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Bernie Sanders ran as a Democrat in the 2016 primary.  Like it or not, that began a dialogue about what the Democratic Party really stands for.  It didn’t mean that everyone in the Democratic Party unanimously embraced socialism…but it started a conversation. 

Sanders is an environmentalist, he’s for single payer healthcare, he seems more concerned with income inequality than Trump or Clinton.  

We can criticize our party.  We can evaluate past Presidents.  We can even admit that the American system has flaws.  

Even among American socialist, people will disagree.  

But one thing is for sure, whether you consider yourself a liberal, a socialist, or a democrat, we’d better learn to work toward some common goals if we want to defeat Donald Trump.

Do you make $40,000 a year? Do you feel like you work pretty hard to make what you do? Well the average CEO of a top-ranked company makes your yearly income in less than a single day. If a CEO decides to take a day to do nothing but jerk off and binge watch Fox News, they will earn the equivalent of an entire year of your hard work.

And you know what’s even sadder than that? If you’re making $40,000 a year, then you’re making almost FOUR TIMES what it takes to be considered above the poverty line in the United States. If a CEO is having a particularly diarrhea-rific afternoon, he can make that amount while taking his daily shits. Throughout the day, in the time it takes for one (average!) CEO to unzip his $1,000 business pants, sit on his ivory toilet seat, take a diamond-encrusted crap, and wipe his ass with Louis Vuitton toilet paper, he’ll have earned an entire year’s salary for someone at the poverty line.

Add to that the fact that if you’re at the poverty line in the United States, you’re still richer than almost 85% of the rest of the world. Your income is more than 8 times the global average. Roughly 2.5 billion people in the world survive off less than $2 per day. These 2.5 billion people, one third of the world’s population, earn $730 per year, tops. The average CEO will earn that every 5 minutes.

The state of income inequality in the world is fundamentally immoral and absurd.

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Dude people who say fast food work is easy or that everyone can do it therefore low pay is acceptable have LITERALLY NEVER worked at fast food. One of my professors (as in he's had a phD for like 30+ years) told us "the most difficult job in your life is always going to be the one where they pay you the least" and my entire class was shocked. He says his days sitting in a cool office and lecturing for a few hours a day don't compare in the slightest to his days working in restaurants and bodegas

It’s funny how, “The most difficult job in your life is always going to be the one where they pay you the least.” almost always goes hand in hand with professions that are the most demanding in terms of work too. It’s almost like there are people out there who don’t want to do things for themselves, but don’t want to compensate people for doing the things they don’t want to do for themselves. 

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Silicon Valley tech workers whine about “scraping by” on six-figure salaries

  • Tech giants in Silicon Valley have intensified income inequality, displacing low-income and working-class families — but some high-earning engineers want you to know they’re suffering too. They helped create a bubble, and now they have to buy $8 bagels in it.
  • The Guardian published a story on Monday illustrating the woes of wealthy engineers in Silicon Valley who feel they are just “scraping by” due to rising rents in the area.
  • For the piece, a handful of tech workers discussed their struggles to achieve the “American dream” due to an increase in housing prices. Concerned about rising property prices, they’ve had to make sacrifices — like ditching their daily $12 fresh-pressed juice. Read more (Opinion)

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Reminder that this is what the minimum wage would need to be in order for a single person to simply rent a living space in each state.

A secondary reminder to ask yourself if you really believe American market capitalism will provide these more livable and just wages voluntarily without government intervention.


“My mother used to tell me, ‘You may be the first to do many things, but make sure you’re not the last.’ I feel a responsibility to show young women what’s possible and to mentor them to own their power and fulfill their promise.”

- Kamala Harris is California’s first female, African-American, and Asian-American Attorney General and is aiming to become the first African-American female senator in almost 20 years.

Check out the in-depth Q&A with Kamala below!

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  • British taxation on America without sufficient representation: *results in Boston Tea Party, revolution, etc.*
  • White reactionary: These acts of property damage and militant resistance are justified and good =) because Britain was clearly tyrannical =) liberty needs to be fought for sweaty =)
  • Eight people control more wealth than half the world's people, climate change threatens to bring catastrophic damage to the planet, and a proto-fascist sexual predator was just made most powerful man in the world: *results in some shattered windows and limo bonfires, calls for revolution, etc.*
  • White reactionary: Um =\ violence is never the answer =/ protest is good and all =\ but this is taking it too far =/ can't you see you're just hurting any credibility you had =\ protests shouldn't interrupt my day =(

I like to think Baby Boomers are aware, on some level, that future generations will judge them harshly for raping the environment, for fast-tracking income inequality, for fighting against gay and trans rights as vociferously as they tried to slow down or stall women’s and civil rights and for saddling us with a national character of authoritarian saber-rattling mocked and feared by the rest of the world.

But since they lack the capacity to change themselves or to make a last-ditch effort to leave the world a better place than they found it, they instead settle for derision like this. The old ‘I don’t have to better myself if I can just drag everyone else down to my level’ defense. (Ignoring that this adds to their list of failings by admitting ‘Fuck, we had no idea how to raise our own children.’)

Just icing on their legacy.

If you would go out of your way to argue how easy it is for capital to automate away jobs when labor costs become too high, then you should probably know that you’re giving all kinds of credibility to those of us who advocate fully-automated luxury communism. I mean, think about it: you’re arguing that so much of human labor ISN’T NECESSARY because said jobs can be done by machines, and yet you STILL want the bulk of humanity to pointlessly scrape by laboring for the capitalist class, receiving meager wages to buy the shit they helped generate in the first place. The above billboard is a THREAT. Let’s not mince words – that billboard is bourgeois propaganda designed to turn the working class against each other and against the broader goals of resource democratization. “If you fight for a basic livable wage, just know that you’re easily replaceable, peon!”

This is what leftists mean when they say that capitalism is an economic system filled to the brim with tensions and contradictions; it’s also what they mean when they say that capitalism inevitably produces its own gravediggers. Automation is one of those gravediggers, and it’s a major one at that. As more and more jobs become automated in the coming decades, the working class will face widespread dispossession, ramping up revolutionary class consciousness in the process. At that point, capitalism will either focus on generating more superfluous jobs for people to work or set about instituting a universal basic income – regardless, the point is to keep enough scraps flowing downward so that people don’t call for a broader system change. In this way, capitalism’s ruling class can maintain control over the wealth-producing means of production and imperialist capital accumulation can continue unrestrained.

For these reasons, “more jobs” and universal basic incomes are not enough. We need to democratize the broader social infrastructure and eliminate the profit system. If you recognize how possible it is to automate away human labor, then you should defenestrate yourself out of the Overton Window and use some political imagination – cut out the unnecessary jobs, automate all the labor you can, produce for human need rather than elite profit, and you end up with drastically reduced working hours and bountiful leisure time. This is the essence of fully-automated luxury communism – the natural conclusion of the conditions that capitalism set in motion.

Be wary of automation in the present climate, but always trace it back to the class struggle. Robots taking our jobs SHOULD be cause for celebration; why should we treat these potential liberators as harbingers of dispossession? Technological advancements are pushing us exponentially towards a de facto post-scarcity world, where everyone’s needs can be comfortably met alongside their desires for community and leisure and entertainment, and yet we’re held back by Empire’s insistence on keeping the means of production hoarded under the command of a superfluous ruling class. As long as we are divided into capitalists and workers, humanity will never know full liberation.


Kristen Bell calls attention to the many ways employers have cheated women out of income in this new video

After all, a smiling Bell explains, women are only making 77 cents to a man’s dollar. She’s quickly corrected by a Black woman, who only makes 60 cents to the dollar. A Latina woman then reveals she’s only getting 55 cents.

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