incoming tl;dr

I can send my incarcerated uncle emails now.

He’s a perfect example of the school to prison pipeline.  He’s my mother’s oldest brother. He’ll be in prison for the rest of his life. We’ve written each other back and forth since I was very young. While in middle school I’d tell him about not fitting in and loving to draw and I’d send him my sketches to critique. He’s a really good artist. My mother and sister have a few of his pieces hanging in their homes. He’s incredibly intelligent. Seriously, he could have been anything. Anything. I have at least 5 or 6 shoeboxes filled with our letters of correspondence. 

He’s got a little bit of the misogynoir thing going on but whatever, I love him. He loves me. 

Anyway, you can send emails now to inmates instead of snail mail. 

They charge you one “stamp” an email. 

Each stamp = $1. 

In order for the inmate to respond they need stamps too. 

So really to email an inmate it cost $2, because obviously you want them to be able to respond. 

For every picture attachment you add to the email that’s an additional stamp, so an additional $1. 

If your email is longer than a page, they charge you an additional stamp per page (however long a “page” in an email is they don’t really tell you if they’re basing it on character count or word count). 

It’s sickening to realize that most people with incarcerated family members probably cant afford this service. I’m over here sending him pictures from my trip to Miami and sending him essay long letters detailing my life - because I can. I don’t know it’s just fucked up, when you see the system at work and the cycle being continued…its just fucked up. My latest email to him cost $5 after adding pictures, and I sent him $10 worth of stamps so he can have a chance to respond to me as well as the rest of our family that corresponds with him who I know is on a more fixed income. 

TL/DR: Incarceration is a business, and realizing that and having to feed into that business to communicate with the important people in my life makes me angry. 

On Gency

Okay, because some people have issues with Gency, I thought I’d compile a lil list of arguments that I find against Gency and why I think they’re bullshit. Disclaimer; The ship isn’t canon yet, this is refering to fan complaints, and everything below is my own interpretation of the current lore and character dynamics between the two. This is not a case FOR Gency, rather just debunking some of the toxic shit I’ve seen thrown at it. (long post incoming)

TL;DR: if you have another opinion, you’re free to have it. Just try to stay on topic and don’t drag anything into it that doesn’t belong (’homophobia in OW’, current real world issues, that kinda shit)

Oh, also I’m going to overlook the “It’s a het ship, so it’s boring” argument, because while I’ve seen it enough to tear y’all a new one over it, I’mma let it slide because that would be too easy to destroy (but I’ll get to that later)

1. Gency is abusive 
Nowhere cited or stated. The largest asspull I’ve seen. Don’t have much to say about it since the people I’ve noticed who use this excuse can’t provide any other reason than this simple phrase.

2. Genji didn’t consent to what Mercy did to him
This is like getting in a car wreck, going to a doctor, them saving your life, and then turning around and yelling at them for doing their job. Genji was injured, Overwatch picked him up, Mercy as chief medic of OW saved him, as per her job description. Genji probably didn’t want to die there either. He was a playboy at the time, so I imagine that that moment was one of clarity for him, realizing that he never truly lived for anything worthwhile and if being brought back as a part-cyborg would enable him to do so, then he’d do it.

3. OW used Genji to attack his family
Again, nowhere stated or implied. It’s stated that Genji used his abilities to dismantle his family’s criminal empire, but never that Genji went on a vendetta against his family. Genji’s no idiot and was probably well aware of the things his family was doing to ensure that he lived the playboy lifestyle he enjoyed for most of his life, but never really cared until they turned against him. After being saved from death, logic would dictate that he’d have some resentment against his family for the criminal shit they were pulling and would’ve gone after them anyway even if working for OW wasn’t a part of the deal.

4. Genji hated his body, and therefore hated Mercy
Another asspull and something people try to use to demonize Mercy. Genji’s hatred of himself stems from that: HIMSELF. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen anyone who’s disabled to the point of losing a part of themselves, but it really takes a toll on one’s mental state, self-worth, self-image and esteem. The stress of losing his ENTIRE body coupled with the betrayal of his family more than likely left him disillusioned with the world and his place in it. And as common for men, he found peace in something greater than himself.
It’s why he’s so willing to write Mercy and keep touch with her through writing. After he has found peace with himself, he realizes how grateful he is to Mercy for saving him and giving him a chance to live for something greater than himself. Even without canon romantics, it’s genuinely touching to see one character grateful for what they once took for granted and were repulsed at.

5. Mercy had no say in saving Genji
Mercy’s designation is the chief medical doctor of Overwatch. Last time I checked, a doctor’s JOB is to SAVE LIVES. Angela strikes me as the kind of person who does what she does, not out of obligation, but because she wants to save lives and make the world a better place. Even if you want to go with the excuse that OW MADE her save him, odds are she would’ve done it anyway because that’s who she is.

6. Mercy turned Genji into a killing machine
Genji was ALREADY a trained ninja, so also bullshit. While he did indulge in a frivolous lifestyle, he was still able to contend with Hanzo and fight him off to the point where it wasn’t a one-sided slaughter. The fact that Genji lived AT ALL after their fight is proof of his abilities and skill. The cybernetic makeover they gave him had the primary purpose of saving his life, but because they are naturally more efficient than human limbs, they inadvertently BOOSTED his already stupidly skilled body even beyond what he could do before.
TL;DR, the cybernetics didn’t suddenly make him a ‘killing machine’, Genji did.
also he’s not a ‘machine’, as he still retains morality and free will.

7. Mercy is evil and a white savior
The evil part has already been debunked by the creators, but the ‘White Savior’ bit is really confusing to me. She’s a doctor, so her job is to literally SAVE LIVES. LIKE I HATE TO BREAK FLOW HERE, READER, BUT WHERE THE HELL DID THIS EVEN COME FROM? THE BLONDE HAIR AND BLUE EYES?? SHE’S SWEDISH! LIKE ?????
Worst asspull and people just resorting to spitting insults at a character.

8. Genji is a self-insert OC so the writer can live out his dreams of fucking Mercy
Yeah, because as if implying that an Asian writer wants to plow his character ISN’T racist. ok.
Every character that has ever existed is an OC. And honestly, this is one of the most disgusting pulls I have seen to come out of some people’s mouths. Think before you speak, like damn…

9. The writer is homophobic and favors a straight ship over LGBT representation
He’s also the guy responsible for making the comic that revealed OW’s flagship character as gay. I’m not surprised that you missed it though because, while everyone else was celebrating this fact, y’all were complaining about Genji and Mercy writing one another. While he might enjoy the ship, he has also gone on record saying that people should enjoy what they love, regardless of canon.

10. Mercy has a savior complex
Side note, but I find it funny how people will say stuff like this and then turn around and ship Mercy with anyone else. Like that makes it better…
Again, DOCTOR, SAVES LIVES, HELPS PEOPLE. She doesn’t do what she does out of obligation, otherwise she wouldn’t even be active after OW disbanded, but because she genuinely cares about the good of others, even to the point of disagreeing with OW from time to time and helping those afflicted by war.

11. The patient/doctor relationship is weird and gross
Newsflash! EVERYONE who has actively served in OW has at some point been Mercy’s patient. So if you go by that logic, you can no longer ship her with ANYONE in the game who has ties to OW.

12. It’s a poorly-written ship
Of course it’s going to be poorly written when it isn’t even CANON yet.
Look, bottom line is all we have right now for them that’s concrete is canon story connections, sweet fluff in game and out of game, and voicelines that tie into those story ties. No canon comic dedicated to them, no animated short. At the end of the day, that’s what people are sending death threats over: canon fluff and connections.

13. It’s a boring ship
This one bugs me and it’s probably where I’m going to close with. I’ve seen this the most, even without the ‘het’ label (because bi, pans, demi people TOTALLY don’t exist yeah?) but that it’s ‘boring’. This, at the end of the day, is an opinion, but a very unfair one. 


They have likes, dislikes, dynamics and themes, stories and agendas, motivations and convictions, and small bits and pieces in between. All of which makes them engaging and interesting characters that we as the audience WANT to learn more about. We WANT to see Lucio get a short because he’s a great and lovable character with a cause that he’s fighting for. We WANT a McCree short because of his past, his convictions in his time with Blackwatch, and want to see what he’s going to do next. And we LOVED the Reflections comic because, for the first time that I can remember, we saw Tracer get revealed as gay and it DIDN’T remove from her being a bad-ass, wise cracking adventurer who believes that the world could always use more heroes.

What I’m getting at is if you think ship X is boring, then it tells me two things about you.

1.) You haven’t looked hard enough
2.) You haven’t seen what someone who’s GOOD can do

Because I have loved ships simply because of the heart and soul fans put into them. I love Symetrat because someone wrote a hella good fic that fleshed out their characters, explored the dynamics between their differences, and presented them, for lack of a better word, flawlessly. I’ve loved the sheer amount of sweetness in the art I’ve seen in the Pharmercy tag and loved the dynamic of McHanzo, two roamers looking for peace in their own way. I even loved Widowtracer, two opposing forces and ideologies, melding, clashing, and learning. And I love Gency because it’s different from the ‘guy saves girl trope’, it EMPOWERS Mercy, gives Genji a turning point in his life, and creates a dynamic friendship between the two characters that, even if it never reaches romantic canon, will always be one of my favorite character dynamics in gaming.

I’ve seen it in and out of Overwatch and to several fandoms beyond. We as fans can do some pretty amazing shit when we’re not engaging in ship wars and tearing out the throats of our creators, things that can genuinely touch and impact other people’s lives in new and profound ways, add relateability  to already relatable characters, and flesh out stories and dynamics and relationships even after the official story is over, all while offering a new perspective on characters we already know and love.

What I’m getting at, and will close on, is that the ship isn’t boring.

You are