fck just had an idea about a Fallout au with the overwatch characters, is it already done ? Sorry if it is D:

Like Jack is a resident of the Vault 76 *wink wink* that goes in a town near his shelter for bartering with people. And “Reaper” here is a kind of mercenary working for some eviiil group named Talon, who’s objectif is to locate vaults to steal the stuff + having a safe shelter for their own men. And of course, there methods are rarely peacefull. And Reaper is traveling around the usa to find them all.

Arhh I have so much to tell about this, the meetings and encounters between Jack and Reaper, how Reaper will give up his mask and become Gabriel Reyes again *winkwink²* and gosh about the other characters (Sooo much to tell about them too) i’ll draw about it soon