incoherent feelings right now


I’m genuinely crying right now, but shout out to @canadiangold for sending me the best care package I’ve ever received in my entire life. The ribbon says “hang in there you beautiful bean” and I just honestly cannot wrap my brain around what an amazingly compassionate and kind friend I have.
I’m so overwhelmed with my life right now and this is really just… I’m such a mess of emotions right now. Thank you so much Alex, you are such a lovely human being and I’m so amazed that you exist and that you care about me.

In the Wake of Sunbeams | ch3 |

Summary: Through thick and thin, siblings look out for each other. After all, adventures and mishaps are best when shared. (oneshots for Sunshine Siblings Week)

Title/Prompt: Gardening
Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3
AN: For some reason, writing this reminded me of this McDonald’s sign that we’d always pass which said ‘Over 99 billion served’ and for the longest time when I was young and had poor, uncorrected eyesight (and even poorer reading comprehension apparently), I thought it said ‘Over 99 balloons saved’. Hah, alas. Well, I think anyone who knows me in the slightest recognized that I would go straight for the gardening prompt. I can’t deny that writing this was incredibly fun and just what I needed, so I’m rather happy with how this turned out, which is a first in a very long while. Likely the last prompt I’ll be able to submit on time (still planning to write them all though!) since school has started again and I can no longer overestimate how long I can stay awake and still function. Happy reading!
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It is peaceful in the backyard, in the garden, the kind of calm that makes one boneless, the kind that settles and tucks over like the softest of blankets. Wind chimes sing a quiet lullaby, light and enchanting, courtesy of playful breezes that come around to whisper in their ears and kiss their cheeks before dashing off again. Sunlight, rich and warm, spills across the grass and lights the flowers until they become a bouquet of colours, bright and stunning. The day is light and clear with blue skies and puffy white clouds the size of mountains, the sort of day that makes the heart ache with the knowledge that such a perfect moment cannot last forever.

Underneath the dappled shade of the apple tree, Naruto sits back and sighs, allowing the sweet and heady fragrance of dirt and grass and ripening apples to calm and relax his mind. He sets his gardening gloves and spade carefully next to him and stretches his long legs out, mimicking the thick roots that rise above and dip beneath the ground like waves reaching out towards the house before completely relaxing, his limbs utterly at ease. He shuts his eyes and feels the spots of light that peek through the leaves of the tree and that glide across the ground and across his form, warm on his skin and as light as a kiss.

A hum rises from the back of his throat as an actual kiss, soft and gentle and touched by the scent of lavender, presses against the whiskers on his cheek. He grins slowly, lazily, and his eyes flicker open to take in the sight of his wife, her indigo hair glowing violet at the edges from the sun and her lavender eyes creased in a happiness, a smile dancing on her lips.

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an ode to you - ot5

~1.6k words, pg, bandverse. sappy/emotional ot5 fluff.

this is a small, onew-centric fic that i just came up with whilst very overcome with ot5 feels. this is also in celebration of shinee’s seventh anniversary. thank you so much, shinee, for existing. your bond is strength for so many, including myself. it is an honor to call myself your fan, to have been able to watch as you all grew together. you are strength, you are faith, you are inspiration. thank you for being our song. <3

Jinki’s chest hurts.

His throat is tight and he can barely breathe, can’t even risk blinking his eyes too hard else he’s bound to let out an onslaught of tears that have been building up since they set foot on that stage the first day. And now it’s day three, d-day as far as the comeback is concerned, and he’s sitting on the bench with his members around as they wait for Jonghyun to finish up with his show they just guested on.

He can do it. Hold it in, Leader.

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zhxngxyi replied to your post “The Xiuhan tag is like fast food. So bad but so good.”

my heart aches whenever I see gifs of them.

Same, same. *wipes away tears* They were so good

The face touching 

The Hand holding

The Luhan-pushing-Jongdae’s-hand-off-Minseok’s-shoulder

The Luhan-pushing-Lay’s-hand-off-Minseok’s-shoulder

And this. 


Being cute together

Xiumin’s thirst getting the better of him


*incoherent mumbling*


I just have

so many feels right now. HE CLOSED HIS EYESSS

Thank you for letting me rant about true love. There’s so much more, like the Showtime couple sweaters and scarves and hand holding and just…ughhh, and every Xiuhan picture reminds me of it. My kokkoro is brokkoro and le pain is real