You turned to look at Hank.

“You’re kidding right?” You said louder than you should have. A few heads turned in your direction. You apologized to them, before looking back at Hank.

“I haven’t been running off with anyone. Elliot and Ben have complicated mutations and considering that mine is complicated they have come to me for advice. I help them train a few times a week and sometimes we just hang out and talk. Since when was it such an issue for girls to be friends with guys?”

Hank shrugged.
“I don’t know. But you know how Alex can get when he interprets things the wrong way.” He took a drink from his own glass of champagne.

“Why does it even matter to him? He’s been very obvious in reminding me that we are JUST friends.” You sighed.

“I think you should go talk to him. Regardless of the way he’s acting.”
“I’ll go talk to him but I’m pretty sure that he won’t talk to me.” You said goodbye to Hank before leaving to go upstairs towards Alex’s room.

You knocked on his door, switching your weight from heel to heel to relieve your feet from the slight pain that the heels caused. You heard footsteps on the other side of the door before seeing the door swing open. Alex was standing there, brushing his teeth. His shirt was halfway unbuttoned down, allowing you a nice view of his chest. You let your eyes linger on his chest before moving back up towards his face.

“What?” He asked, sounding annoyed that you interrupted him.

“Wow, he talks.” You replied sarcastically. Alex rolled his eyes, moving his arm to close the door before you stopped him.

“No! Alex please just talk to me.” You pleaded, resisting his attempt to close the door with both your hands. Alex looked at you, moving away from the door to allow you in. You walked in, looking around his room. He was neater than you imagined him to be. There was a small pile of books stacked on his bedside table. Before you got a chance to read them, Alex called out to you. You turned to look at him, realizing that he didn’t have a shirt on now. You widened your eyes, letting out a gasp. You felt your face heat up before you turned your attention away from him.

“What’s wrong princess? Can’t handle the heat?” You heard him tease. You refrained from snapping at him. You took a deep breath.
“Alex I just want to know why you have these sudden outbursts with me. We used to be so close and suddenly you give the silent treatment unless there is absolutely no way for you to avoid conversation with me. Then I stop bothering you for a while and hang out with other people and it just seems like I made things worse somehow. I don’t understand. What did I do?” You let out, turning to face him again. His eyebrows were furrowed, as he stood there deep in thought. He opened his mouth and closed it a few times, as if he was debating what to say or how to word what he was going to say. You waited there eagerly, waiting to see what he would come up with. He kept walking towards you, causing you to step back a few steps. His pace increased, until he was pushing you up against the wall next the door of his bedroom. Your breath hitched, eyes alternating from looking at his eyes to down at his lips. His tongue came out and glazed over his bottom lip. His breaths were quiet, calm. Compared to yours, his were a calm sea, and yours were the incoming storm. Every time that you inhaled, your chest barely grazed his. Your heart beat a little faster knowing about the energy blasts that he produced from his core.

“I get…jealous.” He said after a few breaths. “I get jealous that Elliot and Ben have all this time with you. They spend all this time training with you and I know I have mentioned that we’re friends in the past but that was really just for me. I don’t think that I would stand a chance so I tell myself that I am happy with being friends. But I’m not.” Alex mumbles. His voice was slightly raspy from how late it was. His hot minty breath fanned over your face. Your eyes fluttered closed at his next exhale. Your heart was racing. You have dreamed about being this close to him. About being so close to his lips. You parted your lips, the room getting hotter from the close distance. You opened your eyes again, staring up at Alex. His blue eyes were peering into your own. His hands slowly made their way down to grab your hips, pinning them gently to the wall. You craned your neck up to crash your lips against his, moving your own arms up to grab Alex’s hair. You felt him groan against your lips, bringing your hips from the wall to be held against his own. He pushed you back into the wall as he deepend the kiss. There was little to no space between the two of you, but you didn’t care. You were finally getting some answers from Alex’s distance, only these answers are way better than you possibly could have imagines.

A/N: its not my best writing and I’m sorry but I love you amores xox 


pairing: jungkook x bff!reader

summary: you love snow and the winter weather almost as much as jungkook loves you.

details/genre: very fluffy, best friends, ft jin and namjoon, shy!jungkook (the best jungkook)

word count: 1.4k

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Home for me is not where I am. Home for me is a physical structure where the girl whom I love is sheltered and protected from the incoming storms of life. Home for me is not where I am safe, but where she is safe. Home for me is not where she exists, but where she lives. She is my home.
—  Juansen Dizon, Confessions of a Wallflower page 185
Rådare (Norse Creatures)

I will be using the Swedish names/words as there are no English translations.

  • Rådare comes from the word “råda” which means “to rule/take care of” so a rådare is a creature that rules over something.
  • Every rådare rules over their own thing. For example there’s a skogsrå for every forest.
  • The easiest way to make them happy is through respect and gifts.
  • You can protect yourself from them by wearing metal.
  • Remember that the gift has to be biodegradable! A lot of sources say that you should give coins, clothes, tobacco etc. But this is extremely disrespectful as you’re destroying their home (and it’s generally shitty to pollute).
  • Even if you haven’t done anything to make them angry it’s always good to show respect by acknowledging them when you enter their home.


  • Rules over the forest and the creatures that live there.
  • Usually looks like a beautiful woman with a hollow back and/or hooves and tail. She can also take the shape of different forest creatures.
  • If in a good mood she helps those who are lost and warns people about incoming storms.
  • If in a bad mood she makes sure people get lost.
  • If you live on your own in/close to a forest (or if you are camping) she might come at night when you’re sitting by the fire and attempt to seduce you. If you sleep with her she will keep a part of your soul and you will always have a longing and obsession with the forest.
  • If hunters give her gifts she might “give” them an extra big animal. Though if they manage to shoot one of the animals she protects they have to face her wrath


  • Rules over the ocean and the creatures that lives there.
  • Usually looks like a beautiful woman with long hair, gills, fins, and a fishtail. She can also take the shape of different sea creatures.
  • If in a good mood she shows fishermen where they can find the best fish or warns them about incoming storms. She can also give them good wind and help boats that are taking in water.
  • If in a bad mood she can trick boats into storms so they get lost or sink.
  • Sometimes she will seduce people and drag them down to her home at the bottom of the ocean where they are forced to work as servants.
  • She might stop boats and offer to buy their load, if this happens it’s best to accepts as if you say no she might get so angry that she takes down the entire ship.


  • Rules over lakes and the creatures that live there.
  • Usually looks like a beautiful woman with a hollow back. Unlike havsrået she has legs. She can also take the shape of different freshwater creatures.
  • If in a good mood she might help fishermen and warn them about incoming storms.
  • She only drowns people who have made her angry or if she is very hungry.
  • Just like skogsrået if fishermen give her gifts she might “give” them an extra big fish. Though if they manage to catch one of the creatures she protects they have to face her wrath.


  • Rules over mountains and mines.
  • Usually looks like a tall woman in an elegant, grey dress. If seen wearing black it is a sure sign of death.
  • If in a good mood she shows miners better ore veins or warns them about any dangers.
  • If in a bad mood she tries to scare people away, if they ignore the warning signs she makes sure they get lost in the mine.
  • Enjoys silence and solitude.
  • Doesn’t like it when people make too much noise.
  • Becomes very angry if miners manage find one of the ore veins she protects.


  • Rules over natural springs.
  • Usually looks like a young girl but most of the time she’s invisible. She can also take the shape of a toad.
  • If in a good mood she might show you the future though the water surface. It’s important to remember not to look for too long or too deep as you might lose yourself.
  • If in a bad mood she can make you sick after you’ve drank the water.
  • A lot of sources will say that if you sacrifice something to her before you drink the water it will heal you as well as make the water clean/drinkable. This is not true. There’s not a magical cure for deceases or disorders. Also there’s no way to magically make water drinkable. Always make sure a natural spring is clean before you drink from it.

This is compiled from my own grimoire / what I was taught growing up

Do Something Bad, Too - Part 2

Pairing: Alpha!Bucky x Omega!Reader

Summary: It’s like every single Alpha on the planet won’t rest until they’ve confessed their eternal wish for you to mother their children, and it’s getting old. Luckily, that’s a problem Bucky might be able to fix.

Warnings: language, a/b/o dynamics

A/N: weeeey i’m back with part 2, i hope y’all enjoy it! thank you soooo much for the response on the last part, i’m literally blown away and kind of overwhelmed and so grateful. y’all are just amazing. let me know what you think of this part and what you think might happen next!

Part 1

Bucky comes to your office on Thursday and walks you to a Japanese place in Manhattan for lunch. He’s endearingly awkward at first, watching his feet on the pavement rather than you, but eventually he asks about your day at work and you launch into an overly detailed story that eases the tension and even gets Bucky smiling by the time you arrive.

“-and anyway, I was just like, you really think you’re gonna break in here with a power drill? I was kind of offended, but the guy ended up crying so- oh, we’re here?”

Bucky stops outside a restaurant squeezed between a dry cleaners and a pawn shop, so narrow you wonder how his massive shoulders are going to fit through. He smiles softly at you and nods, pressing open the door with a big palm that has the rest of your story dying in your throat, mouth suddenly very dry.

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Devour You

(A Sequel to Wrong Room)

Patrick Hockstetter x Reader 

A/N: Finally! I’ve been trying to work on this one for AGES! Hopefully it’s up to par and it’s what you guys hoped for!


Please make a sequel to Wrong Room 😍

Nsfw for wrong room sequel

I’m going to find out where you live. And I’m going to come to your house and break into your room and fuck you…” YES YES YES PLEASE

Word Count: 5,119

Rating: NSFW

Warnings: Patrick Hockstetter, stalking, sadism, biting, choking, hair-pulling, knifeplay (non-con), bloodplay, hematophagia kink (?), possessiveness, obsession, psychopathy, solipsism, dub-con

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You’re Gonna Be Okay

A/N: Soo… I kinda rushed this because I haven’t posted something in a long time and I’m not completely satisfied and was very hesitant to post this but hey. Here it is. Also this is my first time in a while to write in third person so… yeah, Also! Let me know if you’d like a part 2! Enjoy!

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Pairing: Tim Drake x Speedster!Reader (Siblings)

 Warning(s): Implied Abuse

Word Count: 1400+ (JeSUS)

Tim sat silently on the windowsill of a tall building, one leg pressed against his chest while the other dangled off the side. A light, cold breeze passed by him as he scanned the small neighbourhood he was watching. He breathed in the scent of rain coming strong from the air around him, seeing the clouds rolling in rather quickly in the distance from the corner of his eye. He couldn’t help let out of groan of annoyance, staring at the pitch black storms clouds before turning his attention back to the small, sketchy neighbourhood.

His eye caught a small blur race into an alleyway, being engulfed by the darkness filling the narrow street. Tim didn’t think much at first but his curiosity got to him and he found himself glancing at the same alleyway, a feeling told him that he could miss this chance and regret it for a long time. He bit his bottom lip in slight frustration, taking a moment to think before jumping from the windowsill, careful with his movements and landing on the street quietly in an effort not to startle anything or anyone.

He was slow, his eyes immediately catching to a small child curled up against wall, quietly whimpers could be heard as the figure violently shook. TIm had to admit it was rather cold out, and no doubt this child would be freezing, from what he could observe the kid only wore a gown and ripped socks.

His first thought was to call either Dick or Bruce about this situation, the kid was no older than 8 and what he could tell this was no condition a child should be in. When he got closer he could feel his stomach drop, he couldn’t think straight and a strange feeling of guilt washed over him as he crouched down before the fragile kid.

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Stormy Weather (M) – Jungkook

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Summary: You take up on Jungkook’s offer to meet him at the bonfire, but an incoming storm causes you to change your plans. A continuation of Shades, but can stand on it’s own

Word Count: 5.3k

Warning: Smut, oh lordie

A/N: This kinda got… out of hand… yeah.

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good weather between showers; a break in the rain

Off the coast in the off-season, peace.

“It floods a few times each winter,” the woman had warned Scully, pressing the keys into her hand. “Doesn’t cause too many problems so long as someone’s here to keep an eye on the place.”

Scully’s credentials for house-sitting are limited to having lived in a house, but the woman doesn’t seem to mind. “Not too many folks willing to spend the winter out here,” she’d remarked. “Lucky I found you two.”

The house overlooks the water. It’s quiet. Every few days she drives back over the bridge to buy groceries, Ambien, condoms. During the day they sit in the same room, mostly unspeaking. Scully watches the sea out the window and thinks about what the tide will carry in. At night they huddle together in the full-size bed upstairs. He whispers to her and she barely hears, but she knows all his secrets already.

The peace they’ve reached is hard-earned and she will not squander it. They’ve spent too long watching each other across some impossible distance; she needs this closeness now.

Every day for a week it storms. Thunder rolls in off the water; rain splashes against the windows. “It feels like we’re in a submarine,” Mulder says, staring out into the gale. When the power goes out they light candles in the main room. They fall asleep there, on a pile of blankets on the floor, some time before the last one burns out. In the middle of the night she wakes up and new candles are lit. Mulder sits at the desk in the corner, his pen scratching furiously across the paper.

Mulder is writing a book: so he tells her. While she spends her days and nights puttering around the house, or out walking along the perpetually wet sand, he writes and writes and writes. She doesn’t ask to read it. She’s not sure she wants to. Is he up like this every night?

When she wakes up again in the morning she thinks she might have dreamed it, but Mulder touches her with ink-smudged fingers, and anyway when was the last time she had a dream where no one died?

The power doesn’t come back. They carry wood in from the shed and light a fire for warmth. Once the phone rings and Scully picks up, but the connection is bad and she can’t make out who’s calling. She tells herself: No one knows we’re here. No one will find us.

On the seventh night the hand-crank radio warns them of a stronger storm, incoming, high winds and lightning. They close all the shutters and wait together in the darkness. They haven’t seen the sun in what feels like half a lifetime. How much of her life she’s spent in the shadows.

While the rain continues unabated Mulder writes. His pen makes shadows across his face, the candlelight flickering around the edges, and she watches for a while. When the storm settles right over their house, shaking it down to the foundation, she leaves him and goes upstairs. Into the bedroom, out onto the balcony. A widow’s walk, her memory corrects. Her hands gripping the railing, she stares into the squall.

The rain lashes against her face. In an instant she’s soaked. Cold to the bone, but she’s been that way for months now.

She thinks of her father commanding his ship, facing down the ocean swells, the tropical storms. He would’ve steered his boat straight into a hurricane if that’s what he was told to do. They have that in common, at least.

A voice yells her name. It’s Mulder, standing below her in the yard, his clothes already drenched. “Up here,” she calls down, and he shades his eyes against the wind and rain. Moments later he’s upstairs on the walk with her. The wind catches the door and it slams behind him.

“Come inside,” he says, and the command in his voice makes her shiver. No, she thinks. Not from you.

Down the island a paddle boat is moored to the end of a short pier. The owners must have forgotten to bring it in. In the wind it beats itself ceaselessly against the dock. If she were a more whimsical woman, she’d swear she could hear it splinter.

“Women would stand out here, waiting for their husbands,” she says. She’s not raising her voice on purpose, not doing anything to compensate for the roar of the wind, the battering ram of the rain against the wood. Still, he hears her.

“I know.” His voice, too, sounds softer than it should. She can hear him, so he must be yelling. “I grew up on an island.”

She ignores him. “Sometimes they didn’t come back.” Her own mother, waiting for Ahab. Keeping watch in her own way, quiet. Maggie never complained, never longed for some other kind of life, for a man who stayed. A man who wanted her more than the mission.

Her father’s heart beating faster as he called out commands. All of those lives in his hands. His heart, beating.

Sometimes they don’t come back.

Mulder comes up next to her, blinking the rain from his eyes. He sets his hands on the railing, his left hand just brushing her right. He says, “I came back.”

Did you, she thinks.

He says, throatily: “I’m here.”

In the rain the ink runs off his hands, black smudges on the white paint. Lightning strikes a tree down the strand and for a moment the entire sky lights up, electric. This is not the worst storm they’ve faced.

She takes his hand and brings him inside, the ink seeping into her skin, too.

By the morning the rain has stopped. She wakes up wrapped in a blanket with no clothes on, her hair still damp. Mulder is next to her, fast asleep. The sun is back, however reluctant. It paints his shadow long and dark on the weathered floor.

Silently she pads down the stairs. She flips the switch on the coffee maker and it doesn’t respond: still no power. On the counter Mulder’s notebook lays open, an uncapped ballpoint pen lying perpendicular to the lines on the page.

She turns the pages back to the beginning, leaving her damp fingerprints on the corners. She starts to read.

Reacting to you being afraid of thunder

You’re cleaning up some dishes from dinner when a flash lights up the whole room. You jump back, startled, and fall back on your butt. When thunder hits with a BOOM you scream at the top of your lungs. Youngbin runs into the kitchen, thinking you’ve hurt yourself and sees you sitting on the floor, eyes shut tight and hands covering your ears. His parental instincts kick in and he picks you up. He sits down on the couch and sits you on his lap, holding you tightly.
“Its okay, I’m here with you.”

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You lock yourself in the closet, slamming the door behind you. Inseong calls after you and leans on the door. After a bit passes, you let him in and he pulls you against him, burying your face in his chest.
“Don’t worry, Ill protect you.”

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Youre both sitting on the couch when thunder and lightning hit somewhere closeby, causing you to scream out and jump to the floor. Jaeyoon isn’t too sure what to do. He ends up laying on the floor next to you, hugging you close. He starts to sing a slow, soothing song to calm you down.
“What’s your favorite song? Ill sing it for you, sweetheart.”

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As soon as you scream out for the loud banging of thunder, his mom instincts go into full power. He instantly drops whatever he’s holding onto the floor and runs over to you, pushing you against the wall and burying your face into his chest. He’ll slip his fingers through the hair on the back of your head and rub your back with his other hand, gently shushing you.
“Shh Shh… Don’t worry, nothing will harm you when Im here.”

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Will probably laugh as soon as you scream, but he will stop as soon as he sees tears running down your cheeks. He’ll tell you to look him in the eyes and then cover your ears with his hands.
“Look at me. Its just you and me here.”

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He’ll remain completely calm, picking you up. He’ll head to your room, lay you down on the bed and closes your windows. He lays down next to you and pulls the covers over your heads. His arms wrap around you and he starts to talk to you gently as if to distract you.
“Don’t worry, we’ll get through this together.”

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The low rumbling of an incoming storm is making you uneasy. Taeyang will close the blinds and turn on the TV. He’ll play a funny movie on high volume and lay down on the couch, pulling you onto him, laying your head on his chest. He’ll probably stay quiet until you fall asleep, all while gently rubbing your back.
“You don’t need to be scared when you’re with me”

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This poor little thing is probably more scared than you are. He’ll screech once it booms, but as soon as he sees you crying he will push everything aside and comforts you. He will backhug you tightly, flinching everytime lightning strikes, but will whisper sweet little things to make you feel better.
“Im scared, but your happiness is more important to me.”


Finding you sitting on the floor covering your ears, Chani won’t know what to do. He will panic internally, wondering if he should say something -cheesy- romantic to distract you, but he’ll be too shy for that. Instead, Chani will squat infront of you, pull your hands down and place his headphones on your ears, playing some mellow tunes to chill you out. He will probably just stay like that infront of you, eying you carefully until you calm down.
“I want to help you feel better.”

This was so fun to write, I found myself blushing a lot (especially with the Rowoon and Zuho ones I can’t)


Incoming Storm // Yoo Kihyun


summary: you, a known superhero, are being blamed for all the chaos happening in your city. someone else is causing all of the havoc, but who is it?

words: 5453

category: superhero au

author note: for the sake of this au everyone is the same age and in the same class. also, i left most of their superpowers blank in case any of you want to request scenarios with the other members and want to choose your own powers for them,,, pls enjoy my first monsta x scenario!!

- destinee

he’s so handsome i want to kiss his precious cheeks


In District X, superheroes were the chief protectors of the people. Seven superheroes in total, each with different powers and abilities. You happened to be one of them.

With super powers, of course, came super responsibility. Therefore, secret identities were created for the protection of you and your superhero friends.

You were only female superhero, unfortunately, which meant you were horribly outnumbered whenever you hung out with your fellow heroes.

In a secret league not yet named, the seven of you kept the city safe from all walks of crime.

However, superheroes have an image to keep, and yours was rather tarnished these days. With all villains in jail, there was no real need for any heroes at the moment. So you swallowed your pride and went around the district, helping people with their gardening.

Your power was meteorokinesis, or the power to manipulate weather. The name you honed was simply Storm, one known by the citizens of District X. You walked around in your superhero suit, looking for people to help.

Your hair was tied up in a bun, and your eyes were covered by a cobalt blue mask. Your suit was made of waterproof material, something Wonho made for you. Luckily, it wasn’t too tight on you, more of a comfortable, flexible material (like yoga pants). It was the same cobalt blue as your mask, which caused you to blend into the storms you fought against and sometimes, with.

You passed your neighbor (not that she knew you were her neighbor, since you were in your suit) as she gardened outside of her home.

“Hello, Mrs. Chae! Need any help?”

Mrs. Chae turned to you, a glare on her face. “Not from you. You know, my mother lives in that district and now she has to pack up and move in with me and my son. Hyungwon has to study. He can’t be taking care of his grandmother while I’m at work. It’s too much on the boy.”

You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion. Hyungwon was your friend, and fellow undercover super hero. However, you weren’t sure why his mother was so angry at you.

“What are you talking about?” Luckily, your voice was altered by the secret microphone in your suit. Otherwise, she would’ve heard understood your accused tone immediately. It was one you used often when you and Hyungwon were kids, arguing about this and that.

“The storm in District Y,” she snapped at you. “It has your powers written all over it: the heavy rain, the flooding, the hail, and the lightening. Just because it’s not your city doesn’t mean you can just start storms whenever and wherever you please.”

“I-I know,” you stuttered, “I would never start a storm like that. It’s dangerous. What are you talking about, anyway?”

“Like you don’t know. Goodbye, Storm.”

You kept on walking, but your spirits hung low. Everyone who saw you glared at you and blamed you for the storm that you knew nothing about.

Instead of hitting Headquarters like you wished, you turned around and went home. You turned on your television immediately, and your mood grew even more depressed as you watched the news accounts for the district just miles away.

You called HQ knowing the boys would’ve been there, waiting for you before they started their meeting.

“Hello? Y/n? Where are you? We have to talk.” Shownu’s voice came through the line

“Guys have you seen the news?” you asked frantically.

“Yeah,” Hyungwon cut in. You must’ve been on speaker. “My mom is real mad at you. Why’d you do it?”

“I didn’t do it,” you said. “I was studying with Changkyun all night last night.”

“Oh yeah,” Changkyun said. You listened as all the boys shouted at him.

“You couldn’t have remembered that earlier?” Wonho hissed at him.

“It’s not really important,” Minhyuk butted in. You could hear the click-clack of his keyboard as he checked the usual news for crime in the area. “What’s important is that every news channel is blaming you for the storm. They say with no warning from any satellite, it must be your doing. You’re the number one enemy in Districts X and Y.”

“Why?” you whined. “I would never do something like that. It has to be a natural disaster.”

“No, get this: District Y hasn’t had an electric storm like that in fifty years.” Minhyuk’ voice was sympathetic. “Everyone is jumping to conclusions that it’s you. I think it’s best of you stay incognito. Storm doesn’t need to show her face until all of this blows over, alright?”

You huffed into the phone. “It’s not my fault, though!”

“I know,” Minhyuk said. “Still, you need to stay on the down low because you have two cities against you right now. In the meantime, we need to find out if this is the work of something else.”

“Like a villain?” you asked.

“You might’ve just met your archenemy, Y/n.”

You groaned, “I really hope it’s just the weather.”


The next day at school, you had your chin in your hand. The class around you chatted openly since the teacher was not in the room yet.

Hyungwon was asleep, his head buried in his arms as he snored quietly. You sighed from beside him. It was understandable for Hyungwon to be so tired all the time, because his superpower was speed. With his constant moving and active lifestyle, you couldn’t blame him for sleeping in class. Hopefully his mother would never find out.

The door to the classroom opened, and your eyes cut to the teacher, who was being followed by a boy your age.

He kept his head down, so you couldn’t see much save the black hair that successfully hid his face. His body frame was small, but it looked even smaller as he cowered behind the teacher.

“Class, this is Yoo Kihyun from District Y. Because of the storm, he and many other students will be relocating to our school until the flooding can be stopped over there.”

“Hello, Kihyun,” you droned along with the rest of the class.

Kihyun lifted his head, and you watched his eyes scan the classroom rather… fearfully?

Was he afraid? If so, what was he afraid of?

He took the seat in front of you, beside Jooheon, and your interest peaked as he turned around in his seat to grab something out of his bag. Having found the pencil he was apparently looking for, his gaze lifted to scan the room once more.

You met his gaze and furrowed your eyebrows. He looked startled at your eye contact, yet he didn’t turn away.

Finally, the teacher spoke, breaking whatever weird interaction was going on between the two of you.


Jooheon was the last to sit at your table in the cafeteria, dragging the new kid behind him. “Get this guys, Kihyun said his basement was one of the first to be flooded.”

“Really?” Minhyuk seemed intrigued. “What, is your basement further underground than the others?”

“I guess?” Kihyun spoke with a shrug. He kept quiet as he munched on the sandwich in his hands. “I assume others flooded at the same time, right? Since that would be weird for mine to just start flooding before all the others.” He laughed awkwardly, averting his eyes to the wall behind you.

“Anyway, did the news tell you the cause for it?” You were thankful Minhyuk asked. Perhaps District Y would’ve broadcasted a different reason than you and your powers.

“They say it’s that superhero, Storm. Although, they’re starting to call Storm a villain or an antihero. Everyone is blaming the superhero for their problems now,” Kihyun answered, his words carefully put together.

“Do you believe it?” you asked him, biting your lip in anticipation. “Do you think it’s Storm?”

“No.” For the first time that day, the new boy said something confidently. “I don’t think Storm did it at all.”

“Where’s your evidence?” Shownu asked.

“Where’s yours?” Kihyun retorted. “Look, call it a freak storm or whatever, but Storm definitely didn’t do this one, and I hate that she’s getting blamed for it.”

You felt a surge of gratefulness for the words he spoke. “Thank you, Kihyun. That means a lot to me.”

Jooheon kicked your leg under the table, and you corrected yourself. “I mean, it means a lot to me that you have a strong mind that doesn’t jump to conclusions. Yeah.”

“Good save,” Wonho whispered in your ear.


That afternoon, the seven of you did your homework in the safety of HQ.

HQ was actually Minhyuk’s basement. His parents were the only ones who knew both of everyone’s identities, for they themselves were retired superheroes. They let you guys use their old headquarters as your own.

It was dark and damp, as most basements are. Desks lined from one wall to the other, covered in computers and buttons and screens. You guys could keep a watch on not only the citizens of District X, but also Districts Y and Z.

You were lounging in one corner, skimming through a history textbook while the rest of the boys had abandoned their school and were currently all looking at one of the screens. “Storm, c'mere.”

You ignored Wonho’s call, thinking the must’ve just seen something to make fun of like you guys liked to do in your free time.

“Y/n! Come here.” Jooheon walked over and grabbed your wrist, gently pulling you to your feet. He dragged you over to the monitor, “Look, there’s another freak storm. This time in X.”

“Well it isn’t me!” You said.

“We know that,” Minhyuk said, tapping something into his computer. The camera zoomed into the storm, and you could make out a small shape in the middle of it. “I bet more than anything that that’s the person who caused it. Since you’re the only one who can fly against a storm, you should go try to catch them.”

“I’m on it,” you said, hurrying to grab your suit.


You ran towards the storm, fully decked in your suit and mask. Using your powers, you formed a storm cloud under your feet, and used it to fly yourself into the storm.

You kept low, remembering that the perpetrator seemed to be crouching on the ground. However, when you arrived the scene of the crime, there was no one to be seen.

You looked around frantically, hoping to find the person who started the storm and clear their name. You found no one.

A flash appeared to your left, and you thought nothing of it, figuring it to be lightening. However, when a reporter began speaking, you could feel dread resting atop your shoulders.

“Storm! Stop this right now! You’re hurting our city!” The reporter yelled. A cameraman stood close behind, getting everything on tape.

“I trying to stop it!” you yelled back. “Don’t blame me! This was someone else!”

However, no matter what you did, or how much strength you used, you couldn’t stop the storm from coming in full throttle.

The strange thing was that it didn’t feel like a natural storm. It felt like a storm made with meteorokinesis. There was something artificial in the rain and the sound of the thunder. It was familiar in the strangest way.

You needed to find the other person causing this quickly, before you were labeled a villain forever.

The more important thing, however, was struggling to stay awake. You had used up all your strength trying to stop the storm, and now you were weak and shivering from the cold. Any energy you had come with was leaving quicker than you could control.

Before you could stop it, the storm cloud beneath you evaporated into nothing, causing you to free fall towards the ground.


When you awoke, your eyes met with a familiar pair, calm and concerned as they stared at you.

“Are you okay?” Kihyun asked, removing the wet washcloth from your face.

You felt hot under his gaze, and you were positive it wasn’t the fever. “Um, Yeah. I’m cool.”

He nodded and placed the back of his hand against your forehead. “You’re Storm, right?”

Oh, that’s right, he didn’t know that you were Y/n. You were still in your superhero suit. “Yeah. Where am I?”

“Oh.” Kihyun scratched the back of his neck nervously. “I didn’t know where to bring you so I brought you into my room.”

“It’s nice,” you mentioned.

“It’s technically not mine,” Kihyun said. “It’s the guest room at my aunt’s house.”

You didn’t know how to reply. Were conversations with him always this stilted and awkward?

“Sorry.” Kihyun must’ve sensed the lull in the mood. “I’m not really good at talking to people. Especially superheroes.”

“Right,” you chuckled nervously and sat up. “Well, then I’ll be going. Thanks for taking care of me.”

“No problem,” he said quietly, a soft blush on his cheeks. “I’ll walk you home. Oh, unless you live in some secret lair that I can’t know about.”

You laughed, “Well, if you knew my house you’d know my alter ego, wouldn’t you?”

“Right,” Kihyun said. “So I’ll see you later– or not? Because that would mean more storms, wouldn’t it?”

“Yeah,” you agreed. Then, before you climbed off of his bed, you turned back to him. “Which I didn’t start, by the way.”

“I know,” he answered quietly.

His disheartened voice made your furrow your eyebrows in confusion. You put a hand on his shoulder in comfort, “Don’t worry. We’ll catch them and you’ll be back to your district in no time.”

He said nothing, so you took your leave without saying goodbye.

The house Kihyun was staying in was just across from your house. In the chaos of the storm, you hadn’t even noticed that it was right above your own home. To keep from Kihyun finding out who you were, just in case he was watching from the window, you walked back to the headquarters. You would come home later.

When you arrived at HQ, you were immediately surrounded by your six superhero friends and their inquisitive worries.

“Are you okay?”

“We were watching the live broadcast and you just fell—”

“—then the storm stopped immediately and—”

“—it looked so suspicious. Even we were wondering if you had something to do with it.”

You pushed through them, sighing, “You guys know it wasn’t me. I got weak from trying to stop the storm so I fainted. The next thing I know, I’m waking up in Kihyun’s room.”

“Wait,” Wonho grabbed your arm so you would turn around to face them, “Kihyun? The new student?”

“Yeah,” you shrugged. “The storm was right above his house, so I guess he saw me fall and helped me out.”

Hyungwon hummed, “Isn’t that a bit coincidental? The fact that he would be there the same time as the storm?”

“And didn’t he say his house was the first to get flooded?” Shownu brought up. “Minhyuk, do a background check on him.”

“I did that the day he came to school,” Minhyuk said. “Nothing came up so I never put him on any list. Do you think he should be watched?”

“Definitely,” Shownu answered. “Kihyun could be a secret villain.”

“No he isn’t,” you argued. “He took care of me when I fainted. Why would he do that if he were a villain?”

“But picture this,” Shownu said, “maybe he’s your super villain, someone with your powers, but instead he’s using them for evil. Wouldn’t that makes sense? He takes care of you so you don’t suspect that he’s the one secretly starting all of these freak storms.”

“I guess,” you spoke, though you still weren’t convinced. “How do we find out if he’s the perpetrator?”

Changkyun spoke up for the first time, “Easy. We plant some bait and catch him in the act.”


“Okay,” Minhyuk said, his eyes glued to the monitor. His fingers were going miles a minutes as he looked up weather statistics for the surrounding districts. It was lunch hour, and the two of you were spending it in the computer lab. “There are no storms on the radar for the next month. If another freak storm appears, we’ll know it’s Kihyun.”

“Or someone else,” you defended, still not believing that Kihyun was against you.

Minhyuk ignored you, “Anyway, whoever is causing these storms is definitely framing you. Here’s the plan to find out who’s behind the storms once and for all: we’re all coming with you next time.”

“All of you?” You thought of the disaster that could be. Whenever the seven of you worked against someone, it never ended well for them. “Isn’t that a bit much?”

“We won’t all be fighting,” Minhyuk assured you, “but we’ll all be there in case you need help.”

“Am I going in alone?”

“Yeah,” he answered nonchalantly. “You’re the only one who can counterattack the storm. The rest of us will make sure you do it safely so you don’t get overwhelmed like last time.”

“Okay, well–” you paused your speech as the door opened.

Minhyuk didn’t spare a glance at the newcomer, but instead exited the weather report window and pulled up a new, inconspicuous one.

“Hello, Kihyun,” you spoke carefully. It was hard for you to remember that he didn’t know it was you he had rescued the other day. Even more so, it was hard for you to keep from blushing around the surprisingly kind student.

“Hi,” he muttered back, avoiding your eyes as he sat at one of the nearby computers. “Are you going to adopt a puppy?”

“What?” You turned to Minhyuk’s monitor in confusion, only to see that the safe window he had chosen was a canine adoption agency. “Oh! Yeah. Totally. I love dogs.”

Minhyuk bit his lip to keep from snickering at you.

You inwardly groaned. Why couldn’t you just spit out one normal sentence?

Kihyun nodded, “That’s cool. Hey, Y/n, can you help me with something? Remember when we were talking about Storm?”

You froze and slowly looked at Minhyuk.

He nodded subtly, telling you to keep talking.

“Sure, I know Storm. I mean, not personally, but I know of her. That’s what you meant anyway so I’m going to shut up,” you slowed down to a whisper and slipped into the seat beside Kihyun. “What do you need help with?”

Kihyun smiled, amused, “Well, I’m trying to find Storm’s secret identity. They’d have to be in this school, right? Because I’ve heard the rumors.”

“What rumors?”

“That all the superheroes go to our school,” Kihyun answered matter-of-factly.

“Who started that one?” you asked.

“Hyungwon started it. That’s why I thought you knew, since he’s your friend.”

Minhyuk’s chair screeched as he hastily got up, gathering his stuff before bounding out of the classroom. You winced, knowing Hyungwon was going to get it once the rest of the team found out he basically told the entire school your secret.

You and Kihyun were left alone; your cheeks grew heated as you realized.

Kihyun turned back to you from watching Minhyuk leave and chuckled nervously. “Back to the point: I’m trying to find Storm.”

“Why?” you questioned.

He stayed quiet for a moment, and you watched him pull up different tabs about your alter ego and how you used to save the town, but now were a tyrant. “I met her.”

“Really?” You feigned ignorance.

“Yeah,” he answered. His ears took on a red tint. “I want to see her again. I’m thinking if I can see Storm just one more time, and memorize her seen features, then I’ll be able to find her in the school.”

“Is that a good idea?” Inside, you were in absolute panic. “What if she doesn’t want you to find her?”

“You don’t understand.” Kihyun shook his head. “I have to find her. I need her help.”

“What do you need help with? Why didn’t you ask her then?”

“I can’t tell you,” Kihyun said, “and I was too worried about her at the time to bring anything up. You can help me, right? Isn’t there some kind of signal that citizens can use when they need help?”

“Storm might not come,” you answered honestly. Heeding the boys’ warnings, you thought of the worst case scenario. What if Kihyun was trying to catch you in a trap just as you were planning to do to him? Was this an honest game of cat and mouse, or just an eerie coincidence?

Kihyun groaned and pushed the keyboard away so he could fold his arms over the table. He then buried his face in his arms, “I’m doomed.”

“Don’t worry.” You reached out and touched his shoulder hesitantly.

Kihyun looked up, his eyes wide with surprise and recognition as he looked at you hand on his shoulder.

You jerked it away, “Uh, sorry.”

“No, it’s fine,” Kihyun said. “You just felt familiar for a second, is all,” he mumbled quickly before hiding his burning face in his arms.


You steered clear of Kihyun the following days. You had to be more careful if you were going to keep this secret from him.

For some reason, you felt like you could say anything to Kihyun and he would understand. It was as if there was a deeper connection between the two of you.

When you explained this to the boys, they brought up their theory again.

“If he’s your anti-Storm, then wouldn’t you two have a connection?”

“I don’t know…” You looked down at your intertwined hands, feeling a sort of hesitation to agree with them. Still, what they said made sense, and it was better for you to trust your friends than someone you had just recently met. “Okay. I’ll trust you guys. What do you need me to do?”

“We need to wait for him to move first,” Changkyun said.

“Which didn’t take very long,” Minhyuk said as he looked at the weather channel playing on one of his screens. “There’s another freak storm just outside of his house. You guys try to find him. Meanwhile, I’ll stay here and monitor you all through an earpiece.”

“Let’s go.” You and the rest of the boys grabbed your individual suits and prepared to visit the eye of the storm.


The seven of you stopped just a few feet away from the storm.

“Okay,“ Minhyuk spoke through the earpiece, “I need Shownu on the left, Jooheon on the right, Changkyun at the front of the storm and Wonho at the back. Hyungwon, you’re on standby in case you need to dart in and help Y/n get out quickly. Otherwise, make sure no one comes near the storm. Y/n, you’re the only one who can enter the storm without getting hurt, so get in there and try to find Kihyun. If he leaves the storm, we’ll catch him. Go.”

You all obeyed and went to your designated places.

You trained your eyes ahead of you as you walked into the storm. It was wild and nerve wracking with wind, lightning, and hail coming down from all angles. Still, it only spanned out the length of Kihyun’s yard.

That would normally make it easy for you to find someone, except you couldn’t see a foot in front of you thanks to the heavy rain.

“Kihyun!” you yelled, but your voice carried in the wind. “Kihyun!”

“Y/n, there’s movement near the ravine. My heat sensor is picking it up,“ Minhyuk said.

“Ravine?” you whispered, “Where is that?”

"A few yards to your left,“ he said.

You followed his instructions and walked blindly into the storm. Before Minhyuk could warn you, you lost your footing and rolled down, nto the ravine.

"Y/n! I can’t see you!”

“I’m in the ravine,” you answered, “I can see down here.”

"Is Kihyun down there?“

"Hold on.” You got up from your position and peeked around.

The ravine was deep, but it wasn’t very wide. Covered in dead leaves and rotten tree trucks from the past autumn, you were surprised to have not gotten injured on your way down.

The broken tree trunks blocked your view, but after a bit of maneuvering, you could finally see Kihyun. He was shivering, soaked to the bone without a jacket to warm him. He hadn’t seen you, since his head was tucked between his legs and his hands were covering the top of his head.

“I found him,” you whispered.

Kihyun heard you and his head shot up. His eyes searched your desperately as he muttered a weak, “Please help me.”

"I’m sending the boys to the ravine to help you contain him.“

"Wait!” you shouted, and your voice startled Kihyun. “I’m sorry Minhyuk, it was just a tree branch. There are a lot of them down here. Your heat sensor must’ve picked up on an animal or something.”

"False alarm, then,“ Minhyuk muttered over the earpiece. As he told the rest of the boys to go back to their original places, you pulled the earpiece out and muted it, so Minhyuk couldn’t hear your next words.

"S-Storm, I need your help.” Kihyun bit his lip momentarily. “It won’t stop.”

“It’s okay,” you said softly as you slowly approached him. “Are you hurt?”

“No.” He sniffed, “but this is all my fault and I can’t make it stop. You have to help me.”

“You started the storm?”

He nodded, rubbing his hands up and down his arms to preserve any type of warmth. “I got the powers a few weeks ago. I don’t know how it happened but it did. Now any time I try to practice them it gets out of control and I end up creating these freak storms. I’ve been looking for you because I need you to stop them.”

“I can’t,” you answered. You sat down beside Kihyun. “Only you can stop them. Can you try?”

Kihyun shook his head. “I’ve been trying, Storm. They always get stronger. But I’ll try again, I guess.”

He closed his eyes tightly and strained his features. Suddenly, a dark shadow cast over the ravine as more rain began to flood down. Your suit absorbed most of it, but your uncovered face and hair were soaked instantly.

“Okay,” you whispered, feeling overwhelmed. “That didn’t work.”

“I can’t do it,” Kihyun mumbled.

“Don’t say that,” you spoke. “Where are you getting your energy from?”

“My energy?” Kihyun sniffed awkwardly.

“You’re obviously pulling from your emotions, and what you’re feeling at the time. You need to learn how to pull from your center of control.”

Kihyun shivered again. “I don’t know how to do that.”

Just then, a bolt of lighting struck the place beside you and you screamed in fear.

Kihyun shouted as well and grabbed your waist, pulling you close to him. “You need to leave before it gets worse!”

“What if it hurts you?” you shouted back. “I’m staying.”

Kihyun held you close as more lightening bolts struck the ground around you. You could feel how tense and afraid he was. No doubt, those feelings were fueling the storm.

You need to either calm him down or shock him. Anything that would distract him and keep the storm at bay.

“I’m Y/n!” you blurted, hoping to go for the second option and shock him out of his state.

“I know,” he hastily said back. “I figured it out in the computer room.”

With these words, the lightening began to slow down, but his heart was still beating too fast.

“Think of something else,” you advised Kihyun. “What about the day we met? That was a nice, calm day where you met some friends.”

Kihyun shook his head and looked down at you, “I can’t think of anything right now except how scared I am.”

You had to do something. He had left you know choice. If he was paralyzed in fear, than you would need something even bigger than a character reveal to pull him out of his frozen state.

So, on a complete whim, you grabbed his face and kissed him, hoping with all your might you could take his thoughts away from the storm.

His lips were cold, and slack against yours as you struggled to get him to kiss you back. Then, as if something had clicked in his mind, he hesitantly grabbed one of your hands and placed it over his heart. He moved his lips against yours slowly, almost like you were pulling him out of a long slumber.

He ran his fingers through your wet locks with his free hand, untangling the tough knots the rain had created. With a soft sigh against your lips, he let go of his fear and focused solely on you, and the moment in front of him.


You pulled away first and smiled, “You did it, Kihyun.”

“Did what?” He muttered distantly, reaching up to pull off your mask. His eyes took in your entire face, concentrated.

“You stopped the storm,” you replied, laughter forming in your words as Kihyun’s eyes suddenly widened.

He whipped his head around, only to see that the rain was gone along with the lightning. It was as if there had been no storm in the first place. “That was all you,” he chuckled. “You surprised me.”

“That was the plan.” You smiled confidently, only to see Kihyun’s expression fall a bit.

“Oh,” he whispered, “the plan.”

“No!” you interrupted his thoughts and grabbed one of his hands. “I wanted to kiss you before that! Like, way before today, probably since you saved me from that first storm to be honest, so it isn’t like I just kissed you to stop the storm. I was just killing two birds with one stone. That sounds bad too, doesn’t it? Ah, why is it so hard to talk to you?”

Kihyun bit his lips to keep from smiling, “You’re confident as Storm, but as Y/n, you always ramble.”

“So do you,” you retorted.

“But you meant that?” Kihyun dared to ask. “What you said before.”

“Every word,” you replied, too shy to look at him.


You decided to bring Kihyun to HQ and introduce him to the rest of the boys, as superheroes. “You can train with me and I’ll teach you how to wield your power. Then you can join our team.”

“So there really is a team?” he asked.

“Yeah. It’s our lunch table.”

Minhyuk and the others were gathered in Kihyun’s yard, however, so when the two of you climbed out of the ravine, you were bombarded with questions.

“Why’d you mute your earpiece?”

“Minhyuk was freaking out.”

“I told them to check the ravine but they couldn’t see anything, and then the lightning started striking everywhere. I came as fast as I could.”

“What happened?”

“Why is Kihyun holding your hand?”

At Hyungwon’s question, you pulled your hand away from Kihyun’s. “You guys were right. The storms were Kihyun’s fault.”

Before the boys could cheer, or attack Kihyun, you continued. “But, I was right in the fact that Kihyun is not a villain. He didn’t mean to start any of the storms. He’s a newbie, and he doesn’t know how to control his powers yet.”

“Oh.” All of the boys mumbled in unison.

Shownu looked Kihyun’s shivering form up and down. “So what do we do with him?”

“I thought we could take him back to headquarters and train him. Then when he returns to District Y, we’ll have a dispatch superhero to help when we can’t get there in time.”

Minhyuk nodded approvingly, “That is not a bad idea. Honestly, I’ve been thinking about finding newbies to recruit for that exact reason. We can expand our league.”

You turned to Kihyun, a wide smile on your face. “What do you say? Do you want to become one of us?”

Kihyun shivered and nodded. “I would love to.”

“Great!” You cheered. “Now go take a warm shower before you get a cold and then call me. I’ll take you to the headquarters.”

“Okay.” He made his way inside of his house, and you turned in the opposite direction to walk to Minhyuk’s house with the boys.

Changkyun bumped your shoulder as you walked, “Care to tell us what happened in the ravine; and why you haven’t stopped blushing since?”

You elbowed him, “None of your business.”

Changkyun smirked, “Wonho! I think I’ve won!”

Wonho turned around and slipped Changkyun a twenty, grumbling, “He’s been betting that you guys would get together since Kihyun entered our classroom. I bet that you would never get someone like him.”

You chased them all the way to back to HQ.

~the end~

healing rain|| old man logan

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Okay guys, so you all voted for Healing Rain: and the second one to come out will be Don’t Let This Destroy You. I’m beginning to be on the mend from my sickness (thank god for meds) so I’m hoping to post two of these and then a Charles Xavier oneshot. This is kind of my own storyline and part of the plot at the Munsons house… So bear with me here!

Requested by @house-of-penguin : You’re a human nurse on the run with 11 year old Laura Kinney when Logan Howlett comes spiraling into your life. Much to your shock, you end up falling in love with him- the complete opposite of any man you’d ever imagined yourself being with. After nearly five days on the road together, it comes to your attention that his night terrors are frequent and when you go to comfort him after a bad nightmare, Logan expects you to run out of terror when he reacts the wrong way Needless to say, every fall of rain has the potential to heal. 

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Fishy Feathers Chapter One

Here, have some cute baby Avian Lance and Mer Pidge! Aka Chick Lance and Guppy Pidge, for now. :3
She hated thunderstorms. She didn’t like how they made the waves all out of control and rough. Her mother trilled worriedly as the sky darkened and the waves started turning choppy. They had been playing around in one of the rock formations near the coast, the rest of the pod in deeper waters, when her father called a warning about the incoming storm. She whimpered and clung to her mother, her guppy tail not exactly strong enough yet to swim through tough currents like the ones sweeping through the area.

Without warning, a huge wave came out of nowhere and slammed down on her, knocking her grip off of her mother’s fin and sweeping her away. She screamed in fright, her mother’s loud panicked calls fading as she vanished with the wave.


Lance whimpered, looking around the trees and cringing as another raindrop landed on his nose. He didn’t mean to fall from the nest! He just wanted to see that pretty bluebird again! The sky was still dark, the sun not quite risen yet, the storm fading into the distance with the occasional rumble of thunder. He didn’t know how to get back into the nest, his oversized brown and tan wings not quite able to lift him yet, so he stayed on the ground, sad and scared little chirps echoing from his throat.

His Mama was asleep with his siblings, his Papa out on a flight to the nearest human city to buy food. So nobody would notice him until they woke up. He folded his wings around his body clumsily, still not quite used to using them yet. He was only six, still a hatchling. He wouldn’t start flying lessons until he was at least ten or twelve. More droplets splattered his wings, and he huffed irritably. He figured there had to be a drier spot to sit and wait, so he got up and marched determinedly through the forest in search of a warmer and less drippy place.

He stopped at a hill of rocks that tumbled down to a beach, eyes wide. A huge body of water lapped at the white sandy ground and boulders, smooth and rough and his inner chick wanted to climb all over it! Chirping excitedly, he scrambled down the hillside, yelping when he tripped and landed face first into the sand, oversized wings flapping awkwardly in an attempt to stop his fall. He sat up, brushing grains of gritty sand from his cheeks and rubbing his nose with a soft whine of pain.

His head whipped up suddenly. He could have sworn someone had just gasped… getting to his feet, he shuffled forward in the direction of the noise, soft, inquisitive little chirps leaking from his mouth. His Mama always said to chirp before he talked, that way he could get attention on him when he spoke to an adult or stranger. There was a pause, and then something mimicked his chirps back! It didn’t sound like any kind of chirp Lance had ever heard before, it was kinda hollow and higher pitched than his own. Squeaky, like a baby pigeon. He clambered over the rocks to the source of the sound and…

He stared, star struck. Big golden brown eyes stared back, a soft pink mouth full of sharp teeth dropping open in surprise as the pale skinned, green scaled mermaid noticed the goofy, fluffy brown and tan speckled wings on his back. Realization registered to both children, and Lance shrieked and ducked back behind the boulders while the mermaid did the same, curling up into a scaly ball with fins flared and covering her non scaly torso.

After a few minutes of nothing happening, Lance peeked back over the rocks and scanned the ball of green fins warily. Mama had always said that an Avian who got too close to a Mer was sure to be dragged into the sea and drowned. But… then again, Mama said that the Mer were huge and vicious and would attack fearlessly… so why was this one so small? Smaller than him, actually? And… scared? Of him? Why? Plus the fact that she was several yards away from the water, and the rocks looked painful to lay on… and one of her fins, the webbed one on her lower back and further down was bleeding along the base, like something had tried to pull it off. He crawled over, carefully, because he was pretty sure this shaking ball of fish scales couldn’t hurt him right now, plus he couldn’t just stand by and watch her suffer! She probably had a family waiting for her, missing her!

He let out a soft, warning peep before he pressed his palm against the fin covering her face. It wasn’t slimy at all, actually kind of like the really fine spider silk his Mama bought for a dress once, super soft and smooth. The fin pulled back, and the mermaid was staring at him again. Lance offered a reassuring smile. “Um, hi! Are you okay?” He spoke up for the first time that day, words instead of bird sounds. It seemed to startle the guppy girl, because she clicked softly in surprise.

“So, uh, I’ve never met a Mer before, but you look kinda… dry? Do you need anything?” He asked, tilting his head and shuffling his wings nervously. Her eyes followed the movement before she swallowed thickly and blinked back tears. “Wah-der. ’M drai. Owie.” She whimpered, still too young to form proper words but trying to convey the message anyways. Lance recognized the babble as toddler talk, his little brother spoke in it currently. Which meant this Mer was at least two or three years younger than him. “Wah… der? Oh! Water! Okay! I’ll get you to the water then! Um… but first we should bandage your fin… I know!” Lance reached behind his back and tugged at the strings tying his shirt together, the design keeping his front covered and his wings free.

Tugging off the thin fabric, he started tearing it into strips. “Wha’ birdy doin’?” The little mermaid whispered, confused. Lance smiled. “Makin’ a bandaid! Hold still, ‘kay?” He reassured the younger creature, clumsily tying the fabric strips around the damaged fin. He tied it off tightly, so it wouldn’t slip off, and brushed some sand off of the guppy girl’s tail. “Okay, how’s that?” He asked, the mermaid blinking and wiggling her fin experimentally. “Owie bedder!” She squealed happily, propping herself up on her hands to stare to the bandaged fin.

Lance preened, proud of his work. “Okay, let’s get you to the water! I’m gonna hafta carry you though, ‘kay?” The Mer nodded, and Lance wriggled his arms under her body, grunting as he somehow managed to pick her up into a princess carry. “For a small girl you sure are heavy!” He yelped, staggering down the rocks and boulders to the waters edge. She let out an indignant, offended, squeaky pigeon chirp and smacked his cheek with a webbed hand, pouting. “Sorry, sorry, I’m just not used to carrying smaller people with tails. All my siblings have wings you kno- AAAAH!” He cut himself off with a startled screech as he slipped on a particularly wet rock and fell forwards into the shallows of the sea, the mermaid sent flying before she plopped into deeper waters.

She surfaced quickly, worried about the fluffy winged boy, and promptly burst out laughing. High pitched, joyful, amused chirruping trills of mirth practically leapt out of her mouth as she took in the sight of the shocked and soggy birdy boy in the water on his hands and knees, wings puffed up in surprise. Lance blinked and sat back on his knees in the water, still a little stunned. It was wet, yeah, but a different kind of wet. Salty and moving and warm and almost alive somehow. And… he loved it! He made an excited little chirp and spread his large wings wide, sweeping them low and getting them wet. The pigeon chirping mermaid swept closer, still making those happy little giggles, and splashed him with more salty water. His face lit up and he splashed her back, laughing. This was so much different from the rain! The ocean seemed to play with them too, small waves crashing into him when he went too far out and pushing him back to shore, tugging lightly at his shorts and wings, splashing him and getting him thoroughly soaked as he chased the little mermaid around excitedly.

A few hours later the sun was fully up, and he was resting against a boulder with his wings and everything under his waist completely submerged, leaning against his new Mer pal. “So… I never learned your name, by the way?” He asked the tired out guppy next to him, and she hummed quietly. “Mom named me-” a series of clicks and squeaks followed her words, and Lance blinked. “-bu’ my Word name is Kadie.” The mermaid finished, smiling. Lance thought a moment. “Katie? Mm… doesn’t suit you. But Pidge does! Can I call you Pidge?” Lance asked, tilting his head towards her in order to gauge her reaction. Katie’s face lit up. “Like a birdy?” Lance nodded. “When you chirp, you sound like a baby pigeon. So, Pidge!” The newly dubbed Mer clapped her hands excitedly. “Pidge! Pidge! I’m Pidge!” She cried, absolutely thrilled with the nickname.

"I’m Lance! And you’re Pidge!” Lance introduced, Pidge grinning enthusiastically. “Lance! Fluffy birdy Lance!” She cooed, and Lance giggled. The happy fun time was interrupted by distant, loud, trilling calls from Pidge’s pod. Lance perked up at the sound of his Mama calling his name nearby. “Aww…. I gotta go home now…” Lance pouted, Pidge drooping as well. “Play ‘morrow?” She asked the Avian boy, splashing him lightly again. Lance stood up and stretched. “Yeah! Course we can! But it has to be a secret okay? Nobody can know, they’d separate us.” He made a shushing sign with his hand, Pidge mimicking the signal. “Mhm! Nobody know!” She giggled, as her pod called again. “Bye Pidge! I’ll see you tomorrow!” He said, wading onto the beach as his fishy friend waved goodbye before diving into deeper waters.


Pidge pulled the shirt bandage off of her fin, swimming towards her mother. She was instantly engulfed in a crowd of worried pod members, her mother squeezing her tight and clicking furiously about how worried she’d been while her father and brother pressed in close, Matt examining her scabbed up fin. “Where have you been? We’ve all been worried sick!” The pod leader, Alfor, scolded her lightly, and she played with her fingers nervously. “Beached!” She shot back defensively, and gasps of horror echoed through the pod.

Many times a young beached Mer was either killed by drying out or by being killed because of another species looking for easy prey, as guppies hadn’t developed the shifting ability yet. The shifting ability allowed Mer to go on land, but only after puberty hit, around twelve years of age. The first time was pretty painful, and they resembled humans, which is why it was used as a last resort when beached.

Alfor softened instantly. “At least you made it to the water in time… I think you should stay in the cove until you’ve healed, alright?” Pidge nodded, already planning how to sneak out to see her feathery friend on land.


"Goodness Lance, you’re soaked! What where you doing out there, playing in the lake? And where is your shirt!?” His Mama berated him as she flew him up to the nest, his siblings already crowding around and chirping with questions. “Mama! I told you! My shirt ripped when I fell from the tree and I’m all wet 'cuz I fell into a big puddle!” He complained as she fussed over him, ruffling his hair with a towel and drying him off before she bundled him up in warm clothes and blankets, constantly checking for a fever.

His Mama sighed in exasperation. “My little chick, you’re too curious for your own good! Next time you fall from the tree, you climb the branches or wait for someone to come get you, understand? No more of this wandering off!” She scolded him, and he huffed quietly as she started working on drying out his wings.

Now to figure out how to get to the beach tomorrow…

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Didn’t I tell you? More for @victorsporosya​‘s Little Mermaid AU casting Yuuri as the prince and Viktor as the mermaid.


History: Part 1 | Parts 2 | Part 3 (No chronological order, sorry)


Viktor couldn’t help it, the colourful bursts of light were too curious to ignore them. Each stroke of his fin brought him closer to the surface until his head broke through the water. It was always a strange experience to to leave the safety of the water, hair heavy and glueing to his face and shoulders.

In front of him was one of the large wooden constructions humans called ships. Viktor wasn’t sure why humans used them to swim in large groups, they broke terribly easy in a storm. From the ship, Viktor could hear music and laughing. Curious, he swam closer and used some of the outer frame of the ship to pull himself on a latch near the top that allowed him to look over the top.

On the ships, humans were walking around with glasses and bottles filled with liquid in their hands. Some of them were dancing to the music Viktor had already heard from below. They seemed to be celebrating something, though Viktor wasn’t sure what. Yakov always made a point out of humans being dangerous but they didn’t look like that to Viktor at all. Strange as they were, watching them made Viktor feel a warmth that he often missed at the bottom of the sea.

“Yuuriiiiiii, dance with me!”

The exclamation was followed by a laugh and a cheerful ‘ok’ that made Viktor turn his head away from the human with short hair that seemed to be responsible for what music was being played. It was the first time Viktor had heard this particular voice and something about it made him feel compelled to find it’s source. He scanned the people but suddenly his view was blocked by something very brown and very fluffy with dark eyes and a wet nose. The creature was tiny, not much bigger than the head of the seal waiting for him at home. It opened it’s snout and made an excited and somewhat squeaky sound right before liking Viktor’s cheek. Viktor laughed and pressed his face to that of the tiny creature. It was so soft, Viktor loved the feeling of the fur touching his face.

“Vicchan! Be careful or you’ll fall. Come here boy!”

It was the same voice Viktor had heard before. Carefully so he wouldn’t be seen, Viktor in the direction of the voice and suddenly breathing seemed to be something he had to relearn. And fast as all air seemed to have left his lungs.

The voice belonged to the most beautiful human Viktor had ever seen. Admittedly he hadn’t seen that many humans before today but he was sure that there couldn’t be any more stunning than this one. Viktor watched him pick up the small creature that he had called Vicchan and held it to his chest, a smile lighting up his face as it licked his face the same way he had done to Viktor only moments ago. His black, messy hair framing his face looked so soft and miraculously didn’t stick to his face at all like Viktors did right now. Though the longer he spent above the surface, the less sticky it was becoming. Maybe that was the secret. For a moment, the man looked in Viktor’s direction, his eyes the colour of the sand at the bottom of the sea.

Viktor had always been interested in humans, the way they lived and some of the strange items they used but watching this human made a new feeling spark in his chest. He extended his hand just to pull it back immediately again before anyone could notice him. Why did they have to hide from these people? Viktor didn’t understand. Maybe he could convince Yakov to think it over, allow humans and merfolk to live beside each other.

Viktor closed his eyes, touching his chest with his hand, right where his heart was. It felt different, fuller than it had been only a few minutes ago. The music had changed to an upbeat tune and Viktor wondered what it would feel like to have legs and ask him for a dance. The image made Viktor smile. How would it feel to hold him? Be held by him? He wished he could find out.

When he opened his eyes, Viktor watched him dance, body swaying in ways Viktor had never seen before. His shirt had come loose and his bell-like laughter was all Viktor could hear over the wild beating of his own heart. He seemed to use the mast of the ship as support, leaning against it and wrapping his legs around it occasionally.

He was obviously drunk by now, stumbling slightly as he was coming towards Viktor. Viktor hurried to press against the boat, hoping his breathing wouldn’t give him away.

“People just want you to be happy, Yuuri.” Viktor heard someone next to the man, next to Yuuri, say. “They want to see you with the person that makes you happy.”

Yuuri seemed to think about this for a moment before answering, voice a bit slow but still clear.

“Don’t want just anyone, Phichit. I have decided! Blue eyes, they have to have blue eyes, like the sea!”

Viktor had blue eyes! Maybe he could do this after all? Would he mind a fish tail? Viktor kept the scales really smooth. Next to him, he heard Vicchan make the squeaky sound again and couldn’t help looking at him through the break in the otherwise solid wood. When he did, Yuuri suddenly leaned down, eyes locking with Viktor’s as he reached for Vicchan.

“So pretty….” Yuuri mumbled and reached out, hands only inches away from Viktor’s face as he spoke again. “Be my prince, please.”

Viktor wanted too, wanted to take his hand and be with him forever. His lips parted slightly and he saw Yuuri’s eyes looking at them. Viktor was about to answer when a shout made Yuuri look away.

“Storm incoming!”

Yuuri turned to Viktor once more and then pulled himself away to help secure the ship. The waves picked up, making the construction dance on the water. Viktor tried to hold on to the wood but found himself thrown into water eventually, arm outstretched as if he still hoped Yuuri would take his hand.