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March 4th 2016

Today’s incoming mail from Shiro (@pearlysnowflake) :’)  I picked it up before I went to the hospital, read the letter on my way there and took a proper look at everything once I got home. I got a letter, that I’ll actually try to reply to today so that I could send it out on Monday. Besides that I also got tea (that I can’t wait to try out!), cute stickers, small card with a lovely handwritten message on the back, cinema ticket from when she went to see Macbeth and the flyer for the mvie and also train (or maybe bus tickets? I’m really not sure on this one) tickets if I’m not wrong? They look cute. Thank you so much! Will try my best to finish everything today to send my letter on Monday :)


I must confess that dear Bree and I haven’t exchanged that many letters, but every time I get one from her it’s like catching up with an old friend. And look at how thoughtfully and gorgeously crafted this parcel is! *_* Old book pages have a special, special place in my heart—especially when they’re in French! <3

Je dois avouer que ma chère Bree et moi, nous n’avons pas échangé trop de lettres, mais chaque fois que je reçoive l’un, je me sens que je rattrape une vieille amie. Et pouvez-vous voir le talent artistique et le souci qu’elle a mis dans ce colis ? *_* Les pages des vieux livres gardent une place spéciale dans ma coeur—particulièrement les uns en français ! <3