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A Little List of Performances for Baby AROHA!!


  1. [COVER] View - SHINee
  2. [COVER]  Dope - BTS
  3. [COVER] The Chaser - Infinite
  4. [COVER] Just A Feeling - SES
  5. [COVER] Boy In Luv - BTS & Good Boy - Taeyang and GD
  6. [COVER] Bang Bang Bang - Big Bang
  7. [VCR] Puss in Boots (Cat’s Eye)
  8. [MUSIC VIDEO] Puss in Boots (Cat’s Eye)

1ST MINI ALBUM - SPRING UP (February 23, 2016)

  1. [MUSIC VIDEO] Hide&Seek
  2. [PERFORMANCE] OK! Ready
  3. [PERFORMANCE]  Hide&Seek
  4. [DANCE PRACTICE] Hide&Seek
  5. [PERFORMANCE] Morning Call
  6. [PERFORMANCE] Innocent Love
  7. [PERFORMANCE] Puss in Boots
  8. [COVER] Cherry Blossom Ending
  9. [COVER] Baloons - TVXQ
  10. [COVER] Couple - Sechskies


  1. [MUSIC VIDEO] Breathless
  2. [DANCE PRACTICE] Breathless
  3. [PERFORMANCE] Fireworks
  4. [PERFORMANCE] Breathless
  5. [COVER] Goodbye Yesterday - Turbo
  6. [COVER] Hatenai Sora - Arashi (Japanese)
  7. [COVER] Kesempurnaan Cinta - Rizky Febian (Indonesian)

3RD MINI ALBUM - AUTUMN STORY (November 10, 2016)

  1. [MUSIC VIDEO] Confession
  2. [PERFORMANCE] Confession
  3. [COVER] Replay - Shinee
  4. [COVER] Don’t Look Back (Immortal Songs 2 Performance)
  5. [PERFORMANCE] ISAC Aerobic Gymnastics Gold Medal Routine 
  6. [VARIETY] Girl Group Medley 
  7. [PERFORMANCE] Polaris
  8. [DANCE PRACTICE] Unofficial - Confession 
  9. [COVER] The Night the Stars Filled the Sky - Pramote Wilepana (Thai)

SPECIAL ALBUM - WINTER DREAM (February 22, 2017)

  2. [PERFORMANCE] Again
  3. [PERFORMANCE] You & Me (Thanks AROHA)
  4. [COVER] Love Confession - Jay Chou (Mandarin)
  5. [COVER] Para Bailar La Bamba - (Spanish)

I like to think Baby Boomers are aware, on some level, that future generations will judge them harshly for raping the environment, for fast-tracking income inequality, for fighting against gay and trans rights as vociferously as they tried to slow down or stall women’s and civil rights and for saddling us with a national character of authoritarian saber-rattling mocked and feared by the rest of the world.

But since they lack the capacity to change themselves or to make a last-ditch effort to leave the world a better place than they found it, they instead settle for derision like this. The old ‘I don’t have to better myself if I can just drag everyone else down to my level’ defense. (Ignoring that this adds to their list of failings by admitting ‘Fuck, we had no idea how to raise our own children.’)

Just icing on their legacy.

How to Discuss Allowance With Your Sugar Daddy

Ah, the sugar baby allowance. Even the most experienced of us can find ourselves getting squeamish when it comes to talking money with a potential sugar daddy.

Here are our top 10 allowance tips to help you get what you want gracefully and effortlessly.

1. Get Comfortable Asking

The most important step to getting what you want is asking for it. We all know this, but hey, it can be so uncomfortable to ask for money.

If the thought of asking for what you want makes you a little queasy, take the time to make yourself comfortable with it before you begin talking allowance with potential sugar daddies.

We recommend this little exercise. Practice makes perfect, so rinse and repeat ’til you can state what you want without so much as an eyelid bat.

2. Allowance Après Date

This is such a simple, yet effective, means of negotiating allowance: Don’t discuss it on your first date with a potential sugar daddy. Concentrate all your first date efforts solely on impressing him wildly.

A genuine, interested sugar daddy will bring up the allowance on his own. If he mentions it during the date, take it as a sign that he’s definitely interested, smile and tell him that you’d like the first date to be focused on simply getting to know each other.

Suggest that if he’s interested in an arrangement with you, he could call you to talk about the allowance after the date.

This simple move immediately does a few things for you:

Sends the potential sugar daddy the message that you’re more interested in a suitable arrangement than money. And that little message also sends another message: that he cannot control you or gain your interest with his money alone. This makes it easier for you to discuss the terms of the relationship, set boundaries, and negotiate your allowance.
Makes it clear that you are nowhere near desperate and while you are interested in him, not overly so. This lack of overt interest gives you more control of the sugar relationship from the get-go.
Plus, utilizing this tip lets you take advantage of the next allowance tip…

3. Take Advantage of the Phone

Unless you’re really, really comfortable asking for what you want – you might prefer the distance of the telephone over a face-to-face discussion.

As they say, 93% of communication is non-verbal. If you’re not completely confident in what you’re asking for, the potential sugar daddy might be able to glean that through your expression, your hand gestures, your body language.

On the phone, however, all you need to control is your voice. Inject it with confidence and prepare to discuss allowance.

4. Know Your Options

Your sugar daddy might already have his preferences on how to give you your allowance, but it’s still a good idea to get to know your options.

How often do you want to receive your allowance? Weekly? Monthly?

How do you want to receive your allowance? Cash? Pre-paid credit card? Monthly bills paid? Read more about popular methods to receive a sugar baby allowance here.

There is no right or wrong answer to these questions – it’s just important that you know your options and go with what is most comfortable for you.

5. Do Your Research and Know His Range

Sugar daddies hail from various professions and income brackets. Before discussing allowance with your sugar daddy, do your part by researching what his range might be.

What’s the average income for someone in his profession in the city you’re living in? Is he an employee or does he own his own company? Does he have a family to support or is he single? Does he own his home or does he rent?

You can often find all this out by actively listening to the things he says as well as putting Google to good use.

Based on what you estimate to be his earning potential, you will know the reasonable range he can afford. Plus, you can weed out the men who are promising certain allowance amounts but clearly cannot afford it.

According to Seeking Arrangement, the average sugar daddy in 2013 earned a little over $270,000 and the average sugar baby allowance in 2013 was a little over $60,000.  That comes to sugar daddies paying a little over 20% of their income toward their sugar babies (hey, we’re actually cheaper than US taxes). That’s a reasonable estimate of what you’re sugar daddy should be able to provide you and what you can expect from a sugar daddy.

Calculate his reasonable range and then negotiate.

6. Forget Ladies First

A genuine, interested sugar daddy will usually bring up the topic of allowance by asking you what you want.

If you’re not totally comfortable with stating your amount first, forget the whole “ladies first” thing and ask him for his range first (‘though you’ll already have an idea based on your research). The easiest way to do so is to approach the topic indirectly by asking if he’s had previous arrangements. Ask how they went, what the terms were, how the relationship was, and what the allowance arrangement had been.

If he hasn’t had previous arrangements, keep in mind that people are more inclined to answer an uncomfortable question after being asked a range of more comfortable questions so start out the discussion by asking your potential sugar daddy questions like, “What does your ideal arrangement look like?” “How often do you want to meet me?”Continue asking questions about the arrangement and then pop in the question of what allowance range he’d be comfortable with.

If he low-balls you, when you know his range can very reasonably be higher, rebut with something like, “Oh, I was thinking more like $x,xxx.”

7. A “Yes” is a Given

When negotiating allowance, assume that he’ll give it to you.

When he asks you for the allowance you want, tell him simply and matter-of-factly: “I’m thinking $x,xxx.”

Keep a smile on your face, maintain eye contact, and say it as naturally as you would tell him what you’re ordering off the menu. Your amount might seem high to you, but remember that SDs have probably heard it all: girls asking for $10,000+, cars, etc., so you reasonable allowance range is probably not that surprising.

Don’t low ball yourself. Ask for what you want.

8. Remember: You’re Just Getting Your Due

This is a key point that all sugar babies must remember at all times: Asking for allowance is NOT asking for a handout.

You’re negotiating an allowance for a number of services being rendered to your sugar daddy.

And sugar daddies may be a lot of things, but they are not financially stupid. Your potential sugar daddy is not giving you an allowance out of the kindness of his heart. He is getting something valuable out of it. He knows it. You should too.

You listen to him talk about work. You make him laugh. You remind him of his youth. You are there for him physically, emotionally, mentally. He’s not doing you a favor by giving you allowance – he’s reciprocating for how you make him feel. This is no small service – people spend the majority of their money to be made to feel a certain way. It’s a considerable service so don’t ever spend any of your energy feeling bad about asking for whatyou want.9. Your Allowance = Your Money

Some sugar daddies might express shock or surprise when you state your allowance range. Some will even ask you what you plan on doing with all that money, as if you need to justify your allowance to them.

You don’t have to.

An allowance is not a handout. You’ve earned it.

Can you imagine a potential employer asking you what you’re going to do with all that income you’re earning at their company? Of course not. That’d be preposterous – once the company pays you for your services, it’s your money. Not theirs.

Same thing with the sugar allowance. You don’t need to justify the amount you’re asking for. Don’t talk about your debt, your bills, etc. – there’s no need for all that. He’s asking you how much you require and that’s all you need to say.

If he asks – don’t tabulate anything, don’t justify anything. Say something simple and sensible like, “A girl’s gotta save, you know…” and end it with a smile.

In our experience, if a potential sugar daddy keeps on asking why you would needall that money – chances are, he’s not going to make a great sugar daddy to begin with as he simply doesn’t understand that by providing him a service, you have every right to spend the allowance that you earn any way you want.

10. Prepare to Say “Next”

Some sugar babies may disagree with us on this one, but we have this rule: If a potential sugar daddy does not agree to the allowance asked for (which is reasonable and within what we know is possible with his income range) – politely end the dinner and cross him off the potentials list.


In our experience, men who understand your value as a sugar baby are willing to pay for it. They know you’re worth it. They want what you have to offer. And like companies who want to recruit the best talent, these sugar daddies are prepared to give you what you’re asking for.

These men make better investments in the long run because they already know you’re worthwhile.

We don’t recommend ever begging or trying to convince any sugar daddy to give you what you want. If he doesn’t already see you as a worthwhile investment, he’s not going to be a great sugar daddy anyway.

And by settling for less than what you want – you’re not going to be happy enough to keep him happy. It’s a two-way street. Your needs must be met. The good sugar daddies know this. They show it by giving you what you want.

Bonus Tip: 11. There are Exceptions

At the same time, sometimes you’ll run into a potential sugar daddy who you have a great dynamic with…but he does not make enough to give you the ideal allowance.

In those cases, we’d say: go with the sugar daddy you like even if his allowance is a little bit lower than ideal. An enjoyable arrangement comes from more than just allowance.

sugar baby allowance guide II
Millennials earn 20% less than Boomers did at same stage of life
Downward mobility: Their student debt is drastically higher and "I think the opportunities have just been fading away."

Baby Boomers: your millennial children are worse off than you.

With a median household income of $40,581, millennials earn 20 percent less than boomers did at the same stage of life, despite being better educated, according to a new analysis of Federal Reserve data by the advocacy group Young Invincibles.

The analysis being released Friday gives concrete details about a troubling generational divide that helps to explain much of the anxiety that defined the 2016 election. Millennials have half the net worth of boomers. Their home ownership rate is lower, while their student debt is drastically higher.

The generational gap is a central dilemma for the incoming presidency of Donald Trump, who essentially pledged a return to the prosperity of post-World War II America. The analysis also hints at the issues of culture and identity that divided many voters, showing that white millennials — who still earn much more than their blacks and Latino peers — have seen their incomes plummet the most relative to boomers.

Andrea Ledesma, 28, says her parents owned a house and were raising kids by her age.

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Baby Dada | Chwe Hansol || Imagine

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: SEVENTEEN Chwe Hansol x Reader

Note: vernon’s 23 in this imagine yeah i know he’s only seventeen he only got a few dollahs but… idk think of this a future father vernaenae (i talk like an old man dont i)

Adults, indeed, but still getting the hang of it.

That’s what you and Vernon were when you discovered that you were carrying his child. The early marriage held between you two were not as nerve-racking as the news of the incoming baby. It was still a shock, of course, since you two always used protection. Maybe that one time things got heated and minds were clouded with love and desire that you two forgot to keep the sperm from fertilizing the egg.

You cried, telling him you’re not able to become a good mother at 21. Vernon cried, too, saying he’s still a baby at 23. There were moments of doubt and darkness, but you two came to an understanding tha the baby is a wonderful blessing from the heavens and your marriage will strengthen because of it.

Pregnancy went fine with the help of Mingyu and Seungkwan, but Vernon was clueless most of the time. He didn’t understand why you bought eight jars of Nutella only to dip Hot Cheetos in them. He didn’t understand why you wanted green mangoes in the middle of the night—or sometimes at 3 A.M. He didn’t understand any of it, but he still went out to buy your cravings. Your pregnant self wasn’t that different from your normal self anyways, he mentally noted.

All the members laugh at the story of you giving birth to a healthy baby boy. You were one of the lucky females who knew when the labor will come, so with Vernon, you went to the hospital and were immediately given attention by the nurse.

As you enter the delivery room, Vernon’s eyes widened.

“Why are we here? What about your monthly check-up?”

You sighed, lying on a moving stretcher. “I’m giving birth later. You didn’t know?”

“For real?”

“Yes, now hold my hand. I’m feeling contractions.”

After the labor—and Vernon constantly asking if you peed yourself when your water broke—Vernon held your hand as you push, occasionally glancing at the doctor’s end to witness the baby coming out from where he came in.

“It was amazing, guys, you wouldn’t believe how my baby’s head was stretching Y/N’s vag—“

“NO!” You yelled from the kitchen. Vernon’s sharing unnecessary information again. Geez.

Cradling the baby in your arms, you asked, “So, what do you know about babies?”

“They cry, and they poop,” he said, letting the baby’s hand curl around his finger. It warmed his heart and soul just looking at that.

“You learned this from Shrek.” You narrowed your eyes at him. “Didn’t you?”

“In my defence,” he said, kissing your cheek. “Donkey was a good father, and Shrek eventually learned how to baby babies.”

You left the baby with him for a while because as much as you love the boy, you’re still covered in baby barf and there’s a need to shower. When you got out of the shower, your father and son are having a fight.

“He bit me!” Vernon pointed at the 19-month old human.

You just rolled your eyes and went to the closet to get some clothes. As you were drying your hair, you hear Vernon talk to his child as if it was a stranger.

“Why do you always look angry? I didn’t do anything wrong! I swear,” he said, leaning in with his teeth bared and stopping when he heard you speak.

“Try and bite the baby back, babe,” you warned. “I dare you.”

Breastfeeding made you feel closer to your son, but it was awkward as hell. Vernon refused to look at anything that isn’t your boob. He concentrated on the baby’s mouth, suckling the milk.

“Babe?” Vernon hugs you from the back, hiding his sulky expression in the crook of your neck.


“Does he…” he pouted at your son, resting in your arms enjoying his meal. “Does he really have to suck on your nipple?”

“What is wrong with you,” you asked rhetorically with a deep sigh.

When the baby wants to cry at 2 A.M., the baby will cry at 2 A.M.

“Hansol,” you muttered in your sleep. “The baby is crying. Make him stop.”

Vernon shifted and pulled your sleeping figure closer. “How?”

The baby boy decided to cry louder.

“Feed him,” you mumbled.

“I don’t have a milky boob.”

You shot up, almost unable to process what your husband just said. “He doesn’t need my milk anymore, he’s 2. Make his bottled milk, and I’ll try to calm him down.”

You went to the crib, carrying the growing baby in your arms. You shushed and hummed a song to at least calm him down. Vernon came back with two things.

He held up a bottle of baby talc in one hand and a can of powdered milk in the other. “Which one is the milk?”

“The one that says powdered milk.”

Babies don’t just eat. They also poop. A lot.

“His diaper is overflowing!” Vernon yelled from the bathroom sink. You rushed there only to see your sink covered with digested milk and baby food. When you got close enough to support the baby, Vernon stepped back and said, “I love you, and I love the baby,” he announces, slowly backing out of the room. “But you clean the butt.”

Showing the baby to his friends was a lot stressful.

He wouldn’t let anyone touch the baby. The baby was like a museum display for all twelve boys to ogle at. Mingyu and Seungkwan got to touch the baby as well as Joshua, but Vernon wouldn’t let anyone else touch his son. He most particularly pointed out the he wants the baby two countries away from his Jeonghan-hyung.

Well, you thought. The baby got 12 uncles. Think of all the Christmas gifts he’ll receive.

“Honey,” Vernon suddenly chimed.


“Are you sure this is our child?” He looked at his own son who’s crawling about the carpeted room skeptically. “He wasn’t swapped with another?”

You rolled your eyes at what absurdity he probably is thinking right now. “Yes, babe. He’s got your eyes and smile. The only thing he got from me is the hair color and the nose.”

“Yeah,” he nodded. “But he’s… a potato.”

“You were potato-ish before, too, as a child,” you pointed out.

“Yeah, but this doesn’t look human.”

“What are you even saying about your own child,” you exasperatedly said.

At the end of every day, the two of you would tiredly sprawl on the bed. He’d spoon you, snuggling his face against your nape.

“Are you tired?” He’d whisper.

Eyes closed, you smile and say, “No, never tired of this beautiful family.”

“Thank you for being the best,” he’ll get on top of you, just so he could see the face of the one he loves the most along with his son. “And for being so strong for us. I love you.”

He’d lean in for a kiss as you say you love him too.

Remember Me | 2

Prompt: When 27 year old Riley Matthews receives a letter in the mail from her 17 year old self she’s reminded of a pact she made with her group of friends on Prom night. Curious to see if any of them will stick to the pact, she heads back home to New York City for the weekend. [Italic paragraphs ~ indicate flashbacks]
Rating: M [no smut but there will be cursing and adult themes, as they are in their late 20′s in this AU, so don’t read if that’s not your cup of tea.]
Pairings: Rucas, Smarkle (have yet to decide on Maya/Zay)
Previous Chapter: Prologue | One
Word Count: 2,890
Chapter: Two


The elevator brings the 6 old friends to the penthouse floor, a chipper ‘ding’ noise ringing in their ears as the stainless-steel doors separate and reveal the extravagant complex Farkle is living in. A wide grin covers Maya’s face as she practically skips off the lift into the living room with Farkle and Zay hot on her trail. Lucas slowly steps off, looking around to take in his surroundings before Zay calls him over to see something. It was like they were teenagers again.

Riley and Isadora are the last ones to get off, tension thick between them as they come to a halt. The two brunettes lock eyes and it’s obvious that they’re both avoiding the elephant in the room. The bespectacled beauty speaks up first, keeping her voice low. “I’m not sure I can do this, Riley.”

“I’m going to be right here with you the whole time, Smackle.” The taller brunette smiles, giving her hand a reassuring squeeze. “But maybe you should just talk to him about it. You’re both in a better place now.”

Isadora nods softly, “What about you? Are you going to talk to Lucas?”

Riley allows her gaze to tick over to the tall man across the room, laughing with Zay. He seemed happy and that’s all she ever wanted for him, was to be happy. Even if that happiness was coming from another woman. She swallows hard, feeling a knot in her stomach as she looks away. “That’s ancient history.”

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Singled Out//Stiles Stilinski - Part 5

Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Noah Stilinski, Reader.

The screaming coming from the right side of your bed made you jolt out of bed, Allison’s face was bright red and wet from tears. You scoop her up and rock her, glancing at the clock. 4:27 a.m. Nice. She continues her shrieks and you slip downstairs, praying she doesn’t wake Emma. You open the fridge and grab a bottle before sticking it in the microwave.

You grab the bottle as soon as it’s done, checking the warmth before sticking the nipple in her mouth. She quiets down, still making noises behind her food. You sit down at the kitchen table as she eats, rubbing your eyes.

The sound of a soft pitter-patter makes you turn around. “Mommy?” Emma looks into the kitchen, her curls wild and a teddy bear under her arm.

“What’re you doing up, baby? It’s late.”

“You’re up, so is Ali.” She pads into the kitchen, sitting her bear on the table before starting her climb up the chair.

You look at her, a sarcastic look on her little face. “You’re so much like your daddy. That’s not a good thing.”

She giggles and grabs her bear as you shake your head. Allison squirms around, starting to fuss again. You think of Lydia, and what she’s missing out on. The feeling of being mother was indescribable, and you felt bad that she was missing it, and that Allison had no biological mother. Stiles told you you’d take her place and you’d be better at it, but you weren’t sure if Allison would see it that way as she got older.

“Mommy, I’m thirsty.” Emma whispers. You nod and stand up, getting her sippy cup from the fridge. You hand it to her and she takes it, stopping you by holding your hand with her free one.

“Em, I need to feed Allison.” You say lowly.

She pouts, furrowing her eyebrows at you. “Fine. Okay.” You shake your head and pick her up with your free arm. She takes her bear and her sippy cup with her. You sit on the couch, letting Emma snuggle into your side.

You spot the sun rising, the clock reading 6:32. You weren’t sure how time had gone by so fast, or how Emma was still awake. Allison had fallen asleep but it was almost time for her to wake up.

Stiles came downstairs, his alarm had gone off at 6:30. “Did I miss something?” He raises an eyebrow, glancing at the three of you on the couch.

“Yes.” You laugh, Emma jumping up to run over to Stiles. He picks her up and balances her on his hip. “Allison was crying so I got up to feed her, Emma heard me and so she got up too.”

Stiles looks at you and Allison before turning his gaze to Emma. He looks back at you, “How long did you sleep?”

“Honestly, about two hours.”

“Y/N…you should’ve gotten me up too.”

You shake your head, “You have to work too. I’m not going to make you go into work tired.”

“You aren’t seriously thinking of going to work are you?” He presses the button on the coffee pot and he glances at you.

“Stiles, being a mom isn’t an excuse to stay home.” You yawn involuntarily.

“Being tired is. I’ll text my dad. You aren’t going to work. I’ll take the girls to daycare and you can sleep.”

“Sti..” You stand and shake your head.

A small smile forms on his face, “I love that. I missed it, actually.”

“What?” You raise an eyebrow.

“Sti. You’re the only person who’s ever called me that.” Emma lays her head on his shoulder and he kisses her forehead.

You smile and bite your lip, trying to control it from spreading too wide. “I didn’t even really think about it. Habit, I guess.” You shrug.

“Well, I like it.” He puts Emma down and she runs back over to the couch. “Do you want Allison to sleep with me?” He glances at his daughter asleep on the couch.

“No, it’s okay. You do more at work than I do, so it’s better if I get up with her.”

“I do not do more work than you.” He shakes his head.

You walk over to him, “You just get bigger caseloads. Plus Brady tries to run everything. Easier on me, I guess.” You shrug before grabbing to coffee cups from the cabinet.

“He does?” Stiles watches you.

“I mean, yeah…he’s been there longer, it’s understandable.”

He squints at you, “No it’s not. You’re partners, Y/N, you aren’t his assistant.”

“He doesn’t treat me like his assistant..” You lied. He does, you do coffee runs and paperwork while he does all the fieldwork and arrests.

“You two are dating aren’t you?”

“I guess. There’s not really a label yet.” You shrug.

“Does he treat you like that outside of work?” He raises an eyebrow.

You shake your head, “No. I mean…” You think back to a couple occasions where he’d made demands. “No.”

He points at you, “You hesitated. Y/N, what the hell?”

“Stiles, it’s fine.” You look up at him. He’s fuming.

“It’s not. It’s not fine. I know how he is, Y/N. I’ve worked with him for awhile. I didn’t want to say anything because I didn’t want you to think that I was lying, but…” He sighs. “You’re his fourth female partner. And the fourth one he’s dated.”

“What?” You look over at him, shaking your head.

“I know how he treats them, and I can’t idly stand by and let you, the…the lo-..mother of my child get used like that.”

“He doesn’t treat me badly, he j-”

“Yet. He doesn’t treat you badly yet.”

“It’s not a big deal. I promise you.” You walk over and put your hand on his forearm. “Trust me. I’m an adult. I’ve taken care of myself and a tiny human for almost three years. I’ve got this.”

He sighs and rubs his eyes, “I just care about you. I don’t want to see an ass-hat like that hurt you.”

“You called the guy I’m seeing an ass-hat.” You state.

“I mean, sorry for you but he is an ass-hat. He’s not just an ass-hat, he’s an ass-accessory. Like an ass-necklace.”

“If you don’t shut up you’ll have Emma saying ass-hat.” You laugh, making his laughter bubble over.

“Sorry.” He grins.

You hand him a coffee cup. “Drink your coffee and go to work, you big nerd.”

You pour your coffee and hand him the carafe, laughing as you leave the room. You find Emma knelt in front of Allison, watching her little sister sleep intently. “What’re you doing, Emmy?” You watch her closely.

“She’s pretty.” Emma says simply.

“She is pretty. She’s very pretty.” You smile and walk over to the pair.

“We need to get you dressed for daycare, little one.” You put your coffee down and pick Emma up. “Hey, Sti, I’m taking Emma up to get dressed. Ali’s asleep on the couch.”

“Got it!” He gives you a thumbs up and you take her upstairs.

You get the girls dressed and send them with Stiles, passing out on the couch as soon as he leaves. You wake around two, deciding to swing by the station to check on a couple cases.

You walk inside, everyone staring at you as you come in. You walk to the back, Brady getting up and leaving as soon as you enter. What the hell happened? You spot Stiles in Noah’s office and you walk back up front, slipping inside.

“Oh, great. You’re here too.” He says as you walk in, glaring at his son.

“What happened?” You raise an eyebrow.

“My son here attacked Jensen at lunch.”

“Stiles!” You widen your eyes.

“He was talking about you!” He throws his arms up.

“Oh my God!” You press your hand to your forehead. “What the hell, Stiles!”

“I guess I can tell both of you while you’re here.” Noah sighs, “Have a seat, Y/N.”

You sit beside Stiles, your mind reeling. “Stiles, I’m going to have to suspend you.”

“Suspend me?” Stiles sits forward, “Dad, you can’t do that!” The scene playing out before you reminds you of high school, when Stiles would call and ask if he could spent the night with you.

“I can and I am. Two months without pay.”

“Without pay? Dad, I have two kids! You can’t do that to me.”

Your jaw drops. Suspension without pay for two months?

“I’m going easy on you, Stiles. If this were anyone else they would’ve been thrown out on their ass before they could even think about attacking another agent.”

“I don’t care if this is easy or not! I have two kids! You’re taking money from your grandkids, dad! That’s sick.”

“Stiles…” You place your hand on top of his, trying to calm him down. “It’s okay.”

“How will we function, Y/N? One income and two babies?” He sighs and rubs his face. ​

“I can get a second job.” You nod.​

“You’re one hell of a father.” Stiles clenches his jaw and stands up. “I can’t believe you’d leave your son without an income. Make the mother of my child think about getting a second job? Sickening.” He pushes the chair back and storms out of the office with you hot on his heels. ​

“Sti. Sti, calm down.” He walks quickly, making you run to keep up. “Stiles.” He ignores you. “Stiles, stop.“​

He turns to face you, tears brimming his eyes, “My dad just cut four pay checks from me. Four. I can’t support you guys without a paycheck, Y/N."​

"Stiles, I’m still working…we can make a budget. I raised Emma for a year on a Subway salary. We can do it. I know we can."​

He shakes his head and sighs and you wrap your arms around him. "We’re a team, Sti. We can make it. I promise.”

don’t wait, or say a single vow

Amy Santiago had always planned her life down to the very minute. However, she never planned on her boyfriend, Teddy, proposing. She didn’t plan on meeting a stranger who convinced her to accept proposal, and she definitely didn’t plan on accidentally having that same stranger help her run away from her wedding, either.

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Imagine shopping for your incoming baby with Chris.

A/N: Helloooo, I’m back with Part 3. Here are the links to the previous parts: (‘Memory Lane - Part 1/Part 2’, ‘Drunk Minds, Sober Hearts and Baby Fever - Masterlist’) Hope you enjoy it. X

You absentmindedly tapped your red Sharpie against the table while you browsed the catalogue from ‘Baby Palace’. It was amazing how many items you’d already checked off considering you were only on the fifth page of the sixty page catalogue, no wonder Chris was in such strong agreement when you told him you were going to wait till he got back to start shopping so he could be a part of the process.

“Your iced tea, m'lady.” Chris slid your drink across the table as he sat down opposite you. You mumbled a word of thanks with your nose still stuck in the catalogue. He took a sip of his coffee then quizzed, “see anything you like?”

You looked up and pouted, “yeah.” You beckoned your head at the latte in his hand and made an audible whining sound. “Your coffee, but with a shot of vanilla syrup in there.” He chuckled in response then pouted along with you. “It’s been so long since I had coffee.”

“You know you’re allowed to have decaf, right?”

“Fuck decaf,” you said which made him laugh. “Decaf is for the weak, and I guess- pregnant but- No, if I’m not allowed to drink proper coffee then I might as well not drink it at all. It’s only a few more months, less if our little one gets excited.” You rested your hand on your bump and whispered, “please get excited.”

“Don’t listen to her,” Chris chuckled. “You stay in there until you’re ready.” You narrowed your eyes at him, pretending to scowl even though you were fighting a smile. “Do you want our son to be fully grown and healthy, or do you want him to be in an incubator because he’s premature?”

“I don’t think all premature babies go into an incubator, Chris,” you retorted with a roll of your eyes.

“Maybe not, but I think ours will if you tell him to come out three months earlier,” he countered with a chuckle. “I know being pregnant has been tough on you but- it’s only another three months, and you’re not alone anymore. Time’s going to fly by and before you know it,” he reached for your hand and gave it a gentle squeeze, “we’ll have a beautiful boy and you’ll be back to your vanilla lattes.”

“You know how we discussed having a girl after this boy?”

“Yeah?” He chuckled because he knew where it was going.

“I think you’re going to have to wait awhile,” you told him, “like a few years.”

“Fine by me,” he pulled your hand to his lips. “I’m with you till the end of the line anyway.”

• • • • • • • •

You and Chris strolled down the aisles of 'Baby Palace’ with your fingers intertwined, browsing the items that could possibly be your son’s in the future. It was a lot harder than you’d both initially thought, not because you didn’t know what to buy- but because you wanted to buy everything. Chris was no help; he was a lot less restrictive when it came to shopping for his child. The only thing the two of you had any confirmation on was the fact that the room had to be Disney themed- considering how big a fan the two of you were of Disney- so there was that guideline to shop with. Currently, the two of you had about fifteen items on your registry; all of which were Disney themed: cot, sheets, curtains, cushions, and decor.

“Do you know what we should do?” Chris asked rhetorically. “We should go to Disney World in Florida and shop for the room.” You laughed at that suggestion. “What?” He chuckled. “That’s where all the magic is, we could find more there.”

“We could find a lot of Disney things there, yes, but none of it will be useful in turning that spare room into a nursery. It’s all just knick knacks and plushies, we can get those here.” You told him and he pouted. “Your son isn’t even born yet and you’re already using him as an excuse to go to Disney World,” you teased and he laughed. “You do know that all our nieces and nephews know that they’re just an excuse for you, right? Miles said, and I quote, 'he just wants to go himself, he only uses us to look like a caring uncle so he can score points with the ladies.’” You said as you tried not to laugh.

“Bullshit,” he laughed and you cracked, laughing. “Miles would never say that. He knows I love Disney World and that I go because I want to, not because they do. But he’d never say 'so he can score points with the ladies’. That’s all you, Y/N.”

“But it’s true, isn’t it?” You smirked. “You told me yourself after our first trip to Disney World together.” He chuckled, lowering his gaze and displaying his long lashes. “I still remember it very clearly, all the lies you told.” You teased, poking his side. “Everyone’s busy and my nephews want to go to Disney World, think you can do me a solid and come along?” You mocked him and he laughed. “Remember?” You giggled.

“All too well.”

• • • • • • • •

“Stay in sight!” Chris called out to Miles and Ethan as they ran ahead, leaving the two of you behind. “I’m really glad you agreed to come along.” He told you, gently swinging your entwined hands. “There is no way I could have handled them on my own, they’re such a handful.”

You raised an eyebrow at Chris’ statement because as far as you could see, Miles and Ethan were perfect little angels. Even running ahead, they kept in sight as their uncle had told them to and kept glancing back to make sure they knew where the two of you were. It was clear now- though you’d figured it out at the airport- that he had lied to you to get you to come along.

“Yeah,” you bit back your smile as you responded sarcastically, “they sure look like it.” Chris chuckled softly then winced when you added in the same sarcastic tone, trying not to laugh. “Thank God I postponed my dateline for this trip, otherwise you would’ve been in the deep end with those two trouble makers.”

“You postponed a dateline for this trip?”

“Yeah,” you nodded, chuckling. “My agent wasn’t too happy about that, but I told him that Captain America needed my help so work had to wait.” Chris winced again; the guilt was starting to pile up. “I hope they don’t take the job away from me because Martin Scorsese wanted to direct the piece and I’ve always wanted to work with him.” You continued to milk the situation because you found Chris’ facials incredibly funny. Truth was- you didn’t have to postpone anything because you’d completed your script earlier than expected.

“Oh my God,” Chris finally cracked. “I am so sorry, Y/N. I lied about Miles and Ethan being a handful, truth is- Scott actually wanted to come but I told him I wanted to take you instead but you said you had stuff to attend to this weekend so I lied to get you to come because I wanted to spend some time with you.” He rambled, not taking a moment to use punctuation or breathe. “We can get you back to the hotel to finish your script, I’ll buy you a laptop if you don’t have one-”

“Stop,” you chuckled as you moved in front of him, squeezing his hand. “I was kidding,” you told him then giggled at his lost expression. “The script’s done, I finished it last week. The stuff I had to attend to was a coffee date with my best friend who- didn’t want anything to do with me if I didn’t go to Disney World with Captain America. I’m here willingly, not missing out on anything important because-” you smiled as you admitted, “everything that’s important to me is here.”

Chris watched you intently, smiling because he had never felt at peace with his life before. It was as though since meeting you, everything the universe had planned for him had fallen into place. You gave him a new perspective on life, on love, on anything and everything you spoke of. You made him excited to get out of bed, gave him butterflies when you smiled, and made him happier than anyone or anything has ever made him. He knew you were something special when he saw you in that coffee shop, he knew after your first date that he could spend the rest of his life with you, but it wasn’t until that very moment that he was a hundred percent sure that he was irretrievably and irrecoverably in-love with you.

“I love you, Y/N,” Chris told you.

“What’s that?” You asked, your smile wider than before.

“I love you,” he said with an adorable smile, shrugging nonchalantly.

“Is that so?” You quizzed and released his hands, taking a step closer to him.

“That is so,” he chuckled. “I love you,” he repeated, placing his hands on your waist.

“For the third time, Christopher Evans,” you teased and wrapped your arms around his neck.

“I’ll say it for the fourth time if you’d just tell me how you feel,” he told you and you chuckled. He was adorably chewing on his lower lip, looking more nervous than you’d ever seen him look. “I mean- I can see you smiling but you haven’t said anything…” He trailed off, wincing but still smiling.

“If you think my response will be anything other than 'I love you too’ then you’re insane,” you quipped then pressed your lips against his. He kissed you back, the smile on his face so wide it hurt. “I love you, Chris Evans.”

“And I love you, Y/N Y/L/N,” he smiled.

• • • • • • • •

“I believe that trip was the first time I said 'I love you’,” Chris recalled and you nodded, smiling. You could still remember the feeling of the butterflies when he said those three little words. “And where I bought you your first set of Mouse Ears. Still can’t believe those were your first pair,” he said with a shake of his head.

“I know, I know.” You rolled your eyes, smiling. “That’s ridiculous, Y/N. How can you come to Disney World and not get a pair of Mouse Ears? It’s not even your first time here!” You reenacted his shock word for word, making him laugh so hard you attracted the attention of other patrons. “I don’t even know how that’s my first pair because every time I go, I tell myself I’m going to get a pair but then I get so caught up with everything else- I just forget.”

“Well, aren’t you glad you met me?” He teased.

“Yeah,” you looked up at him and smiled. “Because of you, I finally own a pair of Mouse Ears which is something I’ve always dreamed of owning.” Your tone held a slight amount of sarcasm which made him chuckle. “And…” You began in a more serious tone. “Because of you, I’m having a baby.” You smiled at him and he smiled back. “I never thought I’d ever say those words, but you made me want to. You’ve changed me in ways that I’ll eternally be grateful for,” you told him.

“I could say the same to you,” he responded then kissed the top of your head. “Can I just say this on the record?” He whispered into your hair and you looked up as he pulled back, with the assumption that he was going to add to romance which was quickly crushed with, “our son is going to get a pair of Mouse Ears before he turns twenty-four.”

“Dork,” you laughed.

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"Hey there baby..."

Guy on SA: Hey I read over your profile… and you peaked my interest. Would love 2 spoil a girl like you crazy. Hit me up at xxx-xxx-xxxx if you have an interest too.
Me: *clicks on profile*
Me: *looks at income*
Me: *sees his income is $75,000*
Me: *proceeds to die laughing*

Seriously why are these guys on SA, like how could you possibly spoil me making 75k a year wtf????

The Cinderella Promise (RUCAS AU) - Epilogue

Summary: Riley Matthews went to Las Vegas for her best friend and her Uncle’s joint Bachelor/Bachelorette party, but fearing that she would never find happiness she hides out in the hotel bar drinking away her sorrows. While there she meets a handsome stranger with a proposition that would change her life.

Billionaire Businessman Lucas Friar went to Vegas for a business meeting, but after being denied the CEO position at his family’s company, for being known as a player/heart-breaker, he comes up with a plan to win them over if only he finds the perfect “wife” to play the part.

One year was all he asked for, once the clock strikes twelve on their one-year anniversary they would go their separate ways.

But what happens with they start to fall for one another?

Chapters [0.5] [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15]

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