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so i’ve seen quite a bit of doylist discussion about the steve-tony relationship and how marvel is trying to use a long comics history as shorthand in the mcu, but i keep thinking about it from a watsonian point of view. and here’s the thing: tony stark is not very good at friends.

tony is self-centered, antagonistic, and sarcastically belligerent on the best of days (and i say this with great affection); he is not an easy person to be friends with. tony knows this. and tony has, i think, decided very early on that he doesn’t care to sand down his rough edges for the sake of friends. it’s very possible that his first friend in the world was edwin jarvis – and that says a lot, that the people tony grows close to are, by and large, in some ways obligated not to leave him.

because that’s what tony does to people: he is intensely tony at them until they leave. and if they don’t, then maybe – maybe that means they love him. this is the tony stark model of friendship. it’s not a very healthy model, granted, but no one’s ever accused tony stark of being well-adjusted.

and then there’s steve.

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  I know this is a wall o’ text, so I understand if you don’t want to post it for that reason. I can promise you it is completely true, though…it’s written as well as I can from when I posted it on SA a while back, so it reads rather story-like, but nothing in this is made-up, although some of it is speculation. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message.

When I was 15, I lived in Aurora, Colorado, which is still kind of a bizarre amalgamation of wilderness corridors, standard suburbs of wildly varying income levels, and trailer parks. One night, my friend M. and I were trying to meet up with a couple of friends of ours. We were supposed to meet at a particular parking lot at a specific time, but when the appointed time came and went, our friends hadn’t shown up. This was long before cell phones were common outside of certain businesses and super-rich people, so we had the options of going home, waiting in the gathering dusk with nothing to do, or wandering around to various places we all frequented in hopes of finding our friends and bitching them out. Our home lives weren’t great, and the parking lot was dull, so we opted to wander around. This was pretty unproductive, and it had gotten to be full dark at the point that everything turned to the terrifying.

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INCOMING! Here’s the full trailer for the new series and Rae has a big decision to make…

The final series of My Mad Fat Diary starts this month on E4. We don’t have a date yet, but promise you will be the first to know! x

Why You Should Care About Trailer Parks

Earlier this month, Rupert Neate, a reporter for The Guardian, wrote a piece titled “America’s trailer parks: the residents may be poor but the owners are getting rich.” [Frank] Rolfe took issue with The Guardian’s portrayal of his business, and on Mobile Home University’s website, Rolfe questioned whether The Guardian was jealous of the profitability of the mobile home industry.

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Sorry for taking for granted that other people may not know what mvids are. I hate when people do that to me, so thanks for being understanding of my failure. Here's my earlier comment so you don't have to go looking for it again. "Do you have any SwanQueen mvid recs? (As many as you can come up with)" mvid=music video recs=recommendations Thank you :)

No need to apologize, my dear. I’m assuming by ‘music video’, you mean like general fanvids, and if so, there are SO MANY for the Swan Queen fandom, and so many incredible ones at that. Here are a few that I definitely recommend:

“The Power of Weakness” by Wursuf

“So does this make us both the other woman? (Fanfiction Trailer)” by UBAmandaFan2

“Unconditionally” by UBAmandaFan2

“A Thin Veil (Fanfiction Trailer)” by Cailyn K.

“Loving Her Was Red” by Cailyn K.

“Say Something and Give Me Love” by UBAmandaFan2

“Incoming Messages (Fanfiction Trailer)” by Masque101

“You’ll Be My Resolution” by eemersonm

“Teeth” by King Trouble

“All of Me” by King Trouble

“Let’s Go (Geronimo)” by eemersonm

“Want You Bad” by XInsaneDruX

“So Cold” by xWhatsYourFandomx

“maybe we are” by freddy;

And a ton more, but there are a few to get you started. :) XO


Incoming PvZ Garden Warfare trailer! Warning, may contain spoilers like Zombie Cosmonaut and a giant pirate ship.

You were warned.