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“I don’t think I’m ready to see you in your uniform just yet…But…What’s the deal with this? Shouldn’t you burn everything that relates you to the military instead of still doing their dirty deeds?”, he walked in, closing the door behind himself.


Not discharged yet, not did he quite himself,
& he probably never would, all circumstances
considered. Military was all he ever knew, and
all he wanted, after all. He might have been in
coma for a long while, in captivity before, but
it’s not something one could just give up about.
Did he ever mentioned the captivity to Connor?
Probably not.

         “Turns out I’m still an expert sniper & too
          valuable for a boring desk job. Although
          I’m not fit for duty anymore, too. Looks
          like I’ll roll on a few roofs and guard VIPs
          as soon as I’m officially recovered instead.”